A little bored, I’ve been scouring Google trying to figure out why teams we have no natural rivalry with hate us so much. Whilst that particular goal left me sifting through a never ending collection of forum posts dedicated to hating Leeds United without offering any actual reason for doing so, I did come across what could well be the origins of the first Leeds United hate chant.

Surprisingly – for me at least – it appears to be Liverpool who started the chant ‘we all f**king hate Leeds’ which is sang to the Dambusters theme so often used in football chants.

An article on the Red & White Kop website from February 2004 explains;

“It was an Elland Road lockout 2 hours before kick off back in the 70s. The Leeds ground had been broken into the night before and all the records had been stolen with the exception of the one record – theme from the Dambusters – which they played over and over again to the chagrin of the assembled away supporters. Eventually one bright spark started joining in with ‘we all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds’ and so a legend was born.” 

Now, at this point a lesser man may ask if the presence of Scousers in Leeds and a theft at Elland Road is merely a coincidence, but I’ll take the moral high ground and resist putting such an idea into your heads.

Whilst myself and most Leeds United fans revel in the universal hatred of our club – after all, it makes us more interesting than most teams – for those of you that don’t enjoy it so much, you know who to blame; 60 year old Scousers with an appalling record collection.

Their chant was so successful, the Scum across the Pennines even made t-shirts!

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  1. Matthew

    All these chants come from jealous tinpot clubs with tinpot fans. Because some people refuse to accept that Leeds are the champions of europe and are a better team than what they support.

    Kinda like how some Hull fans have this mistaken opinion they’re somehow a bigger club than us lol

  2. Chris

    I think I can vouch for the vast majority of Liverpool fans & say, we don’t hate Leeds United. However, had you been a Manc, Chav or Evertonian then it would have been a very different story. ;-) Now hurry the f*ck up & get into the Premiership where u belong!


    Its alright because we hate the shell suited bin dippers just as much!

  4. Gary Stuart

    Liverpool and Leeds have always had a good relationship since the Revie and Shankly days. Remember their Kop chanting Champions when Leeds won the league there in 1969. some cracking games against them as well. God luck to the Reds next year, hopefully we can see you soon

  5. Tyler75

    Chris any tips on getting rid of unwanted owners that you’re able to pass on will be greatly received !

  6. Gryff

    Why is it that when we were demoted all the teams in the smaller leagues took a hating to us? Because we’re the natural enemy. We were bigger than the likes of Norwich, Carlisle & Hull and so their natural rivals for titles.

    Just the same as the 60s/70s. Revie’s boys got as much hatred as adulation – just like Fergiescum’s boys today.

    Personally I think it’s [u]forging[/u] a great team that makes people hate you. That’s the mark of a truly great side. Everybody “hates” Chelski but I don’t think I know anyone who really hates them – they’re not worth the bother, just a badge with some soulless mercenaries.

    And now we’re not famous anymore, nobody’s jealous and nobody sees us as a threat to their position so nobody hates us.

    Except Hull. And all the other tin-pots we’ll be leaving behind in the next couple of years!

    • Matthew

      To be fair, virtually every tin pot teams fans in Yorkshire has this mistaken opinion their team is better than Leeds. Then you have Millwalls fans who are really just a bunch of animals and a disgrace to the sport hating on us.

      I can’t think of many teams who dont hate us, that said it makes beating them all the more sweeter :)

  7. gfergo

    hello lad,
    i was at that game in the old cow shed it is the fault of the announcer at the game he played the dambusters several times and we joined in after a few nar nar narrs some one put in we all hate leeds and it took off, funny that i often think of days like that like when my mate tommy was stabbed in the back while sitting on the wall outside the peacock pub, that was a Wednesday morning match because of the power cuts, remember them?

  8. fergie's running scared

    It’s not Leeds we hate it’s those twa*! ts manure! Leeds belong in the premier league!

  9. Ray

    Abbreviation for “bin dipper” aka scouser.

    Derived from their habit of foraging in dustbins for food, clothing and mating partners.

    Can also be identified by foolish collective belief that Liverpool FC is a major footballing power. Can be found in large (10,000 or so) numbers at a local cesspit aka Anfailed. Although the number of meetings here tends to decline as the calendar progresses towards May,
    Look at that Dipper (cue shell suit, face full of phlegm if speaking).

  10. Mick Hewitt

    The first time I heard the chant was at Newcastle on a Wednesday night at the back end of the 1971/2 Season. Leeds lost to a late Newcastle goal and the whole ground seemed to be singing it to the small band of Leeds fans there that night.

  11. Fivelamps

    Abbreviation for “Manky Twonk” aka United Supporter (can and frequently is from another part of the country eg Peterborough or Brighton)
    Derived from arrogant belief that the sun shines out of the ground Old Crappord and a collective disregard for standards in footie being a collective of whinging smug self satisfied braggarts who stereotype other supporters by trying to belittle greater tradition and true sportsmanship….
    Can also be identified by prawn sandwiches being spat out if Ronaldo does not get his cheating little way.
    Look at that Manc (cue clueless and cringe making individual with no insigh into the stupidity of his or her behaviour)

  12. Carroll9

    @Ray You have greatly disgraced yourself. Other Leeds fans on this thread have been great, you have distinctly lowered the tone…hang your head son…hang your head!

  13. Zico

    The recollection of how it started is right. And I’m in my early fifties, not sixties!However, I recall one match, last day of the season and Liverpool had to win to secure the title. Nearest rivals (forget who) were playing Leeds and Leeds took the lead, meaning Liverpool could lose and still win the League. So we changed the words to; ‘we all love Leeds and Leeds and leeds etc…..’

  14. Ray

    Its only a bit of harmless humor used to wind up my sisters husband who himself is a Liverpudlian, believe you me I get it in the neck from him for been a super Leeds fan, no harm intended if we football fans can’t have a bit if harmless humor what’s the point in supporting a specific team.

  15. trueyorxman

    As long as we all agree…there’s only one f**king set of scummers

  16. colet

    come on u scousers for gods sake win the league next year and keep the scum at bay..i would love it!!

  17. Robert Bapty

    very interesting article TSS, I thought most Liverpool fans quite liked Leeds United, not least because we have a mutual hatred of the scum although I’ve discovered that quite a fair proportion of the white half of bradford support Liverpool, probably because their local team is about as good as a woman without a fanny & their hatred & jealousy of their far superior next door city couldn’t possibly let them be a supporter!

  18. rogniko

    It was a calm place to go in the 60s while Revie and Shanks were ringing each other up after every match, and hardly any Leeds fans went to Anfield (some folk used to stand like dominoes on the Kop for the experience). This all changed in the 70s when suddenly a hard core group of say a thousand Leeds fans started to travel with a view to “taking ends” and so on. I remember the day the terrible song “In the Liverpool Slums” was invented bit by bit, as I do the consequences later at the coach park.
    But, IMO, us Leeds fans should never forget that we’ve won the league three times, each one being at Anfield, and the first time the welcome we got was something that just doesn’t happen anymore, with Leeds being beckoned out from the dressing room to do a lap of honour.
    So yes we were big rivals, bitter rivals for the mad element, but for the real fans there’s always been respect for their club and city (News International anybody?).


    Was trying to hook some scousers with my ‘bin dippers’ comment but they didn’t fall for it. I’m of an age that grew up watching enviously on at the great Liverpool team of the 80s and wish they would turn the tables on scum again until we are ready to take our rightful position as champions of Europe again.
    You’ve made some good signings (despite paying way over the odds) and I reckon you will be back in the mix again this season.
    Look forward to playing you again when we finally oust Bates, and the mutual chorus of “stand up if you hate man u” by 40,000 proper football fans.

  20. Rusty

    Is it true that one day a Yorkshireman crosed the border into Lancashire, and fucked a pig, and hey ho, the result was the first Manyoo fan

  21. leedshippriest

    First of all I should confess, I do have a complete hated of Victimpool, based on them being a bunch of whinging murdering bastards.

    Now i have got that off my chest, I would somewhat surprised to find that Liverpool do indee hate us so, let alone were the ones that started it all in the first place.

    • Craig

      Hang your head in shame. Such a comment doesn’t belong here – or anywhere else for that matter.

  22. Colin

    So many weird posts.

    Simple facts are these, and I am Leeds United through and through:

    1) Liverpool are the biggest football club in the world. Bigger than Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man United.

    2) Leeds United are one of the most respected clubs in the world because of their intense fan base and never say die attitude. Leeds get respect from all proper football fans. We never ever give up.

    3) Anfield and Elland Road are magical places and always should be. I don’t want Anfield to become Stanley Park – it will never be the same.

    In summary, Leeds will be back! A lot of hard work needed too!!

    Liverpool have the right man in charge to fight for the title – I hope they do. LFC is a fantastic club.

    Of course, to me, LFC isn’t LUFC, but this is the thing that unites both sets of fans – both clubs ALWAYS give it a go. We may not either be in the best of shape, but when either Liverpool or Leeds come to town, you know you’ve got a game on your hands, because the fans only dictate one thing – hard work, loyalty to the club and victory.

    Good luck to Liverpool Football Club (you can beat Man Utd.)

    And come on Leeds United Football Club – let’s pull our socks up and get promoted!!

  23. mop ed

    Posted by leedshippriest on July 14th, 2011, 23:04 [Reply]

    First of all I should confess, I do have a complete hated of Victimpool, based on them being a bunch of whinging murdering bastards.

    Dear oh Dear. You sound like a manc. You don’t have a skin head with a fringe and wear donkey jackets and monkey boots do you?

  24. l l l leeds

    TSS, you’re full of shit on this one.

    leeds V liverpool have always had a friendly relationship.

    the one thing we have in common is our dislike for the dirty reds… so called because they need to be distinguished with liverpool.


    • TSS

      Who you calling a dickhead? Have you even read the above or simply jumped in feet first trying to insult people?

      The above was taken from a Liverpool site. It was about the origins of a chant heard at almost every game, that I, or no other Leeds fan I know of have any problem with whatsoever. In fact, I take it as a compliment that years after exiting the Prem it’s still sang at places like Sold Trafford and people are making t-shirts.

      I have absolutely nothing against Liverpool or their squeaky-voiced supporters. If you’d taken time to actually read the above as the Liverpool fans who commented did, you would realise it was harmless and for the most part, created a bit of friendly banter between the two sets of supporters.

      I think you need to lighten up and keep off the shandy.

  25. Gez Moyles

    That’s only because in Liverpool ugg ugg ooo ooo ugg w.o.m.e.n ugg , means we hate Leeds in scouse ha ha

  26. CJ

    One of my fondest moments as a Leeds fan was in 1992. Leeds had beaten Sheffield United and we now needed Liverpool to beat Scum for us to be crowned champions.
    A 2-0 win for Liverpool meant we were champions. I’ll never forget Liverpool taunting the dejected Man U fans with the chant “An now ur gonna believe us,…… THE TITLE’S GOING TO LEEDS!!!”
    Ahh….the memories!

  27. Ilkleywhite

    Never had a problem with Liverpool or their fans, have a huge respect for them, I was at Anfield that night when the kop sung champions to the Leeds team, and everyone came up afterwards to shake hands and say well done, remember, they had just lost the championship to us, so, even if they did start the we hate Leeds song, I dont mind, as for the records going missing, well you know what they say about the scousers and their musical taste :-)

  28. charles

    dont mind liverpool and think they dont mind us. the hate of leeds i dont get is Millwall. i am a massive leeds fan and have been since 1989 but live deep in millwall territory and they hate leeds. i often get started on for wearing leeds shirt either in fighting or by chants of dirty leeds. millwall hate leeds and would like the guy who started this post to find out why? cos millwall are shit and always have been they are not local or our rivals and and not often over the years been close to us in league status. understand the man u leeds riviary. understand the liverpool thing as were both once good teams and rivals but millwall can f**k right off i dont get why they hate us. if it is because of firms and fighting, get over it half millwall fans i meet have lion tattos but know nothing about team and never see them play. can someone please answer this question as i am confused? MARCHING ON TOGETHER

  29. GMcG

    Posted by CJ on July 15th, 2011, 04:43 [Reply]

    One of my fondest moments as a Leeds fan was in 1992. Leeds had beaten Sheffield United and we now needed Liverpool to beat Scum for us to be crowned champions.
    A 2-0 win for Liverpool meant we were champions. I’ll never forget Liverpool taunting the dejected Man U fans with the chant “An now ur gonna believe us,…… THE TITLE’S GOING TO LEEDS!!!”
    Ahh….the memories!

    Same game, the glee with which, at 2-0 the Kop sang ‘Always look on the bright side of life’, the old Monty Python song that the Mancs had taken to singing – it was surgically precise piss-taking.

  30. Luke

    Anyone remember when Leeds won the championship. The Liverpool Kop were all singing ‘champions’ to the Leeds team. The only time I have ever seen something like this. Football was football in the 60 and 70’s. Hard men, cigs at half-time and mutual respect for great players. I’m a Leeds fan of old but I have real fondness for the Scouses, top team. Another thing – all of the players were English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh, making the European games fantastic. Luke

  31. Dave Witt

    I’ve never had any dislike for Liverpool, but, I certainly remember the 70’s and crossing Stanley Park before a game there, there was no mutual love or respect from either set of fans in those days


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