A tweet from Davide Somma revealing he has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament and will be out of action for up to six months has infuriated Simon Grayson and led to the Leeds United manager banning his players from the social networking service.

The club have justified the move by claiming the leaked news will alert other clubs to the fact we’re in the market for a striker, resulting in them upping their asking price.

Personally, I’m not convinced. If you’re in the market for a striker, other clubs are going to realise this when you phone them up asking about the availability of their strikers. You can’t buy a clubs striker without them knowing about it – not in any version of reality I’m aware of anyway.

Maybe this is the problem Leeds United are having signing players? They have a pretty impressive list of potential targets in front of them, but all the best players seem to be attached to clubs. Try as he may, Simon Grayson has not yet figured out how to buy these players secretly without telling the other club. Unfortunately, this means Leeds United are limited to unattached players on free transfers.

The Twitter ban itself is a little over the top in my opinion. I’ve personally found that football players are the most boring people on earth, but it was nice to see them using the service to interact with fans. Banning players from doing this is indicative of the dictatorship-like regime we currently have at Elland Road.

We already knew Davide Somma was injured as he wasn’t in Scotland with the rest of the squad. He was also spotted in Leeds earlier this week on crutches so this was hardly ground-breaking news he revealed. A cynical person may suggest that it’s simply a management and ownership structure gone mad with control – all news must first be revealed through Radio Bates or the Official Site or the club spits their dummy out.

Whilst Twitter will cope just fine without the inane ramblings of Leeds United players, I don’t like the way in which the club are trying to govern the players personal lives. I understand they are high profile individuals whose actions reflect on the football club and as such, they need to be careful what they do in public. But surely a code of conduct is more realistic than trying to shelter them entirely from the outside world?

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  1. Jamie

    Good article. I had exactly the same reaction upon hearing this news.

    I found the fact that Simon Grayson has said he is ‘hugely disappointed’ at this information leaking out rather strange. Somma simply wrote about his injury, nothing more. What is the harm in that? If it was information leaking out of a kind that would have led to a possible transfer breaking down, or other such information, then I would perhaps understand.

    As it is, I found the overreaction to this by the club rather ridiculous.

  2. Colin

    I’m starting to get rather bored with Grayson’s broken promises – we were meant to be getting a new Kasper replacement weeks ago, then getting players before Scotland, then getting another player by Saturday. Hasn’t happened has it.

    A few injuries and the cracks are starting to appear. Grayson is shitting his pants and starting to have a go at his players by being childish and moaning about twitter.

    If twitter is bad for lufc, then fine, by all means stop the players, but also stop Paul Dews and Thom Kirwin who are also on the lufc payroll, from tweeting constantly.

    You can’t have one rule for players and one rule for staff. Or does Grayson think that Dews and Kirwin can be trusted but the players can’t?

  3. Dje

    Considering the ego of the modern football players, I wonder what per cent of a decision to NOT join Leeds is now to be derived from their prospect of having to forego their daily dose of vanity twittering.

    Got to be at least a few per cent, surely.


    ps. disappointed this story was over the permitted 100 characters.

  4. Loved them diamond floodlights

    I just mentioned this on the last article TSS how can lufc ban the players going on twitter ? I would tell Grayson to get fkd , like when woody and bo went ethnic cleansing in town the reaction was ban all players from city centre how can any employer make demands like that ? We are making ourselves the laughing stock of football only hearts for not sacking the pervert quicker look worse than us !

    • Dje

      Lol. A Romanov-Bates hybrid ~ Jesus, now there’d be a f*cker of a Chairman to have!

  5. Ricky

    Supposedly a fella name of eremenko was joining up on Saturday for the match, but his flight got cancelled so is playing the Rochdale game instead. Football network Leeds

  6. James

    Just remember that Don Revie was the first ever manager to control diets and keep a close eye on the lifestyles of players, controversial at the time but now commonly adopted by all clubs. Maybe there is some sense in this.

    Although personally all i ever see footballers post is that they are playing Fifa11 on ps3.

    Max has only just made his account, and Nunez loves the praise he gets via twitter…. maybe its a force for good.

    I dunno.

  7. henryv

    How did people spend there time before Twitter, Facebook & mobile phones.
    Everywhere you go you see people either frantically texting each other, or talking about NOTHING.
    I tried Facebook for a week!
    It was just people boring each other to death about NOTHING.
    Boring photo’s, stories, opinions.
    People saying ‘absolutely’, ‘chill out’, ‘cool’,’wow’,
    ‘it ticks all the boxes’, ‘at the end of the day’, ‘the bottom line is.’ ‘very much so’ instead of ‘yes’!!
    Tom Kerwin saying ‘sort of’ every 10 seconds when he is interviewing someone! I think its Tom?
    Not an original thought between us!
    Parrots and monkeys!!
    TSS suggesting that clubs will be expecting us to ‘buy’ their strikers.
    “That’ll be the day”!

  8. number1inyorkshire

    in my opinion face book should be banned ,twitter is OK if used properly which should be like a form of email .to let your mates know what your doing and like minded people like the scratching shed etc .but who cares if Stephen fry is having a crap at 8.15 .
    that said the vote on this site tells its own story and grayson banning the use of twitter is ridiculous its another example of football getting ahead of itself ,if somma wants to tell the world he has hurt his own leg surely that’s down to him ,it would of come out and he was seen using crutches for a start .
    the only reason i can suggest grayson wanted to tell the world was that ,the lack of transfers etc mean he has nothing else to tell the press .
    football is so insular at all levels and this is another example ,one day that bubble will burst it has reached its peak now and is on a plateau it will one day start the descent into the real world .

  9. chareose

    lol a code of conduct for the players but not for Bates or grayson huh…. who mouth off continuosly to the media

    And yet another week goes buy without a decent signing….it seems certain that leeds will not actually pay out a transfer fee this summer

  10. Duval

    Only reason the club are mad that somma leaked the news is because all us fans are expecting us to get a new striker now, not budgeted for a new striker and not gonna get one!

    • superhoops

      Very cynical and probably true.

      I would also suspect that Mr Chairman is concerned that any offer to buy Somma will now be considerably lower now its public kmowledge the poor lad’s done his ACL.

      On another note, its a bit worrying that we’re already bogged down with injuries during Pre-season for the second year in a row. Reckon there’s some truth that the pitches at Thorp Arch are supposedley like concrete.

  11. timm

    I see Man Utd even have their own networking site? It’s called TWATTER!

  12. Tyler75

    We don’t need another striker’ we’ve got enough options upfront (even with Becchio potentially being injured for the start of the season) always assuming that Max isn’t sold of course ! – Somma had a good season last year as an impact sub but in reality wouldn’t have been one of the first names on Simon’s teamsheet for this season. Nunez is showing that he’s raring to go and is obviously better the further up the pitch he plays. We need to concentrate on filling the gaps in midfield, full-back and in goal.

  13. Gryff

    I agree with the main article. The players make a connection each time they RT a fans message. Just by giving trivial updates something like ‘bored out of our skulls in a crappy Scottish hotel room’ gives fans something to read in the deadly-dull off-season.

    Irresponsible use of Twitter is different to any use at all of Twitter. I can understand Grayson’s frustration with Grella/Somma/Sam for putting their collective feet in it over the Sumemr, but they’re grown men…

  14. normangunston

    I actually listened to Grayson’s YR interview and my read of it was that he banned players from tweeting sensitive info about the club (injuries, selection etc).

    I may have missed it, but I don’t recall him uttering the words: Leeds players are banned from Twitter.

    I suspect on Monday we’ll get some belated clarification on this from the club.

    • TSS

      You know, I thought exactly the same thing initially but Thom Kirwin’s tweet convinced me they’d been totally banned. Considering Lloyd “Self-proclaimed King of Twitter” Sam hasn’t tweeted since, I pretty sure it’s a total ban.


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