Morning all,

As you can see, the comment field below has totally changed.

For the technophobes out there, all those additional buttons will probably be a terrifying sight, but fear not – commenting is as simple as ever. Just type away as normal and then enter your name and email when prompted. You can even login using Twitter and Facebook and the like with a single click of a button. Groovy, yes?

We know many of you have an aversion to change and Christ knows this site has had more alteration work than Cher, but this particular change was an unavoidable one.

It came to my attention that some users were unable to view the site properly as nested comments were dragging the template out of line and causing it to mess up the entire page. Attempts were made to alter the script, but before the computer went through the window I resorted to other measures. Whilst the problems only appear to have affected a small minority of users, the site could be almost totally unreadable for them at times – which kind of defeats the point a little…

Anyway, feel free to have a play around with it, register for an account if you’d like a pretty picture displayed alongside your name and feel free to post any questions you may have.

I’m aware comments posted before the new software was installed are not showing, these are currently being processed and should be back in place later today.