Over the past decade or so the League Cup has become an absolute joke of a competition. With the big boys of the Premier League often progressing to the latter stages with a squad full of reserve players few have heard of, it undermines the experience for the smaller clubs who simply can’t compete despite facing supposedly weakened opposition.

The problem with English football these days – much like the Spanish league winnable only by Real Madrid and Barcelona – is that success is often reserved for only the smallest handful of teams. The gulf in class between those at the top and those further down has widened to such an extent there’s almost no point competing any more.

This time around however, the standard apathy with which I usually receive news of the draw was replaced by genuine excitement. Ourselves and Bradford City might not share the same kind of rivalry as Everton and Liverpool, but the two cities have expanded to such an extent it’s difficult to tell where one starts and the other ends nowadays.

What you have here then is real derby day stuff – something I’ve developed a bit of a taste for over the past few years since our well-publicised nosedive into the abyss (where the rest of Yorkshire’s teams reside).

Leeds United are often perceived as arrogant by the rest of Yorkshire’s teams due to the lack of respect we offer our neighbours. Most fans will dismiss any rivalry with those teams closest to us due to the fact we rarely get the chance to play one another. But what makes derby days so very magical for people like me who live in Leeds is that we all know supporters of the opposition – hell, I have about half a dozen family members who support Bradford who’ll definitely be amongst the 4,500 fans making the short trip to Elland Road, and that’s before I even begin to consider the amount of friends and colleagues I’ll have in attendance.

For me then, this is one of those rare occasions where the domestic cups deliver the kind of excitement they used to do when I was a kid. Regardless of what any Leeds fan tells you, we want to beat Bradford City – more than that, we demand it. The superiority complex that spawned flags and banners claiming we’re Yorkshire’s Number One team demands we keep these smaller clubs in place.

Bradford will arrive like an eager puppy, desperate to prove they can compete with the neighbour club that so often overshadows them. As Yorkshire’s biggest club Leeds United will have a point to prove. These opportunities don’t come around often, and a Bradford City victory is something we won’t hear the end of for years to come. A convincing victory then is the only scoreline that will satisfy. Bring it on…

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  1. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Sorry but Yorkshire derbies do nowt for me to be honest we rarely turn up on the pitch!

  2. elean kram

    I hate Leeds!
    Its not jealousy before you trundlee out that usual rubbiish.
    Its lots of things.
    That boring white kit for one, and yes the team of the 60s/70s that DID put football back 20 years.
    But mainly its the fans who show no respect for any other club.
    I remember after the fire when they chanted about missing the barbque and held up lighters.
    Horrible fans, horrible club.

    • The Reaper 08

      Hello elean kram , thanks for showing up pal and putting your point across so well.

      I particularly like the costructive point about kit colour and your lack of footballing knowledge.

      Your point about the lighters and chanting is a valid one and we have to put up with similar with the Turkish chants and flags. Some football fans are wrong uns and the best advice I can give you is to grow a set and get over it.

    • Dje

      Lol. I think when you support Bradford and you come to a Leeds United website but spell your name backwards, you really are setting yourself up for ridicule.

    • Craig

      I think you’ll find that the Leeds team you cite set the standard for the next decade – what with Don’s preparation for matches, training regime and team ethic and the white kit was part of this – an attempt to draw inspiration from Real Madrid.

      Chants about the fire are totally out of order. It was a terrible tragedy that will linger long in the memory.

  3. Jay

    we dont do yorkshire derbys…bit like playoff finals..its time the players grew a pair and got stuck in..starting with a thrashin of bradfud shitty!!!!

  4. Colin

    Bradford City fans – I’ll do you a deal.

    If you win, we’ll give you Billy Paynter.

    BUT, if you lose, we’ll give you Billy Paynter.

  5. Will23

    Bradford, Barnsley, Doncaster, Hull etc etc – cannot say I, or anyone I know, ever thinks of football first whenever these cities/towns in Yorkshire come up in conversation.

    In business meetings, mention you are from Leeds and football is the first thing that crops up.

    So, Yorkshire “Derbies” – never think of them as “Derbies”

  6. Matt BB

    i often think it a huge shame that our yorkshire neighbours hate us so much that they will even ditch their white rose allegiances and support man united when we play them. But i duppose petty bogotries are what these games are all about.

    TO any Bradford fan… any player we need to watch out for? or any young starlets worth poaching? oh and as per COlin, please do take Billy Paynter.

  7. andy city gent

    you are forgetting……..we had painter before you and got rid.

  8. andy city gent

    and o brien

    both were crap so there you go !!!!!
    ( Paynter should have been a painter )

    90 minutes again in the carling cup lets hope that the referee this time is not paid off and knows what hand ball, and offside is, as any true leeds fan will admit we were conned by the ref last time in the jpt especially with the goal that was ruled out for offside with one of your lads stood on the line!!!!!!!!!

    • Dje

      “… as any true leeds fan will admit we were conned by the ref last time in the jpt especially with the goal that was ruled out for offside with one of your lads stood on the line!!!!!!!!!”

      If it was Michalik then I’d imagine he was mistaken for the goalpost.

      ps. Does the John Player Trophy count, really?

  9. Stu McCall

    I dont ditch my White Rose aleigance for any Yorkshedire club, other than L&&ds.
    I wanted Huddersfield to go up as they just get on with it and play good football, not whingeing on “We belong in the Premier League” like you lot.
    Have you ever asked yourselves “Why are we disliked more than any other club” even more than Man Utd, so that rules out jealousy.

  10. Will23


    There are too many people in this short life on earth whose own sense of identity is built entirely on worrying what other people think about them.

    Seeking to be “liked” by people you do not know, and importantly never will know, is a weakness of character, not a virtue.

  11. Stu McCall

    What a load of bull!!!
    Leeds as a club/team are more disliked than any other club, even moreso than the mighty Manchester United.
    The question that Leeds fans have never answered is `Why?`
    If my club were so disliked, I would be interested to know what makes them so different.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      We don’t ask why cos we don’t give fk mate is that an ok answer? And why are you so worried about us ? If I were you I would be more concerned at the fact that when you want to go to the shop you have to come to Leeds because you don’t have any :)

      I would also be slightly concerned the fact that my irrelevant no Mark pointless souless club who may or may not have a ground in the next year or so is situated in the middle of a sewer Habited entirely by what can only be described as rats worse still rats that probably hate your guts pal

      Must rush got a very nice bar to go to, a bar that will be full of people from all backgrounds all nationalities and all will be happy and chatty and mixing with each other there will be no hate it will be a good night as always in Leeds and it’s out of smelling distance from your sewer so all is well

      In all honesty mate if I were you I would put all my energy into sorting your own situation don’t worry about us we are fine cheers!

  12. Stu McCall

    You havent really answered the question.
    But then you are a Leeds fan, and its all a little bit difficult for you.
    Questions and answers.
    Very difficult if you dont have a brain!

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      You still here? I answered your question we do not give a fk we do not ask why or care why simple!

      what I will say is that the so called hate towards our club has galvanised us , have you ever wondered why you see so many vehicles around the uk adorning Leeds united club badges I see them everywhere I go and I go a lot of places (I am yet to see a bratfurd set of colours unless I am near a buddhist centre ) we are sticking two fingers up to everyone we are Leeds united those words are famous get over it we can’t help it we are known worldwide you know it mr mc wotever you are and you are full of envy it’s sort of understandable maybe in the same position we would feel the same I don’t and won’t ever know

      Thank you for using the superior training facilities we have on offer in Leeds by the way it’s a shame your great club could not find some grass not occupied by gypsies within your boundaries but there you go

      All the best

  13. Matt BB

    oh and didnt bratfud legend Stu McCall support Leeds?…

    Why do huddersfax, the blunts, Wednesday, and the bantams hate us? probably because we’re the best team in yorkshire, and they never will be.

  14. Stu McCall

    Oh yes a really successful club.
    Now lets think what have you won in the last twenty yesrs.
    Of course-Promotion from Division Three.
    Even Histon beat you in the Cup
    Massive Club.
    A bit like Man United-The most successful club in the country in recent years.

  15. Will23


    I see you remain fixated on suggesting we should be worried about what others think of us?

    Never understood the expression of “hate” towards clubs or fans – hating murderers is one thing, and child molestors, but hating another club and its fans: Jeez!

    Move along now with your supposed fake “hate”.

    But before you go, we thank you for your misplaced concern over our lives and status in the football community.

    I am more concerned over Grayson’s managerial abilities than what someone I do not know thinks of me, the fans or the team.

    Smith & Woodgate – bloody nora!

    Now if those two fly by night crocks and yes, potential final pay day money grabbers joined our club, then that is something I would be very concerned about.

    (Unless it is a pay as you play deal, no sickenss/injury payments – and to play means to play for 90 minutes, in the starting XI, not on the bench. Then and only then may I start to think of these two signing in a better light).

  16. Leedsbantam

    Maybe put an offer in for Attilla the Hun for central midfield, and Vlad the Impaler as a striker.
    They should fit in well with Woodgate, Bowyer and Smith.
    Oh and with the fans!

  17. Glenn Baldwin

    @TSS read you post – so what you are really saying is you are from Bradford not Leeds. I have the utmost respect for the Leeds fans – but you my friend are the lowest of the low – a traitor to your City – why do you go against your fathers team?


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