When Shaun Harvey was elected to the board of the Football League, I couldn’t help but think it was the most ridiculous move since they named a physicist by the name of Mahwinney as Chairman.

Following administration in 2007 Leeds were unable to obtain the CVA required by the Football League to regain our league share so the Football League – chaired by Mahwinney at the time – decided we could exit administration but an additional punishment was to be voted on by our rivals.

Quite how he expected them to vote without bias was anyone’s guess? Many suspect that was the entire point; that he was so bitter about Ken Bates cleverly dodging the consequences of entering administration (by doing so when it wouldn’t effect how we finished the season), that he needed a way to get revenge whilst also distancing himself from it by having other clubs make the final call.

It may be deadlocked at Ken Bates 1-1 The Football League, but the Leeds United chairman isn’t the kind of guy who forgives and forgets what he and most Whites fans saw as a major injustice.

Whilst Shaun Harvey may be the one sat in the chair at the Football League, it would be foolish for anyone to think he isn’t pushing Bates’ agenda. For us, that’s probably a good thing – after all, if Leeds United prosper, then so too do Bates and Harvey. For all those teams and chairman that voted us against us however, the slightest chance to exact our revenge and you can bet your house that Bates will be instructing Harvey to take it. Quite right too. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I am, so that’s how it comes across.

OK, so it’s not the greatest way to make friends I grant you, but Leeds United and Ken Bates share one common theme in that they are universally disliked and have few friends in the world of football to lose – far too late to change that now.

The first act of revenge should be taken out on Peter Ridsdale by blocking his plans to takeover Plymouth Argyle. Back in 2007, Ridsdale was busy trying to make amends for destroying Leeds United by ruining Cardiff City and whilst I sincerely doubt he was one of those that voted for Leeds to have additional points deducted, his comments that ‘seeing Leeds United in the third tier was deeply saddening’, but he felt ‘in no way responsible’ for that outcome still grates on me a little… well, a lot actually. The level of self-delusion this man exhibits is astonishing.

For those bygone-be-bygone types reading this who aren’t big on the whole revenge thing, maybe you could support a block of his takeover not to p**s him off, but to stop him ruining yet another football club with his wild narcissistic fantasies. Whatever helps you sleep better at night.

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  1. Colin

    March 2011 – Shaun Harvey told the Sports and Culture Commission that neither he or Ken Bates knew who owned Leeds United.

    May 2011 – Ken Bates buys Leeds United.

    I wouldn't trust Shaun Harvey as far as I could throw him. Slippery like an eel.

    No doubt in a couple of year's time, the Football League will invite Ridsdale to the board.

    • TSS

      Christ, can you imagine Ridsdale in such a position of power? He'd destroy the game! Let's just pray we're not in the Football League at that point.

  2. Lee B

    Sorry TSS, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the events surrounding our exit from administration.

    From my understanding, we exited administration without a CVA under the 'exceptional circumstances' rule (which is extremely vague and very poorly defined). The Football League then decided that LUFC's circumstances were not exceptional, so they deducted us 15 points. As far as the rules go, there is (or was) no right of appeal to this, but KB decided to challenge it anyway. He put it to the Football League that the 'football family' should decide LUFC's fate (15 points deducted or no punishment), since the Football League would not allow an appeal. The Football League agreed to this and then it was put to the vote. The rest is, as they say, history.

    I do agree though that Mahlwhinney (he hates it when you put the 'l' in there) had it in for us. He knew that the only reason that LUFC were in this position was because HMRC were going to war with the FA and the Football League over 'preferred creditor' status and LUFC were caught in the middle of it. He didn't care.

    It's interesting that after us, Luton Town were also deducted points for exiting administration via the same route, but the very next team – Southampton – were not, and neither has any other team since.
    The Football League has learned that to defeat HMRC, all they had to do was allow teams to exit administration via the 'exceptional circumstances' clause without punishment. (I think I've got my facts straight about this last paragraph, but please forgive me if I haven't).

    Nevertheless, LUFC and Luton Town have suffered and paid a high price because the football league were slow to learn.

    As with you, I am also very bitter about the circumstances surrounding our betrayal by the Football League and the football family, but I guess we just have to move on.

    I'll forgive them when I stop breathing…

  3. Tyler75

    Come on Shaun you know it makes sense – after all revenge is a dish best eaten cold !

  4. lufcnutt

    sorry for what im about to say but cant help my self when i saw that fucking wankers face
    …….CUNT….live the dream….left a nightmare….cheers pete…dick head…..


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