The title of this post is perhaps a little optimistic as rumour and speculation often continues well into the new season, but for football fans, 54 days remains until the first ball of the 2011-12 campaign is kicked.

That’s almost two months before we’ll have any idea of the line-up that will hopefully guide us towards a long awaited Premier League return. Still, there’s plenty of speculation, rumours and damn lies to keep sites like this one busy in the meantime.

Invariably, with each transfer window comes the ‘return of the hometown lad’ rumour. I swore I’d not mention his name because the tedium of it all makes me want to tear my hair out, so for the sake of this post let’s refer to him as Calum Myth.

For those of you that can’t figure out who I’m talking about, there’s little hope for you. Survival of the fittest dictates that you’re probably too stupid to survive in this dog-eat-dog world, but I’m not one to turn away visitors so while you’re still alive and kicking here’s a few additional clues for you.

Myth is a 30 year old has-been midfielder whose wages would undoubtedly hinder Simon Grayson’s plans. Whilst he is available at Ken Bates favourite price tag (free), his injury problems mean we’re unlikely to get more than a dozen or so appearances from him. Some fans will refuse to forgive his departure to Scum meaning his arrival would undoubtedly divide the fanbase – and with Ken Bates still in charge, the thin ice our fanbase is currently supported by already has it’s fair share of cracks.

Only time will tell whether Calum Myth does return to Elland Road or not. It’s a scenario that has been considered many times in the past on this site and I still fail to see how his move could be a good thing. Expensive wages, constant injury problems and a divided fanbase – we might as well sign Harry Kewell back and have done with it. At least he was a better than average footballer in the first place.

The other major story doing the rounds is that Simon Grayson will be offered the vacant managers position at Aston Villa. Following a flurry of bets in a North Yorkshire bookies, Grayson’s odds were dramatically slashed as the bookmakers grew suspicious of insider knowledge. However, Grayson’s odds have lengthened again over the past 48 hours with other potential targets becoming favourites.

Grayson, who is currently on holiday in Barbados, apparently knew nothing about the speculation leading the more cynical fans amongst us to question whether the bookies made the North Yorkshire story up to boost interest.

Elsewhere, the talk is all about the midfield and defence. With several of last seasons squad expected to leave the club shortly the line-up come opening day is likely to see several changes from the one that ended last season with victory over the champions, QPR.

The contribution of Neil Kilkenny and Bradley Johnson to our recent fortunes has been quickly dismissed by some who feel a club of Leeds United’s stature can attract a higher calibre of player than those expected to depart. Whilst I wouldn’t disagree with that school of thought, continuity is rarely a bad thing at football clubs. The most successful clubs generally build their team around a key core of players and simply tinker with the edges. Wholesale changes could mean we start the new campaign with a mismatched squad who need time to adjust and gel as a unit.