Think the giant cartoon man of Macron and the dodgy offshore insurance group were bad sponsors?

Well, count yourself lucky that we’re not Blackburn Rovers whose owners (Venky’s Fried Chicken) have their players starring in adverts like this;


Never realised fried chicken was good for me – KFC for lunch it is then.

Kind of puts our dreadful glow-in-the-dark away shirt into perspective, doesn’t it?

  • Deary, deary me. Have modern day footballers no dignity left?


    • Ron Rover

      piss off

      • Dave


  • michael horspool

    that was amazing and cheered me right up. almost ashamed to see paul robinson (who i still love) doing that advert…still im off to get some venkies chicken as it is good for me and i want to eat enough so i can be big and strong like a blackburn rovers player…wish me luck

  • trueyorxman

    Dont laugh, the Smurfs have new movie out and the trailer was filmed in the Elland Road dressing room at the request of Papa Smurf. Maybe thats why the twats spent no money this summer, he's been to busy filming!!

  • Ron Rover

    What dont you want to be in the premiership. Still you shower will never be will . You just worry about your 2nd Division club and leave the rovers alone.So your so called team would never do anything like that would they. How much money do owe ? Pillock!

    • TSS

      Anyone care to translate that so I can mock him?

      • mattbb

        Hard to cut through that lancastrian nonsense, but I'll make a start "We used to be owned by respected multimillionaire Jack Walker who through blood sweat and tears, built one of europes foremost steel fabrication companies, and the well known airline Flybe, we're now owned by an Indian Chicken Ranching Outfit who think Steve Kean is a better bet than Sam Allardyce as a manager"

        • Sam Allardyce

          anyone is a better bet that Fat Sam!

      • ron rover

        sorry i dont speak yorkshire only english. it means what it say's a championship team thicko

        • TSS

          That's considered English where you come from? Christ.

          You may wish to try;

          "Sorry, I don't speak Yorkshire, only English." >> Note the use of capital letters for place names and at the start of the sentence. Apostrophes and commas may be a little too advanced for someone of your mental age, but I've added them in for you all the same.

          "It means what it says; a Championship team, thicko." There's little I can do for the word 'thicko'. The use of a word that doesn't exist to try and question someone's intelligence is pretty ironic, don't you think? I did however address the rest of the problems you seem to be having with the English language.

          No need to thank me. Always happy to help the mentally challenged.

      • Hahahaaa…….maybe he's foreign and used google translate! To be honest, think he should learn to thread complete sentences together first before trying to insult someone!!

    • mattbb

      Cheers Ron, see you down in the stiffs then next season – cluck cluck cluck!

    • Anon

      Yes we do and i believe we will be sooner than rather than later but come on Ron a chicken advert!! Oh and we make money not owe it! Pillock!!

      • ron rover

        since when bet the banks lost out with you suckers

        • TSS

          Did your keyboard come without a comma and a shift key? I bet it only has 26 keys, arranged in alphabetical order – am I right?

    • Matthew

      To be fair, Blackburn haven't been on the radar of Leeds supporters in ages, as you lot are small time, smaller than Millwall and you should eventually find your place back in the championship in due course.

      I'm not trying to start a fanboy war with Blackburn supporters but who the f are Blackburn anyway? You're never in the spotlight, you never actually win anything, you're never really on TV much, you have no remarkable players, you never even get far enough in any of the cups to face us.

      I mean seriously, even when we were in League 1, we had more spotlight than Blackburn had in years.

      • Simon Grayson

        You are deluded! Rovers are so much more than Leeds could ever be.

  • Paul Fuery

    At least ‘We are Premier League!’

    • rwhites

      What were you're only goal is to get more points than 3 other teams in the league.
      Been in a relegation dog fight every year just isn't fun and I see it makes you a little touchy.
      Well enjoy another season getting tonked every week and maybe winning a handful of games.

      • StLedge

        In the 19 seasons Rovers have been in the Premier league we have finished in the bottom half only 6 times, so to say that we are in a relegation dog fight every year clearly shows what you know about football. So enjoy watching your soiled whites getting their arses handed to them by Donny.

        • Dave

          Blackburn really are irrelevant. Nobody hates you…..well, possibly a few other pointless ‘making up the numbers’ sides like Bolton and wigan. Everybody hates us. We are clearly relevant.

          • Andy Cole

            that argument is shite like leeds. Every one hates Keith Andrews but he still woudnt play for you because hes shit but clearly not that shit! Keith Andrews " nah I dont fancy playing for them cow fuckers "

        • David Batty

          Good shout, cant argue with the facts Lancashire won the war!

      • Matthew

        You may be in the premier league Blackburn fans, however you're a little fish swimming in a sea of sharks, fighting to stay alive every season. At least when we bear our fangs the big bad sharks quake in fear. And will do again when Super Leeds are back home !

        • Jesus

          lmao! Deluded

  • TSS

    Ahh right. No need to mock then, he's pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    • mattbb

      Ecky Thump… I've read some of the `killer' counterpunches from Ronald of The Rovers below, careful TSS I think we've got a Paxman on our hands.. that's Sarcasm Ron.

  • Bob stokes

    There's not much you can get for a quid nowadays, large mcChicken sandwhich or large mcBacon sandwhich or large mcFlurry, or with just a quid you could buy leeds united like ken bates did. Then you can ride out the waves selling all there best players fleecing their sheep shagging fans and use the money for a new set of teeth. I know what i'd sooner spend a quid on, I wonder if I can blag some sauce for my burger. Baaah £1 for a bunch of dingle sheep shaggers or a tasty chicken burger, someone pass me the relish theres nowt for me in division 2 worth eating.

    • Dave

      Master Bates bought Chelsea for a quid, and I have never had sexual relations with a sheep…

  • Tatts

    How any club owned by Chelsea fan Ken Bates can crticise another club's owners is beyond me. Who have you bought this pre-season? Some Preston North End reject keeper who shipped countless goals last season and helped get them relegated. Seriously, I can see you lot heading back to where you belong – league one!

  • Lufcme

    Your just a side street in Burnley, a side street in Burnley, a side street in Buurrrnnley

    • EllandGay

      Yes thats right Leeds is a side street in Burnley, could be worse……bacup??
      Remind me again, when are Leeds going to concentrate on rugby because you are annoying us all being crap in general.

  • Henryv

    I think I can help TSS.
    I have a friend who goes to Rovers occasionally.
    They are in the Premiership (by the skin of their chicken) and Leeds are not.
    We should worry about our Championship club (we are!) and leave Rovers alone (we do!)
    He is asking whether our players would humiliate themselves for money?
    Well!! Yes they would.
    At least the Rovers players did not wear chicken costumes!!
    Ooops – I hope I have not given the next advert away!!
    Only Gary Lineker would completely humiliate himself in an ad' for money!!
    Rovers fans lack a sense of the bizarre.

  • KenBatesLovesChicken

    Could be worse…….could be in the Championship. Could have been yo-yoing in the football league for over 7 years now………could be selling all our best players again so were gonna spend even longer down there… ahhhhhhhhh!!! You all know you would love a premier league season and finishing 17th and dont deny it..! With global sales of chicken set to boom through this advert it wont be long before we are back in europe……

    • TSS

      Haha, at least one of your lot has a sense of humour.

  • COL

    I'd rather lick my own arsehole that eat that crap!

    • mattbb

      or indeed a chickens a-hole.. which is what that cr@p is.

      • COL

        Come and buy our chicken, free dose of salmonella with every portion!!!

  • Tatts

    Incidentally, why do you lot still go on about how much you hate Man Utd and Chelsea? Man Utd and Chelsea can barely remember who Leeds Utd are these days. To them, you're just another lower division club like Scunthorpe or that other club that come from the same place as you lot, Bradford City.

    • TSS

      That's why Scum still sing 'We all hate Leeds scum' at every game. They miss us, I assure you.

    • COL

      Same reason why Blackburn sing about how much they hate Burnley. It's called rivalry, you Lancashire dimwit!

    • Sonic

      Manure remember who we are alright …."January The Third remember the date…………."


    You can tell it’s the school holidays. Fancy any fan trying to defend their club over an advert like that. I guess you don’t get a sense of humour until you leave school in Lancashire.

  • banditsteve123

    So its leeds selling our best players is it not rovers oh yes they just sold jones to man utd prob going to sell samba as well not bought anyone see you next season as you go through the leagues not long before your playing in front of 15 thousend every week oh you all ready do

  • Tatts

    EyLeeds, you can tell it's the school holidays because you're sat on your computer rather than peering through the school gates.

    • Venky's Chicken Pies

      Pie eating bastard you're just a pie eating baaaaaarstard! You're just a pie eating bastard!
      Pie eating bastard you're just a pie eating baaaaaarstard! You're just a pie eating bastard!
      Pie eating bastard you're just a pie eating baaaaaarstard! You're just a pie eating bastard!
      Pie eating bastard you're just a pie eating baaaaaarstard! You're just a pie eating bastard!
      Pie eating bastard you're just a pie eating baaaaaarstard! You're just a pie eating bastard!

  • They are a fickle lot over in Lancashire eh…No sense of humour. I would wear the flaming chicken suit if it meant we were back in the premiership (Only once mind), Its likely we will spend a bit of time in the championship while king smurfs in charge – he won't spend owt.. That said if it was a toss up between buying a car off King Smurf or those two shifty looking characters in charge at B Rs – no contest King Smurf every time – Good Luck this year to BRs looking forward to the future games with you – no matter what division………

    • Hope your son has a good season for Leeds this year ;)

      • Matthew

        Thats Johnny Howsons dad? He must be a proud guy, his sons a legend and pretty much an MVP(Most Valuable Player) at the club, for his age he's accomplished so much and still has much more to accomplish no doubt.

  • swcoach

    Tatts, remind us about support of the two clubs, you being a big premier league club…..

  • trueyorxman

    What do you call an overcooked chicken that barks in Wankyshire? A Blackbird Rover

  • normangunston

    No offence Rovers fans but you've got possibly the stupidest set of foreign owners since Romanov took over Hearts. You only stayed up last season because you ran out of games. Don't you know the more Steve Kean talks about top four finishes, everyone else in football is having a good old laugh. God knows us Leeds fans need a laugh with Ken Bates running our club.

    Now run along and enjoy your last season in the land of milk and honey.

  • michael horspool

    this is brilliant i love a excuse to pick on lanks…. and they have armed me. firstly how long will rovers be in the prem for as steve kean is such a good boss. secondly we aint been yo-yoing in the football leauges we have been consitantly shit get your facts right. also you better hope your cicken sales rise as then players like jones wont have to fuck off. also on the talking english stakes…its called the queens english and she dont live in lancester you soppy looking fuck-wit. and finally no-one and i mean no-one could really defend that advert. we are shit but shit with style. next year you will be with us and still have a fucking soppy advert oh and by the way i would really trust a lot of indian chicken farmers. leeds will be back in the top four before you lot of chicken pedling mugs. enjoy the free flowing football, scoreing loads of goals, getting lots of premiership points and your dodgy chicken legs….now fuck off back to your own website

    • mattbb

      I cant help feeling that we will pay for this mockery, perhaps a Bangladeshi Toxic Waste Magnate, or the worlds biggest manufacturer of incontinence pants is waiting in the wings to buy Leeds. I could just see Bates doing that to us, particularly if he got a commode as part of the bargain.

      • TSS

        You're probably right, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Roversider

    As a life-long Rovers fan I am not bothered in the slightest about this TV ad. It is going to be shown in India and the potential audience there to begin to seed a few Blue and White fans is a good idea.

    Will we survive in the Premiership? Well we have so far which is a little different than some much better supported clubs. By the way michael horspool, the Queen holds the title of the Duke of Lancaster, foul and obscene language is hardly the way to demonstrate a solid grasp of the English language, is it?

    Happy that you can have a laugh at us poor Lankies, in the meantime I hope you have a good season. You have got yourselves a good new keeper in Andy Lonergan, would have been a star in the Premiership but for some unfortunate injuries but he is over them now.

    • Matt

      I agree with this chap.

      But still, the chicken ad is crap (come on)

      • Roversider

        True, but name any ad relating to football that isn't cringeworthy!

        Mind you, we all feel that if it was to be realistic David Dunn would never let someone get heis grub first.

    • michael horspool

      hang on the queen lives in london and london is the capital therefore queens english is associated with london not lancaster…also not checked but you sure she holds the title duke not dutchess? find that hard to beleive to i will call you a fit-wit anyway. and your right foul and abusive language is not a good way to show a soild grasp on the queens english…but it can be fucking funny. i am a scriptwriter and an actor for a living and next year hope to have a play out that will be massive (based on football too, not leeds its a london club) so i have a comfortable command of our bastardise and varied language but i like to use swear words to punchuate my sentance or make a point (by the way i know i make spelling mistakes im dyslexic but still work as a play-write). here is some examples of swearing making a sentance stand out or funnier

      1. that new blackburn rovers advert is so fucking funny it made me laugh my tits off
      2. the advert while being funny also had a cringe-worthy element that made my sphixter blow kisses
      3. Steve Keane is about the best manager i have seen since the drunk tramp i saw at a pub match giving insrutctions
      4. phil jones has gone and fucking done one and samba is about to do the same
      5. blackburn with kean in charge and the current squad are up the paverbial creek with out a fucking paddle
      6. we at leeds aint got a pot to piss in, but least no one will take the piss out of our beloved hero's eating kfc reject chicken legs
      7. blue and white fans in india? you think that advert will inspire people to wear that shirt? really india loves shooting each other and cricket, mind you that advert was so bad it would make me rather follow cricket than cheer on them wankers
      8. queen lives in our capital london so thats how you english should speak not fucking lank twang toss bag, bi'eck love you smell georguse, come over ere' and let me smack you in t'head…go do one

  • miggsi

    i think its funny and im a rover till i die, you can all laugh at us because weve been laughing at you playing lower league football for the past few years you gypsy morons.has anyone noticed they are all ageing players on the retirement road some with rolling one year contracts???doubt that very much

  • mojoluafc

    Dodgy ad and i dont give a chicken shit about rovers.

  • stu3y ov leeds

    you laught at us i would rather support a team that tries and maybe fucks up than settling for 17th place every year or there abouts leeds united till i die we have history we have support we as long as a teams got the amount of fans we got mate we will always have a chance leeds united are the most supported club outside the prem and more than some prem teams lol

  • kev

    now now, don't mock steve keane was it the other day the silly bollock said blackburn would be playing champions league footy in 4 years,ha what a tw–t,maybe blue square conference more like !!

  • michael horspool

    no he meant on his fifa game on the ps3, lets face it he will be sacked soon so have lots of spare time to play and be just another bloke in lancaster on the doll queue

  • Chareose

    Excellent stuff………. lets play this add everywhere, post it on facebook, tweet it and really help get Blackburn Athletic FC and their 2 for 1 Chicken meals on the map !!!!