It was back in 1997 when Ken Bates was still in charge of Chelsea that he first decided Supporter’s Club were an unnecessary nuisance. The fact that some fans chose to join the societies that have for decades provided an independent voice for the fans, over Ken Bates’ own initiative – a paid membership scheme of the club – you could argue was the primary source of his hatred.

In order to discredit the independent alternative of his paid membership scheme, Ken Bates set about destroying the reputation of the CISA (Chelsea Independent Supporters Association).

Not dissimilar to the Ken Bates we know today, hypocrisy was never a particular concern of his. First he questioned where the money from this unofficial club went, ignoring the fact no one knew where the £700k a year from Chelsea’s supporters club went before using the club’s media arm against the smaller and less well-funded CISA to manipulate the rest of fans and systematically turn them against the CISA by branding them cowards and raising totally unfounded accusations against them.

Propaganda is a powerful thing, something Ken Bates knows only too well. It didn’t matter that the CISA held a yearly board meeting where there accounts were the primary discussion. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t been afforded the opportunity to respond. All that mattered was that Ken Bates had brought their existence into question. How supporters chose to interpret that information was down to them, Bates would argue, knowing only too well that the mere suggestion of wrong-doing was enough to discredit them and harm their organisation.

Clever stuff from the Bates regime. The media rarely got into battles with Bates because (like The Guardian at Elland Road) he’d just ban them from the stadium and deny them any access to the players and club. Any news and information required from the club came directly through Ken Bates, so manipulating the press wasn’t difficult. Who was going to defend a small supporters club and risk a total ban on coverage from one of England’s most famous clubs? In short, no one was.

Almost 15 years later and Bates is still at war with those that try and offer supporters an alternative to his membership scheme. This time, his target is the Leeds United Supporters Club (LUSC), an organisation that has spoken on behalf of it’s members – the Leeds United fans – offering them an independent voice for many years now. Long before the day Ken Bates’ regime rolled into town.

The tactics haven’t changed much. He questions the existence of the club, and the profitability of The Peacock Pub they bought opposite Elland Road. He compares the profits made by the Peacock to those of Billy’s Bar, failing to mention that The Peacock is run by and for the fans and whose business model doesn’t involve extorting ridiculous sums of money from us for the inferior product sold within Elland Road.

Describing the Supporter’s Club as ‘a somewhat anonymous organisation’ (much like Forward Sports Fund as MoscoWhite acutely added) he attempts to undermine them further by saying he’s seen little evidence of their support of the club despite the claims they’ve made. This would be the same Supporter’s Club that tried to build inroads into Bates-led Elland Road only to have the door slammed in their face by his Lordship.

Yep, fourteen years on and nothing has changed with Ken Bates.

Luckily for Leeds United fans, some things have changed since 1997. For one, The Square Ball Mag costing just £1 offers an alternative to Bates’ propaganda in the Official Matchday programme, and whilst Ken Bates may control the official channels of news from Elland Road (Yorkshire Radio, The Official Site, The YEP who rarely challenge him), the internet has provided us with the opportunity to speak for ourselves.

Since Bates took over at Elland Road, the choice of Independent Leeds United sites has grown massively. And whilst none of the mainstream media will dare to cross swords with Mr. Chairman by standing up for LUSC, we most certainly will.

Whilst Ken Bates’ regime may have been a success in some areas, his attempts to make the voice of Leeds United an inconsistent, mumbling cockney is not one of them. Organisations like the LUSC represent the average fan like you and me, offering an approachable source of opinion to the wider, national media. When the fans were concerned about the downfall of our club, it was the LUSC who these media outlets approached for reaction. In turn, they serve to offer the collective views and concerns of the fans and ensure our fears are heard.

They do other things too, like arrange matchday travel for those living further afield and provide facilities for their members in close proximity to Elland Road.

But for me, the real importance of these independent associations is the collective voice they offer. I don’t want a Ken Bates led Members Club to filter through the fans concerns and display the ones that he feels present him in the best light. I want the big issues, where a majority of fans share similar concerns to be raised by an organisation that won’t filter the headlines to ensure their own agenda isn’t adversely affected.

The LUSC isn’t perfect, nor does it claim to be. A Supporter’s Club is only as strong as it’s members, and if there’s something you don’t like then sign-up, step up and use the organisation to ensure your concerns are heard. Don’t mistake the Ken Bates Members Club for anything close to the valuable service LUSC offers. It’s nothing more than a gimmick set-up to charge you extra for the privilege of booking tickets. A loyalty scheme would have worked perfectly well, but those things reward loyalty rather than accumulate money, meaning Bates wasn’t interested.

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  1. Saint Billy

    Scrap iron dealer. We had no choice. Once in the Premiership he will sell to a sheik and we will take our chances.

  2. Gryff

    Whenever I see a picture of Kenneth Bates, I can only imagine him saying “I am thy God”!

  3. Steve Jones

    LUSC does not represent ordinary fans. It’s as much of a closed shop as RMCs. Try getting a drink in that hellhole, the Peacock, on matchday. Impossible in any realistic timescale unless you happen to be part of the inner sanctum. Nice eh, Ray?

    Using the Peacock to attack Bates is pointless. He provides a better service and better products than the Peacock and if you say otherwise you’re nothing more than the type of apologist who this type of poster would accuse those who dare question their point of view of being.

    But as I said, LUSC looks after its own and doesn’t give a sh*t about the rest of us. They’re both as bad as each other.

    There are so many things to attack Bates over and time and time again sites like this get it so wrong.

    No wonder he has an easy ride. There’s barely a braincell worth the name standing up against him.

    LUSC & RMCs. Both inbred self interested collectives providing nothing for anyone unless you sign up to the pledge. Differentiating them is just daft.

    I hate them both with a passion.

    But at least I can get a drink within two minutes over the road from the Peacock. That’s all I want. And it’s what a supposed pub should provide.

    • TSS

      Quite some rant there Steve. Would you like to put yourself forward for an attack on Bates? I’m more than happy to publish.

      In defence of the LUSC. It’s a cheap enough thing to join – much cheaper than MC – and they have to offer some advantage to those that do join. Hardly an inner-sanctum. It’s an open-door membership.

      • Steve Jones

        If I’m ranting it’s because the internet is polluted by crap like this.

        The Supporters Club DOES NOT RESPRESENT ME or the vast majority of Leeds fans any more than the RMCs do.

        If they got rid of Ray Fell and actually did something to raise awareness of the issues at Leeds I’d have more respect for them. But really they are a coach firm with an ancilliary pub business to allow the top table to get a drink without having to queue with the smelly masses.

        They do nothing for Leeds fans who aren’t members and should not be lauded in some misguided attack on Bates.

        Bates himself should STFU about them as well, but he’s verbally incontinent about such issues. But it’s his club, and nobody has to read his rants if they don’t want to.

        If you think this is a Bates love in then you’re pretty daft. But equally a SC love in just to have a go at Bates is utterly pathetic and intellectually flawed.

        LUSC & RMCs are two different chips from the same block. To prefer one over the other is like preferring one fatal disease to another.

  4. steve underwood

    I have to say here we go again lets attack ken bates i for one wish just for once we can all get behind the team and that includes bates,do we really want a some arab to take over leeds and rip the heart out aka man city i dont lets all pull in the same direction and see were it takes us

    • TSS

      Alternatively, you’d prefer to let Bates attack everyone else and everyone to just stand and take it?

      Bates and the team are two entirely different things. Attacking one has no effect on the other (however much Bates would insist otherwise). Mr Chairman himself causes more controversy than anyone else, so if anything is upsetting the spirit at Elland Road, I think you should probably look within first.

      • Andy

        Bates doesn’t attack everyone. He attacks those who he sees as damaging to his business interests, which are very much akin to the club’s interests – as proven by the profoundly improved financial status of the club since he took over.

        He’s awkward and hard-nosed, and a brawler not afraid to play hard and mean – just like LU and most of the best and most respected of its players down the years.

        His uncompromising approach saved the club from extinction and has put it firmly on the route back to where it belongs and without debts. You don’t have to like him, and God knows I loathed him when he was at Chelsea, but at least be objective about how much he’s fought and achieved for the club. And if he’s helped his own interests in doing so, so what?

        It’s easy to see LUSC as being in competition with LU, even in the posting above, so it’s to be expected Bates will treat it that way. I’m with LU, whoever the competition is.

        And as for an Arab Sheik… OFFS.

      • TSS

        God you people just lap us his propaganda and act as his messengers, spreading the good word of Bates across Leeds. Seriously, ‘saviour of Leeds United?’ Don’t be ridiculous. Leeds was never going to go extinct – only Bates has ever claimed that, because it was Bates who threatened to make us extinct. Short memories and gullible some Leeds fans.

        Won’t be long ’til there’s a statue of the self-serving, hypocritical, tyrant erected next to Billy’s. The man is absolute Scum who has done nothing for Leeds United. He’s served himself, and so far his interests have been in line with the club. But don’t think he won’t screw the club just to make himself a few quid, he’s done much, much worse. Just ask the poor Irish savers he conned.

      • Gryff

        Posted by Colin on March 13th, 2011, 00:23

        Krasner threatened to make us extinct, not Bates.

        Bates very nearly made Leeds extinct himself. He played dare with all involved, knowing full well that they wouldn’t pull the plug and lose money just to spite him. It could VERY easily have had a different outcome.

      • Andy

        It’s nothing to do with propaganda. It’s about looking at the evidence. With eyes open and blinkers off.

        Leeds United was a financial disaster on the brink of extinction after several years of dreadful management. Now it isn’t, after a few years of Bates.

        All the vitriolic ranting about propaganda and the name calling doesn’t make or support a case. It just indicates blind hatred, presumably based on cultural difference – Bates is not from Leeds and he was a pain when he was at Chelsea.

        If Bates came from Beeston and was spending the club into disaster, presumably you’d love him.

      • TSS

        No, I’d hate him for the secretive regime he runs. The hike in pricing that the supporters have endured with no discernible gains (no players bought, no assets recaptured, no improvement on where he found us). I’d hate him for threatening to put our club into extinction, for the hypocritical and embarrassing rants he levels at anyone who dares to question him and most importantly, I’d hate him for the stupidity with which he treats the supporters.

        Oh, and yes, it is propaganda. He tells you how it is through the media channels he controls and you repeat it as gospel, despite having no proof of the club’s current financial position, ownership or where any of the money is going. But Bates said he saved Leeds and everything is rosy, so that’s OK.

        Peter Ridsdale once said there was no need for alarm when our downfall began. Shame people weren’t a little more cynical then too.

  5. steve underwood

    i stand by wat i said i would rather have bates than than some arab or russion yes he has made mistakes who hasent but the club is in a better position than at any time in the last 8 years,it wasent bates who got us 100 million in the red it wasent bates who sold er and ta and saddled the club with massive rent,he has got the club stable lets give him some credit

    • Northampton Steve

      Best position in 8 years. Maybe so but it has been Ken who has been in charge for 5 of these 8 and it was him that took us into admin and our lowest position ever. If anyone gets the chance read the 6 pages on Ken in The Football Man by Arthur Hopcraft (p: 158 – 163). It is about his time at Oldham. His attitude to running a football club seems not to have changed much since then, ” he has raised all the admission prices… “. He also had a go at the ineffective supporters’ organizations at Oldham when he took over. Seems like he is suffering from his own Groundhog day.

  6. Michaek Ian

    Best postion in 8 year well maybe after the worst 4 years in our history. If the £100k LUSC had had been handed over to Ken the return would nil, lost in administration. Lets keep the LUSC indipendence.

  7. Shaun

    Oh I agree bates has do more good thn bad for leeds I wont recon to be expert in every dealing but I agree bates is better thn any arab or russia fines mafia boss bates woz right man whn taken leeds from mins of goin out business to Well run club Tht in the black not the red not everything he does is good but I prefer him to are old owners we need a business man and if had him instead buying goldfish ridsdale would we be here now I would say not

  8. leeds-lad

    Oh dear Steve, I am continually amazed by the likes of yourself who see Bates as our saviour following 18 months of recent success following years of failure. Yes we where at rock bottom when Bates ( err…. sorry “someone” ) bought us, but the revenue generated from our massive fanbase should have ensured this recent success was delivered sooner. Of course, this revenue would have needed to be reinvested rather than simply extorted for this to have happened. In addition, lets not forget that much of the “inherited” debt was cleared through what appeared to be a questionable administration process in which many individuals lost out on a fairer payout. ….. So Stevie boy, in reality it is our amazing fanbase that is our saviour, and given this resource I still remain amazed how we spent so long in D1 being outperformed by clubs with little or no resources.

    • number1inyorkshire

      bates will swear in court he didn’t put a penny into leeds so therefore wasn’t our savior .
      someone ,somewhere is taking today 27000+worth of gate money out of our club and we are getting F all spent on the team .
      if bates hadn’t have bought it someone else would have .maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time .

    • Andy

      We were NOT at rock bottom when Bates took over, or since. We were going down in flames. If the fall hadn’t been stopped we’d have gone much lower, into financial extinction.

      Some people just don’t seem to understand what that means: it means NO LEEDS UNITED; NO ELLAND ROAD; NO THORP ARCH; EVER AGAIN. That is what was very close to happening, and would have happened within as little as a year if someone hadn’t done something effective.

      Maybe someone else could have done something effective, but someone else damned well didn’t, though several of them did lots of ineffective things or worse, whereas Bates did.

      If the fanbase is all there is to the success of the club, how come it was in such a disastrous failing state already?

      Of course the fanbase is essential to eventual success, but on its own it’s nowhere near enough – there has to be sound financial management and inspirational team management, too.

  9. Tim Campbell

    I’m not advocating any semblance of sympathy for mr chairman when I say this, but can someone please tell me when we were facing the wall were there any other viable bids for lufc?

  10. number1inyorkshire

    ray fell and his cronies are not a leeds united supporters club in fact my pal who sits next to him in what was captains lounge has nothing but hatred towards him .

    he has nothing to say about lufc worth putting in print or anywhere else for that matter .
    That said i don’t know why people bother to buy into the leeds united official supporters club as they don’t get nowt for it ,people were supposed to get priority booking for home games but all the games have been on sale to the general public since Christmas ??? trading standards anyone .
    Bates has nothing to say about football in his program notes and he has been having a go at the team ,well the defence lately in there too ,and that’s our job .

  11. Rich

    At least away tickets are now given to those who deserve them and money is made for the club. Bates shouldn’t apologise for running LUFC as a business.
    Was glad to see the back of LUSC when it came to away tickets.

    • number1inyorkshire

      we often get that many offered as a club to fill half empty grounds pretty much any one can get em .
      there are people who just go to away games and don’t come to E R .there are lots of people who apply for tickets who miss out although it is done on a 1st come ,1st served basis .
      there should be a loyalty scheme .it will be interesting should we get to wembley for play offs

  12. The Reaper 08

    I have to say amongst the usual recycled Bates rants I have read a million times I have made a new observation tonight.

    There appears to be some really good posters called Steve about.

  13. Mike

    Rant it may have been but quite correct, Good on Yer Steve.

    LUSC is nothing but a self serving bunch of (I nearly said half wits but corrected myself just in time :-) )
    What exactly is the point of them except as a subscription collection service? If they were doing their job Bates would not be able to brush them aside and in fact they are so absent I had completely forgotten they existed until TSS kindly reminded us of their pointless existence.
    Thank you for that David, Ray a friend os yours is he, the Sepp Blatter of lusc.

    • TSS

      No. Never spoke to the bloke. But the fact remains, any Independent element of Leeds United shouldn’t be torn to shreds by the chairman, just because he sees it as taking money from himself.

      I was in one of the SC’s a few years back and they ran not for profit, but to arrange transport to away fixtures, the occasional drinking session (well, little more than occasional) and for the supporters to have their say. Bates has systematically attempted to tear the supporters clubs apart and replace them with his own money making racket, which he disguises behind so called ‘privileges’ that we took for granted before he came. And we’re supposed to thank him for the extra charge?

      If you don’t like the LUSC as it stands, you join and attempt to influence and change it. These organisations are democratic, and run by the members. Bates is a self-serving cretin sucking funds from our pockets to pay for his yachts and vanity project.

      • Colin

        TSS – What has Ray Fell done for Leeds United FC??

      • TSS

        What do you want Ray Fell to do for Leeds United? He acts as the chair of a body of people whose sole wish is to support and follow Leeds United. They use that organisation to travel to games together and put across their members views to the media when sh*t hits the fan (not something Bates is going to do without a few edits).

        LUSC doesn’t exist to fund Leeds United (nor does Bates for that matter). But at the same time they do fund Leeds United, as the majority of their members are regular at away games and ST holders. They exist to arrange independent transport to away games, to put their members voice across in times of crisis and bring fans together. One person can’t make a difference, but power in numbers often can. If you wanted to change something at LUFC, you’d have much more of a chance when you spoke on behalf of several thousand fans.

        Are we really so unclear on the use of a Supporters Club that I need clarify this?

      • The Reaper 08

        “Bates is a self-serving cretin sucking funds from our pockets to pay for his yachts and vanity project”

        You have been able to prove this beyond any reasonable doubt I suppose TSS ? After all I didn’t even know Bates had a yacht, let alone thta we funded it.

      • TSS

        Maybe not the yacht part, but the vanity project isn’t hard to prove. He’s building hotels, leisure and conference facilities around Leeds (none of which I suspect fall under the assets of the club) and designing Chelsea Village Leeds, just because the first one failed and he wants to prove it works.

        Doesn’t matter that we don’t own the stadium, the training facilities or the land he’s building on, so long as Ken can build his complexes, he’s a happy man.

        And don’t get me started on the loss making radio station he bought to publicise his insanity.

  14. Colin

    I’m a Leeds United fan. I go to Leeds games when I can. When I can’t, I listen on the radio/internet.

    What is Leeds United Supporters Club?
    And what do they do?

    And exactly what did Ken Bates say against them? That wasn’t clear in the report.

  15. Colin

    Gryff – i can’t respond on the thread on KB putting Leeds under.

    “Bates very nearly made Leeds extinct himself. He played dare with all involved, knowing full well that they wouldn’t pull the plug and lose money just to spite him. It could VERY easily have had a different outcome.”

    Talk to KPMG. KPMG are independant. They couldn’t give a bollocks about LUFC or KB, they CHOSE the KB bid to go through. If you have a problem, sue them. You’ll lose. It was the only option. Check their reports!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TSS

      I think you’ll find that was because of the creditors who for some bizarre reason wanted to take the least amount of money possible, because they cared not for the business, but just wanted to see Leeds in the safe hands of Ken Bates.

      Probably because Ken Bates was said creditor, having created them before he put the club into admin. He knew what he was doing was highly illegal, wouldn’t be accepted by the IR, yet still dragged his feet and ran the risk of the club going under (which the IR was demanding).

      Saviour of Leeds United there for you.

      What. A. Guy.

  16. Shaun

    Tss it alright slaggin mr chairman but never point out all good points is season. It all points bad points what he does ok he out spoken but hey take good wiv bad I like fact we have chairman Tht outspoken it may be good maybe bad but at least he giving his opinion no matter I like it ok I recon Tht leeds fans should have independ say but hey we dont need group for coz we are all different in are opinions full stop the fact is bates put he money where mouth is respect get behind the club ps I love is site coz gives real fans say so thank u for providing is page for us coz I like reading overs ppl opinion even tho I dont usally comment

  17. Paul C

    The ‘Stepford’ Leeds fans have really woken up on this one!

    TSS I do admire your attempts to wake Leeds fans up but I fear the plague of gullibility and stupidity is so ingrained in many they are beyond hope.

    Keep going though , it gives others hope out here that there are some who are sane and havnt yet been taken over by the ‘Batesisgod’ virus.

    • Richard

      Spot on mate, but there are none so blind as those that will not see. Keep up the good work TSS. MOT

      • Andy

        That blithe aphorism works just as well in the oppsite direction. Hating Bates seems the main reason for criticising him.

    • The Reaper 08

      I have never met anyone who actually thinks Bates is God. Equally I have met plenty of people who won’t hang him just because they don’t like the colour of the tarmac outside ER.

      Some of the arguments of Bates haters are equally as fantasy as those that elect to support him.

      Being fortunate to be able to see both sides of the argumnet it does make me wonder sometimes, who exactly are the gullible and the stupid ?

  18. carlos

    To be fair i couldn’t give two shits about LUSC but your other point on bates membership is spot on. He could of just done a loyalty scheme, although this would lose him money (not the club). The membership scheme has made 1.595 million pound another large ammount of money that disapears along with the delph money and cup competitions. Bates is using leeds united as his personal pension fund thats all we are and ever will be to this man. All he does is use the fact we don’t own ER or TA to justify huge ticket prices and free transfers even though the fans and transfers have accumulated enough sums to buy these two back.

    Oh and to everyone saying “he saved us from exstinction”, if he wouldn’t of done it someone else would have done. Why do we always compare him to risdale? At least risdale had leeds at heart not money. Yes he buggered leeds over but he wanted to see leeds be the best team in the land just like me!

    • Andy

      But someone else DIDN’t do it. Bates did.

      So Ridsdale’s a Good Thing because he’s local and wanted Leeds to be successful, even though he wrecked it and sent it crashing towards destruction, but Bates is a Bad Thing, because he’s not local and runs the club as a business? Hmm. That’s sensible, then. That’s really in the best interests of Leeds United. Not.

      Personally, I want Leeds United to be well run and financially sound, then I want it to show the world that success and glory can be won by grit, determination and good honest football, and not just bought like most of the despicable present top clubs – and Leeds would have been like them under Ridsdale.

      • TSS

        No one else could do it, Bates had the creditors in his pocket who decided they didn’t want to take the best deal on the table, but wanted instead to go with the lowest offer just because Bates seemed nice

        This is why the Inland Revenue were going to put us under and dragged us through the ringer. Because your hero rolled the dice with the future of our club, solely because he was too stubborn to allow any else the chance to takeover. He couldn’t give two shits about LUFC. It’s all about his own ego and self-promotion.

      • Andy

        But just go back a bit further, TSS. That worked BECAUSE he had the creditors in his pocket. So he planned a strategy that worked. Compared with the feeble, hopeless, ruinous efforts of his predecessors, that just looks like a tough businessman in action.

        His strategy even worked despite the efforts at damage of the football establishment. And those efforts by the hateful establishment were directed at Leeds United more than at Bates – and we all know there’s plenty of history of that antipathy to the club.

        Hero? Of, come on. Who cares about heroes or villains? Personally I grew out of heroes about forty years ago, about the same time that I grew out of believing propaganda. It’s facts that are important. And, since we never, ever have a perfect view or understanding of them, objective consideration of what is evident is essential – which can’t be done with preconceptions about heroes or villains.

        You know, TSS, everything you write about Bates seems soaked in vitriolic hatred. It’s up to you who you hate, for sure, but what you write is undermined by that. It’s hard, impossible really, to distinguish between reality and bile. (You do a good job when that hatred doesn’t seem to twist your work, though.)

        Just because you hate Bates doesn’t mean he is bad for Leeds United.

        And just because Bates runs the club to make money, for himself as well as for the club, doesn’t mean he is bad for Leeds United.

        Oh, sod it. I’m off to play 5-a-side.

      • carlos

        Im not saying risdale was a good thing. I wanted to get the message across that just because risdale was shite doesn’t mean bates is god.
        Everyone seems to think Bates is great just because risdale did so badly.

        I wonder if you would still feel like this if leeds were sitting in the relegation zone?

      • TSS

        It did work, you’re right. For Bates.

        But was it the best deal possible for Leeds United? We’ll never know, no one ever had the chance to prove otherwise. It also cost us 15 points.

        And the fact remains that his plan that did work, nearly destroyed the club. Are you seriously condoning a chairman that is willing to put the club’s future in jeopardy solely to satisfy his own ego?

        The problem is lack of facts on your part, not mine. I have past precedent of Bates conning savers, of almost destroying Leeds United with his antics, of failing to deliver his promises.

        All you have to go on is current league position, which I’d argue Leeds would have achieved quicker without a fifteen point deduction and the Bates regime because we have the facilities, infrastructure and resources that will always take us upwards.

        People talk about financial stability but have no way of proving it because of the secrecy. We don’t even know who owns us, never mind where the money is spent.

        Then you add to this the nonsense he spouts every time he is challenged, which completely avoids the questions and simply moves to discredit those that dare ask.

        To sit by calmly believing everything is rosy, just because Bates tells you it is an approach I only wish I was gullible enough to take.

  19. trueyorxman

    Anyone else notice the home shirt (a classic all white design), 1st worn v Brisol Rovers on the 8th May 2010, on sale at yesterdays game. £20 instead of £40 for adults/ £10 instaed of £35 for kids!! Already preparing for the Prem are we? A new kit every 12 months, SCUM we are not Mr Bates

  20. mark harris

    Reading this stuff with interest as a Chelsea fan cos Bates got exactly the same stick from most Blues fans for years.
    Truth is, Uncle Ken is an egotistical, greedy git but he knows how to take a football club and build something from a car wreck situation. Chelsea are where they are now because of the work Bates did with the stadium and Chelsea village. Abramovich would never have bought the club saddled with the old stadium. No, he’s not a very nice man but he’ll do more for your club than that idiot Risdale ever did.

    • number1inyorkshire

      IVE SAID IT BEFORE abramovich bought Chelsea village and bates threw in a football club . same with leeds he will build,build and build again then flog it only thing against him is his age this time and the recession and the fact the world cup is off to Russia

  21. Rick

    I would sooner have Uncle Ken in charge then some twat that does not know anything about football!
    Good luck Ken on Tuesday when you meet the MP’s, give them shit, how dare they look at football when they have done what they have done!

  22. Steve Barras

    Do yourself a favour TSS and take a look at tonights edition of I Beg to Differ over on Interesting read I think you’ll find.

  23. number1inyorkshire

    WOWZER old Kenneth still makes the blood boil even after 5 years or so

    we as fans have no voice at leeds, football is insular from the conference up lets not kid ourselves we are not alone .

    it does annoy me though that people say BATES saved our club i cant put it more bluntly than did he bollocks .

    There was no real need for him to put it into admin when he did ,history tells us that he made an error ,he put into admin knowing our fate (relegation)thinking that we would come straight back up next season ,he didnt bargain for the -15 ,alright we nearly did but didn’t .
    In the long run he will be found to have a share in leeds united or the laws on offshore trusts will change .that will be our Armageddon .

    look on the bright side at 79 the reaper is looking through the window and sharpening the sickle . UP OR DOWN DO WE THINK .

    • Andy

      Leeds United is rising again mainly because it is now free of the terrible weight of debt that was dragging it into the abyss.

      Going into administration was an essential part of Bates’ successful strategy for freeing the club of debts.

      -15 points was a small price to pay for survival and enabling the club to rise again as it is now doing.

  24. wayne mace

    Ray Fell is everything that is wrong about LUSC …..LUSC you dont represent the majority of leeds fans….

  25. Mightywhite83

    Jeeeeessssuuuussss Christ…. I don’t know much about the supporters club so can’t really comment but for people to say ken bates is the saviour of our club is absolutely ridiculous!!

    Have people forgot the details of the administation takeover… I guess so!!

    Ken bates DID NOT offer the most money for the club but for the fact that an unnamed creditor who we supposedly owed £30 million would be written off as long as ken bates took control of the club if not the other bidders would have to pay meaning the creditors got less pennies to the pound. Who was the company who was owed money… I’m guessing one of ken bates.. One of the creditors was also Yorkshire radio…. Owned by whom???? Bates knew exactly wat he was doing…. 5 years later we STILL do not know who owns Thorpe arch or ER.

    We are in the top 5 of most expensive season tickets and have been for a number of years now is this right for up until last year was a league one club who spends no money on players and has a relatively small wage bill considering we pay premiership prices. Wat has happened to the delph money… The money from the kids sold to Chelsea and everton… The money for the cup runs.

    The club is in a good state but wouldn’t any club considering how much we spend compared to how much we bring in.. All I want is a bit of clarity and honesty in the clubs state not the constant bull sh#t I read coming from bates mouth and I’m pretty sure that’s all the rest of the fans want!!

  26. leeds-lad

    Dear Andy …….. how I would love to know your true identity ! Is it getting warmer in Monaco at this time of year ?

  27. steve underwood

    Well i really got every one going on bates good or bad,ive read all the comments some make good points for and against him,well im sticking to my point that he has done more good than bad.On administration we are not the only club to go down that road yes its not nice but had to be done,im sure the high ticket prices has something to do with the rent we pay on ER and TA,has for players grayson says he allways has the backing of bates on transfers so we cant get him there look at the facts the club is in the black 5th in championship and have the most exciting team in years so stop bitching get behind the club and im sure we will get promotion

  28. steve underwood

    One last point i do curse the day we got into the champions league i for one blame that for the mess we got into we were trying to run before we could walk


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