After the Burnley game Leeds United players and staff took part in the obligatory end of season awards evening. The awards are as follows:

Player for the Year: Max Gradel

Players’ Player of the Year: Max Gradel

Young Player of the Year: Jonny Howson

Goal of the season: Bradley Johnson vs Arsenal

After the awards Max Gradel gave his thanks to Simon Grayson, the staff and the players:

“I’ve been working very hard and I want to say thanks to the manager, his staff and the players. At the end of last year I felt I let the team and the fans down and I wanted to give something back to this club because it deserves it.

This is a massive club, it’s the best I’ve been at, and to play at a club like this is a dream. I want to keep playing at this club for a long time to come.”

It’s certainly been a magnificent twelve months for Gradel who has gone all the way to making up for his immaturity in our vital promotion clinching game against Bristol Rovers a year ago.

Now, to lighten the mood, I thought it might be nice for us to give out our own awards. So here are, in no particular order, the TSS alternative end of season awards.


The Who’s He and Why’s He Wearing a Leeds Shirt Award:

Jake Livermore

Other nominations: Fede Bessone, George McCartney

The Please, Please, Please Give Him a Game Grayson Award:

Davide Somma

Other Nominations: Barry Bannan, Ross McCormack, Ramon Nunez

The Shane Lowry Thank God We Can Forget About Him Award:

Neill Collins


The Will He-Won’t He Transfer Speculation Award:

Michael Johnson from Manchester City


The He Was Born Offside Award: (@dwj66)

Max Gradel


The Most Likely to Stand Back and Watch it Bounce Award: (@dwj66)

Alex Bruce


The Least Likely to Score in a Brothel Award: (@MarkBilly)

Billy Paynter


The Services to Song Writing Award:

Leeds fans away at Burnley for “You should have gone Christmas shopping!”


The Global Conspiracy Award:

Ken Bates’ ownership of Leeds United

Other nominations: Osama bin Laden’s death

The Best Post-Match Interview of the Season Award:

Luciano-it’s f***ing-unbelievable-Becchio after Middlesbrough away.


The Why Footballers and Twitter Probably Don’t Mix Award:

Lloyd Sam – for leaving his phone logged into twitter with Bradley Johnson about.


The Snodin Family Services to Facial Hair Award:

Bradley Johnson’s beard.


I’ll open this up to the floor for your own award suggestions and your thoughts on Leeds United’s official awards.

20 Responses

  1. trueyorxman

    Young player of the year: Tom Lees!

    The ‘worst full back since Kevin Hird’ award: Feddy Bessone

    The ‘most shots retrieved from the Elland Road Chip Shop roof’ award:
    Bradley Johnson

    The ‘save my best performance til last as I’d love a new contract asap': Neil Kilkenny

    The ‘wish I’d kept my gob shut’ award: George McCartney

    The ‘only loan player we’d have back next season’ award: Eric Lichaj

  2. Scott L

    The I forgot he even played for us award – Adam clayton.
    The s**t yourself every time he’s on the ball award- McCartney

  3. Rog

    The ‘what did I do wrong award’- Shane Higgs- should have been used more often to give Caspar a kick up the backside for his
    quirky goalkeeping lapses!

  4. LUFC

    The player who should never step foot in Elland Road again award: …….. wait a minute ….. we have a tie, and the award goes to: Alex Bruce, George Mccartney, Jake Livermore, Sanchez Watt, Federico Bessone, Adam Clayton and Leigh Bromby. Well done guys you deserve it!

    • Lewis

      what are you talking about, leigh bromby played really well when he came in, and as for livermore and watt they aint done badly either despite watt being greedy

    • Graham Hugill

      That is so harsh on Sanchez. I’d take him back permanently without a thought.

  5. Dee4leeds

    The “OH SHIT! THE BALL, GET IT AWAY!” award goes to: The entire Leeds defence.

  6. trueyorxman

    The ‘most grief handed out to oppositions fans/manager by Leeds fans’ award: Winner to be announced live on BBC1 between 1245 AND 1430 tomorrow

  7. GelderdAggro

    The ‘I play for Leeds United I can park wherever the f*@# I want’ award goes to: Robert Snodgrass

  8. Camaac

    There’s some corkers there lads but don’t hold back. Go for it! The players love these too.

  9. Will23

    The change the record award for most oft repeated cliched phrase used in post match comment after failing to win yet another game:

    Winner: Grayson: “I’m sure there will be more twists and turns”

  10. Will23

    The pull the wool over the fans eyes award for not knowing who owned the club one month before announcing the club had been bought off someone they didn’t know:

    Joint winners: Harvey & Bates

  11. Will23

    The annual regional team eunuch award for consistently failing to show any balls in derbies this season :

    Yorkshire Winners: Leeds United

  12. West Stand Rebel

    The “Brick by Brick ” award to Ken Bates. At last we are promised new toilets in the West Stand!

  13. GelderdAggro

    For his finishing against Burnley, The ‘I should be on Dancing On Ice, not a footballer’ award goes to Sanchez you Watt

  14. CJ

    The “couldnt hit a barn door from 3 yards” award to BILLY PAYNTER.

    The “sicknote” award to PADDY KISNORBO.

    The “missing in action” award to THE WHOLE OF OUR DEFENCE.

    The “Janette Krankie look-alike” award to BILLY DAVIES

  15. Canadian Leeds

    The award for the Best International Player to never see the pitch goes to Ramon Nunez.

    The award for the Best Imitation of a football player goes to George McCartney.

    The award for the Best Imitation of a Defensive Coach goes to Simon Grayson.

    The award for the most invisible player in the final 10 games goes to Johnny Howson.

    The award for the best example of team pretending to be capable of making the Premiere League is Leeds Utd 2010-2011

  16. Graham Hugill

    The Award for ‘Best start to the season only never to be seen ever again’ goes to………….Lloyd Sam

  17. Jen

    The song writing award should actually be: ‘the shoving a chant back down the home fans’ throats’ award; Burnley fans sung it first.

  18. Craig

    The “Playing evening matches prevents me from getting my beauty sleep” award – The whole Leeds United Team.


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