A little bored, I’ve been scouring Google trying to figure out why teams we have no natural rivalry with hate us so much. Whilst that particular goal left me sifting through a never ending collection of forum posts dedicated to hating Leeds United without offering any actual reason for doing so, I did come across what could well be the origins of the first Leeds United hate chant.

Surprisingly – for me at least – it appears to be Liverpool who started the chant ‘we all f**king hate Leeds’ which is sang to the Dambusters theme so often used in football chants.

An article on the Red & White Kop website from February 2004 explains;

“It was an Elland Road lockout 2 hours before kick off back in the 70s. The Leeds ground had been broken into the night before and all the records had been stolen with the exception of the one record – theme from the Dambusters – which they played over and over again to the chagrin of the assembled away supporters. Eventually one bright spark started joining in with ‘we all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds’ and so a legend was born.” 

Now, at this point a lesser man may ask if the presence of Scousers in Leeds and a theft at Elland Road is merely a coincidence, but I’ll take the moral high ground and resist putting such an idea into your heads.

Whilst myself and most Leeds United fans revel in the universal hatred of our club – after all, it makes us more interesting than most teams – for those of you that don’t enjoy it so much, you know who to blame; 60 year old Scousers with an appalling record collection.

Their chant was so successful, the Scum across the Pennines even made t-shirts!