Honduran forward Ramon Nunez has extended his loan stay at Scunthorpe United until the end of the season.

Nunez, who found opportunities hard to come by at Leeds, initially joined the Glanford Park club on a one month deal but this has now been extended. The Honduran has put in some impressive performances for Scunthorpe and grabbed his first goal at the weekend.

He has expressed his delight at being able to stay until the end of the season and help Scunthorpe in their fight for survival. Nunez goes on to claim that Leeds United haven’t said anything about his future at Elland Road so he’s focussing on playing well for the Iron and waiting until the end of the season to sort out his future.

There have been calls amongst many Leeds fans for Nunez to be tried out in the Leeds team but with a lot of competition for places this extended loan deal may be the perfect opportunity for the Honduran to show he can cut it in the Championship and persuade Simon Grayson to offer him a new contract in the summer.  He’s expressed his desire to do his best to help Scunthorpe stay in the division, a fighting attitude that wouldn’t go amiss at Elland Road.

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  1. derbyshirewhite

    He could be another Taarabt for all we know but would he stop us leaking goals? Doubt it. Hope we keep him in the summer even so.

  2. CJ

    Why has Nunez not been given a chance at Leeds? He clearly has ability & has been playing well for the reserves. That said, what’s happened to Sanchez Watt & Lloyd Sam. All three of them are wasting their time at Leeds.
    Stubborn Simon Grayson has his favourites & continues to stick with them, no matter how bad they play.

  3. Gryff

    From what I saw of him in internationals and a fleeting glimpse in a Leeds shirt he’s pretty good. He obviously gets on fine in English football since Scunny seem a half-different team since he arrived there.

  4. Peking Man

    Scunny has a game v.s Forest coming up.
    Lets hope he can do us a favour – just like Andy Robinson did us one last yr.

  5. Bubionwhite

    What a waste … SG has some questions to answer. Nunez can hold down an international place, albeit in a fairly unknown side without a problem but can’t get a run at Leeds … why?? Perhaps atry in place of Kilkenny would have been justified.

  6. Matt BB

    the real issue here is that we are top drawer up front, thats the only reason why nunez isnt getting games at leeds. When Ross McCormack, a player of proven pedigree cant get on the bench an untried honduran wont get a shot. That said he is showing grayson exactly what he can do at Scunthorpe.

    We of course are all concerned about our lack of organisation in midfield and defence and i dont think that Nunez would assist us there. While I was concerned to read in the YEP that Naylor may well play on Friday I think we have missed a leader out on the park, Howson is more of an inspirational type leader, whilst Naylor has a big gob on him and shouts at the players around him, absolutely no one else seems to do that (apart from the irritating Kilkenny) but having said that Eddie Gray made some interesting points in his column on Monday about this, in summary he believes a big problem is the team dont speak to each other sufficiently on the pitch. Perhaps a bit of communication would be not such a bad thing?

  7. Tony Le Tigre

    Ross Mccormacks not an established international midfielder though is he!!! but the same question should be asked about him too.

    the facts are our midfield is shocking has been for some years so why wasnt he given an opportunity to replace one of these 3 or alternatively as hes playing on the wing for scunny why has he not got on for sub for gradel or snodgrass or for that matter why hasnt mccormack

    we lack a leader in midfield and once you have that you defense will not be exposed

  8. Gryff

    I agree with Tony. It’s a bit false comparing McCormack (a striker-winger) with Nunez (a striker-centre mid). Gradel, Snodgrass, Sam etc. are all very good on the wing, but I wish I could say the same for Bradley Johnson & Neil Kilkenny. Given Kilkenny’s shocking form before the arrival of Bannan you have to wonder why Nunez wasn’t used as competition for him.

  9. Matt BB

    guys, not wishing to split hairs here, but theyre both attacking players, and the point simply being that there are others ahead of them in the queue, Nunez plays just behind the strikers or up front for Honduras I understand, but can operate on the right wing.

  10. Tim Campbell

    Lets look at it from another point of view. Since we will probably (i hope i eat my words) be in the championship next season, there will be a few departures from the midfield ranks over the summer break. Signing up nunez on another contract would seem the logical thing to do in light of this

    • Dje

      I thought his contract expires in the summer? Essentially us and Scunthorpe are helping him to be in the shop window for EVERY team beyond Leeds United.

      To be fair to Nunez – and his unfaltering commitment to his national team – in an age when footballers invariably drop national obligations the second that hard cash wages are more of an interest – loyalty seems to be one of his characteristics. Let’s hope so.

  11. Tim Campbell

    There has been a lot of paper talk about snoddy, max and even jonny howson going to a premiership club over the summer. We all know the situation with bradley, and kilkenny’s position does’nt look too hot either so certainly nunez deserves a chance, if only out of the respect and dignity he has shown, when certain other individuals would have thrown their rattle out of their pram

  12. Gryff

    @MattBB the point is that they play two entirely different roles. We have Gradels sprouting out of our ears while we are terminally lacking in any quality centre-mids (attacking or not). We’ve gone through the season only playing 3 centre mids and when the likes of Bradley Johnson got injured, we didn’t give Nunez a run out but instead played a 4-4-2 that didn’t suit the team.

    That speaks volumes about how well placed Nunez is to replace anybody in any position in the team. I’m also a bit mystified as to where the winger idea comes from given I’ve seen him in four international matches and he’s started as a conventional centre-mid before being moved to forward every time…

    • Matt BB

      @Gryff, there is a chicken and egg scenario here,as we just dont know – until we see him used!

      If we’re saying Nunez is in competition with Howson – and possibly Johnson, then he just doesnt stand a chance of being picked, I think Howson (while having his critics) is one of our outstanding players this season, and when he is on his game is the equal of Taarabt and the very best attacking midfielders in the championship, and I think Johnson can be the same – at his best. They both offer some physicality in their approach, For someone like Nunez to prosper he would have to go and play at a Swansea or a Rerading where the game is less about battering ram type attacking football and more about an organised, quick passing midfield, if you put Nunez next to Johnson or Howson he would just end up being overrun in my opinion, and would rarely track back to defend – oru midifeld and defence are already under enough pressure as it is!

      I also wouldnt write him off as a winger – he looks like he has plnety of pace and a good range of passing so he would stand more chance if Gradel left.

  13. Dje

    Gryff, I agree that that is Nunez’s natural and no doubt best position. I take it that because he has the natural touch and good grace of passing of a non-British player and a modicum of pace, then the likes of Scunthorpe pigeon-hole him as ‘tricky winger’.

    Undoubtedly Nunez offers something different to the rest of our squad, or at the very least competition for Howson in the attacking central midfield role, whereas another manager would see this as an excellent addition to his options, ours seems to see it and him as an irrelevance.


  14. Mightywhite83

    The problem at Leeds is there is no competition for places… As we and all the players know Grayson will pick from a group of players and that’s it for the season look at players who haven’t had a look in over the last couple of seasons… Sheehan White parker grella Nunez sam watt McCormack Robinson bromby (until the last few week) higgs martyn??! Grayson picks his side like he plays FIFA he picks the seam team every game unless someone gets injured…. I see becchios knee is knsckered now… Not a coincidence considering the amount of games he’s played and battering he’s took this season!!

  15. Mightywhite83

    The problem at Leeds is there is no competition for places… As we and all the players know Grayson will pick from a group of players and that’s it for the season look at players who haven’t had a look in over the last couple of seasons… Sheehan White parker grella Nunez sam watt McCormack Robinson bromby (until the last few week) higgs martyn??! Grayson picks his side like he plays FIFA he picks the seam team every game unless someone gets injured…. I see becchios knee is knsckered now… Not a coincidence considering the amount of games he’s played and battering he’s took this season!!

  16. Tyler 75

    Nunez is clearly a talent – no doubt about that but the jury is out as regards his physical ability for this league – hence his loan to Scunny. He does look lightweight and we’ve hardly got a heavyweight midfield as it is even Barca have a Busquets !). Maybe wing would be his best position but would he get in ahead of Max, Snods or even Sam ? The latter has been very unlucky and not put a foot wrong when he’s played.
    As much as Nayls would bring leadership to the back four, the thought of him up against Reading’s pacy, mobile forwards frightens the beejesus out of me ! cold !

  17. Will23


    Agree with you about Grayson keeping too many players out in the cold.

    I really do not think Grayson understands the concept of good squad management.

    His response to a question about what training they are doing to overcome the problem in the defence was flippant at best – judge for yourself here:


    I quote:

    “We don’t just come in, have a jolly-up and let them get on with what they’re doing”

    “If we weren’t creating chances and people were calling us a dull, boring team…”

    Sorry, but this is a professional sport.

    Grayson’s answer suggests he is the sort of person who thinks in terms of what’s cool / not cool – superficial and not focused on what is really important.

    He fears being called “dull” and wants to have lots of facebook friends by not being “so boring”! Is he 19?

    He is paid to manage the team to win games, not to entertain the fans by sending out a team that gives opposing teams two goal starts to see if we can outscore them.

    Bates will soon see his bottom line affected once the strikers stop scoring and the number of games without a win rises.

    And yet we have the spectacle of Bates having a go at the players as if creating fear in them of losing their job will somehow improve their performance!

    It’s Keystone Cops management off and on the field from both Bates & Grayson. Completely laughable.

    Meanwhile, Norwich seem to have a good manager who has actually taken his team forward this season and built a squad that is fully utilised.

    It is difficult to see past Reading dishing out a humbling result tonight given the respective form and what our recent games have shown to be complete lack of confidence in the players.

    Bates has only one man to blame for this state of affairs…it’s not O’Brien, Bruce, Bromby or any others in the squad.

    • Dje

      I read that article this morning too. Not impressed. How someone can have managed a team for the best part of the last 14 months and continually conceded a LOT of goals and not addressed it sufficiently is mind boggling. Sure, we’d love to win every game and score a hatful in each one, but when you are scoring for fun and still losing and you prefer that to being boring and possibly only sneaking a victory late on 1-0, then there’s only one fool. It’s a league, it’s about points.


      I read Bates’ questioning of players futures (“if they aren’t good enough to get us promoted then they need replacing” etc) as much a comment about Grayson and the backroom staff. There was no vocal support for Grayson from Bates in that interview – which is exceptionally rare, and especially so as Bates has been noticeably quiet on the matter since our downturn in form. If the players aren’t good enough to take us up and need replacing then why would you give money to the guy who brought in half our squad of players – O’Brien, Bessone, Connolly, Paynter, McCormack, Bruce, Schmeichel – believing they were good enough in the first place? The change of management and coaching staff is always far cheaper than replacing an entire squad … and Bates counts his pennys.

      • Dje

        Fair play to Grayson and Naylor for keeping a clean sheet tonight. Both were in for a backlash if we had conceded freely, but we kept Reading to a minimum of efforts – rare for our season.

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