Leeds United have been dealt a huge blow ahead of the new season with news that Davide Somma’s injury will keep him out for up to six months.

Somma, who was expected to travel to Scotland with the rest of the team was spotted in Leeds earlier this week on crutches leading fans to fear the worst.

A tweet on Somma’s Twitter account (@davsomma) earlier today revealed the extent of the injury, although the striker quickly removed it leading to some confusion. The tweet read;

“Got scan back! Tore my ACL gunna be out for 5 to 6 months!! thanks for all the support!”

Whilst the removal of the tweet does seem a little peculiar, it seems unthinkable that a player would tempt fate and post such a thing if there wasn’t any truth to it – I can only assume the tweet was removed at Leeds United’s request.

The South African international striker made a reputation as somewhat of a super-sub last season finishing the season with 12 goals to his name, many of which came from the bench.

Somma was expected to progress to a regular first team position this season and was seen by many as a key part of our promotion hopes. The news could prove to be another transfer market headache for Simon Grayson who may well be forced to seek cover.

Elsewhere, “Mad” Max Gradel has been living up to his name by using his new Twitter account to ask God for career advice;

[qtweet 91921786844880897]

Perhaps we could artificially manufacture a sign from God to help Gradel make up his mind? I mean, we all know God does Leeds United no favours – although that could be because people like me are willing to plagiarise his work for my own selfish needs?

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  1. Jolly Jo

    I guess our “Press Officer” made him remove the tweet because it wasn’t broken first on his precious official website! It’s getting beyond a joke, their not kids, let them write what the hell they want to write!

  2. Craig

    Assuming ‘ACL’ means ‘Achilles’, this seems a bit strange given that people were talking about a knee injury earlier.

    • Jolly Jo

      ACL = Anterior Cruciate Ligament…. back of the knee to you and me

      • Craig

        I stand corrected – and better than Somma can right now too!

      • Jolly Jo

        Don’t worry tho, he’s managed to go out for tea tonight with Mike Grella…. No doubt in an hour we’ll know wxactly what they’ve had. My cash is on Nando’s!

    • Dje

      It’ll be ‘anterior cruciate ligament’. They can seriously threaten your career.

  3. Craig

    Looks like Max may have been following Mike’s threads on the forum TSS!

    • Dje

      Lol. Hey, all I am saying its the two of them are never seen in the same room. Or is that a conspiracy theory?!

      • Craig

        Now THAT is several steps beyond anything my imagination can conjure up: Mike = Max Nooooooo…

      • Craig

        Actually, Max’s spelling suggests he may be Reaper…

  4. steve underwood

    I think its his knee acl means anterior cruciate ligament,this will see him miss at least 6 months if its true

  5. ALUFC

    ACL is a knee ligament it stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. On old favourite for Leeds players i think.


    That’s good news on the Max situation – if there is a god he/she has to be a Leeds fan!
    Gutted about Somma.

  7. CJ

    Somma out for 6 months? With the hapless Billy Paynter leading the attack, that’s us fucked then!
    Regarding Gradel- If God’s got any sense, he’ll tell him to leave Leeds as soon as possible. I hate to say it but why would any player with any sort of ambition want to stay at Leeds? We have become a joke of a club.

  8. Craig

    What is worrying is that Max is clearly thinking about where he should be next season – he’s clearly not written off the idea of a move.

  9. Matthew

    Somma was underused last Season and was mostly a 50/50 supersub, he either came on and banged a few in, or did absolutely nothing and had a dire game. As much as we’l miss his goals, this isnt a huge loss.

    If this was Becchio injured for that long ild be bricking it. We clearly missed him in the games we lost lol

  10. number1inyorkshire

    game over for the season for somma ,that’s how fragile our squad is it will only take 2/3 more over a few weeks to really knack it up ,O’Brien out ,becchio too just to start there are 1 or 2 who will be wary ,paddy ,Parker ,paynter and Sam its a shame for somma someone said “god is a leeds fan “i bet somma don,t think so

    • Matthew

      Considering our attack options are somewhat messed now, I would assume Grayson will be going 4 – 5 – 1 against Southampton at the start of the Season, assuming he does.

      Snograss, Nunez, Brown, Howson, Gradel

      and a lone Ross at the front.

      This is more a defensive tactic with attack options when needed i.e Gradel, Nunez, etc

      • Dje

        I’d doubt McCormack would offer anything up front by himself like that. Too small. If it aint Becchio then it’ll be Paynter for starters.

        If Somma and Becchio are out for the start of the season and Gradel possibly off elsewhere, surely we have to see someone new come in. I don’t think any of us were expecting us to need to, as our attack looked good from last year, but the situation has changed and we should make a move and not wait until the loan market opens. Bates, over to you…

      • Matthew

        I see what you mean but Ross technically is a better player than Billy barndoor. I think he could adapt to that formation quite easily. If not bring him off and put Billy on but Grayson should try it.

        As for a replacement for Gradel. God knows.. Maybe he could put Ross on the wing or something with Billy playing lone striker. Ross can play on the wing too.

        I’m guessing Grayson will get back Watt, and will play him on the wing some games too.

        Personally I would like

        Winger, Def Mid, CM, Def Mid, Winger

        If possible lol

      • Dje

        Oh I agree about McCoramck been a more able footballer than Paynter – but it’s all about the right man for the right job. I just don’t think McCormack is the right man to do a solo ‘hold up’ role as a lone striker. Paynter isn’t half as good as Becchio is, but, in theory, has the build for it.

        McCormack, like Gradel is best suited to be the support striker/forward alongside Becchio in a 4-4-2. Without Becchio I don’t think at the moment McCormack will get more action, and Gradel will be left on the wing doing well, but could do better as one of the front two in a 4-4-2 [Home] set-up. Regardless, I think we need a new member of our squad up front to re-open the opportunity to decide on 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 when we want to and not when certain players return from injury.

        I like your five man midfield too. The odd thing is that it puts a lot of pressure on the CM to be more of an attacking midfield/forward to support the lone striker. At which point I wonder if Nunez is going to emerge better at this than Howson, and in which case what do you do with Howson?!

        It’ll be interesting!

  11. trueyorxman

    McCormack ‘too small’, Bates ‘over to you’…dje you’ve been in the pub haven’t you

  12. Chicago White

    Bad news on Somma, in regard to Gradel I have it on good authority that God is a Leeds fan and that Don Revie is the manager of the Angels XI 1st on the team sheet Billy Bremner.

    Seriously Leeds should sign a striker especially if Becchio’s injury is more serious than we’ve been led to believe, Sharp or Hooper would be my preference.

  13. Gryff

    Max Gradel if you read this I’m sure TSS can vouch that we have above average number of Christians (and Alan Smith fans) at this club! :P

  14. Gryff

    On the idea of a new striker, I don’t think we need one.

    We’ve got Becchio, McCormack, Somma & Paynter as strikers. Somma’s injured but that leaves 3 in what’s usually a 4-5-1. We’ve got a load of lads who could play as secondary forward – Gradel, Nunez & Snodgrass could be signed as forwards alone…

  15. chareose

    For me I suspect all the clubs sudden hype about Nunez being the next best thing to sliced bread is a softener because the club are preparing to sell Gradel….

    Bates: “Look into my eyes….not around the eyes, in the eyes, we dont need Gradel, hes just as useless as Casper, we have Nunez…now after three you will wake refreshed, wanting to spend your cash in my upcoming hotel or my fish n chip shop”

  16. willing stand in

    I may be 42, and unproven at this level but i’ll do a better job than Paynter and McCormack as a loner, anyone got Larry’s number, or maybe Ken’s as i’ll play for free…we’re very knackered my friends…

    • michael horspool

      just spoke to ken myself and he said he was unwilling to meet your wage demand and wants you to pay £45 a week to play. he wants to turn leeds into goals 5-a-side where if you want to play you have to pay. also i am 5’8 fat and live in london but a good keeper if rubukaba turns out to be a dud i have offered to pay £75 a week to play but expect travel and food…bates is considering

  17. Jon

    So here’s the cunning plan – Grayson gets Somma to feign an ACL for a bit before turning up at training fit as a fiddle. Max sees it as his sign from god and hey presto we have a fit Somma and Max signs for life…and then we all wake up

  18. Irving08

    RE: (a) Gradel: he would be ill-advised to move now. Come the end of the season, he will either be going up to the Prem with us or be a free agent and move where he wants – not where the club want hom ot go (and command a higher salary than he would now); (b) Somma: sorry, was never a fan of though I do feel sympathy for the lad – now MAX will have to be played in his best position (in the centre), which leaves the left side open for the Gareth Bale of the North.

  19. Colin

    This puts paid to any ideas of a starting 4-4-2.

    Answer: Simple.

    Play Howson off the front man. Start with McCormack up front, have Jonny hanging behind. If you need to change the attack (need a goal) then put Paynter on as sub, move him up front with McCormack alongside him and push Jonny back into midfield.

    Grayson’s needed an excuse for ages to play Howson off the front man. Now he’s got it.

    And of course, if fit, then use Becchio as the lead front man.

  20. michael horspool

    please leeds fan dont worry, ross will be better this year and we have painter and mr bates will pay top dollar for players…ok worry a bit. mark my words though adi white and nuunez will be good players and make a mark nunez is top, top player and will show real class, also is everyone forgettin sodgrass can play up front (well off of main striker) so we have options (please ignore if some else has already said that had lots to drink) also think gradel can play up front if not sold for £50 to promotion rivals…oh wait sorry we aint pushing for pomotion this year we are building a stand and mueasem to remeber when leeds when good. also report leeds in the hunt for ex strkier noel wheelan as he is leeds fan and up for it, wages are a stumberling block as he wants £45 a week and private health plan bates might move for phil masinger instead

  21. arthur

    John Hawley, Hankin and Frank Worthington on stand by
    ( or more seriously The Leicester lad for 1mil or Billy Sharpe funded by max 2.8 mil sale , max who i think is a gonna )

  22. Joey

    I said at the start of the transfer market “if gradel goes i wont renew my season tik” but to be fair u lot r chuckin him out of the door … ” why wud he wanna stay with a team with no ambition” i dunno why u continue to post on a site with no ambition!

  23. CJ

    Listen Joey-
    Facts are Gradel will be sold, wether us fans like it or not!
    It’s a fact that Leeds are now a selling club and always will be whilst we have wanker Bates as chairman. Huddersfield have 1000 times more ambition than us!
    It hurts me to say it but if Gradel has any ideas of playing at top level then he’s best off away from Leeds.

  24. Matt BB

    Sure looks like Gradel is being badgered by his agent, make his decision easy Bates pay him what he’s worth, it’ll be cheaper than finding a replacement…

    Somma’s injury is a blow for sure, but he tended not to be a first choice starter so I am not too worried, McCormack, Gradel, Snodgrass, erm… Paynter, and Nunez are all Fit, and who knows perhaps Smith, sorry.

  25. arthur

    im happy with top 5 this year realistically- with some cracking wins and development of younger lads
    as for lacking ambition – well if that means not wanting to watch leeds lose and under perform in the Prem each week and struggle in the bottom 6 as we arent ready yet for the big guns – then fine I will wait another year and enjoy Champ footy – a more ‘honest’ league in my book – less bullshit

  26. arthur

    Youv’e got to sort your expectations out lads – Im tellin yer as a vintage Leeds man – enjoy the good times and be happy with where we are …anything else on top is a bonus …so stop bitchin
    P.S Ive got a brand new home Strongbow shirt here if anyone fancies it instead of that new one

  27. Joey

    “Facts are” CJ-
    You and a lot of other people on here seem to work in the back rooms at ER and know everything, Leeds in my eyes are a growing club that doesn’t want to over spend Again! so what if you get free’s in??!! good business I think and I recon these young lads will step up this season too, but we’l just wait n see. Even if we have a mediocre season n stay in this division and these guys do give a good account of them selves its always something to build on then.

    Good Luck LUFC this season! MOT

    • michael horspool

      Joey must say i respect your attitude being both positive and sticking with the faith and you are a better person than me but i want better than mid table rubbish also think we will struggle to stay up. as a london based leeds fan i hate division one as it is near on impossible to see any away game with out being in the home stand and lets face it no one wants to travel to hereford again. if we go down we will lose everyone execpt painter which is even worse. we scored goals for fun last year but couldnt defend for toffee. pre season has been talk of keeping players and replacing forwards and midfielders. we need good keeper and three good defenders but wont pay wages or price tags. mid table this year = bye bye to gradel, snods, howson and anyone else who isnt complete pony. i hope i am wrong and joey is right but i fear for my club and want to kick bates in the nuts. you cant let a londoner run leeds we are too good for that. bates out players in and leeds up. MOT, also on a personal note we have to beat millwall otherwise my life aint worth living for at least a month

      also agree with joey think brown is good singing. trust grayson not to sure about his gov’nor, although that being said for a former defernder old larry aint too good at picking them. what was collins all about?

  28. Tyler

    Poor bastard! I did my ACL and Tore Meniscus 7 weeks ago… Waiting on Public List to get the knee Reco… :( pain!

    No football for me next year neither. This aussie is a sad fella.



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