Apologies to everyone that visits The Scratching Shed for the unscheduled down time over the past few weeks.

Of course, the reason behind our disappearance wasn’t quite as exciting as a Super Injunction, nor did we replicate the team by throwing the towel in when the going got tough.

In fact, the down time was caused by nothing more than human error.

As regular visitors will know, I’ve been away for past couple of months with work and the site has been updated almost entirely by Tim Hodge. Whilst Tim has the power to do pretty much anything needed to keep things ticking over, I’m the only person with access to the billing system. Expecting hosting payments to be taken automatically and knowing the site was in capable hands with Tim running the show I haven’t checked in on things for over a month and it was only yesterday I realised my error.

With the hosting companies pockets suitably refilled and the site back online, The Scratching Shed will emulate Leeds United and bounce back for another season of unreasonable expectations, false dawns and inevitable failure. On and on.

13 Responses

  1. Russell Crowe

    Talking about the team and saying inevitable failure seems a bit harsh.

  2. The Reaper 08

    Not good enough, I demand to see the young lass above in the buff as compensation.

  3. Mike

    A good idea to switch hosts methinks, try net motivated, a UK company you can talk to.

  4. Matt BB

    welcome back, just like a certain welsh footballer i had even begun to stray…. to other leeds sites!…

  5. Mojoluafc

    Back online at last, now we can gossip about the the rumors like on other sites.

  6. Dje

    Cracking body but a wee bit of a munter’s face … sorry are we supposed to be talking football?

  7. Will23

    So, can we have some rules and prize money for this “spot the famous balls” photo competition? ;-)

  8. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Funny I was thinking about the whole bj thing earlier I am now thinking of the whole bj thing again now cheers TSS


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