Blackburn Rovers’ Keith Andrews and free agent Jonathan Spector are the latest names being linked with a move to Elland Road. 

According to Duncan Castles of the Sunday Times, Simon Grayson is trying to agree a season-long loan deal with Blackburn Rovers to bring the 30-year-old Keith Andrews to Leeds.

Castles also claims The Whites are considering signing 25-year-old Jonathan Spector who made 111 appearances for West Ham United between 2006 and 2011 before being released as a free agent at the end of last season.

Grayson looks set to face stiff competition for the signing of Spector however with Sky Sports linking the United States international with a move to Birmingham City.

The rumours seem to tie in quite nicely with the two midfield players Ken Bates told Leeds United fans the club was looking at earlier in the week. The fact neither of the players would cost the club any money adds further weight to Castles’ claims.

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  1. JMO

    If we were going to sign Andrews, I think it would be permanent as he hardly featured with Blackburn Rovers last season. Steve Kean was on SSN earlier saying they have made 4 or 5 bids for players. It might free Andrews up to come?

  2. Max

    Spector's more a defender than a midfield player. Grant used him in midfield latterly at West Ham but we can all see how that went. He plays for USA at right back. He played left back for Zola but is right footed. I think he'd be a decent signing, which is why he'll probably end up somewhere else.

    • Max2

      As a west ham fan, Spector is ONLY any use as a forward thinking midfielder. Before he was tried in this position in the win against man utd last season he was quite literally one of the worst defenders to ever play for the club. One of those players you dread to see on the teamsheet before the game and know already that he will be solely responsible for at least one goal conceded.

  3. Matthew

    Although I'm unhappy with our lack of strikeforce in the forward position at the moment, I'm perfectly happy with the midfield we have and personally think we should be focusing on bringing in a couple of decent defenders for a wide variety of positions incase someone gets injured.

    If Villa let him come, Lichaj is 100 percent coming, but who else?

    • JMO

      I would love Lihaj back too.. I wonder if a cheeky 1m bid might tempt Villa ?

      • Matthew

        Perhaps but I'm thinking its likely Bates will want him on a free, he wont be on much at Villa anyway. and he is a great player, I have no complaints about him, he fits in perfectly with our squad.

        And if he is to be believed he had a great time playing for Leeds and appreciated the fact he had a lot of 1st team football games under his belt at the club.

        And naturally Grayson seems happy with him, as is the tight fisted old git Bates, so its a win win situation.

        I think the delay if anything when it comes to him coming on loan is purely down to Villa having a new manager who likely wants to see what he has and how they fit into his plans for the next season.

      • ross mccaramac

        1m!!!???? is your real name ridsdale by any chance?

  4. hotshotlorimer

    Both essentially rejects. Since both free others might come in and if thought any good will offer better terms than Leeds. Basically, we'll get one or other if no one else wants them.

  5. bobstokes

    So after yesterday trying to take the piss because of the chicken ad you now want us to sell you keith Andrews. That all depends if you will kiss our collective arses or not. Go on pucker up and beg until then f@ck off back to the sheep dipping you so enjoy. Sheep dipping is finger lickin good. You won't win, you're just not funny enough. I can just see Ken Bates takin his teeth out to suck on his lamb cutlets. Priceless. Leeds leisure centre, four sheep tied to a lamp post. Dingles on tour singing their number one hit, bringing in the sheep.


      you manc regect, bout time you forget trying to curry favour with us Leeds fans, We are Yorkshires No.1 team, you're not even Lancashires No.6, Go back to pluckin chickens and working in call centres, Muppet

    • number1inyorkshire

      are you taking something bobby boy wtf are you on about ,go away ,sharpen your teeth and sort out your banjo .

      you will be one of the favorites to come down and you will

  6. Daniel Christopher Young

    @bobstokes No offence but your statement "now you want us to sell you Keith Andrews" – the article was good natured yesterday and besides, your say on here is not going to impact whether he signs or not, if it happens, the clubs will agree a deal, Leeds fans on here will not have to beg to any Blackburn fans.

    Besides, Leeds did have a fall from grace but hey, at least we had somewhere to fall from. Historically, Leeds have always bounced back and Blackburn? Without Jack Walker (RIP), you will not should you get relegated. Our gates in League One and the Championship last year were higher than yours most of the time too so save the tinpot argument for another forum.

    On topic now….Spector would be a very good signing and would love to add Lichaj to that list. Andrews for his experience would be handy as well, though he will have to fight with Clayton and Brown who have done well in pre-season.

    • bobstokes

      What happened there then, I wasn't expecting someone from leeds to respond in such a mature fashion, I'm shocked, you actually have a brain. I need to sit down. Tell you what, you can have Andrews. I actually don't know why Rovers fans treat him with such hostility, I think he's quite good and gets treated unfairly. You can't knock his effort and he does make the occasional mistake, but who wouldn't when you get constantly booed by your own fans. I feel sorry for him a bit. I think he needs to move to a club who appreciates his abilities, good luck for the coming season, hope to see you in the EPL soon, then we can have the pleasure of beating you again

      • Matthew

        What a turnaround Bobstokes, you made a comment that made you sound like you were 12 years old and grammatically challenged and kinda stupid, then you made this one above that makes you seem somewhat decent. Weird.

  7. Big Bri

    Hope for your sake you don't get Andrews. You can't fault his commitment but he is simply not good enough

  8. vin

    we fuckin northern u twat wat u onbout sheep 4 we love u leeds leeds leed mot

  9. CafCat

    How can ANY Leeds fan be happy with our club at the moment, scraping around in the bargain basement basket of rejects/not picked/not wanted of players. We hear about being linked to a reasonably good (or just a familiar named) player and we get excited again.

    What is our chairman (shudder at those words) doing with our club. Bleeding us dry it feels like. I hope the MP's get their commission into the ownership of Leeds United and we find a way to rid ourself of Bates.

    • Matthew

      Although I'm unhappy with the lack of investment, we did get promoted from league 1 for next to nothing in terms of investment, and we got to 7th place above other teams that speant millions on players.

      It just goes to say that Grayson is a great manager, we beat the Scum, almost beat Arsenal, had several decent games against premier league sides these past 2 years, all on Bates clock.

      I firmly believe if he had Becchio in our final games and maybe 1 or 2 decent defenders we would of easily made the playoffs and had a chance to go up.

      if Grayson improves on this and we go up this season(if), I wont question Bates again.

      Fact is, and im not defending Bates, we've achieved so much as a club these past 24 months, more so than most clubs in the English football league, its been a great ride.

      • Macadamia Man

        Now that's a post based on reality and some of yer actual thought leavened with a welcome touch of MOT positivism. Well done that lad . . .

        I'd add the thought that football is heading for as big a financial reorganisation (stroke crash) as the US economy may be this week, and that dead debt is no longer a sustainable business model and we may all end up yet thinking the old badger had it righter than most all along.

        Sure some of the means used over the last few years in order to get us "back" in the black with the crowd capacity, ticket prices and facilities to support a decent team in a way tougher financial and UEFA regulatory climate may make other clubs, the taxman and the Houses of P pretty legitimately grumpy and ticket buyers feeling stung, but at least this time the rules were bent and twisted to pay off our way at last instead of everybody else's.

        One season of dizzy and speculative purchases that didn't pay off was all it took to screw things up after Graham. Let's take our lumps on board and learn from them, a? I for one would take another Top Seven finish in D1 this year if it meant we reached the Prem in 13/14 sound and ready to rumble rather then flash, crash and burn again.

        I do wish we owned our own grounds again, but there's a whole lot of clubs around who outwardly do hold the deeds but really they're only on temporary and very fragile loan from the bank.

      • Macadamia Man

        D1 above means the old D1 (just to forestall any wilful misunderstandings). I'm pretty sure another drop would break my heart . . .

      • david newell

        I would rather not spend money we haven’t got on going up just to come back down again. A few seasons in this league will not harm us. I would rather gradually improve, have players that want to play for Leeds and stand a chance of staying up. MOT

      • Chareose

        You guys belong to Bates PR team ???

        1/ Another season in the championship and our remaining best players will leave.
        2/ "i would rather not spend we havent got" er….we have got the money but its being spent on nightclubs and museums……

        The longer we stay in the championship the more we lose momentum and the harder it will be to entice talented players to elland road

      • Matthew

        Sorry but what? PR Team? Why is it that some fans insist on bringing on that nonsense, I was just being realistic here, we've done so much as a club in a short space of time and have pretty much exceeded expectations.

        If that forces people to abuse the voting system on here because they're upset we're not in the premier league 12 months after getting promoted from league 1, then well thats your problem.

        But enough of this Bates crap. Seriously get a new arguement beyond *If you put a positive spin on things you're a Bates fanboy/PR team*

      • CafCat

        My point exactly – we are in this position DESPITE BATES, and not because of him. I am not promoting (possibly a bad word to use) the benefits of splashing the cash 'a la Leicester' but if there is a spectrum here, we are at the bottom end when everything about our infrastructure/potential and buying capacity says we could be investing more – where has all the money gone (don't say East Stand).

        As Macman points out, there will be another financial meltdown soon (globally, disembowling of sky) which means there will be less money around the next time the live football deal gets renegotiated. But that still does not hide that we are investing in our team as much as a team who would have an average capacity of less than 10k at each home game…………………………….???

      • Andy Flynn

        We should be raiding Barcelona’s, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea’s first team. That Messi would be good cover whilst Becchio and Somma get back from the treatment room and Iniesta would be a good addition to our midfield

      • Chareose

        Its not remotely based on reality, as ive explained before, the Championship is not the same as last season, teams have bought players. Leeds have lost far more players than we have bought so we have a small squad that can be effected by injuries.
        Also their is morale to think of, the players will be feeling the same as the fans right now "the club lacks ambition" and so the better ones will be planning their futures away from Elland Road…… With the current squad i reckon maybe 10th place

  10. david newton

    Not true that we have fewer players. We’ve added mines, Clayton, lees and paddy since last season maybe squad, but young talent ready to push on aka beckford and somma.

  11. kev

    watched grayson closely yest at the fun day doing the open training session,to say he looked pissed off was an understatement,just didnt look happy,abit flustered,stayed away from any of the fans did anyone else notice ?

  12. Brendan Appleyard

    I want to know where all the money went from the Fabian Delph deal ?mmmmmmmmmm.Also has grayson brought in Michael Brown to act as a David Batty to cover the leaky defence we have because thats no quick fix. We need to buy recognised defenders not use super glue. Just hope Billy Paynter is on fire lmao.

  13. simon cole

    Just a thought why is bates spending all this money {ours} on the east stand when we don,t own the ground??????? am i missing something here just carn,t put me finger on it …………….. oh just got it me thinks bates could just well own it too along with the Thorpe arch training ground as well and he's forgot to tell anyone down at the FA etc well he his getting old now and its so easy to forget these little things of no importance …………. I so hope the MPs get what they want and these is a full investigation into to whole business of how that old gray-haired nasty piece of work bought our club he should go to prison if found guilty .

  14. 5 rivers white

    I'd be quite optimistic if we could get lihaj and Spector, but what's the chance of that with papa smurf….zero

  15. @TheFatRob

    Why do some of you moan about us signing rejects? Who else could we bring in other than rejects? A divisional rival isnt going to sell too us and what chance does any championship club have in bringin in a top premier league player(yes i know West Ham brought in Nolan but that is a very rare occurance). If you remember, Gordon Strachan was a reject from Man Utd and look what he did at Leeds.

  16. AndyB

    Gradel – cheap, Leicester reject, unknown
    Becchio – cheap, unknown
    Snodgrass – cheap, unknown
    Kisnorbo, cheap, Leicester reject

    Anyone dispute these cheap signings are our best players, along with home-grown Howson?

      • Matthew

        Ignore Charose, he's attacking anyone trying to stay positive with the old *You must love Bates arguement*, he's just a troll or someone with the unrealistic expectations.

  17. Neil

    Andrews would be a great signing, he was in great form for Ireland at the end of season matchs, he had a great game against Italy and scored a good goal as well. He would strenghten up the leaky midfield no end and allow others to get forward more. I hope its true…………..

    • Colin

      Andrews' agent has said that he spoke to Grayson in depth but he's not going to Leeds. He's off to Ipswich Town (a la Stockdale & Bowyer)


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