If it wasn’t so infuriating, it’d be laughable hearing the same panicked Leeds United fans forecasting our imminent doom based upon a few loose transfer links touted around by the national rags and hit hungry rumour websites.

The days of the internet forum and social networking sites mean these rumours that were once easy to dismiss based on the low credibility of the paper or website publishing them, are now spread instantly across the world, all the while gaining attention until they arrive at a stage where they’re pretty much considered fact.

The spread of such rumours can often make it difficult for the original source of the nonsense to be located. Not only does Twitter, Facebook and the overwhelming number of Leeds United forums play a part, but other websites pick them up and reaffirm this nonsense too, whilst at the same time making it harder still for the origins of these claims to be located.

My advice for silly season would be to find yourself a dark hole somewhere and hibernate until the 2011/12 campaign begins.

The problem is however that we’re the ones creating the hysteria of it all. The absence of any actual news creates as much panic as the rumours created to fill that void (and more importantly, profit from it).

You demand news, the papers will happily take your money and create some for you. The news organisations once tasked with reporting the facts have found it’s much more profitable to occasionally dip their feet in the fiction market. After all, we’ll lap them up like an addict desperate for a fix and regardless of how true it turns out to be we’ll be back for a fresh injection of nonsense the following day.

Josh Billings once said that “As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand”. He was right too. People don’t care for truths. They care for the kind of fantasy scenario that has David O’Leary’s Leeds United team braced for a reunion. They care for the kind of scandal that has Robert Snodgrass, Jonny Howson and Max Gradel en route to the Premier League.

Football is simply man’s equivalent of Eastenders. And much like Eastenders, there’s no end in sight.

Amongst all this doom and gloom however, one must concede certain things do concern a little. Ken Bates was quoted as saying – whilst obviously meant a little tongue in cheek – that a certain individual would have to remove a zero from his wage and half it if he wanted to return to Leeds United. Now, I personally can’t think of a bigger waste of money than this player but putting his reported wages through Ken Bates’ equation means he’s offering £3,000 a week. This time last season Leeds United were claiming they didn’t have to pay mega bucks to lure players in because our competitive wage structure meant they were queueing up. Strange then that wage demands always seem to be such a sticking point nowadays.

The other thing that grates a little is Ken’s Meccano Project that has been bolted onto the side of the East Stand. The work currently ongoing at Elland Road is believed to have cost around £7m – more than the combined total we’ve spent on players in the last few seasons. Are a dozen or so executive boxes, some new offices and a museum really as important as a squad capable of landing a £90m promotion? Sure, Elland Road has seen better days and it does need regeneration, but the priority should be a return to the wealth of top flight football before money is spent on our chairman’s vanity project (or ‘legacy’ as I’m sure he’d wish it to be called).

That said, despite the chairman’s tight-fisted ways and confused priorities, I have full faith in the Leeds United manager and genuinely believe the squad he puts out on opening day will be an improvement on the one that beat the champions on the final day of last season. Year-on-year we have the same doubts and concerns, but under Simon Grayson we’ve progressed greatly over the last couple of seasons and I fully expect him to continue building on that.

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  1. kev

    the most dissapointing thing about this close season is that last season there was a real buzz around ER,just got promoted,new signings arriving on a weekly basis, the fans seemed positive that we’d be ok in the championship,this season is a different story,we’re all pissed off, we don’t seem to be adding to the squad, we knew johnson and kilkenny were gona walk,does it stem from just missing out on the playoffs,is it the fact that we all know it’s gona be a tougher league this year or is it just Bates himself we’ve had enough of him? We all need a lift just hope grayson not gona let us down!!

  2. henryv

    I am as confident and excited as you are TSS!
    I don’t know why, either!!
    History tells us:-
    a. We will be spending little or nothing.
    b. The players who are beating down our door, don’t get into our front room.
    c. Being linked with some top players is the only pleasure we get, before reality hits us.

    Simon says he has ‘signed’ a goalkeeper, subject to a medical.
    Bet you it is not Westwood! Or Eastwood!
    This is a critical close season for us, as we have shed enough players for two teams!
    We will have a few strangers in the team, so the sooner we get them the better.
    Let us hope they are not all 34 years old TSS!

    Onward and upward.

  3. des

    Tss one day you will realise the emperor really is not wearing any clothes.
    The more others smell fear the more you jump to your fantasy have faith land. If Leeds fans were being optimistic right now I’m sure you would take the opposite stance.
    Seems like truth is far less important than your ego.

  4. Tyler 75

    SG’s clarified that the Kasper decision was a ‘footballing’ decision and cited the number of goals conceeded last season as the main reason – which if true (it was Kasper not willing to commit to a longer contract yesterday) – is pretty ruthless. My gues is that the ‘keeper deal is probably Brown as Higgs’ replacement and that a deal for a new No 1 is yet to be done.
    The Torsten Frings link is very interesting – exactly the tough tackling, experienced holding midfielder that we need.

  5. Clarkeonenil (ex ED)

    Wake up and smell the coffee TSS, by the time we play Southampton we will be looking at a qualityless, disjointed mess. Have said it before and will say it again, the mess isn’t over, not by a long chalk. Grayson and Bates are now indivisible, they are equally responsable for what is to come.

  6. Peter

    Glad to see that you have full faith in Grayson. I can’t say I share that faith.

    Last summer’s transfer dealings were laughable Collins, Bessone and Paynter (who he is determined to keep) to mention three.

    His loan signings have been debatable – Livermore, McCartney and McThing to mention another three.

    The players he sent out on loan Nunez, Clayton, Lees and White all performed well to vaying degrees for their respective clubs.

    He feels that the squad lacks experience despite the defence (our problem area) having an average age of 29.

    I also wonder about his man management skills – how many players has he left to fester in the reserves, how difficult is it to motivate players flying high at Christmas yet just creep over the line one year and miss out the next?

    Perhaps we’ve acheived what we have despite not because of Simon.

    That all said I hope I am wrong and as for the last 50 odd years will back the team that I love.

    And finally one has got to have sympathy with Simon, working for a chairman intent on creating a legacy – nothing to do with football but like Blatters air conditioned stadia a luxury Beeston hotel.

  7. peter

    Hopefully we will be signing some players who can play football, pass a ball to a team mate, shoot on target, know their position and communicate with team mates.

  8. Peter T

    £7m just what we did not have (even after selling Delph) to but Thorp Arch

    If Jason Brown is the replacement then back to League 1

  9. Mark

    I agree we are in silly season and its easy to over react to media reports linking Leeds with players and suggesting players at the club will leave, only time will tell.

    I Couldnt disagree with you more on trusting grayson to have an improved 1st eleven when the new season starts compared to the squad we had at the end of last season, whats that view actually based on.

    Graysons record in the transfer market is really poor and I see no reason why that situation is likely to improve. Bessone and Paynter on long term contracts, Collins signed and then sold within 6 months, no defensive central midfielders at all, Mcartney at considerable expense on loan (even bates took the piss out of that masterstroke) and Bannan and Livermore on loan when it was far far far to late.

    Leeds were short at the back and in midfield all last season and that is down to Grayson. Players have or will move on (that were out of contract), thats football in the 20th century so no complaints on that front. My issue is with whats left and what leeds are likely to do about it.

    Garysons statement today says he needs to make changes to the back 4 or 5 because of our poor defensive record last season. Thats bad news for all Leeds fans because Grayson was responsible for signing them all in the first place.The poor defence and non existent central midfield are down to grayson. It wasnt bad luck or misfortune. he didnt bring in the defensive midfielders that 25,000 leeds fans have known we have needed for 2 years and the defenders he brought in simply werent good enough.

    I believe Grayson loves the club, that doesnt mean hes great at his job. I am not excited about the coming season at all, i am really really worried.

    If you look at Leeds remaining squad post July 1st it is not strong. The defence and midfield needs rebuilding completely and I cant find one crumb of comfort in the thought that the task falls to Grayson to do it.

    I will still be at ER next season, and i will never stop believing in “my club”. I just dont believe in Grayson, if i’m honest I never have.

  10. Jacko

    Disappointed that Kasper is being sold, but trying to stay positive about the reasons and hopefull of a good replacement. IF we managed to hold onto the rest our prized assets I really don’t think we would be far away with a few quality additions. Becchio along side either McCormack or Somma upfront, Gradel and Snoddy on the wings, Howson as an attacking centre mid with a quality holding mid behind (who?). The defence needs work admittedly, Lihaj would be the obvious choice for RB. We then have a bench with Nunez (who can give Howson a break), Clayton (good passer of the ball), White, Sam. We can even swap to 4-5-1 for away games and drop Mcormack/Somma and bring in Clayton next to our new defensive mid. Peronally I think the defensive midfielder needs to be more about presence and have that nasty streak than he needs to be gifted as a footballer, ideally both though.

  11. trueyorxman

    Come on everybody if we sign that German bloke Frings will be looking up!! MOT

  12. Dje

    Good to see Grayson say that currently there are lots of good quality defenders available in the transfer market. That should rule out him re-using the January transfer window excuse of a lack of quality players available to buy/loan when he replaces our defensive line. If it is as bad as last years defensive recruits then he’ll have to find an entirely new set of excuses.

    • Colin

      Dje – yes there are. But Simon buys all the rotting plums instead!

  13. leeds_lad

    For me it is quite clear that Grayson is being forced to sell Kasper simply to fund other signings.Our transfer and wages policy is clearly inadequate or players would not be leaving to join other Championship clubs, who are obviously paying more. The continual spin about Grayson “never been refused the signing of a player” and “players queuing up to sign for Leeds” is lies. ….. The reality is that Grayson is a life long Leeds fan, doing his “dream job” and is aware not to contradict Bates or he will be ousted. Larry can only deal within the tight constraints in which he has to operate, and has generally done extremely well considering this. Supporters focus MUST be on removing the Bates regime quickly.

  14. Paul South Wales

    Agree with Jacko Shamoan motherf%cker!! A couple of quality defenders and a midfeilder or two added to our current core and think we’ll be a force in this league. Everyone was moaning this time last year and we didn’t do too badly, even with the shower Grayson brought in on loan. If he does the same this year he’ll be offski by Christmas, so he has to choose wisely. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised come opening day. Stay positive and let’s nail this league. MOT

  15. Old Billy White

    Strange that Kasper who was an automtic first choice last season, and survivied all of the tinkering with the defence, now appears to have been partly at fault for the number of goals we let in.
    If that is what SG thought, why did he keep such faith in him?
    Is this just a smoke screen, about cashing in before he’s out of contract?
    By the way I’m not saying we can’t improve in the goalkeeping department, we all saw some eratic decision making by Kasper last season.
    I’m a bit disapointed that the club seems to “dis” anyone who’s leaving Kasper, Johnson, Kilkenny. It smacks of Bates trying to make every player look greedy, but I suppose there isn’t anyone better qualified to spot a greedy man!

  16. MrBigStuff

    I think its harsh blaming Kasper… The majority of goals we conceded from shocking defending that Schmeical couldnt do much about… He did make some errors but which keeper doesnt, Foster, Green, Robinson and even Van De Sar… Im just praying its Westwood who is the keeper coming in…

  17. Mike

    I have rarely read such a load of egotistical claptrap.
    I suggest you go find that cave you used to go on about so much.

    Simon Grayson has just sent out the message:
    ” No matter how hard you try and really want to play for Leeds United we offer no loyalty to you whatsoever ”

    The sooner larry fux off the better, he is an utter shithouse and incompetent to boot.

  18. Brian T

    I’m not convinced that the combination of Bates and Grayson is the best way forward for Leeds.

    Bates is too tight with money and SG just lacks somewhat in his managerial ability.

    I thought it was interesting when Ian Holloway took over from Simon at Blackpool.Blackpool were kind of dithering in the championship until Holloway took over and he led them to the premier league.

    Makes me think that Simons not just up to it


    For me the jury is still out on Grayson, which is strange after 2 years. He has to work within a tight budget, but our awful defensive record had to be addressed ages ago and he has failed to do so.

    This season will be his acid test, and if we don’t progress as a team then perhaps he is not the man for Leeds. However, he obviously loves the club and I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt for now and see what our team looks like at the start of the season.

    His next few signings will make or break his career at Leeds, so fingers crossed he has something special planned.

  20. Matt BB

    think on this one.

    it would have cost us £5m to buy thorp arch. had we done so we could have raised a cheaper mortgage to pay for the east stand development c£7M, we would then have had an asset, and a lower debt liability.

    So – why did we not buy thorp arch, and where has £7m in cash come from? and why spend it on someone elses property?

    why if we had the money to do that why do we go cap in hand to the city council for a loan for £12M?

    One might infer that there is no need to buy either thorp arch, or the ground.

    Lastly why then if we are sufficiently cash rich to do this do we need to raise £1m through the sale of a player before we do any business at all.

    The more you think about this the worse it gets.

  21. eireleeds

    what a load of rubbish. Kasper is a top class keeper and still only young, but for him last season we might well have shipped over 100 goals. Something stinks about the whole deal. Not convinced either about Larry’s ability to get the best out of the more important players.
    The lack of backtracking by midfielders and forwards was shocking, 1st rule is you defend from the front. The club needs a new owner willing to develop the TEAM & PLAYERS because after all we are a FOOTBALL CLUB not the bloody Ritz.

  22. Bubionwhite

    What an absolute load of negative clap-trap … we clearly have the majority of the anti-SG/KB brigade out playing today. Today, we have a football club to support … despite all your many faults, thank-you KB.

    Whether handled correctly or not, the factual situation with Schmeichel is that he was signed by SG for free(well done SG,it was seen by some of today’s doubters as being a masterstroke), let in a few goals (some of which were down to him and not the inept defence), was sold / departed and left a legacy of £1-£1.5m … good business and thanks for the efforts Kasper. There is no doubt that he will become an extremely good keeper but Leeds United do not have the time to wait for that to happen … and as far as loyalty is concerned, I would suggest that at the end of next season he would probably do “a Beckford / Johnson”; is that the loyalty (Mike)we’re looking for? That seems to be something that’s lost in the ether.

    The club have been blamed on this, and a number of other forums for not doing more to keep a hold of Johnson and Kilkenny … why? they weren’t good enough last season and they wouldn’t be good enough next if we want the club to be back where we think they belong …take your chance Simon and find better but don’t make it another Aussie as they have to disappear too many times to play meaningless friendlies, just when they’re needed.

    Anyone seen a list of available out of contract players … I’m sure most would be able to choose a squad capable of challenging for promotion from the players available … without the need to break the bank or major investment from KB.

    • Irving08

      RE: Johnson and Kilkenny – check the stats on our points’ haul when they were playing together with Howson. They suggest that, had not Simon started fiddling with the team at and from Xmas onwards, we would have been much clsier to Norwich at the death, and possibly have gone up in their place. In SG’s defence, you may suggest that he was insuring against tiredness; if he was, then I disagree with the decision, from which our gradual decline from 2nd spot can be dated. I know Killa was away in ‘Aussie land for most of Janaury, but he was dropped before then, for the crucial Pompey game, which dented our growing aura of invincibility. Had he been playing when we were 3-1 up, there would have been somoene on the park able to slow the game down and retain possession. Simon, I feel, errs too often on the side of caution in his decision-making, whereas in football, as in life, fortune favours the brave. Talking of which, I’d make the Scotsman ‘Snoddy captain.

  23. Mike

    What are you on bubion?
    I just need to know so I can avoid it like the plague, who wants fizzy pop in the head?

  24. benlufc1986

    After looking at all the comments,and in particular,Brian T’s with great intrigue i d like to add my opinion in the mixer about a few things.Firstly I am of the opinion that Grayson is the most talented young manager in the game today.The fact that Kasper is going IMHO is to do with Bates and “his ways” more than poor judgement on Grayson s part.Grayson has to say what he said in the media to keep KB happy to ultimately sign the cheques and wages.We all have to do stuff we don t want to do whether it be in a work or social environment but it s what you ultimately do on the aftermath of such a situation that makes you a man or a mouse or I this case a good manger or not.With reference to Brian s comments whilst I agree with your compelling argument over the holloway era over Grayson s at b’pool the Fact is that is was Grayson s first managerial position whereas Holloway had already had plenty of championship experience with Plymouth Leicester etc and had been on the sidelines so had much more time to study players and go to games constantly instead of concerning himself with training regimes etc whilst being unemployeed.Another point is that when Hendry was in charge and Grayson was assistant Grayson asked chairman Karl Oyston if he could leave to manage a side after Hendry said he was cool with him leaving.The reply to this was something along the lines of “well we want Hendry to go and you in”.Furthermore Oyston was fuming with KB for getting Grayson and wanted Millions in compensation for his services.To end Grayson is still learning and I think Collins and Bessone where the only real donkies he has brought upto now(at least Bessone was at least quality the season before at swansea including a man of a match award against a strong Cardiff team so looked good on the face of things initially)Paynter was quality in pre season before his injury(how quickly people forget on here)and he will now be fully fit for the new season we hope as long as the same doesn t happen again so judge him on a 20+ games season folks not just a handful of outings!

  25. Bubionwhite

    Sorry Mike, you wouldn’t understand what I’m on and I didn’t realise you were invited so you don’t need to avoid anything. However, I do seem to remember that SG managed to do a couple of things something his predecessors couldn’t manage … promotion from L1 and a 7th placed finish and that he has earned the right to see where he can take us.

  26. Paul

    I agree with Bubionwhite.Its alright kasper saying he would honour his final year,course he will,so he can walk away like others and get a big salary elsewhere,with no transfer fee.The club is bigger than any players we have.All the talk of Johnson been a good player,has anyone ever watched him and said wow he is a great player.He is ok,thats as far as it goes.Support the team. MOT

  27. Colin

    Nobody panic. We’ll be okay because Billy Paynter is here to stay!! He’ll save us!

    I think it’s one of 2 things – either Grayson has got it all planned and he’s got a host of quality players ready to come in on July 1st, or he’s got jack shit.

    It’s a game of poker and Simon’s holding his cards close to his chest and on the table is Sexy Sven, West Sam, Milky Mackay and a wally with a brolly. Either he’s got 4 Aces or he’s bluffing.

    Let’s hope it’s the aces.

  28. number1inyorkshire

    to be honest too many walk away for nowt this is a good deal for leeds although we don’t like it so thanks and bon voyage Kasper .
    looks like people are starting to question bates and his take over from himself this will turn out bad for lufc mark my words .it will turn out that he bought it from himself and that will be against the admin rules it will cost us .
    paynter being swapped for montgomery sounds like good business to me i would take that .

    grayson seems to be saying the right things for me at the moment about QUALITY we will see but come the end of transfer window we need 5/6 players if they are not of quality we will struggle amongst them needs to be a premier league class keeper

  29. Loved them diamond floodlights

    The fact Grayson has the spuds to out a keeper who did considering his bloodline get away with not been as good as first appeared in my opinion speaks volumes of Grayson he has acted what more can he do? and he has allowed the other superstars to move on some managers would have just give em everything to gaurantee his own position but to me he has just been strong and is moving in another direction I take a bit of comfort from that I think if he wants backing he will get it

  30. Mike

    Bubion is not the only one taking things that make you light headed.
    Never mind they will see things clearer by christmas.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      Will you see stuff clear in the morning ? Cos you ain’t exactly a big contributor just wondered if you had been on contribution inhibiting drugs or something try been positive you might smile try it

      If by the start of the season we don’t have a good competitive team/squad in place I will be as psd off and friggin angry as anyone until that time I remain positive a lot goes on behind the scenes plenty of time yet our goalkeeper departure happened pretty quick didn’t it?

      Mike you are a seriel angry depressant I’m glad I got the vaccine

  31. stelufc123

    Bubionwhite is the only person on here who knows what there talking about god u all need to get a grip, getting on SG back are you lot for real, hes done alot for leeds in a short space off time and i think he will bring in quality this season infact ikno he will

    • number1inyorkshire


  32. Loved them diamond floodlights

    If we sign crap again I will lose it this had better be a joke we should have kept frigid higgs


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