Earlier today Leeds United’s Head of Twitter (or media or something…) Paul Dews, announced the club would be releasing news of their new home kit sometime tomorrow. Shortly afterwards, this rather genuine looking photo started circling Twitter.

Aside from the enormous cartoon sponsor on the shoulder and the enormous sponsor in the middle and the tacky white shiny material they’ve made it out of, I think you’ll agree this is still one of the worst Leeds United kits ever.

Fingers crossed it’s a hoax!

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Lloyd Sam accidentally confirmed this was the new Leeds United kit via his Twitter account. The club had been holding off until tomorrow to release the pictures jointly with the Yorkshire Evening Post. Oops.

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  1. James McG

    I agree, at least the sponsor and Macron man will fall off the kit after 3 washes

  2. Rish

    Would be nicer if they’d stuck to one colour on the stripe around the sleeve. Blue preferably. And obviously sizing down the sponsers. Still, I’d hardly call it one of the the worst Leeds kits ever. Many far worse, most away kits though.

    An improvement on this previous hoax kit though, at least!


    • Craig Noteboom

      I actually quiet like the fake Skybet kit. At least it was a sponsor we have all heard of.

  3. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Horrible Kit!

    I’m hoping that it’s not real but the fact Jonny Howson is sporting it and there isn’t any obvious Photoshop work, I’m fearing the worst!

  4. Colin

    As a bonus though, it looks like it comes with a free tramp’s beard accessory.

    Comedy shirt. Comedy beard.

    And no surprises on who the new captain is then.

  5. James McG

    I think that hoax skybet kit is nice. Much nicer than that yoke above

  6. Brolin's Love Child

    Great kit! Has ‘promotion’ written all over it!

  7. Loki

    I’ve never known a bunch of Leeds fans get so upset over a new kit, I really don’t see what the issue is! Are we men or are we fashion designers??

    Is it white? Yes.
    Does it have Leeds badge on it? Yes.

    Job done.

  8. Loki

    And another thing, this has distraction written all over it. All anyone has talked about since the “leak” is what the kit looks like, not the fact that we’ve STILL not signed anyone!

  9. Ramblinjohn

    Who the feck are Enterprise insurance..oh wait…based in Gibraltar…tax haven…Uncle Ken…coincidence?

  10. Gryff

    Take away the armbands & surrendering bloke on shoulder & it’s not at all bad.

    That said, the brightness of the shirt compared to Jonny’s skin makes me slightly suspicious…

  11. SteLUFC

    I quite like the kit. The sponsor could do with being a bit smaller though. Just need to sign some players to wear it now.

  12. Chris

    It’s not a hoax thats a real image.
    Apart from the logo on the shoulder which is just stupid I don’t have a problem with it.
    Just imagine the brief to the designer – needs to be all white with a bit of blue and yellow on it and it can’t look like any of the old ones or no one will buy it.

  13. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Lads you have missed the point to save on two lots of press food and drink freebies it’s two press conferences in one that is the new kit and on the shoulder is our summer signing …….kin brilliant ken !

  14. Jacko

    It was always going to be hard to better last years kit, which I thought was the best kit we have had for a long while. The bands on the arms don’t look great, but if we win promotion wearing it, no problem!

  15. CJ

    Stop moaning!! There’s bugger-all wrong with the new kit. What do people want, a plain white shirt with a Leeds badge on it? I think it looks ok, to be honest.

  16. Matt BB

    that kit is awful, and who the f**k are enterprise insurance? the last kit was just so much more premier league-ish.

  17. Gryff

    No expert on internet trickery, but actually when I looked at this on another site there were clear artefacts (think you call them) around the logos. You can see them if you look closely here too.

    @Loved them diamond floodlights I wondered the same the other day on forum. Hope youre right. Won’t have an XI at current rate..

  18. Craig Noteboom

    I’ve studied the photo close up on photoshop and you can see around the sponsor is more pixelated than the rest of the pic and on the yellow stripe on the are it looks quiet blurry as if it has been hand painted on photoshop. I suspect it might be fake.

  19. Ron

    Who cares? If they get promoted, I don’t care if they are wearing grandma’s undies on their heads. It’s white and that’s all that matters. Roll on the season.

  20. AussieWhite

    Looks perfectly fine to me. Would have been better without the yellow and blue on the sleeves and the logo on the shoulder. Will still buy it though.

  21. halifax white

    at least its not combat issue like the everscum goalie kit!!! ahh well another 40 quid to uncle buncle!!!! (when is it on sale?? goin benidorm a week tuesday got to have it to take into yorkshire pride and the leeds bar!!

  22. Roy

    Last Seasons was so much better, it’s like they’ve gone for a retro look of the old Topman shirt like Liverpool did with the grey one… and failed miserably.

  23. Craig1919

    Supposedly the away shirt will not be Blue, White or Yellow?? I work with someone who lives next door to head of merchandising who also said that Yellow won’t be used for at least next 4 years as it simply doesn’t sell… if this is all true I wonder what colour Bates has dreamt up?

  24. Kaiser Chief

    I wasn’t sure when I saw it on twitter yesterday and waited for the official site to unveil which they’ve done today. Read the site and you’ll know the sponsor isn’t exactly small fry, but it does appear typically dodgy that they are based in gibrolta, maybe Uncle Ken has a business interest there too! Either way it’s a modern take on our promotion winning shirt from 91/92. So FFS guys can we just stop moaning so much and get behind the team, are we getting very pissed off with Bates and the lack of signings? YES but there’s still time to make the key signings we crave so let’s just chill out a little please, for my own sanity. All the whinging on twitter, here and every other site I go on to is dragging us all down. We don’t agree with a lot that Bates does and says, but to be honest I still believe he and DG are taking us in the right direction. MOT !!!

  25. Donaldo

    Kit looks ok. But cant understand all the fuss, at least we got someone to put THEIR hand in THEIR pocket an support us
    If you don’t like it put YOUR money up and we can all Criticise you

  26. Kaiser Chief

    Typo meant SG obviously, and while I’m back, I have to say to Johnny Howson that he has the best 1/2 beard I’ve ever seen!

  27. Dje

    I sort of agree with Loki, but only from a fashion design point of view.

    The polo shirt collar is retro (to our 1991-92 Championship season) and currently ‘in’. Old in the new, and a return to the old and where we want to be now ~ back in the Premiership.

    It is a true season’s dress-code of egalitarian sartorialism: white-van drivers and builders can wear whilst at work; city workers can wear it on a cold Tuesday night at Elland Road, and feel liberated ‘cos they don’t need to wear a tie and yet still feel that they have a touch of their smart ‘office look’ about them (think the quintessential Ralph Lauren polo-shirt meets the ‘Eighties shellsuit), and kids can wear it and feel that they are metamorphosed into their football heroes whilst running about like headless chickens after a penny-floater on their nearest and dearest patch of dog-shitted scrubland, whilst their mothers will still think they look adorably smart in it. Besides, the grass stains should wash out easier from all that acrylic [but do use biological powder all the same, and on a 40C cycle; even if the label imploringly recommends a 30C eco-wash for the cheap-as-chips (and it’d go up in flames easier than a chip fat fryer too) Indonesian sweatshop material]

    To be honest, all football tops are hideous. They are never smart, nor smart casual. They never look good on a night out. They never look good with jeans, and other halves are always pained when you put it on and intend to leave the house in it on a non-Match day. So if they are shinny and splattered with insignia of a company that nobody has heard of – and more befitting of the Conference (as in ‘Blue Square’, not Harrogate’s international centre) – then so much the better really.

    The top is tribal and about either being ‘in’ or ‘out’. It is open to all for the princely sum of £40 and there’s security in numbers through looking as equally bad in it as the next man, woman (and my God how they do nothing for women), or child sat along at Elland Road. So I kind of want everyone to think ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead in that’, with the qualifier: ‘if I wasn’t a Leeds United fan’.

    ps. My heart’s always in the yellow strip, so I won’t be buying this version.

  28. trueyorxman

    I showed my 11yr old who said ‘Woooow… its cool’, nuff said. Its the kids that count not you sad bunch


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