With no real news to speak of speculation and rumour is the natural stopping point for sites like ours.

Whilst not normally one to get too concerned about the ins and outs before the manager has had chance to do his business, the persistent stories linking Max Gradel with a move away from Elland Road do worry.

It’s not that I expect Max Gradel to see pound signs and jump ship, it’s more that the ever-loveable Ken Bates will see an easy couple of million in additional Project Meccano* funds and cash in.

*Project Meccano – An eyesore currently being erected on the side of Elland Road’s East Stand. Also known as ‘The Ken Bates Vanity Project’ and ‘Chelsea Village, Leeds’.

Despite the fact the new season is miles away and clubs are only just starting to reshape their squads, Leeds United fans have resorted to mass panic as several players exit the club with only a reserve team goalkeeper brought in.

Relegation then, is inevitable.

Well no, not at all really. This is so reminiscent of last years panic that I’ve had to pinch myself a few times just to ensure I’m conscious and not living in some horrible, never-ending nightmare of whining, doom-expectant Leeds United fans.

Those that have left the club so far – for my money – are all easily replaceable. Bradley Johnson improved massively last season and I was disappointed to see him leave, but players like Neil Kilkenny and Richard Naylor were surplus to requirements.

Kasper Schmeichel understandably annoyed the fans a little, but I can’t help think his name carried him a little and a replacement won’t be too hard to come by. Had Kasper stayed I’d have still expected a more experienced keeper to be brought in that could organise a defence and had some level of communication skill.

The panic however is not created by those that have left, but the lack of players brought in to replace them. The fact is, there is a mini-clearout at almost every club this time of season as players contracts come to an end and the doors open for them to find new employment. Almost every club will see some sort of exodus before the new arrivals grace us with their presence.

At the end of the 2010-11 campaign most Leeds United fans will have agreed that the defence needed a complete overhaul, that the centre of midfield was a little lightweight and the only two areas where we could comfortably say no changes were needed was the wings (Snodgrass and Gradel) and the strikers (Becchio, Somma and McCormack).

So far, those are the areas where no damage has been done. Our strengths remain, but our weaknesses have been cast aside ready for new peoples to be brought in. Unfortunately, these things take time. It’s difficult to be patient when you see a half empty team-sheet, but we were in the same position last year and for almost every year before that.

The only real concern we should have at this point is whether we can keep hold of those afore mentioned players that are vital to any promotion push. If we can start 2011-12 without Ken Bates cashing in to fund his vanity project then maybe Simon Grayson will surprise everyone by once again defying expectations with little or no money spent? We didn’t do too badly last season after all.

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  1. Horsforth White

    The problem, of course, is that we all support a football team but Bates runs a business & the 2 do not have the same priorities. This means that we should all worry if a bid comes in that’s big enough to be called “Good Business”

  2. Josh

    Even our lovable (ahem) chairman wouldn’t do that. Mad Max is one of his money makers so he will want to keep him

  3. Jay

    Major major mistake if he does..but it would not surprise me if he did sell Max.

  4. Jay

    Just heard West Ham have made a bid for max..fingers crossed its turned down!!!!

  5. Mike

    Gradel will stay – The rest you can easily replace – Schmeichel good stopper but good alrounder(No). Johnson and Kilkenny great when they turned up but too ofton not at the races.

    Next 15 days is key – no one comes in then I would say the plans have gone astray…..

    As it stands I would say 8th to 10th place – couple of decent signings could easily improve on that.

  6. Bean

    Despite what anybody thinks of Bates he is not stupid, and i really do think that he will want out of this league as much as anybody. I think that unless a really stupid offer comes in there is no way that Gradel will be going anywhere, and as for the argument about us not getting him signed to a new contract yet he has actually only realy shone over the latter half of last season. I think 9 months ago the jury was still very much undecided on him so i totally understand us not offering a new contract back then. I also agree that the people who have left so far are all replaceable and i am actually really glad to see both Johnson and Kilkenny go because i don’t think either of them are up to the job. I’m a little disappointed about Kasper, but i always thought there was a lot of room for improvement and there were lots of times last season when he was as much to blame for leaked goals as the defence! I’d much rather have a more experienced keeper in who actually communicates with his defence. I think with a good, solid, vocal keeper in we wouldn’t have lost nearly as many goals last season.

  7. Mike

    Personally Bowyer would suit me in the middle – he keeps relativily injury free has fire in his belly and winds the opposition up

    He could do a Strachan

  8. Gryff

    If Bates were to cash in on Max, he wouldn’t be at the club by now. Of all the players at the club it’s Gradel & Snodgrass who have had concrete offers.

    Reading the result of the poll: Get a grip people.

  9. GelderdAggro

    When clicked onto the site and saw a picture of gradel, before the text loaded up i think my heart skipped a beat. Am I the only one?

  10. steve underwood

    kasper going was good he is not the keeper people seem to think he is,the problem with gradel is 1 year left on his contract now for me he has to sign a new one or go we cant afford another beckford 2 million is good for someone in his last year,ok he scored goals but he is still eractic with his crossing if he does go then mCcormack can play there

  11. Bubionwhite

    Two days to go before existing contract run out … looking forward to next week in anticipation of new arrivals … Max to stay!

    • Mike

      Looking forward are you?
      I do hope your not disappointed as I expect.
      Pessimists always win because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
      Optimists have the opposite.

      With the tightest chairman in football and a manager who is clueless in the market there is no reason for optimism.
      I think I might take up Morris dancing s a winter distraction.

  12. md

    If Bates does not think he will get Max to sign a longer contract IMO he will sell him.

    Do not understand why Leeds have not already tied him to a longer deal. Seems a good example of Bates shortsightedness and means quite likely Max will be sold.

  13. Peter T

    Jonny Howson only has a year left may as well sell him too then we get back to league 1
    Wonder if that will fill Hotel rooms I doubt it
    Empty hotel rooms do not generate money Master Bates

  14. Mark

    I think most of the arguments in the lead article are fair enough, the point about the defence needing an overhaul and central midfield needing strengthening are absolutely spot on. My concern is that is exactly what needed to happen last summer, the reality is it didnt. Grayson brought a lorry load of players in and other than Kasper none of them made any real impact on the first team. The budget for this summer is unlikely to be any different to last summer, certainly all the talk coming out of ER is about “value in the free transfer market”. You may be that the players that have moved on are easily replaceable, I am not sure where the confidence comes from that they will be replaced with better quality players with the same budget restrictions in place.

    I dont have a problem with selling Kasper, I do have an issue with the way Leeds did it. The guy may not be as good as he thinks he is, he certainly wasnt to blame for the TEAMs awful defensive record last season, Bessone and Collins were awful, so bad they were both shipped out within 6 months of joining the club. I really want to believe Leeds will sign a better standard of player this year, just not convinced that what the majority of supporters would consider a better standard of player will be the same as Grayson. His judgement in the transfer market has been really poor, apart from Gradel how many of his signings have made a major impact and where is the evidence to back up the view that this time it will be different. Sorry, i just dont see it happening.

    Our strength is definitely in the attacking options at Graysons disposal and I am looking forward to seeing McCormack being given a real go in the first team.

    Unfortunately i do not believe Gradel will be at Leeds come the start of the season. No idea what Leeds would consider a good price for him, however given he has 12 months left on his contract coupled with the deafening silence from the club on a new contract for him I am resigned to Leeds selling him at some stage this summer (i just hope its not to a championship club).

    Whatever fees Leeds get for any players that move on this season (including Kasper) I do not believe we will see Leeds spend anything on transfer fees. We are shopping in the free transfer and Loan market and that is where any additions to the team will come from.

    Relegation inevitable then, of course not. An improvement on last season, nope cant see that happening either.

    I have said before I believe Grayson loves the club. Unfortunately passion alone will not take us back where we all want to be. We have had lots of players at the club that are not good enough to compete at the top end of the championship, I dont believe Grayson is good enough to compete at that level either.


    If we can believe the Elland Road PR machine then the decision to sell Kasper was for footballing reasons coupled with the fact that he was unlikely to extend his contract. The truth will be pretty evident by the calibre of replacement that is brought in. Until then I’m reserving judgement.

    Gradel is one of the best attacking players in the championship and it would be impossible to sell him and claim it was to improve the team.

    It’s too early to panic because the other players who have left needed to be improved anyway. Lots of contracts are due to expire on Thursday so let’s see if we bring some quality signings in over the weekend.

    Out of interest, does anyone know what happened to the Darren Pratley rumour? He would be a great signing to replace Johnson or Kilkenny.

  16. Horsforth White

    Picking up on what Mark said about the defence “Grayson brought a lorry load of players in and other than Kasper none of them made any real impact on the first team.” That’s why a lot of us are not happy at the sale (without a sign of a better replacement)even though lots of people are only concentrating on his weaknesses in their posts

  17. steve underwood

    Well when kasper first came in his shot stopping was great but his weakness was there then terrible with crosses this put preasure on the defence they had to clear everything.His other big flaw comunication you only have to look at cardifs first goal to see this was another problem,then as the season went on his shot stopping got worse with the final goal against QPR just terrible so no i dont think he will be missed

  18. Brian T

    Bates thinks with his pockets…he always has done. Max was one the big positives from last season..if he were to go then some really big questions need to be asked.
    If all we are going to bring in to the squad is more free transfers and loanees then we’ll know their intentions.

  19. normangunston

    have to disagree with your point that this is a mirror image of last season.

    at this stage last season we’d inked Kasper and quite a few others.

    The eventual quality of most of those incomings casts that business in question, but nevertheless there was a depth of numbers that we don’t see right now.

    We’ve since shorn Johnson, Kilkenny, Schmeichel, Michalik, Martin, Robinson, Crowe, Naylor, Collins, Higgs off the payroll… with O’Brien the only permanent addition.

    At the moment we look very thin indeed, despite Grayson’s statement that he was only looking to augment rather than rebuild the squad. “Quality not quantity” is the motto I’ve heard a few times, well we’re a couple of days away from the pre-season starting and I’ve not seen much evidence of that yet.

    After the performance last season Grayson and Bates said that the goal this time round was to get automatic promotion. Time for them to walk the talk.

  20. Dje

    Just out of interest, anyone hear how much West Ham have offered for Gradel?

  21. Lars Åke Karlgren

    A good and balanced analysis from the TSS of the situation. Remember that the core of the team is from League One. Expect deep changes. I can see only one player standing above the others: the crown jewel himself, king Snoddy!

  22. CJ

    Will Bates cash in? Silly question.
    Bates would sell happily sell his own missus for tuppence.
    Gradel (or any other player) will no doubt be sold & replaced by another low budget loan signing. Its a familiar story & I honestly fear we could be sucked into a relegation battle.
    I completely despise Bates for the way he is destroying our club but we, the supporters are powerless to do anything about it. We can only hope that he sells up or drops dead soon!!

  23. Tyler75

    The consensus among my West Ham colleagues at work is about 2m for Max – but they’re not confident. I’m working on the basis that had Bates wanted to sell Max, he would have encouraged Hamburg’s interest as he could have started a bidding war. Selling Kasper is one thing selling the players’ player and fans player of the year – quite another.

    • Dje

      Yeah, £2m to a competitor is on the cheap for a young attacking midfielder-cum-striker who bagged 18 goals last season (surely the highest in the football league for a player in that position), but worth a try with the signs given out by our board regarding Schmeichal.

      Our silence could be the ruse for a bidding war, and if we got up to silly money then I guess you have to do the sensible thing. In the meantime, we should be offering him the contract extension and improvement he deserves. At 23 and vastly improved on the player he was a season ago, Gradel really could be worth that contract improvement in the difference he’d be worth next year than the £2m or so West Ham and Co might be offering now.

      We really, really need to get our heads screwed on proper about our contracts.

  24. steve underwood

    One thing that continues to puzzle me you see all the take overs ie leicester,hull,blackburn when you see wat leeds has to offer with tradition fanbase etc surely we would be a sure bet,but then do we really the heart ripping out of the club not sure

    • number1inyorkshire

      it will be gone when all the building is finished ,then he will invest in team ten he will sell for millions just like Chelsea ,it is exactly the same .only thing different his age

  25. Leeds In Dubai

    I sincerly hope that we are not selling Gradel; not because he is such a great player but for the simple reason that we need to strengthen before we should let players go. I am sure we will live to regret selling Schmeichel; yes I agree there are other goalkeepers that are better, but we will never offer the money to be able to buy them. I am sure that Schmeichel will become one of the best in the same way as his dad.
    Gradel should stay because he has the potential to become even better. I do not see that potential in Kilkenny or Jonsson although they are good team players and unless we bring in other players that are better, we will not improve on last seasons result.

  26. paulg

    If Bates is really just interested in generating cash, then why not just sell Snodgrass? He’s a far more valuable asset than Gradel – if the rumours are true, Leeds have already had a bid of around £4m for him.

    Or why not Jonny Howson? Or Becchio? I’m sure we could rustle up at least a couple of mill for each of them.

    Whilst there is some logic in making a quick buck on Kaspar, seeling Gradel – when Bates keeps peddling the line that Leeds don’t have to sell players – makes no sense at all ……

  27. number1inyorkshire

    this might sound well ! a fit Lloyd Sam is as good a player as gradel ” i m o “and he had a fantastic season last time can he do it again ??? .
    its interesting to see our players going to championship clubs not the prem league and as for killa ,Bristol ,gradel going to Swansea i can see from his point of view prem n all that ,but west ham ,i just don’t get the BIG SAM bit alright he did alright at Bolton although a bit yo yo at times but he has been booted out of the last 2 sides he has had .
    we have 2 saleable assets in real terms now gradel and snoddy i dont think either will be with us come September 1st .
    we will see

  28. Craig1919

    Now that the 5 year tax payment we’d have to make should we have been promoted to Premier League passed I think Papa Smurf will at last spend some money on decent players, although there are plenty out there at his favourite free of charge price tag. Gradel and Snodgrass will both stay I believe and as TSS rightly pointed out BJ, NK are easily replaced. Kasper for me was sometimes brilliant and others truly aweful, he was wanting to run his contract out and wasn’t really committed to the Leeds cause I don’t think (then again I can’t say that many players are truly committed to a club). I think Grayson must have some irons in the fire to let this much of his squad go, we could simply be waiting for players to come back off holiday to sign pre-agreed contracts. If worst comes to worst it will give players like Nunez a chance to try prove himself although it’s not an ideal situation.

  29. Matthew

    Personally I wouldnt mind Gradel going if the money went back into the club for new players, preferably a defensive midfielder, a decent goalkeeper and 2 new defenders.

    I would like to see Grayson play 4 – 4 – 2 with Becchio and McCormack up front.

    Though Gradel scores the goals, we leak just as many, getting some decent players in to plug the gap should mean we wouldnt need Gradel in the long run to get us promoted

  30. Rodge

    Sell gradel Let’s hope not. I will be gutted if they don’t offer him a improved and longer contract and that also goes for snodgrass and howson that’s the type off players we need to go forward as for repbucka he was let go by Blackpool if he was any good he would be still be there.

  31. Tim Campbell

    The strong and probably true rumour is that Nick Montgomery will be joining us from the blades sometime next week. For me I would be delighted with him – he is just the hard tackling ball winning defensive midfielder we were crying out for last season

    • Matthew

      Paynter was a shit player, no idea why Grayson kept playing him, get Monty from the Blunts for him would be bargain of the year, we’re good at getting those however.

      Honestly, Paynter is a league 1 striker at most, should of stayed there, at least when he leaves we’l get something of value.

    • Dje

      I just can’t see them letting Montgomery leaving on a free. Sure he’s on biggish wages and they need to clear the size of their wage bill, but they’ll be much more interested in getting rid of expensive luxury players like Darius Henderson than someone who gives them a key chance of getting back to the Championship such as Montgomery.

      He’s two years left on his contract and well known to be too good for League One level football. With locals, Doncaster and Barnsley abounding and the likes of Derby who seem to have a close transfer interplay with Sheffield United, I can see one of them coming in and offering £500-750,000 for him.

      I think we are clutching at straws if we think the offer of Paynter will do in the place of cash. Paynter could certainly do a job for them, but I’m sure they’d prefer the money for Montgomery to find a suitable replacement for him and then come sniffing for Paynter on loan come the start of the season.

      That leaves us having to stump up some money for Montgomery. Well, we’ve just got £1m transfer money for for Schmeichal, but that’s never stopped us not spending it in the past. Should be interesting next ten days.

  32. Mersey Whites

    It all depends on what is being offered.
    If its NORTH of 3.5 million pounds then you think about it. Or at least get Max so sign a contract where he is with us for a minimum of 3 years.
    Its unacceptable for any player that Leeds see part of playing at a higher level not be on a contract of at least 2 years or more.
    If they do not want to resign then we have no choice but to sell. And every club in the Football league is in the same boat. Thats why I think in Kasper case Leeds have prevented another player walking away for nothing.
    But why in the first place are we only offering a young goalkeeper a 2 year deal in the first place, it just stinks
    of not having enough belief in the players ability in the first place.
    So then why sign him, I cannot believe that our management team are so short sighted.
    So getting back to the point, Mad Max is probably one of the players who could handle playing in the Premiership.
    So we should NOT SALE. If the point that he wont sign a longer contract , then we have to kick him out and get plenty of Brass in return , and hopefully Larry will get the chance to spend it and Spend It well.

  33. Ron

    Some excellent posts on here, especially from Horsforth White and Mark. I think Gradel will be sold and this is outrageous on two fronts:

    1. He was voted our best player last season. Tell me a business that sells their best assets?
    2. We are selling to a rival. This division is hard enough without helping others gain promotion. Could we not have a policy of selling our best players to Premier league clubs only?

    We understand when a player wants to play in the premier league, but a player jumping ship into the same division is madness and sends the wrong message.

    Bates is cashing up for a legal defence of his shadowy ownership and the tax money the club avoided through the administration. Get ready, it’s Ken’s final rant and hopefully a new beginning for Leeds when he is shipped off to prison.

    • Matthew

      I can’t see us gaining promotion with Bates as Chairman, the sooner he leaves the sooner someone with a little more money and ambition can buy the club. What Bates neglects to do is

      1. Keep our best players.

      2. Invest in areas of the squad that are lacking(Defense)

      3. Leave :P

  34. Irving08

    Of course Gradel should not be sold for less than 6 or 7 million. Gold and Sullivan are desperate to get the Olympic stadium and, their current debt notwithstanding, would cough up, if Allardyce convinced them it was that or remaining in the championship another year. Our immediate needs may be more modest – to buy back Thorpe Arch and reamin in this division till real money takes over. Of course, that’s not my heart speaking – I want some romance on a Saturday (I’d rather be dreaming than living’). Ken, if he’s smart, must know this – so he may give us a Bowyer on high wages for a year and Thorpe Arch – there are worse deals to be had. Anything less and I am doing a Granny…

  35. halifax white

    why o why do we suffer all this season after season?? can we not get stability at the club? why does pappa past it smurf have to build something we dont want and why wont he invest big in the squad and why does he just not FOXTROT OSCAR! and sell the club to someone who is prepared to invest ah well! MOT! (AGAIN)

  36. White to the core

    Every Summer people witter on about it being ok selling our best players. Saying we should have faith in the wonderful saviour that is Kenneth Bates. How without Bates we would have no club. How he will surprise us with some wonder signings. Last year he went on about his war chest. Ha ha. Utter bollox.The last week of transfer window we will bring the usual useless tat that Grayson likes to bring on frees. Then the loan signings. Bates always sells our best players. He never re-invests money in anything other than his next grand scheme. If the tories get their way and Bates has owned this club the whole time their will be no leeds United! They will make an example of us. Some f**kin Saviour. Will Bates sell Gradel, yes. And Snodgrass and anyone else who we get offers of a million for. He will see that as a good day in the office. After all invariably these players cost nowt or next to nowt when they come here. If as we all believe he has owned us the past 6years then i dont think however big a war chest he has will save us from oblivion and expulsion from the football league. Im informed that due to his age he is unlikely to go to prison. So as is the case for the past 7-8 years it will be us the fans who will continue to suffer.

  37. Andy Flynn

    If the fee is right he will be sold in my opinion. I think a lot of what Bates bases decisions on are agents. If the agent has been sounded out about Gradel signing a new deal, but nothing has happened then we have a worthless asset in 12 months time. I think that’s why Kasper was moved on and why he told Norwich to ‘do one’ regarding Snoddy!!

    You have to say that Gradel put in a great shift last year to right the wrongs of the Bristol game, but he had to! He had little to no stock to get a deal elsewhere. Now he does it might be best for Leeds and for him to move on, but it has to be a good deal for everyone. We all know the agents always get a good deal!! Perhaps if Grayson thinks Gradel is the one to make the difference to us being top 2 or 6 and bottom half he will take a punt and keep him for the final 12 months – knowing loads of clubs will be queuing up to sign him.

    The good thing is we do have some talent in Nunez and Sam that can perform to a high standard in the championship.

    And we have picked up the likes of Beckford, Gradel, Kasper and Snodgrass, Johnson and Kilkenny from obscurity so who’s to say we won’t do it again.

    All these agents are touting their players around looking to increase their wages constantly, Well if clubs are daft enough to put players on big long term contracts that’s fine by me, but I am happy for us to stick to a wage structure that we can live with. Plus if we do get promoted, do you really want Johnson and Kilkenny on long term contracts?

    Let’s just get behind the 11 that start for us!

    • Matthew

      But to get promoted you need to build a solid team, you can’t have players in that team leaving every year because Bates won’t pay them enough to renew their contract from another few years.

      Championship wages are bollox compared prem league wages, if we can’t up an MVPs(Most valuable players) wages to a standard for this league to keep him, there is something wrong.

      Debt be damned, if we keep losing players, we’l be back in league 1, which im sure Bates will be happy with, as the wage bill will be even lower.

  38. Paul South Wales

    Although Bates is primarily a business man,he is IMHO a genuine football fan, and if he sells Gradel, this will surely send out a message that perhaps the latter is complete rubbish. Unless we can bring in better players who will improve the squad as Grayson constantly drones on about then what’s the point. So I can’t personally see it happening, that siad if someone offered £5M then he should be sold, but then that’s unlikely. So let’s just wait and see what uncle Kenneth agrees to bring in before we all top ourselves and resign ourselves to eternal lower league damnation. MOT.

  39. Tyler 75

    If Connor Wickham, is worth £13m with add-ons – how much for Max, who scored 18 goals last season and got called up for a top ranked national side ? How much for Max when we quoted £8m to Norwich for Snoddy ? Its been said before, but if Bates wanted to cash-in, why not sell Snoddy ?

  40. number1inyorkshire

    ken bates doesn’t care about leeds or football .what he does care about is making money and he will make it at leeds the same way as he did at Chelsea and also with the F A remember it was him who was the driving force behind wembley .

    he knows that people who are loyal to their team send money through the turnstiles every week no matter what ,its a cash cow for him to milk to build not a team but a hotel .

    • Irving08

      I think this view of Bates is too simple. He builds companies – that’s how he gets his kicks. Of course, he wants monetary return for his labours, but his main motivation is not now (if it ever was) money, but the satisfaction that comes from doing a good job – and being a big boss. He is head and shoulders above most football people in intelligence and seriousness of purpose: sure, he has sharp elbows, and lacks – how shall we put it ? – polish, but as I have earlier suggested his strategy for Leeds makes some sense. I just want him to realise, to paraphrase TS Eliot, that us football fans cannot bear too much reality.

  41. Mike

    I think its easy to have a go at KB – I would say we are in a much better position than we would have been had he not come in when he did.

    Admittedly some transparency would be nice – but in business its not always possible to be up-front.

    We have moved forward, though I would see this season as the one that puts us under pressure – its the first season for a few where we expect the team/club to kick on and put this fan base where it belongs – in the Prem

    I just hope if we have a rough start, that everyone sticks with the team. Ups and Downs is part of our make-up time to stick together now.

    All the player talk is hype – journo’s with nothing better to do – same as any previous season.

    Plyers come and go but LUFC will always be here – no player better than the club -better players will arrive – its just natural with a club our size – just patience required.

    Its only a few years ago when Blackwell and Gary Kelly were left and we brought in the likes of Danny Cadamarteri!! like I say its a lot better than it was.

    I wish the season would start though!


  42. Realist

    The comment above me has got me shaking my head.

    The age old line of “no player being better than the club” is trotted out again as if it somehow justifies our chairman’s willingness to cash in on our squad.

    How can we realistically expect to challenge next year if we sell the man that has probably been our player of the season?

    When we speak about transfers away from LUFC, two questions must be asked. The first – is it a good deal? For example, the alleged £8 million for Snoddy seems extremely generous. Under normal circumstances, that’d be a good deal.

    The second question of pertinence – what will be done with the money? Sadly, this is where most of our dealings leave the fans disappointed (unless you happen to be a fan of stadium development and pavillions..) We’ve now seen where the Delph money’s going – do we really think Bates will hand Grayson all (or indeed, any?!) of the funds?

    I’m very, very worried. Not only do we appear to be getting ready to sell one of the men who’s supposedly meant to be spearheading our promotion charge to a competing club, but some of our fans also seem to be taking this without too many problems.

    • Mike


      I would like to see £10-£15 million worth of players coming in but thats a short term fix and look at what happended last time when we went out of our spending depth.

      The club also needs a long term plan so that when we go up we can compete on and off the field.

      Do you really want to go up and then come back down again – it would have been a certainty this year as any capital availble would have been going to HMRC remember the terms…… if we got back into the Prem inside a certain time.

      I am no corporate punter in fact I have spent 25 out of my 42 years standing on the Kop as a season ticket holder, but I realise that the club has to get a balance to get back to the top and the way of doing that (in part) is getting a few bums on £150 seats and using the ground on none match days.

      Elland Road had tumbleweed blowing past it on none match days 5 years ago, if you go now its full of cars and events…. we are getting there but its not going to overnight.

      The gap will narrow very quickly in the coming years -the likes of City and Chelsea will lose points/not qualify for europe if they throw money at players that does not relate to the business generating the capital.Once that comes in (and its 10 years too late) you will not see quite the same being spent on transfer fees and wages.

      Having watched 3 years in League 1 I am quite happy to hang on for a year or possibly 2 in the Championship and build.

      Do you really want a Leeds United sat in 15th place in the Prem for a decade, everyone knows the expectations if we go up – the club would be expected to make plans for a top 8 challenge simply down to history and fan base – we need the business model in place to produce that.

      I am always realistic with players – it was doom and gloom when Beckford went…. have we missed him in reality …No… Max Gradel is an exciting player is he Premier League…. not yet… as good and exciting as he is to watch he loses the ball and causes the play to break up far too ofton.


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