Ever thought Simon Grayson’s press conferences seem somewhat repetitive? Almost like he’s reading from a script you could say.

Saying something without actually saying anything at all is a difficult skill to master. One slip of the tongue and Simon Grayson may accidentally tell the fans something interesting for once! And the consequences of that could be fatal – supporters may actually start to think they have a right to know what’s going on at the club. You idiots.

Well, posters on the ever-popular WACCOE forum may have uncovered how Simon Grayson manages to fill so many minutes of an interview with noise without actually saying anything. He’s even made a little game of it for personal amusement.

Thom Kirwin: “Now, for the latest news regarding Leeds United’s potential transfers we’re joined by Simon Grayson for another enlightening glimpse into the goings on around Elland Road. Eyes down, and we’ll begin…”

“We start with news that Alexei Eremenko is a potential target. What are your thoughts on him?”

SG: “All I can say at this time Thom, is there’s lots of players that would like to play for our club [B3] but it’s got to be for the right reasons [C2].”

TK: “Very interesting indeed. And how about reports that you’re looking to bring Coventry City captain, Sammy Clingan to the club?”

SG: “I’m not going to comment on rumours, all I’ll say is that we’ll only bring in players who will improve us [A3], we’re working hard behind the scenes to make things happen [A2] but as always we won’t be held to ransom [C3]

TK: “Two new arrivals so far which I know you’re pretty pleased with. Are we any closer to seeing more names added to the squad?”

SG: “Well Thom, I am very pleased indeed with the new additions and we want to kick on from here [C1]. We’ve got irons in the fire all the time [B1] but if we’re unsuccessful and those deals fall through for whatever reason then we’re not afraid to use the loan market [A1}. You can rest assured that we never stop looking for ways to stengthen [B2]

TK: “As always, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you.”

Thanks go out to whoever posted the above on WACCOE.