Another week and another dose of reported interested in our rising stars. This time West Brom are the team being linked, and the players involved are Robert Snodgrass and Jonny Howson.

The story, published in The People claims West Brom scouts were in attendance as Robert Snodgrass and Jonny Howson strutted their stuff in a recent Championship game.

While this isn’t the most unbelievable link I’ve heard this season, the story does start to fall apart a little when The People claim the pair would fetch a fee in excess of £2m.

If by ‘in excess’ they mean more than £6m, then the call to Elland Road early June may not result in Shaun Harvey and Ken Bates rolling around on the floor in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

But even if West Brom can scrape together enough money to tempt the Elland Road chairman into a sale, they still have to convince the local born, Leeds United supporting captain of our football club that a life of tedious mediocrity living in the shadows of Birmingham and Villa would be better than playing as the homegrown hero at Elland Road.

Even Robert Snodgrass, whose only real allegiance to Leeds United is the opportunity we gave him to impress English football could be a hard player to tempt. Money is no motivation to the Scottish star, he proved that when he joined Livingston over Celtic a few years ago. He’s also stated publicly that his goal is to become immortalised at Elland Road, like the Scottish greats that preceded him – Eddie Gray, Billy Bremner and Gordon Strachan to name but a few.

Both players are happy at Elland Road, and whilst they both have dreams of Premier League football I’m sure neither of them would want to take any shortcuts and join one of the least interesting clubs in the Premier League. Jonny Howson is ‘living the dream,’ playing for the club he grew up idolising, whilst Robert Snodgrass is enjoying his football and seems happy to be a part of a club where Scottish legends like Peter Lorimer and Eddie Gray are always on hand for a bit of professional guidance.

In my slightly biased opinion, I think West Brom are barking up the wrong tree with this one. Their scouts’ time would be better spent observing their next opponents, before the Premier League status they were relying on to turn players heads is nothing more than a distant memory.

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  1. Scott

    Who in their right minds would want to move from a club like Leeds to a club like West Brom? In fact, who in their right minds would speculate that players were going to do this? Especially players of Howson and Snodgrass’ calibre :’)

    • TSS

      In fact, who in their right minds would speculate that players were going to do this? Especially players of Howson and Snodgrass’ calibre :’)

      The people at the… erm… The People.

      To be fair, they don’t generally dabble in too much BS which is why the story caught my attention. I don’t doubt their was West Brom people in attendance, but do wonder how they managed to ascertain that the players they were watching were Snoddy and Howson?

      • Matt BB

        TSS – thats a fair point, there have been rumours about Johnson & WBA all season, he is probably more the likely target – and Gradel who is out of contract soon and refusing to sign. If I was WBA I’d be looking at Somma too I bet you we get big offers for him this Summer.

    • Trochtova

      Maybe it is because we are a club in the Premier League, who have a history before Leeds City existed, and without changing our strip in awe of another club.

  2. Ilkleywhite

    Well let’s face it, any premier club would probably see Snodgrass and Howson as good signings, and you could add Kasper, Gradel, and Bechio to the list.
    But as Snodgrass has publicly said, he doesn’t want a transfer, as he feels he will be with Leeds in the Premiership before too long anyway, and Howson is a local Morley lad that has Leeds in his blood, the only way they would go, is if the club decided to sell them, and as far as I am aware, the club is financially stable, and doesn’t need to sell, it just shows how far Leeds has come, in that our star players are now been talked about again in terms of multi million transfers, and are being pursued by premier clubs, at last it seems that the journeymen we attracted over the last couple of years are well and truly behind us, and we can look forward to another great Leeds team.

    Here’s hoping


  3. Matt BB

    Dont mock, if we dont go up then the PL is tempting, Beckford went to Everton, because to be frank they sh*tloads more than we can, and even West Brom are the same.

    While we are in the championship we stand no chance of getting into Europe (unless we win a cup..) hence youll get that (agreeably very slim) chance if you sign for a west brom, but moreover you prove yourself at the highest level when you play and have a good game against Man United or Liverpool. And get noticed by those bigger teams, and Europe.

    I cant think of many people who are happy to accept mediocrity in their careers and the likes of Howson and Snodgrass are no different. It is challenging now to be going for the play offs, but with a limited lifespan in football you take your chances when they come along.

    thats the reason players leave us for basically underachieving PL teams. See what happens to Beckford if his Everton Career continues to rise, he’ll be off to a bigger club.

    • TSS

      Nah, I’m sorry but if Howson and Snoddy wanted to leave (which I doubt either would) then they’d not go to West Brom. A lifetime of relegation dodging isn’t a career. Players like to win – that’s a rare occurrence at West Brom.

      Becks went because it was Everton – a huge and stable club who usually have a chance at a European spot.

  4. Bill

    They are 1 point above the drop zone. I would have thought their plans would be more likley concerning survival than signing players.

  5. Matt BB

    West Brom have got big plans, I think they will offer big contracts irrespective of what division they are in.

      • Matt BB

        West Brom have had a major shake up in their business structure with new chief exec, a forme rlawyer, who I have worked with, a very sharp guy. I think what theyre looking at is yes, consolidating, but they certainly plan to go one better than the likes of Wolves and Birmingham City, and actually challenge for top half football.

        Its easy to mock clubs like that, but unlike us they have the benefit of a seinsble business model which has been run as such for the past 5 years plus, and premier league income.

        I think youre right however inasmuch as its not howson and snodgrass theyre watching, they simply couldnt afford them, it will be looking for good quality free signings like gradel, Somma and Bradley.

  6. badras

    wba will of just been watching johnson and maybe killer . howson and snoddy to wba is as likely has me winning lottery

  7. lufcjames

    As has already been said, no player worth their salt would leave Leeds for a yo-yo club like West Brom. Howson and Snoddy have ambition, there isn’t a chance they would leave Leeds for a lower end Premiership/top end Championship club.

    When we get back to the Premiership I have no doubt we will achieve more in one season than West Brom have in god knows how many seasons in the Premiership. There is a good chance they won’t even be there next season.

    Reminds me of the Grayson to Burnley link. Two divisions separated us at the time of the speculation, within a few months we were in the same league.

  8. DroitwichBaggie71

    There’s absolutely no need to talk down to my club West Bromwich Albion like this you arrogant lot. We have accomplished more than you can possibly dream of in the last decade you deluded fools ok we have been up and down in the premiership and Championship but that only cements how good our club is because how many teams do you know that have done it so successfully than us on the budget and wage structures we have had and year by year we get stronger and stronger so give West Brom a bit more respect idiots. Boing Boing!!!

  9. Shaun

    Really tell me whn last time wba woz in euro ur happy to fight relegation every year not be big head but leeds aim to win the league we are in how ever unlikely Tht sounds but respect u have cemented a yo yo position but get better everytime no. even tho is time your better thn last time u woz in premiership but Tht woznt hard

  10. DroitwichBaggie71

    Pity you haven’t had the same success at getting back to the Premiership as us because I think Leeds are a big club that deserves to be there for the shear size of the club and support they get but hey i’m a West Brom fan and will defend them no mater who we are up against, besides that I was refering to the last decade not history in general. Good Luck to Leeds Promotion campaign this term Maybe we’ll battle it out on the field next year fingers crossed hey. Boing Boing!!!


    Leeds are undoubtedly in the top ten biggest clubs in England and will offer far more opportunities in the medium to long term than WBA. Both Howson and Snoddy are young and sensible enough to see they are far better with us unless a top premiership team makes an offer.
    That’s not being arrogant, it’s just a fact!

  12. Baggie Boy

    Sorry lads, as an albion fan i just had to add to your ‘little league’ debate.

    As for living in the shadows of Blues and Vile – do me a favour…..Blues have only ever won ONE cup and that was 2 weeks ago whilst the Vile have a mad frech man in charge! (Wolves are the traditional rival by the way should you be intersted)

    A Yo Yo club we may be but i would say that is better than being a ‘Yo’ club – you have to go up to go down boys.

    I wont deny you had a good ten year spell in 60’s / 70’s but really thats about it as far as i can tell, so you expectations of “winning the league” are highly amusing.

    Sort your own house out before you start mocking us. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!!

    • Sniffer72

      I’m afraid your research might be a bit lacking here.

      We last won the league in 1992 (a season when you were in the 3rd division, much like Leeds have been recently), not exactly ancient history is it? Plus add in the Champions League exploits at the end of the 1990s and i’m afraid we’ve acheived a lot more than the Albion have recently.

      Plus, no sane Leeds fan would ever expect to ‘win the league’ instantly. However, with the size and structure of the club and the massive fanbase it has, I have no doubt whatsoever that, when we go up, we will stay in the top division for more than the odd season or two, discounting any other financial disasters.

      Before coming onto a Leeds forum and patronising us for our views, take some perspective. You never know, come next season the clubs could have easily swapped divisions and any moves from one to the other by star players might look a little foolish then.

  13. bengaltiger

    If Howson and Snoddy are as sensible as you say they will realise ‘top’ Premier teams don’t recruit from The Championship. A player has to prove himself in the Prem with a little team before they even begin to consider him.
    And eyleeds if you want facts The Baggies have won more top domestic trophies (7 against 5) than mighty Leeds, spent more time in top flight and are looking down on you right now.

    • TSS

      Three of which were before Leeds even existed you may wish to add.

      You’ve been champions once mate in 1920. Leeds last won in 1992. Your argument has a couple of holes you may wish to address.

      And as for the ‘living in the shadows of Villa and Brum’ comment – that served it’s intended purpose. You took the bait and here we are. I do love a good ‘my Dad’s bigger than yours’ argument.

      For the record. My Dad is bigger than yours, but he’s a Chelski Scum so would probably take your side.

      • TSS

        Oh, and more to the point, are we just ignoring European honours because you’ve had absolutely no success there? Typical…

  14. TSS

    I do love it when I get a few bites.

    Nothing on the QPR fans yesterday though unfortunately. Maybe they just have more fans?

    • Baggie Boy

      Is it not the Leeds fans who are biting? The cheek of club like Albion trying to sign your championship players……

      • TSS

        Nah, we find the whole story laughable. Hence the above post. You have more chance of singing Messi mate.


    @Bengaltiger you seem to have overlooked our European trophies (although to be fair that is ok because you’ve never been in europe) and also that we had a higher average attendance in league one than you have in the Prem.
    Trophies from the 1800s are nice for you to reflect upon but do you seriously think WBA are a bigger team than Leeds?
    For what it’s worth WBA are my favourite of the Birmingham teams, but I never realised that their fans had such delusions of grandeur.

    • TSS

      That’s one way of staying in the Prem. Be careful with the contract though, or it could be Teves-Gate revisited.

      • Sniffer72

        To recyle a comment I saw on another topic, Scum-Scouse on the telly and all you can hear is ‘We All Hate Leeds Scum’breaking out from the silence. Hardly one way hatred is it?

        I’d have thought if you’d put in the effort to post here then it would actually be a decent argument, rather than trying a cheap burn that ends up getting shot down in flames itself.

  16. Trochtova

    You were nowhere before Don ‘I’ll take the money’ Revie. Whether the corruption allegations are true, only he would know.

    It is still shameful that you play in white because your manager was so in awe of another club.

    It is also the case that football fans across the land speak highly of Brian Clough. Revie’s name is spat at.


  17. Baggie Boy

    Not being funny – but arn’t Hull called the tigers and dont they hate you? BengalTiger…not much of link to the baggies really – see where i’m going with this?

    • TSS

      We don’t recognise Hull as a real football team.

      What Don did by changing the clubs colours was about mindset. It was a psychological masterstroke, designed to make the players believe they could rise up from Div 2 and take on the European elite.

      Also, the Yorkshire Rose is White (you know the bit in the middle of our badge) so there was always an element of white in our kits anyway. We originally played in blue and white stripes.

  18. The Black Pearl

    The arrogance of Leeds fans is amazing, you have been put in your place the last few years, you have done well to come back, but obviously you have not learned a little humility.West Brom fan.

  19. Shaun

    U go to see some1 how no’s what he talking about and ask kevin keegan what he fort of don revie and u see if some1 who know’s what talking about. Shows what wba fan know about footy u just keep puttin crap Tht u think right and we keep teachin ya about is wonderful game called football

  20. superleeds

    Anyone got any idea why wba fans are on here anyway? Or are they so desperate for any attention. Small club small mentality, as was said before villa, brum and even wolves much more successful clubs than wba. Laughable anyone could ever think howson or snoddy could take such a massive step down like that to a much lower profile club with more chance of relegation than a top half finish

  21. Wigmore

    Just a little touch of reality guys……

    Just because you once occupied an exalted position under Revie does not insulate you (or your players) from the pull of the Greed League.
    You don’t even know who owns your club, let alone whether finance would be available to strengthen the squad, if you scrape your way back into the GL.
    TBH not one of your players would be a target for any established GL club.

    How soon you forget the shambles that your club had become, and it’s not too clever even now, thanks to Bates.
    Who owns your ground and training ground? LOL
    A little more humility would not come amiss….


    QPR last night, WBA tonight….who we going to wind up tomorrow night TSS?
    Can I suggest PNE to keep the acronym theme going. They had some success in the 1800s so will be sure to bite and think they are a bigger club than Leeds.

    • TSS

      Yeah, could do. Been a while since I’ve rattled the Geordies though. They’ve always taken the bait well.

  23. The Black Pearl

    Oooh what a big club you are, have you got to play Scunthorpe away this season, can’t be bothered to look, you are not in our league! Lol

    • number1inyorkshire

      dear oh dear ,have you not get any thing to say on your own forums somewhere .
      lets be right you are in a higher league than us right now but history tells us that over all, over the years it has been the opposite .

      we got 27000+ Saturday your capacity is only 26500 look we have no reason to hate westbrom they are not and have not ever been a threat to leeds united in any way ,or anyone else really

  24. number1inyorkshire

    Westbrom ,they play in black and white cos they can’t afford a colour license .
    our players will not leave us to go there to be fair west brom are not the most fashionable of teams .
    however i do believe that they will be looked at by other teams in fact DOM MATTEO has said in his writings he has bumped into loads of scouts at E R eyeing our better players .
    now that’s gonna be our prob keeping .howson ,snodders,Kasper,bradders,and 1 or 2 others .but i will bet my house on the fact that none of them will be playing for the baggies .
    we are a bigger club than them .

  25. The Black Pearl

    We play in blue and white, its you lot who are monochrome, ha ha, do they have schools up there, do you get taught how to use a knife and fork, lol.

    • number1inyorkshire

      what a pratt noone is lol-ing ,have you lot not been in champions league action tonight lol, cup ,relegation battle that’s the problem you have nothing to do but read our forums and make a nuisance of yourself it worked .Never mind its late and you will have school tomorrow night ,night

  26. Nobby

    I don’t normally comment on this sort of thread, and I am here only by following an RSS feed. I’m an avid Albion fan – season ticket holder for 24 yrs of my 32 yrs living thus far..

    Now, I understand the pride behind comments like “no player worth their salt would leave Leeds for a yo-yo club like West Brom” And we all really want to believe that our stars love our clubs as much as we do… Even players that are ‘fans’ of our club.. But the sad reality is that footballers are trained from a young age by agents, that their career is a short one and loyalty will rarely get you up the ladder. The correct quote should be.. “No player worth their salt would turn down an opportunity that would enhance their career (or salary)”

    At the moment, playing for WBA instead of Leeds, is an opportunity that would enhance their career (or salary). In 12 months, it might be different, but you find me an agent, who wouldn’t try to convince his client of the same.

    Because of our “Yo-Yo” status, we have become a little humble, grateful for the good times, spiteful of the bad. In general whilst we want more, we accept our plight. I am genuinely surprised at some Leeds fans opinions that they still deserve to challenge at the top and expect to be in a few years.

    The quote: “they still have to convince the local born, Leeds United supporting captain of our football club that a life of tedious mediocrity living in the shadows of Birmingham and Villa”

    I hate to tell you, but that life of mediocrity, will have been a haven of peace, tranquility and success compared to what Leeds have suffered in recent years.

    The last 20, 50, 100 years is nothing to do with today.. Sure, let’s be proud of past achievements, but to claim one-upmanship on former glories is irrelevant and embarrasing (for both clubs I might add).

    Leeds fans, I suggest you start getting expectant and self-righteous when your current crop of players really deserve it. Albion fans, I expect you to continue with your usual hunility.

    One last point… Throughout the last 10-12 years, how many Leeds fans would have preferred the “Yo Yo” mediocrity we have witnessed over the near destruction of your own club?

    Answers on a postcard….

    • number1inyorkshire

      i like your points and i agree with most of it aside from 1 thing there will be other clubs come in for our better players .And sadly west brom will then be no longer in the hunt .

      • Nobby

        Correct.. We can’t afford the wages compared to the top teams, which is why we need a diverse scouting network to bring unknowngems in..

        Any championship player that is really special, will either not go to WBA or will go as a stepping stone whilst they’re young.

    • TSS

      You raise some good points (and a lot of the above was written to tug on a few coattails.) But I genuinely believe you’d have a hard time convincing either player to leave, and even if you could, I doubt you could afford them. Ken won’t sell two of his best players for anywhere near £2m, of that, I am 100% certain.

      The thing with Leeds is that they will pull bigger crowds than most clubs when they return and will be able to compete higher up the league than yourselves and quite a few others. No, I don’t expect Champions League, but solely based on the kind of money Leeds can generate and the infrastructure already in place (which a lot of clubs have to spend their Prem pay-days on) Leeds have an advantage.

      As for yo-yoing between divisions as opposed to the decade or so of Leeds United, I’d rather have the memories I have. The ‘living the dream’ days ended catastrophically, but I travelled Europe with The Whites and am left with some truly once in a lifetime memories.

      The freefall was hard, but the resurgence has been more fun that I thought possible. Even the -15 season was more interesting than a bottom of the Premier League battle.

      So yeah, you raise some good points. But the low-point of our last decade was League One. The upside was the Champions League semi-final. You take the rough with the smooth and learn to enjoy the ride, because the one thing Leeds can never be accused of is being boring. Can you honestly tell me you’d prefer yo-yoing between divisions and making no real progress over a club who historically rises to the top then freefalls and does it again? (70’s, 90’s, 00’s to an extent)

      We just yo-yo better than you guys. Accept it.

      • Nobby

        You make some good points there… Stability without real success or real failure, or boom and bust with huge extremes..

        I honestly can’t decide..

        But as a true footy fan, I’m tempted to agree with you… Trouble is, no club would ever plan for what Leeds have been through, it just happened and I guess you’ll look back in 20 years with a smile. If we did the same, we’re not a big enough club to come back from it in the same timeframe, so we could disappear for quite some time..

        Emotion and common sense… They don’t combine well in football. Although, in relative terms, I’ve had some good times since the early 90’s, 4 times to Wembley, 5 promotions, 5 relegations, FA cup semis, play-off finals. It’s not Europe, granted, but since I started supporting WBA in 1989, there’s been a lot of excitement.. Good and bad, so our mediocrity has brought WBA fans a generation of turbulence!!

  27. BaggieBird

    What a shock, Premiership team sends scouts to Championship game.

    Just because your watching a player doesn’t mean your trying to sign them!

    If Leeds go up then clearly WBA wouldn’t prise Leeds better players away.

    As for the article reffering to WBA being in the shadow of Birmingham and Villa. Villa yes no doubt, Birmingham – your having a laugh. Swallows and Summers come to mind.

    • number1inyorkshire

      if leeds go up clearly westbrom won’t be able to prize their better players away .
      is that because we are a bigger club ???

      • Nobby

        I assume you mean “prise”? Unless there’s actually a competition to win Leeds players? Seriously, if there is a competition, let me know, I’ll definitely enter.. Thanks..

  28. captaincrash

    May I suggest we all boycott the Frank Skinner crisps as a protest against the Birmingham reserves comments coming on here. Get that advert off now!

  29. RS

    This article typifies why everyone outside of Leeds considers your club to be full of brainless cretins.

    • TSS

      You know, it’s not for the majority of posters who put across good arguments or arrive on TSS with some excellent banter that I like to throw a little bait into the odd post, but for people like RS here who has clearly been hurt deeply by the above and probably wrote the above in a tearful rage. Makes me smile every time.

  30. Colin

    I genuinely believe these players want to play for Leeds United. My concern isn’t whether these players leave to join another club it’s whether they leave on a free.

    If Leeds get promoted then I’m confident we will keep them.

    But if we don’t, then we’re in a sticky situation. Snodgrass has got 2 seasons left but lets think about Howson for now.

    Let’s say next season we’re still in the Championship. He’s got 1 year left. He’s on a 3rd division wage. Leeds’ stance on contracts has been very tight.
    Either the club rectify that or Howson could do a ‘Beckford’ – Leeds could quite easily say it’s more important for us to keep him to help us get promoted and risk losing him on a free, then selling him.

    I’m pretty sure that Alan Smith didn’t want to leave Leeds either, but this is the club that told him to go in the best interests of the club. If the club don’t want to pay Howson a decent wage then I can see them cashing in also.

    Look at it from Howson’s point of view – if he really wants to play at the top level and prove himself, then what’s the point in signing a mediocre 3 year contract which ties you into a Championship Leeds team, and should a good offer come in, then because of the contract, Leeds can just say we’re not listening to offers and you have to stay at Leeds.

  31. Steve Balogh

    Yeh! Leeds United relegated by WBA in the 1980’s final game of the season.Leeds fans wrecked The Hawthorns,ripped up seats,kicked walls…..yes I know who I support Boing! Boing!

  32. The Black Pearl

    Good post Colin, every club in the Championship is at risk of losing its best players if they do not get promoted for obvious reasons,same as if West Brom get relegated, we will not keep our best players, forget loyalty, its a myth.
    I doubt we will be looking at Snodgrass anyway, no pace for the Premeirship,Howson, yes maybe.

    • TSS

      Firstly, West Brom fans get up very early.

      Secondly, I do love how you’ve just dismissed our best player due to a perceived lack of pace. He’s not as quick as some of our other wingers granted, but then Lee Bowyer was one of the best right-sided players I’ve ever seen and he was no Speedy Gonzales either. I do hope your scouts have a better eye for a player.

      Thirdly, I appreciate every football fans love of cynicism these days, I really do. It’s preferable to being a naive idiot running around speaking of how your little man-crush wouldn’t dare leave you (which I do a lot admittedly). But regardless of that, Jonny Howson IS one of those once in a decade players you have absolutely no chance of tempting away for Elland Road. He’s been here since he was a kid (8-9 years old), supported the club all his life and is already captain at 22. He has legendary status in mind, and is well on the way to achieving it. He won’t leave, I’d bet my house on it.

      Finally, I still don’t believe it was either of these players you were there to see. I think that’s the papers turning a pretty mundane story into something more appetising. It’s much more likely that you were scouting Neil Kilkenny and Bradley Johnson, both of whom have contracts that expire in June and the latter is already transfer listed.

      But, if you think you can beat off interest from other clubs and satisfy what is going to be some ridiculous demands for cash from Ken Bates, then good luck to you. (You won’t, but we can all dream)

  33. Gryff

    Okay here’s the deal: The likes of West Brom aren’t going to get their hands on our lads in a month of sundays. Except with contract expirations none of our star players will leave at the end of the season.

    (You can quote me on that next season when we’re looking for replacements!)

    A lad like Snodgrass has a decision to make: first team football at Leeds, in front of 25-30k crowds in the CCC and the probability of them being a safe Premiership team within 3 years; or a team like West Brom or Stoke on an average of 27k crowds in the Premiership, and the probability of a demotion within the next three years, or West Brom who are almost certainly going down this season!

    If a big club comes knocking, they can consign themselves to the reserves for at least one year, and Snodgrass for one has already turned down the chance of moving to Barca, and opted to stay at Livingston instead of Celtic when he was younger. Now he’s at Leeds and from his interviews he seems completely taken by the Scottish connection here and the glory days. I don’t think he’s going anywhere short of Beardy doing something stupid with contracts.

    And as for Howson, the Leeds lad and de facto captain? Get real.

  34. Gryff

    BTW of course the get real bit wasn’t at TSS but some of the commenters :)

  35. number1inyorkshire

    TSS made a HUGE POINT and it applies to my leeds watching mentality ,i would rather stay in the championship ,win a few ,draw a few ,loose a few ,than be in prem league getting beat every week ,going home in the car having got beat 4/5 by Chelsea was awful .

  36. Colin

    If Leeds don’t get the cheque book out and start paying decent wages then here are the players that are available in season 2011/12:
    Free: Kilkenny, Bradley Johnson, Naylor, Kisnorbo, Shane Higgs
    Available at cost or free at end of 2012: Howson, Schmeichel
    Under contract but likely to have their heads turned by a good offer: Somma, Gradel
    Now I’m not saying that they would all leave, but bearing in mind that regulars Watt, Lichaj and McCartney and GK Gonzalez are all loans, Leeds have got to be careful not to have a completely decimated team.

  37. David Wright

    Who do these Leeds fans think they are? Wake up and smell the coffee…Leeds are no longer a big club. Poor little Premiership team West Brom are looking for squad members as neither of the two ‘Superstars’ (never heard of outside Yorkshire) wouldn’t make it into their first 11. West Brom are run on strict financial lines, a lesson learned from the ‘throw-of-the-dice’ policy that put Leeds where they are now…..skint! It will take either a very rich ‘Sugar Daddy’ or decades of hard work for Leeds to return to ‘The Golden Era’….and that was a time of perpetual ‘Nearly Men’.

  38. Idlewhite

    In reply to David Wright. I’ve read some rubbish on here recently, from both parties I might add. But to suggest that both Snodgrass or Howson haven’t been heard of outside of Yorkshire and would struggle to get in a relegation threatened WBA side is the most ridiculous post I have read in years of been on the internet.

    Howson will have been watched from afar from the moment he scored the double at Carlisle in the PO semi. If you doubt this you have absolutely no idea about the mechanics of how football and scouting operate. Last season Snodgrass absolutely raped a premiership defender in front of the watching nation on national TV! But he’s not on anyones radar outside of Yorkshire? This lad will take the piss out of defenders at any level pal, whether it be for us or anyone else, he will reach the top.

    In summary we have 2 of the hottest properties outside of the PL, playing in a side that embarrassed Man Utd on their own patch, gave Spurs and Arsenal very scary moments at home and were cheated somewhat at home to Liverpool by biased reffing as usual, but they’d struggle to get into a relegation threatened team’s first 11 that would have better quality players playing around them? You need to take your head for a shake lad.

    The natural order of things is slowly taking shape again and it won’t be long before we start dining at the top table again. To win anything at the top I have to agree with you that a sugar Daddy would be needed, or the approach Arsenal have taken? Either way it’s all gonna be good fun and it is going to enjoyable waving at the teams, who for a while, thought they were on a par/looking down at us.

    WBA fans, know your place!

  39. we are albion!!!

    Ow dear little leeds. U call your selves mighty thats y all you have done is drop down the devisions. and now you shout out u r bac in the championship wow well done lol. I have never known a club that sells as much players as leeds. There is no chance you will ever be a top premierleague team again. You carnt even get into automatic promotion in the championship. Get used to it your in massive debt still and will always be a crap football club. Carry on talking about the past leeds because you have as much chance of winning any cup and being a top half team in the prem as iraq have beating brazil in the world cup final 12-0 face it your shit and in current history you are a very small club conpared to west brom now sit down and shut up shit fans.

  40. Matt BB

    dear oh dear, my typing and grammar are far from good, but it doesnt half detract from your rant when its as disjointed as above – we are albion!!! we’ll see who’s the better club soon enough, unless of course you guys drop out of the pl as we get promoted.

  41. Chicago White

    Oh dear little Leeds who can draw larger crowds in D3 than the mighty bagheads in the EPL! Plus when we return to the EPL it won’t be to make up the numbers it will be to compete for trophies something the bagheads know nothing about. When we go to TOWD it’s not to see how we can minimize the score but to win. I was at the hawthorns when we remodeled your shithole of a ground, I was also at the victoria ground two days later when there were more Leeds fans than you lot could take to what is essentially a local derby.

  42. Boingy

    Why are we bothering looking at anyone at a club like Leeds utd ?
    Surely we can do better than that !.
    Even when they had a good spell they used to kick players off the different to Stoke..Jeeees.

  43. Gryff

    Ah yes West Brom, the fourth biggest club in greater Birmingham. Their transfers have been electrifying recently Sniffer!

    With Boaz Myhill from Hull, Odemwingie from Lokomotiv M, Somen Tchoyi from RB Salzburg, Scharner from fellow no-hopers Wigan, and Craig Dawson from Rochdale, I can’t see why they’d even send scouts to Leeds. Maybe they were trying to figure how to beat Man Utd?

    Boggies readers: Just remember where Sheff Utd’s flash spending got them – their parachute payments ran out this year and they’re bottom of the CCC ;)

  44. bengaltiger

    Now I really have seen everything, advice from a Leeds fan on football finances.

    Answer me Gryff there are 4 Prem clubs in your greater Birmingham. How many are there in Yorkshire?

    Round figures will do

  45. Matt BB

    there are 2 genuine PL teams in the west midlands, you know it, i know it – everyone knows it. No there arent any in West Yorkshire, but there has only ever been one candidate so not really too fair a comparison? unless we think huddersfield are up for a promotion charge.

    • bengaltiger

      Not sure if its a lesson in numeracy or geography you need but there are 4. I know I am going to regret asking this but which 2 of the 4 do you consider to be genuine and which 2 false and why?

  46. Matt BB

    sorry my friend but Wolves and the Baggies just cant measure up to villa and the blues in Birmingham, transient fixtures in the PL.

    I live in Brum so i do appreciate the geogrpahical bit, though surprised you didnt bite at being referred to as part of greater Birmingham, if youre a Yam Yam.

    • bengaltiger

      I was expecting you to mail back Villa and Wolves were the ‘genuine’ teams. As much as it hurts to say it Villa are the biggest club around here and I was getting ready to defend us v The Wolves. But Baggies “can’t measure up to Blues” is an an unbelievable statement.
      I’ll give you the reasons why we more than measure up
      Won major trophies 7 v 1
      Spent more time in the top division
      Above them in the Prem
      Beat them 3-1 twice this season
      Much more stable financially

      You tell me why Blues are so far ahead.

      Most Baggies fans (me included) quite like Blues and for instance supported them in the final v Arsenal. I think that’s because we see them as no threat, the Cinderella of the West Mids

  47. Gryff

    Okay then Bengaltiger I’ll bite:

    Leeds United:
    D1/Prem 3 times
    D2/Cham 3 times
    FA Cup 1 time
    L Cup 1 time
    UEFA Cup 2 times
    Charity Shield 2 times

    Now, you boys were saying how we’re a “very small club compared to West brom” and you can’t play on current positions because you’re saying Brummyham are smaller than West Brom despite being on a level pegging with them in the Premiership and their having just won the L Cup.

  48. Matt BB

    to be honest i quite like West Brom as a team, the majority of their fans that I know are decent guys, and probably a lot more personable than blue noses, but with city’s backing and fanbase surely they are better placed for euro success? won’t their cup win get them into Europe too.

    I know some of the guys involved with WBA and as I’ve said right at the beginning of this chain they are trying hard to establish themselves in the Prem,so i havent written them off. But surely you can accept they are a yoyo club and moreso than the Blues, who have a better manager, and a better squad.

    • bengaltiger

      West Brom are THE yo yo club no doubt, its both exciting and frustrating. Exciting is not a word I would use about watching Blues. If their cost a lot, paid more squad are so much better than the Baggies why are they below us and been well beaten by us twice?
      We have little debt and our climb from the lower reaches of Div 1 to where we are now has been because of our own good management not because some sugar daddy chucked a load of money at us.
      There are lots of clubs of a similar size
      who would gladly have swopped our yoying and financial stability with their present lot and the trauma of even seeing their club disappear. Forest, Derby, Pompey, Middlesboro, Coventry, Palace, S’ton, Leics Ipswich and your 2 best friends in Sheffield are just some. If Leeds fans were totally honest they see themselves in that list.
      I can’t actually see where any West Brom has wrote “Leeds are a very small club compared to West Brom” but if they have its plain daft.
      For what its worth I see Leeds as a club that was big end of 60/70’s which is when I started watching football. Don’t know much about their history before that but I note they won nothing. They came close in the 90’s but best not say too much about the last 1

      • TSS

        By coming close, you mean we won the top flight title? (1992)

        It was the early noughties where we came close again.

      • Gryff

        Posted by we are albion!!! on March 16th, 2011, 14:37 [Reply]
        [….]face it your shit and in current history you are a very small club compared to west brom[…]

        There ya go, Bengaltiger!

        I don’t disagree with you about yo-yo clubs. I thought a few days ago how bored I’d feel if I supported a team like Everton.

        Thing is – going back to the original topic, Leeds are a club with a winning tradition. It’s the same with everything, if it’s supposed to be successful it will be. Leeds are known as Revie-era legends, 70s underachievers, a fiesty 90s club and yet again serial underachievers around the turn of the century. Before that we were hopeless you’re right.

        West Brom might be in the Prem atm but I don’t see why the likes of Snoddy & Howson would chose to leave a club on the up with fans that idolise them, for a club that could be on its way down. Sure West Brom could probably offer a bit more, but in the long run staying with Leeds would probably offer them more.

      • Matt BB

        expanding on the big cat theme embraced by your name Mr Tiger, I guess you are saying better a living dog than a dead lion? no thanks, I’d rather have a team that can reach for the stars, and crash to earth, than one happy to live in the netherworld of top of the championship, bottom of the premiership year on year.

        If we go up we will doubtless end up with new owners, our books arent too shabby now, and we have potential as the `one’ club in West Yorkshire – a region of over 2m people, to be huge again.

      • bengaltiger

        Hi Matt
        What you say about being able to reach for the stars is what saddens me about English football right now.
        Unfortunately no team can do what Leeds did in the 60’s ie get promoted and build into a great side, not because they had more money but because they did it better. You say it yourself you would need new owners. To get to the stars it would need to be a Sheikh Ya Money, Randy Incorporated or a dodgy Russian oligart it certainly won’t be your local butcher.
        You read too much into my name, it’s simply the answer to “What’s Black and Gold and looks good on a Wolves fan”

  49. Reiver

    Get a grip! Who’d want to leave Leeds for a tin-pot outfit like the baggies?


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