The disappointing weekend extended to our loanees with not one tasting victory. As a result there isn’t too much to report.

Mike Grella played 62 minutes for Swindon in their goalless draw against Huddersfield. It wasn’t as eventful an afternoon as last week for the young American but it seems as if Swindon fans were pretty annoyed at him being dragged off just after the hour mark.

Aidy White also started but lasted not much longer than an hour as Oldham went down 1-0 to League One leaders Brighton. Opinion seems to be that White isn’t imposing himself enough in games.

Tom Lees played ninety minutes but couldn’t stop Bury slumping to 3-2 defeat to Cheltenham.

Fede Bessone remains injured and Will Hatfield was an unused sub for York City.

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  1. Mike

    It’s a pity Managers cant be loaned as well as players.Failing that we could do worse than bring in DOL and Graham as advisors.

  2. Jay lufc

    I’m sick of people whining about Grayson, one bad result n we want him sacked, two good results and he’s a master, simon has done a fantastic job at a high pressure, low budget, team, long may this Grayson fairytale continue! We just need to snap up gradel snoddy and killa on a longterm deal! We need investment in my opinion though….. And I can’t see the harm in the next game playing McCormack and Sam instead of snoddy and gradel! Give them a breather!!

  3. Mike

    Well be sick as you like, the evidence for his ineptitude is there for all to see.
    He blames everything else but himself.
    In Grayson Not Everyone Trusts.

  4. Rex

    Totally agree with you Jay. Sadly we can never eliminate the volcal minority of knockers from our wonderful fanbase.

    Anyway, anyone who thinks DOL was any good isn’t worth listening to.

  5. Jay lufc

    People like you disgrace our clubs name and fans! As far as i see It, don’t come to games, don’t bring your negativity near the team, we don’t need you! MOT

  6. Charlie Big Potatoes

    Mike are you high?!!

    Grayson has got us sitting in the championship playoffs with what is virtually a league one side, in our first season back and done it by barely spending a penny! We’re also one of (if not the highest) scoring team in the league!!! What more do you bloody want! Get a grip.

    None of us expected promotion this season and most level headed / switched on fans would’ve been satisfied with mid table at the start of the season – given the current squad.

    The real push starts next season, where we are now, what with having the chance of promotion / playoffs is a bonus as we have over achieved with this team of players.

  7. pabs1983

    Away from the Grayson bashing/defending, is anyone else worried that Besonne still isn’t featuring. At this rate, he’ll end up back with us.


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