Whilst yesterday was celebrated as the Golden Anniversary of Don Revie taking over Leeds United, it was 50 years today the deal was rubber stamped. With that in mind, and because Dan (lad who does the Live Matchdays) didn’t finish this in time to publish yesterday we bring you The Scratching Shed’s very own tribute to The Don’s Leeds United Generation.

As a side note, the ‘Pretty Shambolic Productions’ part was my idea but Dan seems to have missed the fact that I was joking and decided the purchase of some new video editing software was enough to make him a fully fledged producer. Felt I should get that in. Enjoy…

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  1. Bubionwhite

    Fantastic footage TSS … well done.

    If SG is looking for a defensive / tackling coach I’m sure he could find one or too from that team.

  2. TSS

    Mentioned this on Twitter earlier – the bit that really impressed me was that when it cuts to the shot of the bus coming through central Leeds, the lyrics of the song is “…just because we get around…”

    Not sure if that was intentional on Dan’s part or an absolute fluke, but it almost made it seem professional.


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