Just stumbled across this little gem of a video on YouTube featuring 52 goals from the 2010-11 campaign and thought I’d post it for your enjoyment.

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  1. Dje

    Ta. I’m a little surprised the club didn’t release an official DVD to commemorate the season of goals, Goals GOALS!!

  2. Dje

    Do we get a poll for which we reckon is the best?

    You can do the Alan Hanson bit and pick a winner.

      • Dje

        Hmm, still whittling down my shortlist. I’ll put my answer on a postcard.

        I sort of meant more of a debate/argument in the thread than a tick box poll – good as those polls are.

        [Can you tell that I am trying to use this as a welcome distraction for our pre-season blues. I can make it last three weeks I reckon].

  3. Gryff

    Give you a hint, whittle it down to any goal scored by Max Gradel, plus that one by Snoddy.

    I reckon the Snoddy one against (Barnsley?) is goal of the season.

    It just reminds you that all we need from our centre mids is to hold the game down while Snoddy, Gradel, Somma, Becchio and McCormack waltz through the oppo.

  4. youngy28

    If you had a top 5 you could make a case for Snodgrass to have all 5!
    My number 1 would be his highly technical, fierce and somewhat audacious striek away at Leicester.
    2; would be Max Gradel’s exquisite curler at home to Barnsley.
    3; Lloyd Sam diving header away at Forest. The replay doesn’t do it justice as it was a really classy team move.
    4; Howson away at Preston. I was right behind that goal and he had to bend it such a long way round and with pace to just catch the inside of the post.
    5; I’ll go for Snodgrass away at Bristol City just for the sheer individual brilliance.
    One’s that just misse out: Becchio away at ‘Boro as it just took a deflection on the way. Snodgrass curlers away at both Coventry and Cardiff simply because i thought Gradel’s was better than them both. If i had a 6th it would be Johnson’s strike against Arsenal (to be honest i should probably include it- but he’s fucked off now so forget it!) Snodgrass penalty at Arsenal was the one i ENJOYED the most though, ala Beckford the year before. Howson away at Burnley was a scuffy shot but made for a memorable comeback.

  5. Craig

    I recall that this time last year there was endless argument and worry about the fact there was no big signing being lined up to replace Beckford.

    I recall predicting that Becchio would step up to the plate and that Grayson would be working on getting more goals from midfielders so our play would become less predictable.

    I hate to say I told you so…

  6. Tom

    It’s a shame that video doesn’t show all the last minute bottle-jobs and meltdowns.

    We didn’t half score some good goals though.

  7. number1inyorkshire

    just watched the longer video of us conceding 80 goals ahh well !!!!!!!

  8. number1inyorkshire

    joking aside some quality goals there but it shows how un balanced the team was and is ,alright paddy signing helps but midfield and defence is as bad as it gets in this division .keeping sam fit will also help and lees and clayton and nunez are all unknown is it worth the gamble at this level as we all want at least to be challenging, for me it is worth the gamble you never know bessone might even justify his place remember he was in the team of the season at 1 point.

    its the lack of players coming in though that worries me and why they don’t want to come to leeds at the moment


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