The new away kit has come in for a fair amount of stick since it’s release. But could it be worse? Are there sports manufacturers out there capable of producing a more ridiculous kit than the glow-in-the-dark effort we’ve been lumbered with? See for yourselves…

Newcastle United goalkeeper kit – Puma

Goalkeepers often get short changed when it comes to the kit they’re lumbered with. They have to stand out from the rest of the team so you can easily spot them out of the corner of your eye in a congested penalty area.

Most club’s choose illuminous colours, or something that contrasts with the main kit. Newcastle United however decided a horrible brownish colour was the best bet – reminds me of nicotine stained wallpaper in a pub, getting increasingly darker the further up the wall you look.

Aston Villa away – Nike

I know what you’re thinking – ‘That pattern would look lovely on my kitchen floor’.

You’d be right too. That design wouldn’t look out of place on anybody’s kitchen floor. As a football shirt however, I’m not convinced.

Everton goalkeeper kit – Le Coq Sportif

I can only assume the logic behind this truly historic effort was that it camouflages the keeper from oncoming strikers. The Everton keeper can therefore hide until the striker gets right up in front of him, snatch the ball and boot it up the other end of the pitch before the striker realises what’s happened. Clever, but a truly awful kit nonetheless. Probably explains why Andy Lonergan didn’t want to play for them!

Bradford City away – Nike

Clearly what happened here was, Nike had already designed kits for all the good teams and by the time they got to Bradford City they had simply run out of ideas. Since Bradford sell roughly the same amount of kits as Pontefract Collieries, they figured a pink kit wouldn’t damage the reputation of a sportswear giant too much – after all, who will ever see it?

Juventus away – Nike

Someone at Nike clearly likes a touch of pink in their kits. Realising they’d lumbered Bradford City with the same colour, they gave Juventus an enormous star too – just to show they cared.

Brighton away – Errea

I deliberately left Brighton’s kit ’til last just in case it blinded anyone and you were unable to read the rest of the post. Sorry about that.

I hope the above examples have made you realise, it could be worse. Bradford City are a perfect example – already a football club nobody cares about, they’re now wearing pink to try and catch people’s attention.

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  1. TwiceNightly

    Agrred, Our away kit is a grower at the mo, But poor Stevie Harper will look like he's in the nude.. Bradford sh*ties is about right I reckon seen as though their club emblem is a Cock

  2. trueyorxman

    I really hope Bradistan don't wear that girls kit at Elland Road in a couple of weeks time, imagine the stick they'd get!! Maybe we should wear the away kit the same night, what a fucking sight that would be!

    • TittyFeeler

      We all hate leeds, cos they are a bunch of cunts! Sister-fuckers, the lot of you!

      • Matthew

        You hate Leeds because we're the champions of europe, and a bigger team than you. Jealous much mate?

      • michael horspool

        if you hate leeds why you on our site? jeslous perhaps i see no leeds fans on our tinpot site..oh wait you even got one. its a bit like when the hung bloke is in the showers all the badford fans come in and comment cos they are jelouse…how do i know this cos im well hung and bradford fans hate me

  3. Tyler75

    It is horrible but it could have been much, much worse – have you seen the Leeds RL away kit ?

  4. lufchughesy

    Well i quite like it, it makes a change from the usual always yellow or blue, for once lets have all people everywhere at least recognise it whatever good or bad

  5. michael horspool

    i got to say i am not a fan of the leeds kit but i think some of the other kits on here getting stick is a bit harsh. i really like the pink kits and the newcastle goalkeeper shit, mind you i love a bad goalkeeping shirt. i have all the old leeds ones but i am looking for a extra large 1991-1992 and 1992-1993 john lukic goalkeeper shit to complete my collection as i only have kids sizes (as was a kid then) if any one has or knows someone who has please get in touch as will pay good money for them if in decent condition, also on a different note did you all know you can hire the ledgened that is sir john lukic for partys and occasions. i am thinking of getting him for my 30th oh yeah i am that cool!

  6. Peter

    I suppose the ref will wear pink when we play away ;)
    Brighton's kit reminds me of the Lime & Liqourice sweets i used to like as a kid so will have a soft spot for them.

  7. michael horspool

    also could everyone please pay special attention to the little brown haired fellow in the bradford kit, his facial expression is priceless, his expression is as if he is trying to say

    "yeah i play for bradford and i'm hard" and "pout for me baby who wants some sugar" and "i think i have just shit myself…no wait i have" if a picture can say a 1000 words that one says "hey i'm a giant toss bag who plays for a two bob team".

    Also the bloke far right in the brighton picture looks really suprised to have his picture taken and the blonde haired guy seems to have his hand up the guy in the middle's arse and the guy in the middle dont mind

    • Tyler75

      The blond-haired bloke in the Brighton photo is Dennis Bergkamp's cousin, Roland – so anything's
      possible !

    • TittyFeeler

      Nice one mike! What would the caption next to your picture be? "I'm just a massive cunt!" Short, sweet and to the point!

      • michael horspool

        no the caption next to my picture reads…i really dont care at least i aint a bradford fan and got to buy a pink kit and watch my team lose. in fact i will put a picture of me on here and you can post away. if you dont realise it will be the picture of the really handsome man pulling the "my father touches me face" that your bloke is pulling in his picture, bet your team sheet picture is pure class i love it

      • michael horspool

        cant put picture on here so you will just have to take my word for it that i am proper fit, also just read your name mate. tittyfeeler yeah right your own you fat shit-bag

      • TSS

        Sign up for an IntenseDebate account – you can add any avatar you like then.

  8. THOMAS clinch

    what ever most fans think but for me i like the away kit very much, im from malta and im looking foward to september to come watch my beloved LEEDS UTD and for sure i will by me and my son the away kit. EXELANT CHOISE. MOT THOMAS CLINCH

  9. Will23

    Our new away kit is classy and the sponsor advert actually not too intrusive.

    Brighton’s is good too.

  10. mojoluafc

    I love our new away kit, bored shitless of blue or yellow, cant wait to buy it. :)

  11. Martin

    The Newcastle GK shirt looks like my father pijamas! The good thing in the Aston Villa´s shirt is you could play chess on it!

  12. dannylufc

    If its got the leeds badge onit I would wear a bin bag! LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!!!

    • TittyFeeler

      Bin bag? Don't you down and out scruff-bags use them as johnny's during you brother/sister 'family time'?!

      • michael horspool

        that comment is both not funny, immature and innacurate. firstly it is the welsh not leeds that are associated with family love so please get your sterotypes correct. also yes i have been know to use a bin bag as a johnny because i can fill one rumour has it that you use extra small water balloons. mind you no need to use protection when all you do is wank over the internet and family albums…love the name as well 'titty feeler' it says hey im crazy, i'm random and im funny in a sexy way. it certainly does not say 'I'm a complete toss bag with no mates and is such a sad act i post on another teams website because no one likes me and even on facebook i only have two friends and one of them is a rabbit…a rabbit which i fuck with my water ballon covered cock. here tittle feeler, you ever feel like no one likes you or wants you around…funny that aint it, cos your so funny and cool. maybe we just dont get you…right?

  13. number1inyorkshire

    the uk kits are going continental they have been playing in kits like this in Europe and beyond for years .
    lets hope the football follows especially at international level we might get to a final or 2 .

  14. Bellenders

    I'd be more worried about Uncle Ken shafting you out of every penny you've got, rather than the colour/style of the kit!

    • lar

      aint that the whole truth…might not be able to buy any shirts when he does a Houdini.just cant believe how so many leeds fans think he saved the club and that his interests are for the club.he will bleed the club dry.

  15. Riviera Kid

    I think the kit’s a bit of a grower. There’s some howlers on there though! Aston Villa…what were you thinking?! The Bradford City gimp in the picture is priceless!

    P.s. Anyone else noticed the Bradford supporter commenting on a Leeds fan forum site? Why?

  16. charles

    no leeds shirt will ever beat the goalkeepers kit 1992-1993 so bad that it grew on me…like a fungus

  17. dannylufc

    I think titty feeler has too much spare time, I was making a point u penis. Dont judge me on what u and ur family get up to. I think you must be a liverpool fan to talk all that Shit

  18. ls10

    our kit is bad. home kit is shiny and cheap looking, away kits look like chelsk. macron have made a worse pair of kits than ours – west ham home and away. get the chelski and Italians out of Leeds

  19. BCFC

    it doesn't matter what kit a team wears. Bradford will beat Scum no question. Scum were lucky 3 years ago at bellend road and City should have won if it wasn't for the ref!


    • Matthew

      Bradford City are a little tiny tinpot team that will never achieve anything, ever. Even in 100 years time you'l always be a little tiny tinpot team in a little tiny tinpot league.

      Emphasis on little, and emphasis on tiny.

      • michael horspool

        must agree i am a london based leeds fan so could someone more local fill me in…who are bradford. i meet the odd leeds fan in london but no bradford fans….i wonder why MOT

      • Gerard Hollingworth

        come out to Twickenham mate there are 2 of us out here, also a few others we travel to Bradford with splattered around cockerneeville

      • michael horspool

        im there and will bring a tool. i got me and my dad and one radom leeds fan who lives in dartford, we will meet you and go tear bradford up, hang on by the state of bradford i think somone has beat us to it MOT

  20. Jamie

    Sorry for the lack of abuse in this message. It may have been mentioned elsewhere but the new away kit is the colours of Borussia Dortmund and Dortmund is our twin city, we even have Dortmund Square and they have Leedsplatz. So I personally think if this link were highlighted it would give the kit more of a link to the city and therefore the club.


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