Spurs youngster Jake Livermore has joined Leeds on loan until the end of the season.

The 21 year old Tottenham academy product has had previous Championship loan experience and featured for Ipswich Town against Leeds earlier in the season.

He is described as a powerful young midfielder by the Spurs website and arrives to add competition for places though it’s unclear as yet how much a role he will have to play. The likelihood is he has been brought in to add a more physical option to our midfield.

At 21 years old and with limited playing time due to injury, he isn’t the experienced campaigner many fans were hoping for. Simon Grayson though sees him as a hungry young player and a good addition so hopefully the signing will work out. His loan deal will cover him to play for Leeds until the end of May should we reach the play offs.

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  1. pabs1983

    Well, not sure what to make of this. Got a feeling he’s been brought in for cover for Bradley Johnsons upcoming suspension (its gunna happen)

  2. Colin

    Hold on a minute. This guy comes in and on the same day Howson’s just dropped out of England U21’s due to hamstring knack.

    No, no, no. I hope it’s just coincidence. The last thing we need is Howson to be injured.

  3. Matt BB

    i think livermores signing is a great one. He is a combative midfielder and built like a brick sh*thouse, the spurs website says he was county 1500m champion for london schools into his teens so I cant imagine he is without pace.

    I see him totally as cover for Bradley Johnson, and by crikey we need that – where did Johnson disappear to on Saturday? his lack of input for me was the worst of all.

    He may only be 21 but he has plenty of championship experience, and is highly thought of at Spurs.

    I think Howsons Hamstring injury is an all too convenient one for a break for a week, he must be kn@ckered from playing every week.

  4. pabs1983

    If howson is truly injured, then that can only be good news for Bannan. still lacking experience, but Bannan, Johnson and Livermore isn’t a bad Central midfield

  5. Shaun

    Finally we got some compution for center mid spots most season killa johnson and howson know they woz goin be in team game after game so lets see what happens for rest day think we need one more center def

  6. Neil

    CJ – all year most Leeds fans have been screaming for a combative midfielder – someone who can protect the back 4, and/or breakup the other team at the point of attack and not let them roam free into our penalty area – but you think it;s a joke that we got another midfielder??? If he fits the bill then it’s a good thing, but if he’s just another Watt, Sam, etc – then I agree – but I’m guessing that SG thinks he’s the former.

  7. Ben Lofthouse

    It could be an interesting signing and hopefully a good one, would like to see someone come in to sure up our defense though

  8. Sir Quej

    CJ – It’s your comment thats a joke m8…

    We desperately need a combative Midfielder and have done all season. Howson is a decent player but disapears too often, Killkenny is so lightweigh, Im suprised he doesnt take off every game and Johnson huffs and puffs and is again decent but not brilliant…

    Maybe this guy will deliver something that them three have failed to so far….


      Surely the first time the word “lightweight” as been used to describe Kilkenny !

  9. Tyler 75

    If he’s a proper defensive midfielder, then absolute bloody time ! Surprised that Clayton’s been allowed out on loan as he was getting talked-up from his performances in the Reserves. On that note, surely it must be time for McCormack.

  10. Matt BB

    well he’ll at least get on the bench now that paynters out for 3 games, i feel sorry for both paynter and mccormack, paynter because no one was really too excited about him coming here – and he underwhelmed and that has to hurt.

    For Mccormack because so much was probably expected of him as a big money signing and someone witha championship pedigree, and again hes just not sprung to life.

    With any luck we’ll see him on the bench against forest, and he gets a run out.

    Sad to see Clayton not get a chance, a good pedigree again but not getting his opportunities when surely the midfield needed that injection of new options.

  11. reiver

    We’ve desperately needed a tigerish midfielder for the past 12 months, someone with experience, a leader. All Grayson can come up with is another kid on loan!

  12. saltburnwhite

    Why are we signing a loan player , livermore and clayton are not too disimilar.
    clayton has 6 england u20 caps , surely we should be blooding him and not helping spurs blood their youngsters , livermore is a current u21 player with great potential , but this business is only going to serve leeds short term and spurs longer term .
    clayton has great potential , GREAT eye for a pass , and could learn to be defensive surely it would be better to blood him than bring in another young loan player ???

  13. Joey

    CJ are u stupid! haha Livermore is exactly what we need a strong midfielder and like Grayson he’s gone for a young one

  14. Mojoluafc

    Hopefully a good signing, we need to strengthen the midfield with a battler who can win the back.

  15. Gryff

    Colin: I’m optimistic, I don’t think Leeds would get an emergency loan so quickly!

    Any Spurs fans around? Someone get O’Brien to tweet what kind of player Livermore is :p

  16. KarLLL

    Out of contract in the summer, since the price is right could be lookin at JBs or Killas replacement

  17. lufcboy

    Is this player any better than we already have or have let go out on loan?

  18. Irving08

    I can’t treat this seriously. How is an inexperienced 21 year old, no matter what his potential, going to be of any use in what the management has described as 8 cup finals ?

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