Kasper Schmeichel has agreed terms to join Sven Goren Eriksson’s Leicester City on a three year deal.

The Danish goalkeeper and son of legendary Manchester United stopper, Peter Schmeichel featured heavily in a Leeds United side last season whose defensive record was amongst the worst in the Championship.

After joining the club on a free transfer at the start of the 2010-11 campaign and with only a year left on his contract, Leeds United will point to the reported £1m fee as good business.

Despite an apparent reluctance to extend his current deal and the poor defensive record last season, many Leeds United fans will be frustrated at the sale. A lot of fans would argue his defensive record was more a reflection of a mismatched, constantly changing back-line rather than Kasper’s own ability.

However, there are also those that would question his ability to lead and organise the back-line and would point to poor communication skills as a particular weakness. Whilst Kasper can often be seen shouting at individuals when things go wrong, there seems to be little interaction beforehand.

Overall, it’s difficult to determine how good a deal this was for the club until his replacement is brought in. If Simon Grayson can deliver the more capable goalkeeper he’s been suggesting at a lesser fee than that received from Leicester City then you’d have to bow to his better judgement. If however, Leeds United start the season without the quality replacement we’ve been promised Simon Grayson could be setting himself up for quite the backlash. Only time will tell…

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  1. captaincrash

    When he signed last summer it was one of ‘those’ moments. It felt good, it felt we were on the way back. It was a happy day.

    I hope the to be announced ‘senior’ keeper lands the same way.

    • JayMac

      Totally agree. Maybe most of us however were caught up in a little nostalgia where we thought that Bates had a little ambition in those dusty veins of his.

      I doubt we’ll get a signing this season that makes us go “Wow, Up to the prem with him then!”…

  2. Tim

    I’d have brought in competition for Kasper. Good luck to the young fella, he’ll probably thrive under Sven

  3. Loved them diamond floodlights

    I don’t remember the great arsenal back four needing mummy goalkeeper to hold there hands they sorted themselves out on the training ground and then on the pitch the buck stopped with them you could have had an average keeper with that lot

  4. Colin

    This is bullshit. We were unlikely to be able to afford his wages at contract renewal, yet Sven signs him up on a 3 year contract just like that. Now rumours flying around that West Sam are going to get Gradel. The message is loud and clear – leeds don’t do contract extentions. Leeds are a selling club.
    Kilkenny gone, johnson gone, naylor gone, higgs gone, lichaj gone, mccartney gone, watt gone, schmeichel gone. IN, Rachubka.
    We’re going to have to go some to put a half decent 11 out on the pitch.

    • Gryff

      I’m a bit sad to see Schmeichel go too. But with his move, I reckon it speaks a volume that he went to Leicester.

      He wasn’t offered anywhere else because no other club felt he was worth a £1million pound gamble. Is he worth more to us? I think so, but he wasn’t worth it to those who are making do without him.

      So I wonder just how good his wages are. His agent wanted him in the Premiership but once Grayson said he was on his way out and (I would suppose) he only had Leicester to choose from, there was A) Stay at Leeds and have a blot on your career, or B) Go to Leicester for a year or two and hopefully get first team football.

      Because of that, I’d doubt Sven gave him massive wages, because he had him over a barrel?

      I could be wrong…

      • Colin

        gryff – i heard he was on £12,000 a week at Leeds.

        I doubt he’ll have taken anything less.

  5. Ed Tierney

    Personally, as a professional goalkeeper myself, I would’ve thought Kasper was worth more than 1 million and if I was in the club’s position I would have only considered a bid of at least 1.5 million. I’m disappointed that he’s gone but it won’t affect us as much as you think.
    Leeds are definitely not a selling club. I live down in Bournemouth and anybody there will tell you that you have no idea what a selling club is until you see them!
    We’re still a club on the up, we should still believe in Grayson whilst things are still moving in the right direction, we should still keep the faith!
    Rachubka is also a good keeper but I believe that a club as big as us have the funds and the ambition to get someone even better and Rachubka can be our backup keeper.
    Remember if it wasn’t for Ken Bates there would be no Leeds United so just because he’s turned this club into a money making club and we can’t blame him for that – he’s just bringing in a bit of stability for the future.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      Why don’t you come you will get a game no probs ed as long as you settle for a megabus ride up and please provide a reciept if you want to claim it back off ken

      • Dje

        You forgot to add that all senior players get exclusive rates on their ‘Away Day Tents’.

      • Loved them diamond floodlights

        Only if they remain unsoiled mate

    • Mark

      Ken Bates didnt save Leeds United, heard that bollox once too often now. Through a series of highly secretive financial transactions he bought the club for almost nothing, invested in good players to get us back to the premier league at the first time of asking (Healey, hulse, Blake etc). Blackwell cocked it up, bates gives the job to his illegitimate dwarf son, he makes an even bigger mess of it, leeds get relegated, bates puts club into administration to avoid liability for Leeds debts, buys the club back from the administrators with the threat from a mysterious creditor that they will only agree a deal to save Leeds with the previous owners (bates), bates gets the club back and lots of small businesses and the tax payer get shafted. I can think of a few descriptions for this shenanigans but “saving” Leeds isnt one of them.

      The reality is Grayson doesnt have another keeper lined up to replace Kasper, if he had a better keeper already lined up Leeds would have signed him before letting Kasper go.

      The reason we got Rubbisubka when we did is coincidence as far as selling Kasper is concerned. Higgs was out of contract so Leeds were always going to have to bring in another keeper, hopefully that will be rubbisubkas role. It worries me that Grayson is talking about two keepers competing for the number 1 jersey, that suggests the replacement for Kasper will be of a similar standard to rubbisubka. Whoever we sign they will certainly have to be free, anybody that thinks bates is investing the money for Kasper on a replacement is way off beam. Our next “new” keeper will either be a season loan or an ageing free transfer. What can possibly go wrong with that strategy.

      Leeds will put out the usual spin that money has been invested in strengthening the squad by investing in wages blah blah blah, better value than transfer fees blah blah blah, players want to come to Leeds blah blah blah. This is all bullshit. Leeds United are a well supported club with (what i am assuming are) strong commercial revenues. Unfortunately any money leeds do have is invested in a stadium that leeds “dont own” and not the playing squad.

      Leeds return to pre season training on Friday, but as usual our squad for the new season has no shape to it at all. How can Grayson possibly get a first 11 (and the full squad in general) set up and ready for the start of the new season in 6 weeks time when we dont have a defence worthy of the description (we need a left back, a right back, two centre backs and a keeper) and no central midfield players at all apart from Howson. This wish list assumes we dont sell any more of our players (gradel will definitely go, its only a matter of time).

      Yes i know we have lees, clayton and nunez back from loan, sorry ladies and gentlemen but they are absolutely not going to improve the team from last season (i have high hopes for Lees in defence however he cant sort out our problems at the back on his own) or come close to plugging the gaps that have existed in our squad for years..

      If Leeds are to compete at the top end of the championship next season we will need a significant improvement in the players Grayson brings to the club compared to last season. The dozen or so 30 something rejects/loan rangers that he signed contributed almost nothing to our season. His best signing has been moved on after being told he wasnt good enough for Leeds, my god where does that leave the rest of the “reserves” he signed.

      Will Leeds compete for that quality of player over the next few weeks, its not looking likely is it. Will Grayson complain about lack of investment in the team when it doesnt happen, definitely not. I have no respect for him at all, he wont do anything to upset Ken even if its something that every Leeds supporter knows needs saying.

      If Simon Grayson gets Leeds United promoted next season I will pay for season tickets for every Leeds fan that posts on this site. The Funny and really really sad thing is I am not in the slightest bit nervous about having to cough up.

      • Dje

        Spot on. God, if only Aston Villa had gambled on Grayson and we had got a few million as compensation. Two birds, one stone.

      • Irving08

        No answer to that. Bates’ priority appears to be to keep us ticking over as a team (for which modest role SG is a good managerial bet) without losing significant fan support (some loss can be compensated for by SKY) so he can concentrate on getting the ‘estate’ up to scratch (the East Stand project and sundry lesser projects), thus hoping to make the club an attractive investment for his successors. From a business perspective it makes some sense – better to put money into bricks and mortar than trust incompetent managers and greedy footaballers. In short, we pay for the fruits of his bitter experience and ours (post flotation)…There must be a better strategy, musn’t there ?

  6. chareose

    I hate to say it but I doubt Grayson can sign decent players now even if Bates did finally support him financially……… prospective players will do their home work on Leeds United and all they will see is, depressed fans, a club with no ambition, a club that slags its own players off and creates a horrible atmosphere and a club that isnt prepared to pay competitive wages……….

  7. Dje

    I’m sure with a decent defense in front of him at Leicester, with age on his side, and his dad’s name, he’ll be worth at least £2m as a transfer fee this time next year. If we had offered him a year’s extension on his contract – even with a bit better money than he was on and cashed in on him next June for £2m that extra £1m than what we have just got for him from Leicester would have paid wages of £17,000 a week (ie. a £5,000 pay rise) and the £3,000 a week left over could have paid for Rachubka to put pressure on him as No.1 in the way that Higgs never did last year.

    Instead we now have a single keeper on our books who has lest Premiership experience than the one we have just sold and not played a game for well over a year. He is also coming up to being 31 and has no real transfer value for the future. I expect Grayson to suddenly start talking up about how good the lad Cairns is as a ‘young keeper’ and Rabuchka being given the keeper spot.

    Eddie Gray’s article today summed it up, we really better pull our finger out and fast. It is going to be a whole lot harder in this division than last year and we are currently a lesser side than we were at the end of the season with three days to go before we start pre-season.

    If anyone wants a laugh. Just see our current squad list on the official webpage. Midfield is a particular joke.


    • Gryff

      You’re overlooking that Kasper’s agent said he would not sign any new contract whatsoever because he wanted to be in the Premiership as soon as possible.

      It isn’t quite as easy as “oh go on, we’ll give you a couple grand more.” If the agents want to screw about they should know better than to do it with a couple as bloody minded as Bates & Grayson.

      • Dje

        I’ve absolute faith that we will never know who offered what, nothing or the moon. The whole bunch are a group of shysters. I’m not sure what it says about our ambitions if Schmeichal considers Leicester City are his best chance back to the Premiership.

        I think he’d have taken a years extension, as he’d have clocked that we are a selling club the second a player is within 12 months of the end of their contract. Believe me, with our current policy, the players and their agents are the only winners.

      • The Reaper 08

        Leicester City are now backed by a consortium hell bent on spednign there way out of this league. They have rightly been instaleld as favourites and continue to make some excellent signings.

        I think this mentality that him considering Leicester like it’s such a shocking move stinks of outrageous arrogance. You need to keep up with the footballing times.

      • Dje

        I wasn’t slighting Leicester as an also ran for next season, as I would, say Doncaster, and increasingly us.

        I think it Schmeichel was plotting his career path with his agent down at the bookies then he’d have gone with West Ham as his ‘best chance back to the Premiership’ like everyone else, which leaves Leicester being arguably a ‘better chance’ back to the Premiership than us.

        If a club spending money comes with a guarantee of promotion then I wish Schmeichal all the best, and hope it serves him better than it did with, say, Cardiff and Middlesborough last season. And in which case he is definitely better to move on from Leeds.

        I just assumed that a player with a higher level of ambition would not settle for a three year deal on the same wages we were paying him at Leicester with no guarantee of Premiership football. Two years of it on c.£12-15,000 per week as a Premiership keeper will hardly pay his mortgage. Of course, if he had stayed with us and had a decent season I’m sure a Premiership club would have come sniffing and taken him on a free for considerably better money than he is on at Leicester. Maybe it’d even be, with time, Leicester? Although I’m sure he’d hope for a better club like Villa, Everton or Fulham [though maybe he has a deficiency in the outrageous arrogance gene pool, even if I’ve heard quite the contrary].

      • Gryff

        Kasper isn’t good enough for West Ham, though. We made it as public as physically possible that Kasper is available and by the looks of it only Leicester put a bid in.

        That should tell you how other managers rate our superstar.

      • Dje

        West Ham have Rob Green, that’s why they don’t need Schmeichal.

        I do still believe he has got something to prove scouts at this level. And a competent defense in front of him will give them something fairer to assess him by.

        I just don’t recall hardly anyone saying that we needed to replace him with better at the end of the season. Talk was we need new central defenders and a left-back, can we hold on to our attacking players, and will our midfield re-sign or need to be replaced. Any mention of a goalkeeper being needed was because it was commonly understood that Higgs was leaving and that would leave us short.

        Suddenly everyone is suggesting that our keeper was shit all along and oddly that is why we let so many goals in. Firstly, for the first half of the season he made very few mistakes and his distribution was good, and only in the second half of the season did he make some blunders and his kicking become erratic. Fine, a more challenging manager might have brought in Higgs for a game or two – or good forbid we broke form, brought in a keeper on loan …. and actually USE him. Secondly, now he is apparently as quiet as a mouse and gives no confidence to the back defensive line. Well he was always a gobby shite and unless I’m mistaken invariably we had either O’Brien or Naylor at the back, and they are supposed to be the wise heads out there. Beyond them, at least in theory, is supposed to be some form of defensive cover from midfield. Only we didn’t bother with this much, but hey-ho, as long as the keeper can shout at his defense then that’ll do for cover.

        As I’ve said before, I’m not too fussed about whether or not we have Schmeichal on our books. £1m is one million, £15,000 per week is saved on the wage bill. But I am concerned that first of all you have to replace like for like or preferably better and that relies on competitive wages and if no freebie is available then a transfer fee. It also requires your management team being astute in the transfer market. I am concerned.

        Then secondly, creating a myth that one of the large reasons why we let in so many goals last season was the incompetent keeper is a disaster. It excuses a defense that we have not brought one additional improvement to (the lad Gimpel aside), and the lack of defensive cover from a midfield that we have not only not improved, but currently failed to provide!

  8. Martin Lazialle

    We dont have a real goalkeeper, Rachubka is (at best) a League One average GK…
    I hope we can sign some decent plyers, or just we are going to fight for avoid to fall again in League One…

  9. James McG

    Supprised no one has said that quote about trusting Grayson yet.
    As it is still June (just about) I am trying not to panic just yet. I’m generally pessimistic about everything involving Leeds too which I’m also trying to stop doing, until a ball is kicked anyway.
    That being said I agree with all above comments, with every passing week our situation is getting worse.
    Over to you Larry….

  10. kev

    realy not that bothered that kaspers gone,think there’s pressure now on Grayson to sign some quality players but we still have 5 of the best players in championship,Becchio,Gradel,Snodders,howson and McCormack,Nunez looked shithot the other day for hondouros,it’s time grayson played him, have faith leeds fans

  11. Will23

    Selling a (decidedly) “dodgy” keeper for let’s say £1m strikes me as an excellent piece of business.

    Whether we get a better keeper in is another decision to be judged later.

    For now, certainly I think we have got *lucky* in being able to get what we have from the not so great Svenski.

    Grayson’s *also* not so great (okay, crap) in the transfer market – on average the facts are less than convincing – , I accept that, and Grayson’s (lack of) judgement has *nothing* (zilch, nada) to do with the amount of cash at his disposal.

    Quite frankly, I would not trust Grayson with a penny.

  12. bazza

    A keeper is only as good as the defence in front of him. So we are all doomed but don’t worry lads we can all goto the Leeds united museum and remember the glory year. Anybody know off any rich oil tycoons??

  13. halifax white

    doomed doomed doomed!! might just put a tenner on us to go and crash and burn n back to the glory of lg 1!!! anyway halifax got promoted this season do i look at them and suggest to grayson and pappa past it smurf the formula (ie invest and buy players and not spend zillions on a worthless shopping mall/nightclub/bigger aisles in the east stand to reduce capicity and therefore reduce matchday income) but what do i know, only been supporting leeds for 40 yrs!!!!!

  14. Mike

    Relegation wont be too bad for Bates, he can have much reduce wage bill and still one of the highest attendances in the entire Football league.
    The only thing that will make the pair sit up and take notice is a huge drop in matchday attendances, but that wont happen and he knows it.

    • Gryff

      Bates wants money out of the club and one of the massive cheques would be his if we were promoted.

      If we’re in League One he won’t get enough income to continue on his shopping-plaza spending binge.

  15. Jacko

    Currently we have 2 excellent wide players in Snoddy and Max (wouldn’t swap with any other team in the league). We have an excellent forward thinking centre mid in Howson (as an attacking centre mid I struggle to think of much better again in this league, especially with a good holding midfielder behind him). Upfront we have one of becchio (for what he does irreplaceable) with 2 excellent forward to play along side him in Mccormack and Somma. That only leaves one positon to fill in midfield. Nunez looks like he has the quality to come on or replace Howson, as and when req. We have Aidy and Sam on the bench who are capable of changing things. Admittedly we would need more than 1 centre mid for cover, but after that its all about defence and that replacement keeper we need. We don’t need wholsale changes, we just need quality and steel in the areas that we were clearly lacking in last year.

  16. Jacko

    That said, is Clayton good enough for cover for that holding midfield spot? From what I have seen maybe, he can certainly tackle and his passing range looks exellent.

  17. Tyler 75

    I’ve had enough of the of pessimism and despair – milk bottle half-full time:

    Nunez is better than Kilkenny
    Montgomery will be swapped with Paynter to replace Bradley with Clayton as back-up
    Lees & Paddy will be the starting centre-backs
    Ben Parker & Lloyd Sam are injury free
    Max & Snoddy will stay
    Larry plays McCormack alongside a fit Becchio
    A quality, experienced ‘keeper is on the way.
    Lichaj comes back either as a transfer or a season-long loan
    Bates sells up before he’s investigated by Parliament !

    • Mike

      A positive slant is ok tyler but the facts remain the same, we may not yet have finished selling yet, all depends on offers, so far we only had one offer and svens hand was snatched off.
      Snods and gradel are by no means certain starters for us. Same goes maybe for others.
      Money rules with this management team.

  18. steve underwood

    At last tyler someone with sense this squad is still a very good squad yes it needs some addittions but not whole sale ones,ok so leicester are buying this and that but they may or may not gel ie boro last season spent millions and nearly got relegated,the preasure on them and west birmingham will be high can they handle it who knows,but i do know we have75 percent of the squad inplace now if parker and kisnorbo can keep fit and lees is has good has wat people say then that will do for me with wat looks like monty is comming from sheff utd then add clyton nunez that for me looks stronger than last season,that just needs a keeper to get so let be posetive for once

  19. number1inyorkshire

    just thought i had would say to all those talking about Kasper ambition ,and had he stayed with us and had a good season he might have got a prem league deal ,well i am out of breathe ,it wasn’t his decision to leave it was made for him albeit in my opinion the right decision for lufc .i don’t think he will be a world beater a top prem keeper ,in the mould of his dad ,or a Reina ,or seaman or any of those top keepers there are keepers younger than him better manu have just brought one in from Spain.

    Grayson doesn’t rate him , and he would have walked for nowt in 12 months or half price at Christmas .

    the lack of spending at all parts of the pitch is worrying but it is early so i will save my disappointment til later

  20. Matthew

    Though he was a good keeper, he made too many mistakes, you could say a good number of goals conceding last season were down to dodgy mistakes he made.

    Naming one example example as the final game of the season against QPR, bad goalkeeping let the goal in.


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