Leeds have confirmed they have accepted a bid from Leicester City for Kasper Schmeichel.

The amount is unconfirmed yet rumours have put it around the £1m mark. There had been speculation over the goalkeeper’s future at the club considering he had just one year left on his contract and today Simon Grayson has said that, after speaking with the player’s agent, it seemed an extension would be difficult to agree upon and that accepting the bid would be in the best interests of the club.

Leicester are in a position to invest heavily this summer in an attempt to challenge for promotion next season. Schmeichel, who was recently called up to the Denmark international squad, has had an impressive season despite conceding a lot of goals. It was thought he would be in demand but should he go, it would free up a lot of space on United’s wage bill with the Dane rumoured to be one of the highest paid players at the club.

Leeds have been linked with young ‘keeper Keiren Westwood for a while which did suggest a move may be on the cards for Schmeichel. There’s no doubt, should this deal go through, he would be missed but as last season went on it became clear that maybe he isn’t as good as his reputation (and name) suggests. Should the million pound figure prove accurate then it is possibly a little disappointing, not least for fans to see big players being sold off to division rivals. The lack of ambition is more than a little frightening and there is definitely a feeling that, with promotion the aim for next season, the team should be built around promising young talents like Schmeichel. However, he arrived on a free so it could be seen as a good profit and should provide no excuse for Leeds not to reinvest and bring in a more than adequate replacement.

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  1. pabs1983

    I’ve just heard Nigel Martyn is looking to get back into the game and feature alongside Smith, Bowyer and Woodgate

    • Bradley Lomas

      I’ve heard rumours Lucas Radebe is coming back too, they feel he’ll make a great defender despite his age, and on the plus side he’s free.

  2. Oliver

    Most are constantly on uncle Ken’s back but I think this is a great bit of business, and was probably pre-planned when he first signed.
    A great shot stopper yes but surely all goalkeepers should be? His weakness’s outweigh his strengths, he is defiantly replaceable for a lot less than £1,000,000.

  3. derbyshirewhite

    He’s let in more goals than almost any keeper in the league in front of the biggest crowds in the league and his agent’s still chiselling for more money. Sure he’ll improve, but not at our expense. He’s a bit on the short side for a keeper anyway. Feckim.

  4. Mersey Whites

    1 Million pounds for this kid is a lot of money. I cannot remember the last time he claimed the ball from a corner or FK.
    Took little pressure of a poor defense.

    Though will miss his shot stopping ability, as well as his speed to start attacks from either throwing or Kicking.

    Leeds will get a better keeper,in the form of Westwood if that is on the Cards

  5. Tim Hodge

    There are now rumours Westwood has signed a pre-contract agreement with Sunderland and that we’re lining up Jason Brown (as a potential back-up and not first choice I hope).

    Also seen us linked with Arsenal youngster Vito Mannone who was on loan at Hull for a while.

  6. Rish

    Isn’t Westwood heavily rumoured to be going to a Premiership club? I remember reading about links with Everton and Sunderland. If any Premiership club did become interested in him (and they certainly should be as he’s good quality for a mid-low club in the division), then I doubt that we would be able to compete with wages and attract him to sign.

  7. Matt BB

    great! jason browns a real quality addition (not) dress it up how you like tss, we’re selling a key young player for buttons to a rival, and we wont see the money reinvested. THe sooner ken bates sells up the better.

  8. Ron Devie

    looks like we’re planning for another season of consolidation!

  9. EsholtWhites

    Westwoods off to sunderland, so any out of contract keeper from the prem looks to be on the way

    Wonder what Shay Given is up to these days…

  10. trueyorxman

    Westwoods now guaranteed No1 at Leeds, he wouldn’t be at any Prem club. He’ll come

  11. Tyler 75

    We definitely need a more experienced ‘keeper. Despite his shot-stopping ability, Kasper has to share the blame for last-year’s shambolic defending, particularly – as has been pointed out – from set pieces, which are the ‘keeper’s responsibility. Speroni or Sorensen would be perfect.

  12. EsholtWhites

    nah uncle ken will offer him bus fare and half a cheese sandwich a week, Jason Brown next seasons number 1, at least Billy Paynter isnt leaving though. Thank fuck!

  13. Colin

    This is madness. What’s going on here – are we having a fire sale at Elland Road? So we’ve released/allowed to leave:


    NONE have been replaced. Add on top of that, we’re assuming that Kisnorbo will be okay to play next season – that’s a big if.

    So we’re 5 players short, and haven’t signed one. And we’re fighting off PL clubs for Snodgrass and Gradel. Are we running some sort of circus?

    We haven’t got a goalkeeper – well done Grayson. Which Championship opponent in their right mind is going to sell us a half decent keeper? They’re going to tell us to go away. And if anyone is willing to let us have their keeper, then guess what, the price has just doubled, and you know what, we better pay twice as much or else we won’t have a goalkeeper.

    And if West Sam can afford to pay Nolan £50,000 a week and Leicester can afford to offer Kasper a much bigger deal than Leeds can (SG said we wouldn’t have been able to pay him the wages to keep him at the club), the club is sending a very big sign to fans – we can’t financially compete.

    We’re a Championship club with an inept defence, no midfield and no goalkeeper. But don’t worry – we have got a shiny new £2m conference centre, a new East stand with more toilets and Exec boxes and we’re going to get a Museum. And we’re keeping Billy Paynter – he’s too good to lose!!

    Grayson said “We feel this is the right deal for the club” – what is possibly right about not having a goalkeeper? There must be a lot of people running around Elland Road in White jackets, but they’re not Macron Official Team Merchandise, they’re from Leeds General Infirmary and have those sleeves that you tie up around the back.

  14. kev

    please tell me that before grayson said yes to him going he’s got another keeper lined up,i’m sorry but i never rated him too small for me,lived on his dads name,all over the place on corners and watch a dvd of the preston game last season at home if you have any doubt,thanks for the money leicester

  15. Konsta

    Pfft. Kilkenny, Bradley and now Schmeichel. I can’t really see us being stronger than past season, if we continue to pursue only players out of contract. All the three players would be starters in most Championship clubs, so this is actually getting worrying.

    With whom are we going to replace them exactly? There’s not too many quality players available, especially with the wages we are willing to pay. Not to even begin with the frailties we had all across our back four, who are we going to sign to sort out some of those problems? And the message this sends to the rest of the players! And fans!

    There’s just too many shortcomings atm, and too little money. Hopefully some youngsters and players who where out on loan can step up BIG time, or we’ll be facing a tough, tough season.

  16. Mark R

    I am furious.

    It sends out a poor message to the fans , the rest of the playing staff and our rivals in the Championship.

    Leicester & Sven will not believe their luck – and it just reinforces the fact that we cannot compete financially with fellow Championship clubs.It’s bad form.

    Ok – Kasper has areas of his game to improve – but it was more the back 4 that were culpable for our shocking goals against last season. He’s 1 year experienced with us, just made the Denmark squad – and we cannot compete financially with mighty Leicester City ?

    If and it’s a big if – we have someone decent lined up, fair enough. It’s unfortunate that Westwood appears to have signed for Sunderland and I can’t think of anyone except possibley a season long loanee from the Premiership.
    But won’t they be young and with less experience of the Championship than Kasper ?

    SG coming out in the press saying he wants to keep Paynter but is apprently now prepared to lose Kasper – that’s all back to front.

    The speculation is also worrying about Max, and we only need him to leave and Snodgrass and a few others will have itchy feet.

    A questionable decision even before we even got going in the transfer market.
    Another normal pre season then…



    • Wanna B Frank Worthington

      Mark R. Think you are living on past glories with your mighty Leicester comment. You are simply another now only’biggish’ club trying to get out of the Championship along with other clubs who think they belong in the top flight. Is he just living off his name or he he a promising young keeper Leeds fans? Would Gradel be a big loss, unless he has changed he was always a hit or miss type player. I also assumed SG had done a fairly good job for LUFC ? Whatever happens I’d be surprised if you weren’t challenging again next season ?

  17. Riviera Kid

    I couldn’t agree more with Colin’s comments. For me, this smacks of incompetence and pure lack of judgement from all levels of management in the club. To release Higgs and publicly accept an offer for what is undisputedly a promising goalkeeper in Kasper to our rivals shows no ambition whatsoever. Kasper was arguably Grayson’s best signing (I won’t even start listing the complete dross that has pulled on a Leeds shirt under Grayson’s tenure) and is now prepared to let him go at well below market value.
    The facts are that you pay more money in wages for your better players; that’s how the world of capitalism operates. That is also the reason why we are keeping Paynter; he has no value. Quite frankly, he should be paying Leeds Utd. Why are we therefore not prepared to tie our better players down to longer term deals to run this risk of talent leaving for nothing?
    We’ll be having the same discussions when Gradel leaves at a cut-price deal and we’ve let Snodgrass go. We talk of consolidating in preparation for getting promoted this season. Teams do not pick and choose when they get promoted; you have to seize the opportunities as we should’ve done last season and compile a squad to challenge. We are doing neither of those things. It’s time for Grayson and Bates to go as we will never progress out of this division with either or both of those guys around.

  18. ben kates

    Thanks for the cash. Paid nowt, got another million in my trousers and loads of Daft tykes paying up to watch a load of freebies. Now pass me mi specs. Still can’t see what I did with the 6 million I got for that delph boy.

  19. bubionwhite

    Wow! what a load of negative comments from a load of non-believers. If Sir Gobshite from over the hill did something similar it would be deemed to be a masterstroke and good business for the club … cost nothing, let in a few goals, departed and made about £1m.

    Bradley Lomas nearly got it right … The Chief’s on his way back but as No1 keeper.

  20. Roy Gibson

    When I heard he’d gone I was rather sad, for me he was the strong foundations to a rather shaky defensive building last season. At times I was going to give uncle Ken a ring and see if I could get a trail for right back.

    0 – £1m is good business but to be this close to the start of a season without a decent keeper is quite worrying, I was expecting some replacements for our crap defense by now.

    We need to spend money before we get the multi-million jackpot of a prem place – we are quickly looking like a mid table championship side.

  21. James McGuirk

    Sell sell sell, will we have 16 players come the start of the season

  22. Tom

    Lets see who we replace him with. Kasper’s shot stopping was good but he can’t organise a defence for shit. The fact we aren’t willing to risk losing him on a free, a-la-Beckford, is worrying. It puts out a signal that we don’t believe we can go up, but he wasn’t great this year, and we can bring in someone better. I wouldn’t be worried just yet.

  23. steve underwood

    First things kasper is not as good people seem to think,maybe the defence were bad because of him never came for a cross to relieve the preasure his shot stopping got worse as the season went on.The other point he only has one year left same as gradel we cant afford another becford were a player goes for nothing lets wait till we kick of in august before we all panic.

  24. Colin

    To all those who don’t rate Kasper, all I can say is, Leicester City do. They must think something of him.

    It’s a magnificent move by Svennis. Even if Kasper doesn’t do that great, then all they have to do is sell him on. And guess what – Leicester’s asking price will be more than the £1m they paid, so they’ve guaranteed themselves at least a profit and hopefully a great keeper.

    Oh, and don’t forget, as a Brucie bonus, they’ve just screwed title rivals Leeds United over, because they no longer have a keeper.

    • Irving08

      I am rather pleased that a goalkeeper who let in such a large number of goals last season is being sold to a rival team. I am, for once, quite impressed by Grayson’s clear sightedness with respect to transfer dealings. If a goalkeeper has not by the age of 24 rectified such well documented fundamental failings as a complete inability to organise a defence, or even remotely command his penalty area, then he is unlikely ever to do so. It has been remarked that one does not notice the work of the best goalkeepers. Unfortunately Mr Schmeichel’s work became all too noticeable as the season wore on, for the confusion he caused in the defence and his poor positioning at crucila junctures and – yes – also for some excellent saves, though these could never redeem his evident shortcomings. But, of course, we expect a superior replacement…..

  25. trueyorxman

    Maybe this site should be re-named ‘The Scratching Head’, as thats what most of us are doing right now!

  26. Paul South Wales

    Totally agree with the last few comments, let’s see who we replace him with, there are far better keepers out there, where’s Lee Camp these days? If KW comes in result, keep the faith MOT

  27. trueyorxman

    @ken bates. Your spending the £6M from Delph on the East Stand development at the mo’. By the time you depart there’ll be more people sat in exec boxes than on the terraces. As the old song goes ‘time to go, time to go….’

  28. trueyorxman

    Kaspers just released a statement denying he’s signing for Leicester or anyone else. Nice to see the players are being treated the same as us…like f**king mugs!

  29. TSS

    I’m honestly not that disappointed. He’s a good shot stopper but he doesn’t have the experience to control the defence and makes a lot of silly mistakes. You don’t concede that many goals with a quality keeper I’m afraid, regardless of how bad the defence may be

  30. steve underwood

    There are better keepers out there kasper is to small he cannot command his area and as for kicking,im sure we will get a better keeper we are still omly in june

  31. steve underwood

    Just seen kasper twitter responce it seems he wants to stay looks to me leeds have allready got his replacement sorted

    • Mark R

      Good investigative work Shez.

      His statement really puts the cat amongst the pigeons.



  32. Dje

    Out of all our young-ish talent at the club, the key players, Schmeichal is the one I’d be least concerned in seeing go. I presume Bates has told Grayson that he has to sell to spend. Time will tell if this is good decision ~ for club or manager.

    Grayson has really built the pressure on himself here. The fans are more than restless now, so he must have something big lined-up, and not just in way of a new keeper. Ultimately it could well be his breaking if we have a poor start to the season against some tough early games. Who’d be a manager, huh.

    The only thing I really don’t like to see from it – after Schmeichal’s Twitter, which you have to respect his right to demonstrate his loyalty to the club – is a loyal player treated so disrespectfully. It can’t be good for morale with existing players, and it can’t be a good advertisement for potential future players either. It’ll be interesting too to see if Schmeichal refuses to go to Leicester and were that leaves the changing room faith in their manager. ‘In Grayson We Trust’? I bet they don’t.

  33. Tim Hodge

    Just seen Kasper’s twitter. Must say I’m disappointed we didn’t present him with a formal contract offer. He’s stated he doesn’t care about the money so an offer of an extension couldn’t have hurt.

    A £1m turnaround is good but only if we have an adequate replacement lined up.

  34. paulg

    This is a no-win situation, seems to me.

    Option 1 ….. hold Schmeichel to his contract, and in 12 months he can walk for nothing – whether we get promoted or not. Cf Jermaine Beckford. Cue umpteen numpties whingeing “why didn’t the club do something about this ….???”

    Option 2 ….. take whatever money is available and run. And face umpteen more numpties, some of whom will be same ones as in Option 1, saying “Why are we letting him go ……??” (Oh look – they are.)

    Option 3 ….. continue to discuss in good faith, and watch the weeks roll by until January …… when he can sign a pre-contract agreement, which takes us back to Option 1 again. Cf Johnson and Kilkenny …..

    Like the majority of other clubs, Leeds have to face the fact that Bosman has given the players (or more likely their agents) the upper hand in these dealings – especially those players who are in demand ……

    As for Schhmeichel’s quoted comments – well, what do you expect him to say? “Good – I’ve wanted a move ever since the season ended ….” What’s the betting that this time next week (or whenever the deal is completed) he’ll be professing his life-long love of Leicester, Sven and Walker’s Crisps?

    And to pick up on a point raised by several folks – no, actually we CAN’T compete financially with a lot of the clubs in this league; we don’t have a wealthy owner (not in footballing terms, anyway) and we don’t have parachute payments.

    But hey – maybe we could get Ridsdale back, and rack up another £100m of debt ……..???!

  35. Shez

    Lies United. Disgraceful actions by the club…although I am not surprised in the least, this happens at all clubs, it is just Schmeichel is having none of this bollox trying to make out he is seeking a move when in fact our wonderful chairman is seeing the ££££ sounds towards the wonderful East Stand redevelopment costing a whopping £7M…he’s got £1M…£6M to go…Snoddy next for £4M then Max for £2M and he’s got it paid for. No ambition. No chance. And now…no keeper. Send out great signals to future signings doesn’t it (but we all know Bates couldn’t give a damn about improving the squad…just the East Stand…

  36. Mark

    Only one word to sum this up:


    This is not simply about letting a promising “young” keeper with the potential to develop join a rival club, it is the message it sends out to the 25,000 fans who turn up at ER week in week out, its the message it sends out to any other promising “young” player at ER, its the message it sends out to any player thinking about joining Leeds United this summer and perhaps most concerning of all the message it sends out to the other clubs interested in our better players (we’ve only got three of them as it is).

    If grayson had already signed a couple of keepers that put this (reckless) decision in perspective then fair enough, he hasnt. As many on this board will already be aware Graysons record in the transfer market is really poor so what comfort should any Leeds fan have that kasper will be replaced with a better keeper, no comfort at all.

    I agree there are better keepers out there than Kasper, the only problem is Leeds wont be signing any of them. We wont be signing westwood thats for sure. If we couldnt get close to agreeing a new contract with Kasper why would any of you think we will spend more money elsewhere, its simple we wont. We will end up with some no mark reserve keeper on loan for the season that wont give a toss about Leeds United. Brilliant strategy.

    Maybe the plan is for paynter to go in goal next season, may as well we havent got anybody else.

    How can having no professional goalkeeper on the books at Elland Road be “best for Leeds United”.

    Whos next Gradel, Snodgrass or Becchio.

    In Grayson I dont trust.

  37. Shez

    Mark well said…a great post. However, Grayson is a puppet and Bates is the evil puppet master….pulling every string and clawing in every penny, milking the fans, making mugs of us all…enough is enough. Next up Snoddy to Norwuch…”in the best interests of the East Stand development.”

    • Mark

      I agree Grayson is a puppet, its why i dont like him. If he isnt a puppet he is clueless when it comes to long term planning and strategy.

      I really hope i am proved wrong over the next 10 months, think the odds are against it though.

      • Tim Campbell

        Not so much puppet Mark, as Muppet methinks lol

  38. rjwaugh

    were going back down.
    how can people say he’s crap, he’s one of best keepers in league and its our defence that has been letting him down, hes a brilliant keeper.
    id say hes worth at least 3x of what were selling him.

    get that fat fucking basterd out of this club before we do go down. AGAIN!!!

  39. Mark

    Quick Update:

    Leeds interested in Jason Brown on a free transfer.

    Fact: Jason Brown 5ft 10′
    Fact: Kasper 6ft 1″

    Fact: Jason Brown is fat

    Fact: Jason Brown has played 16 league games since 2006

    Fact: Jason Brown insnt good enough to play for Leeds United (or any other club with premiership ambitions)

    Fact: He was useless when he came to ER on loan (Higgs was better and brown only played when Kasper and Higgs were both injured)

    Fact: he is FREE

    Fact: garyson bound to sign him and tell us all its a great signing for Leeds United

    Panic me, not with a mastermind like gormless, sorry i mean grayson at the helm.

  40. number1inyorkshire

    kasper moving shouldn’t be a surprise him going to one of our rivals should .i do agree though there are better keepers around however brown isn’t one of em .
    lets be honest bowyer ,woodgate and smith isn’t the answer of the 3 i would only take bowyer ,why do we have this love affair with ex players ,there will be somewhere in the vaults in the elland road shop the smith clothing range which many youthful fans adorned til he saved our club by going to m a n u.they will be back on sale .these players are not the way forward and no news is bad news on transfers .

    its time for leeds to get into the business of being a football team and not pissing about with various building schemes .

    why cant bates and his bitch grayson be gone there will be no promotion or playoffs this season .

  41. steve underwood

    Every manager makes bad buys even scum have bought crap but lets not forget grayson got becchio free snoddy gradel next to nothing kasper free kisnorbo free all very good players so lets at least give him a chance to get players in before we crucify him.,and to all the people having a go at bates when he took us over we were 100 mill in the red now we are breaking even so lets give him some credit

    • Paul C

      I will ignore the comments about Snodgrass & Bechio…not worth a reply as Grayson had nothing to do with either of them .

      But my God ..How many times does this need to be said?? How many times do we have to rubbish the propoganda from Bates’ gang of followers.

      When Bates took over LUFC was in debt of around £25m , the bulk of the debt had already been written off by our major creditors when Birch was CEO and assets had been sold off. In the next two years after Bates took over the debt increased by another £15m and he took the club into administration and into oblivion , a decision we the fans are still paying for.

      I would hang on sending off your letter to the pope for Bates’ sainthood just yet if I were you

  42. Ben Pugh

    I couldn t agree more with you mark.You have made very compelling arguements and facts in your two posts.I think we are going to be looking at some very old keepers on freebies at this rate.Of all of them(Brasso,Flahavan and Hahnemann spring instantly to mind)I would choose Hahnemann as despite the fact he s 39 he s still fit and has played plenty of games in the last two seasons.Could do alot worse than offer him a 1 year contract whilst we keep an eye on a long term no.1.

  43. Ben Pugh

    steve mr Becchio and snodgrass where bought to the club my none other than gary mccallister who should come back as chief scout!


    I’m really trying to reserve judgement until the end of the transfer window, but things are looking pretty bleak for next season. If we need to move Schmeichel on to free up some wages and strengthen the team overall then perhaps it could prove a good deal for the club, but I’m not convinced….

    Johnson and Kilkenny are easily replaced and I didn’t think we should pay over the odds to keep them, but Schmeichel is different and could be worth several million in a couple of years if under a long term contract.

    If we don’t announce some good signings on the back of this I reckon the decision of whether to get my season ticket or not has been made for me.


  45. steve underwood

    Yes sorry about that they were but i stand buy that he has still bought in some good players

    • Mark

      Agree He’s brought in a couple of good players, unfortunately the list of really poor ones is much much longer.

  46. Tim Wilsom

    I was initially shocked at the announcement but let’s face it, he let a lot of goals in last season, ropy defense or not

  47. steve underwood

    I still think the squad only needs tinkering with get a commanding keeper bring in lees to partner kisnorbo would like to see two tough tackling mf let howson play free role snoddy gradel out wide becchio up front

    • Dje

      Unbelievable. Our defense, which was abysmal last season, is now to be built on a defender untested at this level (or the league below), and a player who hasn’t yet come back from a career threatening injury and a year out of football. We have no left back of note – Parker looks lost and White is not a defender – and a very ordinary right back in Connolly. We now apparently have no keeper, nor one on the bench. In the centre of midfield we have no one. We have Johnny Howson who is an attacking midfielder, as is Nunez. The last decent central midfielder who could tackle/break down the opposition was David Batty! And how many have we tried in that role since?!

      So we have some fine attacking wingers, an attacking midfielder and a striker or two. That’s it. No noticeable defensive. Great, I look forward to a season of 3 – 6 defeats.

      Grayson might fix it of course, if he pulls his finger out. But it’ll take a hell of a lot more than tinkering ~ and that’s before he sells off any of our other decent players.

  48. Will23

    Okay, seems like it is good business for the club to raise funds “lost” on the sale of Johnson & Kilkenny.

    Better sell Schmeichel (nice guy, but big in name only, & really not actually fit to tie the laces of someone like Paddy Kenny) if it means keeping Gordon Brown’s lovechild, Snodgrass.

  49. Brian T

    Looks like Bates will be playing for us next season at this rate of going.

    Gradel…Snodgrass…who’s next to go?

    Back to league one guys!!

  50. John Ganmble

    “I’ve had no enquiries for Billy,” Grayson told the Yorkshire Evening Post. “He had a stop-start season last year, but I’m not looking to get rid of him because he’s a good player. When he did come into the team, he showed his quality.”
    Oh god we are in big trouble. Kasper can be replaced but the man scouring the market for replacements comes out with utter tosh like this.

  51. steve underwood

    Not sure why people seem to hate grayson,when he took over we where 9th in league 1 got to the play-offs then we beat man u take spurs to a replay then get promoted now back in championship finish 7th above teams who spent millions IE boro leicester etc wat do people want give the guy a break

    • John Ganmble

      I have a lot of time for Simon but his record in picking out players is not great. I admit this is mainly due to the limits placed on him by the great one. But Paynter “Quality” ? Just hope the scouts are on form over the next few weeks because Simon still seems to be struggling.

  52. Tim Campbell

    I have a theory that Van der sar is going to sign for us and not retire after all – He is really a closet leeds supporter and wants to stick it to the mancs lol

  53. KarLLL

    To me it was always puzzling for our highest paid player at the club to be our goalkeeper (if you believe what you read). I think that we could get a keeper of equal or better quality on less wages and use the rest gained to invest in premiership quality players in other areas of the park.

    I just hope this is all part of the masterplan.

  54. Konsta

    Whatever one might think of Kasper, that’s the third starting player gone and it’s June. We made an amazing attempt to reach the play-offs in the past season, despite just being promoted and now that very team is falling apart.

    We we’re already short in numbers (or at least in quality) at the centre of the park- now two gone. We we’re short at GK department – now our no.1 is gone.

    Our biggest problem was no doubt the fact that we conceded too many goals, and one of the most important things in forming a good defense is stability, especially across the back three- CB’s and the GK. Not only do we lose the best young goalie in the league, but also the whole season worth of experience with the man between the sticks. It’s absolutely vital for players to have someone behind them who they can trust, and to have a goalie who knows the players in front of him.

    Now we have very a limited time period to get things sorted at the back, and we’re in desperate need of a new no.1 along with established centre back pairing. No matter how you look at it, but we can’t realistically expect our defensive record getting better any time soon. No matter who we sign/ don’t sign, unless it happens extremely quickly. (not)

  55. Altrinchamandrew

    Shambles. Will Snoddy want to stay now? Appears we’re dismantling a side that we’ve spent 2 years building. Disgusted how we’ve treated Kasper; it’s official now, Leeds is a selling club. We just cannot compete on wages with ex Premiership clubs with parachute payments or clubs with rich investors.
    NOW is the time for the long awaited overseas investors to show their hand and make their move. MOT

  56. KaiserChief82

    I’m really not too bothered if Kasper is sold tbh he has no authority over his defence, does nothing at corners & free kicks and can’t kick the ball for shit!

    What will concern me is if by the end of the week we have no news on who’s replacing him! Please say it won’t be Jason Brown!!!

    I can’t help think (hope) that SG & Bates must have someone in mind that’s likely to replace him. Otherwise this is the most risky and downright ridiculous piece of business I’ve witnessed in my 20 odd years supporting Leeds.

    I’m on board with the idea of taking £1M now rather than nowt in a years time, but for us to have taken this decision there MUST be a keeper on the way that SG thinks can do a better job than Kasper…

    • number1inyorkshire

      i hope you are right kaiser .westwood fine brown not so .
      you have to believe for now grayson has a keeper lined up and getting rid of kasper now ,will say to the new one you are going to play every week as number1 ,then it will be our youth keeper then brown .

  57. Paul

    I hate to say it but i think we are in the brown stuff once AGAIN….No (GK)Crap defence No middfield ONE good striker and two players that will no doubt be sold i.e MAX and SNODDY….i cant see this getting any better any time soon…? KB and SG NEED TO FIX UP OR DO ONE..I love my club but these two morons are making it bloody hard….Sort it out lads…PLEASE…..

  58. number1inyorkshire

    seems kasper wasn’t, going to agree another deal so would have walked for nowt in 12 months so take a million now .

    a million quid would buy a decent keeper at any level ,but it will not get spent on the team it will be on the museum ?????????????????????????????????????????

    bates will build his stuff ,buy the ground ,and sell the lot like Chelsea .so we are stuck til all that is done with bates .as for grayson .
    we need some fairly big names at leeds now there is no quality i will say if grayson gets it wrong he will be the bates scapegoat and will go by Christmas .

  59. Soho White

    At the risk of repeating many of the comments above, I think this is a very worrying development. No, Kaspar was not as good as his dad, but he is young and improving. Sven is no fool when it comes to judging players and I think this will come back to haunt us. The really sad thing is that we were quite happy to sell him to a direct rival.

    Surely, the Brown rumours are a joke. Maybe 3rd choice at best, so lets hope there is an ageing prem reserve happy to come. Hahnemann is not a bad call for a year.

    The real issue is the message this sends out. It shouts out that we have no real ambition to challenge for promotion and that the wretched corporate boxes come first. The problem is going to be filling them. This may just be the season where the ever faithful fan base starts to realise that Bates has been taking the piss out of them for too long and that its time to vote with their feet. If we get off to a slow start [entirely possible with our opening fixtures], I could see gates tumbling down towards 20,000 at ER and then the business model starts to look even more shaky. Couple this with the fact that Leeds, with potentially big income through the gate, should have an advantage when the Uefa financial rules come into play, then you can see that we are heading in completely the wrong direction under the utter embarrassment that is Ken Bates. I could go on….

  60. ben kates

    Look the wife said, “get me a dog.” This bloke down the pub told me he could get me the one off corrie for nowt. The Mississippi is fuming. Says only diamonds will calm her. A million should buy her something good off QVC

  61. Mojoluafc

    I just dont get this one, Kasper saved us a lot of points with a dodgy defence in front of him. SG says he can improve in this area, yeah course u can with another young year long loanee from Arsenal or summat.

  62. captaincrash

    Been away – gutted. Not just his quality as a keeper but as a sign of a brighter future, talisman type of character.

    Let’s see……


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