Preston North End sites are today claiming the deal to take Andy Lonergan to Elland Road could fall through as the club and player struggle to agree personal terms.

It’s claimed a fee for the Preston stopper was agreed on Monday and that he underwent a medical at Thorp Arch the following day.

However, the keeper who Darren Ferguson once said he valued at £20m when fighting off interest from the Premier League has had several wage increases during his 11 years as a professional at Deepdale, meaning Leeds United are now struggling to meet his expectations.

Alleged interest from Coventry City and Everton means Lonergan is unlikely to accept any offer below his own personal valuation and that Leeds United may have to offer much more than originally intended to secure his signature.

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  1. hotshotlorimer

    Sounds a familiar refrain.

    Still, we can’t expect the club to be able to meet the expectations of Preston’s reserve ‘keeper.

    But I forgot. We’re only bringing in players who are going to strengthen the team. Players who’ll really make the difference – and naturally being Leeds and being a huge, properly run, profitable club with reserves and consistently large income, we are in a better position than anyone to get those players…


  2. Dje

    To be fair, he probably feels he has already been far too charitable to Leeds United – such as letting us put four past him in the opening half hour last season.

    Ooh, the problem with us is that we’re all just ‘take, take, take’.

  3. md

    This is the reason I find it hard to imagine us signing any quality players.

    We got £1M for Kasper who would have been on a good wage yet struggle to sign a replacement for 200K.

    All we have so far is a player Blackpool did not want to keep.

    Bates will be happy though as the £1M from Kasper is in the bank.

  4. Gryff

    Look it’s simple really:

    A) Leeds look for players who fit into their wage structure (the calibre of Higgs & Kilkenny)


    B) Leeds look for players to improve the team and spend to match that.

    They’re going halfway between and it looks like they’re missing out on everybody because of it :-/

    • Dje

      Ah, Gryff, you’ve overlooked the Grayson-Bates ‘Third Way’ strategy. Grayson works that players will be willing to take a cut in wages out of some whimsical-nostalgia that ‘it is an honour and a privilege to play for such a great historic club such as Leeds United’, so much so that they will doff their hat and wave away the right to ask for wages. Bates is more bling in this strategy – and instead dazzles them, literally, with the suns reflection on the shiny new executive boxes he’s building, so much so that they have sun spots on their retinas as they sign on the dotted line, only to find half an hour later that £10,000 a week for being a third choice keeper is in fact going to be £100.00 a week; and it’s a twelve year contract.

      I coming to think that Bates has similar intents in using his redevelopment of the East Stand as our official football playing strategy for the forthcoming season too. When the opposition arrives and see signs to a ‘museum’, or the abundance of retail kiosks, then when they run out of the tunnel and see all the abundance of cheering fans* in the shiny executive boxes, then … well … they’ll just realise that we are a ‘big club’ after all, and destined to be back in the Premiership cos we’ve got all the infrastructure in place that they’ll realise the game is quite literally up and that there’s no point in even trying to kick a football in anger – which is handy as we’ll probably only send out half a dozen teenagers, most on loan, some on crutches.

      Grayson of course throughly approves and in-between doodling down the side of his sudoku puzzle, pens his new repetitive soundbytes for the post-match interview: “need to go on an unbeaten run”, “one game at a time”, “aiming for promotion”, “it’s a long hard campaign”, “its a competitive league”…

      * These are in fact mannequins dressed up as cheering fans – as no one was stupid enough to fork out for them.

  5. Chris from Wakey

    We had our chance to strengthen in January this year with a real chance of promotion if we’d bought a decent defence – and we didn’t bother – so expecting an influx of quality players now is a daydream.

    Leicester have spent big, West Ham have brought Sam Allardyce in to go straight back up and that doesn’t include all the other teams who will chase a play off spot at the very least. Even newly promoted / new stadium Brighton have spent some serious money. But Leeds have decide to build new corporate boxes!

    The bottom line is we are not looking for promotion this season at all.

    Think about it – the club is profitable, Mr Bates is upgrading the stadium for the “secret” landlords ultimate benefit, we pay bottom of the division players wages and charge premiership prices for tickets. Makes you wonder who really owns the ground doesn’t it?

    Why would we want promotion when being in the Championship is such a good way to make money?

    Let’s face it as a business plan it’s pretty good. Buy cheap – sell dear. And if you were eighty-odd years old, living tax free in Monaco what would you do?

    We could have upped the pay for Johnson and Killkenny by not a lot and tied them to contracts and had two saleable investments and a reasonable team at the same time. Instead we use the clubs own radio station to peddle propaganda about wanting to win promotion and Simon Grayson will continue to spout the same drivel. After all if the fans can see where the team is lacking then surely the manager can as well.

    The big test, if and when it comes, will be season ticket renewal day early in 2012 but even then being a big city with only one serious football club there will still be plenty of takers. Whether you buy the Mr Bates Saved Us line or not it’s hard to believe the club will ever go forward whilst Uncle Ken is holding the purse strings.

  6. mightywhite83

    i reckon this was hs responce to bates after he read his contract offer!!

    lets be honest it doesnt bode well for big name signings arriving at ER does it if we cant agree terms with 2 average championship player on contract renewels (bj & nk) and now we cant even agree terms with a goal keeper i saw a few times last year who quite frankly is a descent league 1 keeper but nothing more…wat does this say about other potential targets.

    on lonergan….my girlfriend and family are from preston and were all season ticket holders and trust me they are all glad to see the back off him and put some of the blame on him for there shaky defence last term they tell me he is a good shot stopper but WILL NOT come for any crosses and doesnt command his area putting pressure on the defence… this not the reason grayson has supposedly let kasper go to leicester????

    • Gryff

      Yes, and exactly the same problem Pool say Rachubka has.

      So we’ve ousted one keeper for being useless in commanding his area and getting crosses, and we’re looking at getting in two others with the same problem?

      Shouldn’t we at least get someone with a different weakness in goal?

      • Dje

        If the FA allowed teams to use the ‘rush keeper’ tactic then we’d be on a winner.

  7. number1inyorkshire

    there are plenty of footballers on the dole truth is they are mostly shite .
    the good ones which are fewer and far between cost money and as a consequence can name there price to a degree .
    if lonegran doesn’t sign that will be 4/5 players according to bates that haven’t done so .if some one is gonna get more money in the prem they will go as would i .
    but we need players simple as and the clubs know and more importantly the players know that ,lufc has a big gate every week so therefore big money .

    they will go elsewhere if their own valuation isn’t met, then as has been in recent seasons we will end up with the dross .

    lets be right we are desperately in need of players and quality ones and it will be the financial restraints that costs us .
    lets be right we will not be able to sign players based on new shirts sales revenues as that new shirt is probably the worst of modern times dreadful .

    we will be mid table mediocrity based on there will be no one challenging the 1st 11 no quality in depth

  8. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Always backed bates/Grayson I am now starting to wonder I am actually getting angry about things I’m all for not going back down the old road of spending stupid but pre season is a week old and to have all your targets still as Grayson says undecided about where they are going is worrying , also a worry is the premier league interest in our players I’m sorry but i can’t see any of our players turning down premier league offers the club may well turn them down to try get more money but if the player really wants to go as sure as we have all had our phones hacked that player will/should go imo

  9. TSS

    To be fair, he was paid £15k a week at Preston I’ve just heard, Well above what any right-minded Championship club should be paying for a keeper (unless they’re funded by sugar-daddies)

    • Dje

      I thought Schmeichal was on £12-15,000 when he was with us? Hence half the real reason we sold him – to save on wages, the other half being to make a profit. The latter is depressingly good business, the former strikes me as naive – to think that you can replace like for like at half the price. It can be done, but there’s no guarantee.

      I wonder if Grayson sighed when he heard the news that Neil Sullivan signed a one year extension the other day for Doncaster. Tsk, one member less for the old boys reunion squad of 2011-12.

      • TSS

        I guess the way they’re viewing it is that if we can sign him for £10k, it’s good business all round.

      • Dje

        The whole thing seems odd to me. They must have known he was on that money when they opened discussions. It is not unreasonable to expect someone not to be happy to take a pay-cut to be doing the same standard (ie. Championship) of work and for no good reason.

        Or were we trying to make him sweat it out over the Summer by playing hard-ball and making him think that he’s blown his chance to get back to the Championship as soon as possible?

        If so, we have a poor track record at that, and if Everton are sniffing about then we’ve blown it again. Kirkland, missed, now Lonergan – who’s our third choice on the list, and while we are there, do we have a fourth choice pencilled-in because this could rumble on for some time.

      • Gryff

        Wasn’t Sulli the Crystal Palace mole in the end? Or was it actually Derry?

    • Matt BB

      you’re kidding right? the York Keeper? One would have thought we’d go for Jason Brown or Iain Turner if this fell through? The other name I’ve seen linked with us is Joe Murphy, but lets be honest none of these are as good as schmeicel, or we could be really lucky and get a succession of loans….

  10. Paul C

    I blame the fans, tightfisted the lot of us.

    If only we would just stump up as much as the likes of Leicester, Cardiff & Hull fans do we would be able to bring in these type of players. Come on Leeds fans you are just not paying enough. You cannot expect to have top quality empty executive boxes as well as quality footballers with the pittance you put the clubs way!

  11. Matt BB

    so its come to this… we cant afford to compete with Preston’s wage structure.. another one bites the dust eh? There is a palpable stink here, where as a club we let £7m be spent on sorporate boxes, but balk at say £100K on a players annual contract who might make us a better team, disgusted beyond words.

    • Gryff

      I agree on the boxes, but to be fair their keeper is on big wages because he was their player of year twice. I bet if we rated him as highly as they did when they offered him a contract then we’d get him.

      That said, Grayson said he was going to replace Kasper with a better keeper. Well, Lonergan and Rachubka? It’s a marginal improvement at best imo.

    • Will23

      Eh? Hogwash.

      Preston are as good as bankrupt and the fact that they paid Lonergan what they paid him probably explains their dire financial position.

      • Will23

        PS “Hogwash” was aimed at the original comment, not the first responder.

  12. leeds_lad

    So, we are now loosing this looser from Preston because he wants to be paid as much as Kasper was for the “honour of being our keeper”. Maybe we should have thought about this before we sold the Great Dane ! …… Great business by Larry and Pappa Smurf, whilst we are fast becoming a “laughing stock” ! …. Also, what did we offer the 3 players that went to PL clubs, a free weekend stay in the Beaston Ritz ?.
    Next Bates will be saying we are tracking Messy, the only problem is he will need to take £500 a week. IT IS ALL BATES’ CONTINUAL “SPIN” TO EXPLOIT OUR LOYAL FANBASE !!!!

  13. Gryff

    [URL=,19528,11681_7025075,00.html]Well I wasn’t too far off with the York connection[/URL]

  14. mark rea

    Apparently the deal has now fallen through. He was on £14000 p/w at PNE. We are refusing to go above £9000. Bates said that would put him amongst the best paid keepers in Championship. Ignoring obviously the teams that have dropped from the premiership on prem’ wages and those spending what he sees as silly money to compete for the play off places. He has said that the parachute payments create an uneven playing field, that statistics show most seasons top 2 teams will have been playing in the prem the previous season and realisticly we are amongst a group of about 6 teams competing for the play offs. He also stated that we the fans need to see the clubs in a healthier state than it was when he came and he wont take us down the road to ruin again however much we the fans moan on about a lack of ambition and how we are a big club and should be signing this that and the other player.

  15. Dje

    Next up is Stockdale on loan for the season, according to Sky.

    ‘Loan’, well says it all really.

  16. Horsforth White

    As it gets worse by the day so I get more cynical – just like everybody else.
    Looking ahead, if we have a poll at Xmas “Is the new 1st choice keeper better than Kasper was” what do you think the result will be?

  17. Duval

    Says on sky we’re after stockdale on season long loan, would much rather have him than any of others that have been mention even if only on loan!

  18. White to the core

    Just seen the lonergan deal gone through and have to admit after listening to Bates rant about it, its looking bleak. Leeds United home to the disenchanted freebies and loanees wanting to put themselves in a big shop window. All the while grey beard the unknown club owner and pirate laughing all the way to his bahamas bank! The laser sighted Wan**r

  19. Mersey Whites

    LBH 15k a week for a Championship keeper
    is far above average for this standard.
    Saying that though Lonergan is a big step up from Kapser, so as they say , you get what you pay for

  20. White to the core

    Talk amongst Fulham fans is Gradel going to them for £2.25m and we also get Stockdale for season loan paying a fraction of his wages. Anyone else think Bates always intended to cash in on Kasper after a year thats why the 2yr deal. Probably hoped for more cash than he got though.

  21. Loved them diamond floodlights

    I am shocked , and angry because the fact is when we sold kasper we had every right to think we had a deal done to bring in a better keeper, but that is obviously not the case this makes no sense

  22. steve underwood

    In the past i have stood up for both bates and grayson at the moment im not worried i am ANGRY leeds must be the only in championship that have not sigend any outfield players,now i dont want us to do a leicester that can only go 2 ways up or disaster wat i do want is at least someone in killa and johnson i dont think will be missed,but the fact we cant seem to sign anyone at all is worrying.The squad at the moment is just ok with 4 or 5 good players it would be a great one our forwerd line still looks great are we waiting to see wat happens with parker kisnorbo before we sign any defenders MY BLOOD IS STARTING TO BOIL

  23. Paddy1992

    I’m absolutely disgusted by this. We sold kasper for the reason we conceded 70 goals, right? Take off this total Barnsley away and Preston at home and were already in the fifties without all the other higgs (league 2 keeper at best) debacles. The fact we were going to sign a keeper who conceded 79 proved the statement to be a lie. And now the fact we can’t meet the demands of the worst keeper in the league last year is embarrassing. And he didn’t even have to play behind Collins, mccrapney, Hughes, naylor, bessone or the other crap we had in our back 4 last season.

    With regards to stockdale who I like by the way. One reason for kaspers few mistakes was his age and lack of experience so the business argument is gone too cos now the pittance we got for him will be swallowed up by a loan fee and a portion of his wages. F….k off bates and take your clueless puppet on a string manager with you.


  24. Loved them diamond floodlights

    I’ll give the great gran mags £100 for her ban

  25. Will23

    £1m for Kasper, if true! Now that’s something we should be celebrating.

    Football is a business – profit/loss matter – no joke. Seems many fans forget this rather important point.

    That Preston paid higher wages explains why their club is in deep deep poop.

    Bates does not know how to pick a decent manager but thankfully he knows a good deal when he sees one.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      The best most successful way to gain profit is by having a good team out on the pitch Will , we can celebrate the good business when we replace kasper with better for less imo

  26. Tyler75

    If Lonegran had a medical at Leeds he must have known what was being offered – why go for a job interview when you have no idea what the salary will be ? Personally, I think this could be a blessing in disguise – why not Stockdale on-loan for a season ? One of the best young ‘keepers in the country. If we get up then we would have the wherewithal to buy him if he’s done the business for us. Leeds born, surely he would like the opportunity to get his home town team into the Prem ?

  27. chareose

    Yes but its another loan player…….its lose lose scenario. If he does well on loan to us, his price will shoot up or at worst his cliub will want to keep him. Think i need to switch off from leeds for a few weeks then do a quick check and see what dross we really did sign in the end

  28. Horsforth White

    So who’s going to pay the wages of this Stockdale then?
    Has anybody advised Fulham the’d have to pay most of them & did they say that’s ok
    Loads of players have been linked whose wages are huge but in the meantime we’ve been getting rid of players whose wages are small in comparison so where’s the sound logic?

  29. Grumpy

    Obviously Grayson is looking in the wrong place for players – he and his scouts should be up at Roundhay Park on a Sunday morning. There are dozens of of players up there who would fit the requirements of wanting to play with Leeds United and would play for free. They’d even take their own gear home to wash.

    When are SG and KB (our version of Morcombe and Wise) going to get serious?


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