The first meeting of Leeds United and Ipswich Town at Elland Road since our relegation to League One was confirmed in 2007 takes place tomorrow with both teams hoping there are no repeats of the crowd troubles that accompanied Ipswich’s last visit.

When Richard Cresswell’s 12th minute goal was cancelled out by an 88th minute equaliser from Alan Lee, Leeds United’s relegation to League One was all but confirmed. Mathematically, The Whites could still escape their fate, but the reality was that Leeds United’s goal difference meant survival was close to impossible.

The realisation of Leeds United’s fate and taunts from the away supporters sparked a pitch invasion from furious Leeds fans who were blocked from attacking the Ipswich fans by Elland Road’s stewards. The fans instead resorted to throwing missiles and the ugly scenes continued for several minutes as the rest of Elland Road chanted in disgust at their fellow fans.

The cries of “you’re the Scum of Elland Road” from all four sides of the stadium seemed to halt any escalation of the trouble, but the press chose not to comment on the majority of Leeds United fans who showed their disgust vocally but instead criticised the fanbase as a whole thanks to the minority who stormed the pitch.

The scenes were ugly and unnecessary. With injury time remaining any chance Leeds United had of rescuing the three points was gone as the game was temporarily abandoned and momentum lost. The chances are that the game would have ended in defeat regardless of the unpleasant scenes, but the unrest amongst the crowd wasn’t helping anybody.

Four years on, Ipswich’s season has been a pretty uneventful one with the club looking comfortably clear of relegation but too far behind to mount any serious promotion push. Leeds United meanwhile find themselves fifth, just three points away from an automatic spot with ten games remaining. Few would have been predicting that four years ago.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s game makes the papers for an entirely different reason than the last time. That the real story is on the pitch, where Leeds United pushed closer to a Premier League place with a convincing win. While we’re fantasising about the unlikely, you might as well throw a clean sheet and a Billy Paynter hattrick in for good measure.

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  1. Gryff

    Seeing David Healy at the end of that clip reminds me how annoying he was. He scored world class goals for his nation, but seemed to make very little effort for the club. Glad the scum is with others of his level (like Diouf) at Rangers.

    Should be a good match tomorrow. Momentum’s with us!

  2. Chicago White

    I flew back for this game and was on the train from Kings X to Leeds with Sheepshanks sat I few tables away in 1st class, he was bad mouthing Leeds (off the record he kept insisting) on the way up to some reporter and was saying he hoped we went down. After about 1hr of his drivel I confronted him (in a calm, collected but forceful way), you should have see his face I think he felt he was about to get a slap and was left speechless anyway he at least stopped bad mouthing Leeds for the rest of the journey. Ever since then and there over top reaction to the pitch invasion (which while wrong) was never aimed at the Ipswich fans or players I’ve really hated them with a passion and really wanted to see them get relegated, I really hope we stuff them.

  3. Mojoluafc

    I was gutted that day as all Leeds fans, its only 10 minutes to my house from Elland road but it seemed to take hours.

  4. captaincrash

    The Donny win went a tiny way to redress the hurt of Wembley, let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow. I share the above disdain for Sheepshanks.

  5. Andy

    I actually recognise the steward in that photo, ha.

    It never actually occurred to me that this was the first time we’d have played Ipswich since that awful day. As much as we like talking about revenge and righting wrongs, all that matters is that we get three points and carry on pushing for promotion, automatic or otherwise.

    So yeah a 5-0 mauling will do me. Might take you up on that Paynter hat-trick after his performance at Preston ;)


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