A fortuetous goal from Alex Bruce and a stunner from Ramon Nunez helped Leeds United overcome a 1-0 deficit to win their second pre-season friendly in Scotland.

The game proved to be a much tougher test for the Whites than their midweek friendly at Falkirk with Leeds’ new (and only first team) goalkeeper Paul Rachubka staking his claim for the number one jersey with a series of good saves.

Whilst Motherwell gave a good account of themselves and will feel unlucky not to have scored more, Leeds United undoubtedly had the better chances. Both Billy Paynter (offside) and Ross McCormack (foul) had goals ruled out, whilst the former Motherwell striker McCormack also missed a poorly taken penalty.

The big talking point for Leeds will be Ramon Nunez whose well-taken goal sealed victory for the Whites. Nunez showed excellent footwork to twist his way through and slip the ball beyond the stranded Motherwell keeper. Some fans are already getting a little carried away suggesting the Honduran could be the replacement for Davide Somma following news that the striker will be out for six months.

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  1. orangina

    Good work out lads, MOT, as a massive Smithy fan I’m gutted that it appears he won’t be coming back but surely to goodness McCormack and Paynter are on borrowed time?!

  2. Loved them diamond floodlights

    McCormack on borrowed time ? I would say nunez was more likely on borrowed time as it seems we have a player on our hands so we won’t keep him will we ken?

    Smith return think we need to move on we can have 3 very good players for his wage and he has made no voices about coming ‘home’ …….. Fk him let it go!

  3. Rish

    I was at the game and here’s my thoughts!

    We played MUCH better in the second half with 4-4-2. Created more chances and were the better team. We had a stronger team than in the first half though. Lloyd Sam delivered some nice crosses but didn’t look as threarening as Snoddy or Gradel on the wing.

    Connolly was really poor, he was constanty being outrun and beaten and didn’t read the game well. Seemed unfit though. Would definitely prefer Lihaj back.

    Nunez came on and made a big difference, he was making some nice runs and had good link up play with Gradel. I think he was playing just off McCormack for the most part but their partnership looked a lot better than with Paynter.

    McCormack seemed slow and off the pace. He was pretty useless in the first half on the left wing. I’ve always given Paynyer the benefit of the doubt and thought he could do well with a proper pre-season behind him but MAN, he was just lazy and lethargic! Didn’t close guys down and if he lost the ball he never tried to win it back. Really unimpressed.

    Bruce seemed better than Bromby at the back, Paddy was strong in the air and looked fit so fingers crossed!

    Aiden White made a great run forward in the early second half. He did make a habit of coming too far into the centre and not keeping an eye on his man though, so we were exposed and all of their promising attacks came down the flanks in the first half.

    Brown didn’t have an impact on the game at all. And Clayton is NOWHERE close to being a decent defensive midfielder, his attempts at tackles were very weak and Kilkenny-esque. Definitely don’t think he’s that type of player at all.

    Their goal was because of poor marking and was an easy tap in but the keeper should’ve done better. Nunez goal was very nice work from him but their poor defending and organisation probably made it look better.

  4. Will23

    The fact that the ‘well are one week away from their season’s opening game seems to have been glossed over.

    I would say that is quite a pertinent fact to remember before jumping down players throats (eg Paynter).

  5. Joey

    “Motherwell had chances to level as the game neared its conclusion but a combination of good goalkeeping and some bad luck meant ‘Well lost out for the first time in pre-season”

    got that from Motherwells site…
    Hats off to Rachubka

  6. Rish

    Oh, and McCormack’s penalty was saved well by the keeper but it was a fairly weak shot. Placed well but needed more power to beat the keeper.

  7. number1inyorkshire

    according to all reports i here from thorp arch ,mccormack is the teachers pet .
    so far from being on the way out he is staying ,i think he will be alright when he does get going regularly .
    same with paynter his record in the league was as good as beckfords if not better .
    Nunez looks a decent player, but is he playing in howsons place ,can they play together we aint got space for em all ,snodders ,gradel .sam ,howson ,nunez ,brown ,couple of others ,at this rate too many midfielders

  8. michael horspool

    i think grayson has a plan…if not he should read this. Payter not good enough at this level, Ross will be better this season but not a prolific goal scorer i fail to see him hitting more than 12 (but will play well and create) but i think snods, gradel (if please god he dont go) and nunez (who i said before today) can all play off the striker giving options even if becchio somma are out. we have no goal scorer like chapman but between our wingers and one off the main striker i think this team will be ok with goals. sam, gradel, snods, nunez can all score goals from either wing or behind the striker and ross and howson got goals in them as well, good to see paddy play ok and bruce might be better this year. would like keeper centre half and full back. also can somone fill me in, i dont rate sharp but he might be coming our way. what do you think about this? will be a good signing? and will i have to lace up my boots as keeper or back up keeper if SG dont get anyone?

    • Dave

      I have only seen sharp mentioned on the rumours site, nothing official (unless I missed it). I agree we really don’t need him. We need to be looking at players who look like they can make the step up to the prem, not merely be ok in the championship – sharp fits the latter. Good to see Nunez show what he can do though. Let’s hope he gets a fair crack when the season kicks off.

  9. Brian T

    Snoddy, Gradel and Nunez performances were good.They’ll need a few more players of that calibre if they’re going to make an impact in the new season

  10. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Off topic but how can lufc ban the players from twitter ? It’s like they banned everyone from city centre after the mill hill bashing if my boss put down sanctions like that he would receive two words back , surely it’s not legal , so a player goes on twitter then what ? A fine ? Suspension? Would love to see that stand up in court yet another joke decision jeeeez I give up!

  11. Matthew

    Had we played Nunez last season more we would of made the playoffs if not auto prom. Makes you wonder if Grayson is stubburn enough to snub him again.


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