Welcome to The Scratching Shed’s Live and Interactive Matchday Live console.

Today’s game at Bramall Lane is the Yorkshire derby match between Sheffield United and Leeds, kicking off at 13:00 (GMT) with the console starting around 12:30.

The Matchday Live console will provide live text updates and allow fans to chat whilst the game is in progress. There will also be a live scoreboard throughout the game and the occasional poll, so if you’re not going to the game please get involved.

12 Responses

  1. trueyorxman

    Both goals came down our left hand side. McCartney about as effective as Bessone at actual defending, the ultimate insult! Time for Ben Parker surely

  2. Will23

    What a load of tosh that was.

    Shockingly outplayed – all the players should be ashamed of this performance, never mind the defeat.

  3. Reiver

    It’s not so much the defeat, it’s the manner of the defeat – we were out-fought and out-played on every inch of the pitch!

    For a team so close to promotion this was a dismal performance.

    The manager, once more, tinkered with, and decided on the wrong formation and failed dismally to fire them up – it was a powder-puff display. All credit to the opposition.

  4. Mike

    I imagine TSS is struggling for an excuse for his hero Larry.
    Hell of a struggle! he needs a good kick up the arse from Kenneth, Larry that is not TSS.
    It’s a bastard when your heroes let you down :-)

    • TSS

      No, struggling with a hangover much more mate. First time I’ve been near a PC since – will do match report in morning when I’ll hopefully be feeling a bit better.

  5. stotty

    I have said it before – ‘start smelling the coffee Grayson!’ Again poor tactics,poor selection and decision making and not capable of getting the team fired up.
    Once again I will say it – ‘close down Thorpe Arch’ We don’t own it and don’t need it. Too far removed from Leeds, not accessable for fans and just too cushy for the players. Move into Leeds Carnegie or anywhere. Other teams above us manage with much less facilities.

  6. paul wilde

    Still fuming from Sheffield game then i read on the Leeds official website about Play -off tickets Why doesnt our club learn and learn fast to shut the fuck up.Talk about cock sure of yourself

  7. Mike

    Dont think you will feel better in the morning TSS when reality sets in and hangover gone, you will probably want another drink, it’s not all bad, the Championship is not so bad and we dont have to talk to the manure and tottenham pricks :-)

  8. Marc Butterworth

    Jeez, comon guys…. It was both a poor result and a poor performace but lets not blow it all out of proportion.

    Lets not forget we are still in the playoffs and only a couple of wins away from automatic promotion. All the top teams have been feeling the pressure alately (QPR aside).

    The fact is the prize is such a big one, the players are bound to have some nerves. Imagine how you would feel having to pot a long black in a frame that would earn you 10 million pounds ????

    The players and Larry are only human after all. Instead of giving them grief, lets give them support and try to build their confidence, instead of calling them useless and smashing it…..


  9. Matt BB

    that was just pathetic, but food for thought for all of us who criticsed Mr Graysons unwavering team selections, and strategies, he tinkered (played Bannan in a holding role) and it just didnt work, he also chooped and changed his formation in the game, and that didnt work.

    I suspect like a lot of temas we are suffering from fatigue, mental as well as physical. My main concern at the moment is that Gradel, Snodgrass, Bannan and Kilkenny will all get international calls so wont get the benefit of a rest this week, especially if they are put on detention by Grayson.


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