Still with no real news to speak of, we resort to the national rags for a daily injection of controversy and scandal as they speculate on who we’ll sign and who will rob our prized assets, starting with a little known midfielder from Newcastle United who will cost us just £15,000 per week!

Newcastle offer sweetener to Leeds – The Sun

It’s the never-ending tale of the homegrown lad who deserted his team for their bitter rivals during a financial meltdown that saw his beloved Whites sink to the third tier of English football.

Calum Myth – as we’ve resorted to calling him because we’re sick of hearing his name – does seem to be a genuine target for Leeds boss Simon Grayson who has told of his admiration for the player and refused to rule out a move.

The stumbling block – as is always the case with Ken Bates led Leeds United – is money. For once, you can understand the concerns of our tight-fisted chairman however when you learn Myth is on a ridiculous £60,000 per week at the Looney Toons.

The Sun claim the Barcodes will stump up half of that for the final year of his contract and that Myth will accept a measly £15,000 a week from Leeds to join the club he loves. That’s £780,000 divided by the 6-7 injury-free games we’ll get from him – Deal!

Dudek in line to replace Schmeichel – The Mirror

Former Liverpool stopper Jersey Dudek is believed to be a target for Simon Grayson as he looks to replace Kasper Schmeichel following his £1.5m move to Leicester City.

Despite his credentials as a former Champions League winner who has played for Liverpool, Feyenoord and Real Madrid, you have to laugh this one away when you consider he’s 38 years old and managed just 12 appearances in the last four seasons – it’s also in The Mirror who haven’t got a Leeds rumour right in about 10 years so you can sleep easily tonight.

Max Gradel to West Ham – Various

Like all good stories, this one has picked up an extra twist today as various news outlets claim Leeds United have held unsuccessful talks with Max’s representatives and are now open to offers for their star winger.

His 18 goal contribution last season was always going to make him a target for Premier League clubs and when you add to that the fact he has just a year remaining on his contract this becomes an easily spinnable news story for anyone short of a headline.

Leeds have already rejected a superior offer for Max so the reported £2.5m from West Ham seems unlikely. However, with Ken Bates more focused on the development of the East Stand than he is the first team squad, the likelihood of him cashing in on players like Max increases – especially if the club can’t agree a contract extension with the Ivorian.

Other bits and bobs…

Mike Grella returned to training at Thorp Arch today but revealed on Twitter he is 99% sure he won’t start the season at Elland Road and is simply awaiting the right move. Elsewhere, Richard Naylor is on the brink of signing for Doncaster Rovers.

80 Responses

  1. Sabella

    negotiations are always long and ongoing now for this tight club …we have lost out on a couple I hear to prem clubs – natural that – so he will be going down his list and ticking them off as we miss out to richer clubs
    we will likley get third choicers on that list – but hopefully still lads with a strong contribution to make – montgomery want offered enough ( good ) my worry is that we lost out on Henri Lansbury like this and he basically took the swans up if you look at their record with him in the side – he may well have been the difference for us if we had paid the wages required for that kind of player ? discuss

  2. Jon

    As I understand it the 15K a week we would have to pay for Myth would be balanced by wage savings from off-loading Schmeichel – yes probably just a coincidence but a good one for the conspiracy theorists!

      • Jon

        That is the genius – it looks like Casper’s replacement(s) will not have to be salaried – they will all be drawing pension!

  3. Sabella

    if hes fit I’ have him for free and on those wages – for his motivational work – Larry will make him Captain and JH will defer to that – we need a playmaker and I also want that German ( minus Pony tail )

  4. Colin

    surely it makes most sense for newcastle to keep smith on the books and just season long loan him to leeds.

  5. Matthew

    None of this transfer drama would be happening if Bates would just pay our best players the going rate for a championship player, if it costs say 20k a week to re sign gradel to a new contract for the next 3 years the club should do it, enough of these shitty replacements, you cant find someone of Gradels quality for that price and simply put we’l miss his 18 goals dearly.

    Though Kasper wasnt the greatest goalkeeper, he’d probably re sign if given 20k a week, for the next few years, and someone like BJ would be here still if the club gave him what 15k?

    Keeping your best players is worth a little debt, if the payoff is premier league football.

    • Matthew

      And yes, I know Kasper is gone, my point was mostly one everyone knows, Bates is a tight arse and we’l lose anyone and everyone of value because of it

    • rwhites

      Just throwing 15K / 20K wages here and there is not the answer. Just look at Cardiff,Forest, Derby, Boro, Blunts, Wendies..ETC ETC who have all spent silly money on wages and are still in this division or been relegated and now struggling with debt.
      Thing is we are in this division for a reason, on merit and as long as we can compete I have faith in Grayson to bring in players without breaking the bank and leaving us in trouble for years to come.
      We may have premier league supporters who are some of the best in the land but we also must be realistic about the team….for once.
      Be glad when the season starts and teh transfer window closes and we can just get on with the football.

      • Matthew

        Personally I think Grayson is in an awkward position having no money for any decent players, and if he says anything negative about this fact Bates would likely sack him.

        For this reason I dont have faith Grayson with Bates as a chairman can get us out of the championship.

        How can he? We will likely lose Snodgrass, Gradel, likely Howson(Eventually) as well as the ones that have left Schmeichel, Kilkenny, Johnson etc

        We’re a club that will sell its best players if they don’t accept mediocre wages, and for that reason I have no faith we’l see premiership football anytime soon. We’l be midtable at best at this rate.

  6. henryv

    Back in training next week and still no players of any note!!
    I have a horrible feeling we will not see many coming in with Simon, keeping faith with the players who were not good enough last year.
    Deja vu – again!!!!

  7. Mersey Whites

    @ Matthew I am glad your not in charge, we would be bankrupt in 2 years, and headed to league 1.
    Its all about balance,and obtaining the right personal who wants to play for Leeds and not just a paycheck . Obviously money is a cruel element, but not at the expense of creating a atmosphere where all the players feel that they are on a equal footing.

    • rwhites

      Spot on.
      Sky TV f*cked football and foreign owners/players have killed the game.
      At least we will always be the last real Champions before it all went money mad.

    • Matthew

      You wouldn’t be bankrupt offering 20k a week to the best players in the squad, if anything thats nothing in this league. You can’t build a league winning team on shit wages and cast offs from other teams.

  8. stelufc123

    is any1 here a leeds fan? all you all do is moan, i went every game last year home and away and leeds were exelent and its all down to grayson so stop moaning about him…bradley j is shit good rids, casper also crap and lives on last name, 1.5 million for a player we got for free, well done bates, grayson as got rid off the deadwood in the squad and iknow he will bring in better quality to replace them so instead off moaning get behind him. mot

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      I agree mate too much moaning and negative thinking not just on here although everyone has a right to an opinion I do however think too many people follow like sheep but if we all agreed it would be very boring on here that’s for sure!

      • TSS

        I’m glad I have you two to help keep things in perspective. Banging my head against a brick wall lately.

        I’m sick of hearing about how we’re leaving it late despite the fact very few clubs have made any progress yet.

        Also sick of hearing about how thin the squad is – of course it is, you clear the deadwood to make way for new arrivals.

        Was exactly the same last year (and every year before that nearly) but no matter how many times I repeat that, the doom and gloom continues.

      • Mike

        TSS says
        [i]I’m glad I have you two to help keep things in perspective. Banging my head against a brick wall lately. [b[Not one you any good though has it? still cant see the wood for the trees[/b}

        I’m sick of hearing about how we’re leaving it late despite the fact very few clubs have made any progress yet.
        [b]well dont be sick here, there are some funny smells as t is![/b]

        Also sick of hearing about how thin the squad is – of course it is, you clear the deadwood to make way for new arrivals.
        [b] Deadwood? Kasper? Bradley? Jusy wait to see the dross larry borrows[/b]

        Was exactly the same last year (and every year before that nearly) but no matter how many times I repeat that, the doom and gloom continues.
        [b] I think larry and bates are slipping you somethng[/b]

      • TSS

        I think larry and bates are slipping you somethng

        Free meat and potato pie at every home game (*cups and friendlies not included).

      • Dje

        I’m too lazy to do the proper research so, from Wikepedia, for this time last year: “1 July: The players return for pre-season training with new faces including Fede Bessone, Paul Connolly, Billy Paynter and Kasper Schmeichel”

        Not an inspiring selection on the face of it considering how we now view them 12 months later, but it is wrong to say that it is exactly the same as last year.

      • TSS

        I refuse to be quoted at from Wikipedia, ut Wikepedia sounds much more legitimate.

        No, to be fair we maybe did get a couple in earlier last season but we’re only in the same position as every other club. I’ve been to Donny and Sheffield today, and fans from all three of those teams were voicing similar concerns. Always slow this time of year – I remember filling the site with idle speculation for two months last time around.

      • Dje

        I remember mulling over who the hell this Bessone and Connolly were this time last June. Ironically I got quite excited about the prospect of Bessone – coming from the best defense in the league that season. I think everyone was a tad surprised, impressed and optimistic about where we were going when we heard Schmeichal had signed. There was more debate about whether Paynter had it for the Championship level, and whether or not we had gone for the wrong guy, and it should have been Austin. But the general conclusion was that he came on a free so we had nothing to lose, if he wasn’t good enough then we could always loan him back to to a League One team. Which of course we … oh, but Grayson wants to keep him.

        I’m not sure the comparison with Doncaster and Sheffield United is a fair one. Sheffield United have just been relegated and you would expect the situation of not buying until you have freed up wages (Montgomery anyone?), and you would expect a lot of moaning regardless in the expected doom-and-gloom that comes with relegation.

        Doncaster are hardly resting on their laurels. They just signed Naylor, and Tommy Spurs – one of our rejects, and possibly one of our targets. Anyway, Billy Sharp has just announced that he wants to stay with Doncaster, so that is like a signing for them in itself! Hmm, if only we had a few of ours come out and turn down big money moves to our competitors as they wanted to stay for us. That’d be a tonic of sorts.

        Wednesday are an odd one at the moment – and therefore a bit like us. They’ve had their year of consolidation and expectations are now high, but they seem to be selling good players and not really bringing them in. Not that I have much sympathy for them!

    • Dje

      Ah, the old chestnut, ‘You’re not proper fans’ line…
      Marching on blindly.

      ‘Deadwood’? Deadwood like Grayson brought in? Like Schmeichal? Or Bessone, or Paynter, or Collins? Or Bruce? Or the loanees? Oh my: McCartney, Livermore…

      So YOU ‘know he will bring in better quality’, how?

      The moaning, IMHO, is the legacy of the huge dissatisfaction of a hangover that came from our dreadful end to the season. If you end on a low, you need something to pick you up. Unless you are partial to a bit of dated commercial architecture being spliced into the East Stand to wet your appetite, or enjoy the idea that Bates has made a tidy profit from selling off our first choice keeper, I don’t see any grounds to stop moaning as yet.

      Of course, if we had signed a player or two by now then at least there’d be a touch of the unknown to speculate over, but we obviously missed our original targets and now have to wait until after the 30th June when players are out of contract and we can offer them a trial or some’ut. Nothing wrong with playing second fiddle if you can’t afford to compete with the big boys, but I am damned if I am expected to apologise for being concerned about our prospects until we see some sign of movement in the ranks.

    • Mark

      Grayson signed all the deadwood in the first instance. The players that contributed most to last season (and the one before) were Snodgrass, Becchio (Mcallister signings), Howson (home grown) and Gradel (Grayson signing).

      Expressing a genuine concern about the club and its current management and strategy isnt moaning. I dont share your blind faith that Grayson will get his signings right this summer, he hasnt in the past and i see no reason or evidence to suggest that things are going to change this time around either.

      I guess we will see who is nearer the mark once the season gets underway. I really really hope you are right (If you are I will hold my hand up and admit I was worried for nothing and well done Simon). I really really worry you are wrong, god knows where that leaves us!!

  9. Chareose

    Steve, your very positive arnt you….I hope you are right but we are kind of running out of time And I hate to point out thats its obvious we have already lost out on some players we wanted to sign. That is down to money. Leeds are a massive club so if players dont sign with us its normally about lack of cash

  10. Peter

    Simon’s leaving it to get those overpaid Loanees again – they wont buy property in Leeds and have to stay at the Beeston Hilton and pay the money back to Ken.

  11. Martin Lazialle

    Paynter to replace Beckford, Rachubka for Schmeichel, nobody for Bradley Johnson… Something wrong I think…

    • TSS

      Johnson will be replaced in time, you just have no patience. Same with Schmeichel, Rabchuka is clearly second choice so you’re stretching things a little there.

      As for Beckford, Paynter had the best record in League One and on paper was an excellent signing. Sometimes things just don’t work out though, as was the case here. Didn’t really struggle for goals though did we?

  12. Martin Lazialle

    If the season start tomorrow, this coul be our eleven:


    Bruce? Bessone?



    Midtable at best…

    • Matthew

      People mention Nunez, but Grayson clearly doesn’t like Nunez, ignoring the obvious fact that Nunez was the best player at Scunthorpe during his loan time and totally controlled the midfield in the Scunny v QPR game.

      Nunez should of been recalled last season, some results likely would of turned in our favor if he was playing.

    • Gryff


      But not relegation standard – like a lot here keep banging on about.

  13. Sabella

    yes my error Ed Lansbury went to Norwich when we pulled out on wages – but the same point applied – key performances and key goals sent them up – and with Swansea it was the other lad in midfield who we wouldnt pay for either – so he stayed and sent them up too !!

    Yep, key players cost pennies – same as good leather shoes and good mechanics! – I trust in Larry and yes its early doors so watching and waiting – Bradley and dead wood all can go – and would sell Max if it means we can buy two trusted players for 1.5 mill each Im afraid its a no brainer in our position for me that one ( not snoddy tho unless we got 8mil to rebuild with )

  14. Paul South Wales

    Here here. Let’s just see who we sign over the next couple of weeks, i’m feeling positive about it. There’s too much doom and gloom on here at this time of the year. If we haven’t made any noticeable signings in the next couple of weeks then i’ll join you in the whingeing, but until then let’not get too downhearted eh?

  15. kev

    God this website is like a spurs fanzine,loads of moaning,what about Aidy white breaking through ,Tom Lees,sometimes Graysons damned if he does,danmed if he doesn’t everyone was having a go saying no youth coming through,so we’ve sold a keeper to leicester who let in 70 goals last year alot of them his fault,a midfielder who passed the ball sideways and couldn’t tackle,and enough said about Johnson,come on lets get behind Grayson and stop whineing !!

  16. Jmo

    Let’s wait and see…. Stop being so negative peeps.. The way I look at it, we could have had any of the freebies again but maybe Simon has learnt from past freebies and decided to make some cheeky offers once the transfer window actually opens on Friday. I agree that Johnson and Kilkenny are over rated and we can do better. The midfield was once manor problem last year. It wasn’t just defence that were rubbish… We had no ‘bite’ in midfield.

  17. Mike

    We reserve the right to whinge and whine on here, also to not get behind a manager who cant manage so please stop whining about us whiners.
    Anyone for a Chardonnay while the sun is shining?

  18. Max

    The thing to watch on the bid for Gradel is whether the bid is for money up front or contingent on a bunch of stuff. Clubs always tell their fans the biggest possible number to justify the player’s departure, but (to take an example) Delph’s £6m will have been paid in stages and covered by all kinds of contingencies. £2.5m up front is a lot better than a somewhat larger number over a period of time.

    Also, I had a chat with a bona fide football agent about 3 months ago and he was aware of Gradel refusing to go with a new contract (and actually more interested in that than either Kilkenny or Johnson).

    Schmeichel strikes me as decent business (given the way we transact it); Bates seems to think we have a chance of going up so isn’t willing to sign lower tier players on long term contracts. The consequence is they won’t be around for long, and he’s managed to get a little money for Schmeichel on that basis. I doubt that the goalkeeper in a promoted Leeds team would be kept on in the Premiership; it feels like relatively few of the Leeds team are thought of as long term investments.

    • Gryff

      You’ve never been one to BS Max, but I hope you’re wrong.

      If little Max Gradel goes it’ll be worse than Snoddy & Kasper leaving combined IMHO.

  19. DjLowfields

    On the plus side of all this gloom is the possibility that the midfield playmaker folk are screeming for is already within our ranks in the shape of Raymon Nunez, add to that the return of Aidy White, Tom Lees & Adam Clayton all having done reasonably well on loan (ala beckford & Somma), Grayson will have the equivelent of 4 new signings, Consider that Ross Mcormack finished last season very strongly and has an international squad position to maintain and a huge point to make to everyone, that Paddy kisnorbo made a welcome return at QPR and we could have 6 players capable of improving last years squad. Of course I’m trying to be positive here and whilst it may be a stretch and I may be reasuring no one if we manage to keep hold of Max and Paddy (I mean snoddy) and Grayson manages to bring in a quality first choice keeper (dudek at 38 would be fantastic I think), a combatative midfielder and a central defender or 2 we just might be in good shape to push on.
    I certainly dont think we are any worse off than this time last year, Kasper was overated by mant but didnt fool most whilst Killa and BJ are no great loss, its easy to be negative but I think most of us are overlooking the players mentioned above, it’s very possible that 3 or 4 of these lads will have cracking seasons and establish themselves as regulars or handy squad members at worst and isn’t Ben Parker also expected to be back in contention?

    Oh and dont forget! Federico bessone is back, SHIT! I think I’ve just cancelled out all my positivity with that one.


  20. Sabella

    well if this true Im chuffed and this is the midfielder i wanted LANSBURY AND SPANISH INTERNATIONAL from Liverpool PACHECO ….and defender in GABBIDON we need
    good sources 29 Jun 2011 15:22:10
    Leeds to take Eric Lichaj, Henri Lansbury & Danny Pacheco on loan.Smith, Gabbidon, Woodgate & Dudek/Turner permanent signings depending on fitness & wages

    Arsenal and Liverpool wwould only want these lads loaned out to Champ clubs – so by getting promoted Norwich losing some class to us hopefully – lets see ?

    • Matthew

      According to todays paper Newcastle will front 30k a week of Smiths wages and Leeds 15k if he decides to join.

      Basically if he’s a greedy twat and says no, he won’t be signing, if he’s Leeds, he will be 100 percent in the team next season.

  21. Sabella

    other strong rumour is we have signed smith ( he flew into Leeds Airport back from states tonight signing autographs ) and

    we are in talks with Tomas Kuzcak of United. 2 mill ( casper money ): Source- Aiden White ….played golf last night ( Dudek likely a back up )

    either of Lansbury or Danny Pacheco be superb business as would Gabbidon at the back – Lua Lua or also a rumor tonight from Toon army on a free- snatched from Gus’s brighton

    • Colin

      Sabella – Since when have Jet2 flown from the USA to Leeds/Bradford airport?

      He could have flown back to heathrow, gatwick or manchester, so his car would have been there. So why drive to leeds airport to sign autographs? Even if he decided to fly from london or manchester to leeds (he didn’t), his car is still stuck in an airport car park.
      I can smell something and it smells like Bullshit.

      • Sabella

        there you go Colin 29 Jun 2011 22:17:27

        Alan Smith 1/2 to join the Mighty Whites
        Sky bet
        Seen at LBA signing autographs smiled and winked when asked if he was joining the club

  22. stelufc123

    totaly agree with kev to much moaning and as for youu kev are you really a leeds fan or just a bored man u fan trying 2 winde leeds fans up? grayson cant manage? he got us promoted and a 7th place finish just missing out on playoffs, in a very tough league and people slag off bates because he is making the club money for the future and the stadium better also for the future off leeds united would you rather him be like ridesdale and get us in big debt, the trouble with some leeds fans you think we are bigger than what we are, we was a big club and we will be again one day after we rebuild which takes time, i understand some fans are frustrated and i am one off them but i have faith in grayson and ikno in a few weeks time everybody will be singing his praises

    • Matthew

      Because year after year we all say the same thing, the defense is shit and again we get comments like, we know the defense sucks, and we will get better people in, and it never happens.

      Paul isnt a better goalkeeper than Kasper, yet unlike most teams we are struggling to find a replacement for him.

      You can defend Bates all you want but hes not doing anything to keep key players.

  23. Sabella

    you might be yawning on the wrong side of yer pillow by monday morning – key loan players like the two above wont go to other prem clubs -

  24. Russian Mule

    To be honest I’m not too fussed at the mo. I think the fact that Leicester seem to be buying everyone has got folks into a panic that we aren’t cutting the mustard in the transfer department… Its still early doors! I’d love to see a Myth/Howson or Montgomery/Howson centre mid partnership and I’m sure either or both would do a job as long as we keep our wingers. I’m also looking forward to see how the likes of Nunez and Lees fair and hope they get a run in the side (also Paddy’s return). What I am a tad concerned about is the fact that there seems to be little transfer speculation in the way of left backs… Stephen Crainey anyone?? ;)

  25. chareose

    Actually…..after reading various newcastle blogs id love to see Alan Smith at Leeds United again…….

    Whilest some Toon fans recognized Smiths never say die attitude and misfortune with injury most were just ungrateful and downright nasty….it makes you wonder about footy fans and yes i know leeds fans are capable of being just as nasty…

    So Id love smith to come back to LEEDS and find his legs again to show all the mother fuckers bad mouthing him…..and lets face it, his best chance is at for leeds united with the Elland road faithfull roaring him on

    • number1inyorkshire

      Newcastle fans have won F—-ALL ever and will never win F——–ALL that’s why they bare bitter .

  26. Sabella

    nah he flew up from the smoke after his jollies to see Harvey and Larry and family as always – who drives when you can fly ? Footballers dont leave cars at airports – they get driven there – just like us
    He was seen by a reliable worker – not hard to spot
    Youd better check elsewhere closer to home for that smell cos it aint eminating from me bud

  27. Sabella

    ”Dudek, Bowyer, Smith, Woodgate, Frings all confirmed to be in talks with Leeds by the Yorkshire Evening Post. Just to point out that Paul Dews, who confirmed all this, works for Leeds United as Head of Media. ”

  28. Gryff

    Mike Grella: for “Right move” read “a single offer to come in from anyone above Blue-Square Prem level.”

    So we’re in for Woody, Smithy & Dudek?

    Combined age of 99, but I wouldn’t say no to a couple of seasons out of each of them TBH.

  29. Colin

    Sabella – okay you’ve got me interested. Where was this reported? Not on yep website ot on dews’ twitter account.

  30. Sabella

    loads of folk at the airport – but as you say could be some sod with a wind up – the evening post article 100% tho I hear

  31. Jordyp1993

    Hey guys!, All of Sabellas comments are from the site LeedsRumours (pretty bland if we are being honest) all rumours can be posted by absoloutely anyone, people ranging from Smiths Granny to a Thorp Arch Security guard, I’d love them to be true and tbh through chance alone surely many of the 100 strong names thrown about may sign! Haha but they are not fact so it’s down to your own disgression if you believe half the dribble.

    Due to this I too am smelling the pungent aroma Colin!

    Btw guys Im as panicky as everyone else right now, but I think I’m gonna reserve judgement until our first 3-4 signings… So 1 down.

  32. Tyler 75

    Barcode site which broke the news about the mugpies contributing to Smith’s wages, is also saying he’s not going to take any wage reduction and see out the last year of his contract by the banks of the twinkling tyne. Interesting that despite the Geordies subsidising his wages to the tune of £30k p/w there are no other takers ! God I hope the Bowyer rumours aren’t true… Torsten Frings, provided he lops off that 80’s pony tail, would be a real coup. Dudek would need a zimmer and Gabbidon crutches. Lua Lua would be a straight replacement for Max, so hope this one isn’t true either.

  33. Martin Lazialle

    We still need a good first choice GK, 38 years old Dudek, with a bunch of games in the last seasons isn`t a good choice.
    We still need at least one Left Back, and the replacement for Killa & Bradders…
    I hope Myth, Frings & Bowyer could arrive soon…

  34. Colin

    Good to see pics of the guys back in training on the leeds utd website.

    But…am i the only one that noticed no Jonny Howson in any of the pictures??

  35. Dje

    Never too sure how much meat there was in these transfer targets, but Bolton have just signed former Swansea midfield maestro, Darren Pratley, and Swansea have taken on Caulker on loan from Tottenham for the season.

  36. Dje

    I’ve just had a quick count, and I spotted incoming transfers to thirteen other Championship clubs today.

    Well sounding like pessimist or no pessimism, I have to say I am genuinely surprised that we didn’t announce someone, anyone, signing for Leeds today.

    I really thought we had one maybe two done deals that were naturally waiting ’til the end of their contracts expired with their former clubs on the 30th June – just as happened with Johnson going to Norwich today. It’s a shame too that when Grayson gave his daily interview this morning all the transfer talk was of our best players not leaving – which is always good to hear! – but no talk of players likely to come in. Yes, we keep our transfer cards close to our chests – unless we want to advertise a sale, alla Schmeichal, but a careless line on the numbersome ‘irons in the fire glowing brighter’ would have brought some cheer [even if it turned out to be bollocks].

  37. number1inyorkshire

    peter lorimer says “leeds are not a selling club” he is right they are all walking for free ,whats making bradders ,killa and others leave aside from wages.

    we have got to show some ambition as a club

    • Dje

      Let’s hope that todays rumours of Crystal Palace coming in for Kisnorbo aren’t true then!

      I dare say I think the club have been correct to monitor his fitness levels and return to form once more before offering a lengthy contract, but it is a thin line between being cautious and reckless. To lose Kisnorbo for nowt and to see him prosper elsewhere would be a kick in the teeth – especially as a fair few fans have faith [desperation?] in him returning as the rock he was.

      I for one think that Kisnorbo will stand by us in gratitude for the way we have been treated him (or perhaps because our treatment facilities have to out match Crystal Palaces!), but we can’t take the piss if he has other offers coming in and the guarantee of football at his age and stage in his career.

  38. Ben Kates

    Stop worrying. It will be fine. We have some young lads back from being on loan. They cost nothing. Paddy is only away visiting a little island I own (Nevis) and this season the final obstacle has gone and we can get promotion.
    If you remember when we went into administration there was a little clause that said that if we went back into the premiership within five years we would have to pay back the money we owed to the window cleaner and St Gemma’s. The five years are up at the end of this season. The debt is written off and there’s nothing to pay!!!!

  39. Rish

    Have to imagine that Grayson is intending to look at his current squad in pre-season before making any big moves for players. I’m sure he’d rather that the likes of Clayton, Aiden White, Nunez, Ben Parker, Tom Lees and Kisnorbo turned out to be viable alternatives to transfer replacements and wishes to assess them first to determine how deep he needs to dive.

  40. henryv

    I hope you are wrong Rish!
    I cannot see any of the players you list making the first team from the off.
    Simon knows them already.
    It would be nice to think Tom Lees can step up.
    That would be excellent.
    We have shipped out/sold and let go so many players I have lost count.
    We must get another goalie!! Someone who will dominate the box and come for crosses!
    We must get a strong midfield general to help Jonnie.
    We must get a strong centre-back to play with Andy O’Brien. Paddy must be regarded as a big bonus if he can weigh in with a few matches.
    He has not played for a long time so we have to be patient with him, and hope!
    We must get a solid left back.
    That is the bare minimum!

  41. Irving08

    I am assuming White will be playing on the left side of midfield in one formation or another, and that Max will still be with us to play just behind Becchio – as he can’t cross with his left foot, I’d always play him there. Bruce or a new player will be the defensive midfield (he can tackle and is a neat distributor – see Arsenal away match). It is left back and centre back that puzzles me: my sense is that Parker is not there, while Kisnorbo coul well last only a dozen games. Geroge McLuskeys’ nephew would be my ‘supersub’ – I’d still like to see a Simeon Jackson-type player on the books. Pity about Grella – better management could have done something with the boy. Bradley’s commments on Lambert are interesting.

  42. Mike

    White,Parker,Nunez – id rather see them on the park then the ones who have gone so far, that would be an improvment before anyone else evan arrives.

    Nuzez is a bit of a mystery he came on for the last 20 mins for our home stuffing v Cardiff sand actually made the game worth turning up for….. then nothing and he’s out to Scunthorpe.

    From what I have seen he could be the next Gradel.

    I really want to see the combative defensive midfielder arrive to sit being Nunez and Howson – if ever we needed someone in Batty’s mould its now


  43. Matt BB

    come on TSS, nothing to say? i note plenty of garbage in the red tops.

  44. Craig

    If the YEP is tio be believed the Dudek story is not so ‘silly’ after all.


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