On loan Aston Villa midfielder Barry Bannan has been recalled by his parent club.

He made seven first team appearances for Leeds and looked impressive whenever he took to the field. In the last few weeks however he had been left out of the starting line-up by manager Simon Grayson much to the confusion of many fans. His introduction in the second half of the home match against Watford saw him notch up assists for both Leeds goals.

Aston Villa had a recall option for the time the loan was arranged and with Bannan not getting as many games as people would have expected, it’s no surprise he’s been recalled for the remainder of the Villains’ Premier League campaign.

He looks a classy player and should go far, so we wish him all the best in the future.

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  1. Paul C

    The lad seemed far too good to be sat on Leeds’ bench. That must have seemed like an insult for the lad and puzzling to Villa . Best of luck to him in the future .

    • Partydude

      Another dodgy decision from Grayson. Bannan was better than tired Howson, Johnson, Kilkenny n Livermore, yet wasn’t even being brought off the subs bench on time.

  2. Matt BB

    for me Bannan was a luxury signing, we already had plenty of lightweight attack minded central midfielders. I can only hope with Sheffield United doomed that we pick up Monty on the cheap this summer, and or Jamie Ward! we need teeth in midfield, and organisation.

  3. Peter T

    I expect he was recalled as he was not playing

    He should have started every game
    Another SG crazy decision
    Especially as Howson played every gane and is shot as are Gradel Snoddy Johnson and Becchio
    Poor squad management = no promotion

  4. Howard Bartle

    I saw Bannon play for Villa against Man City in the cup and was Impressed with him. To be honest I thought he didn’t improve our midfield when he played. Best of luck to him in the future

  5. trueyorxman

    I bet he’s been on the phone since Mon pleading Villa to take him back, wondering why he’s justed wasted a few weeks of his life NOT playing for Leeds, whilst watching a certain Jake Livermore retain his place for absolutely no apparent reason. What was Grayson thinking?

  6. number1inyorkshire

    another young fantastic player on loan who grayson hasn’t played what is the point ??? .

    good look to the lad ,seems he is good enough to play for villa ,and there was hell on when he came on loan from their fans ,but not good enough for lazza at leeds ,OHHH MYYYY

  7. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Premier league loans should play end of very pisd at this one, if I was a perm manager I would think long and hard about sending one of my future stars to Leeds seeing as the reason to send them is to get games , obviously something gone on behind the scenes but don’t look good on Grayson

  8. Dje

    I’d just like to know why we took him on loan in the first place. If we didn’t have a position or player for him to cover/allow to take one of ours to take a break then why sign him? We haven’t had any injuries in midfield pretty much all season, so it certainly wasn’t for emergency cover.

    I can only presume that we took him on as a luxury and then used him as one ever since, probably through glib pie-eyed dreaming that by throwing in a young, hot-tipped premier league player that they would steal the show on the football field. That’s schoolyard logic, and if only it was that simple.

    Oh well, yet another reason for Bates not to give Grayson money to waste on players we don’t use, don’t get the best out of, and send on their way once more without really contributing to our team.

  9. Paddy1992

    Really confused by banana as has already been said. But let’s face it in one of the games he played he was deployed on the right wing against derby. Grayson not entirely at fault though the whole Leeds coaching staff is inept and SG should overhaul it in the summer if were to achieve anything.

  10. number1inyorkshire

    reading the various stuff about leeds beating burnley all good ,aside from GRAYSON STILL BELIEVES , WTF
    unless qpr get a massive points deduction ,mmmmmmmmmmmmm , or we beat em 7-0 and forest get beat then its over .i knew i had seen larry before ,was he the iraqi press secretary who said “there are no US tanks in iraq” as they rumbled past live on tv


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