After much speculation and several false starts, Simon Grayson has finally brought in the loan signing he’s been promising Leeds United fans since January.

Barry Bannan, who has already made 19 appearances for Villa is tipped as a real star of the future and has already won his first caps at international level for Scotland.

Widely regarded as an intelligent creative player, Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher compared the youngster to Xavi or Iniesta saying that he was ‘in the mould of the best midfielders in the world’.

Already making his name as a real fans favourite amongst Villa supporters, this Aston Villa Blog was disappointed when news broke that he may be leaving for a loan spell at Elland Road, describing the youngster as the best player on the pitch in their recent cup game against Manchester City before adding that;

“He reads the game incredibly well and has the ability to direct the game from the center of the pitch.”

It’s likely that Bannan will be on the bench against Preston North End tomorrow as he will have had little time to train with the team. However, going forward, Bannan seems ideally suited to replace Neil Kilkenny who has come in for considerable criticism (mainly from me) for his inability to tackle, shoot and offer any kind of defensive input whatsoever to a Leeds side that is leaking goals almost as rapidly as they score them.

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  1. pabs1983

    He has an absolutely sensational touch and will improve our midfield (by replacing Kilkenny).

    Not affraid to get stuck in either, which could help out.

    Could still do with a more defensive minded player to come in.

  2. Tim Hodge

    I’ll be honest, and there’s not many times I say this but, he’s too good for us.

    Don’t know what Houllier is thinking. The Delph/Macca relationship must have swung this our way.

    Chuffed to bits mind. (Now watch him play awfully! Ha.)

    • TSS

      We’ll be holding you fully responsible if he does!

      After seeing him against Citeh, I have to admit, I’m a little surprised we’ve managed to capture this lad. All is forgiven SG.

      • number1inyorkshire


  3. Arnie

    Plenty of good reports on him, but don’t think he’s the muck and nettles-type of player we need to sit in and protect our hopeless back four. He’s also equally as inexperienced as our current midfield.

    PS – Why does TSS insist on calling City ‘Citeh’?
    And Dje – you had 11 other players to pick from the championship winning team of ’92 for your avatar and you pick Eric Cantona??!

    • TSS

      Force of habit. It’s like Chelski – a reference to their billionaire sugar-daddies and lack of credibility.

      I’ve also made known my disgust at DJE’s avatar.

    • Dje

      I know, what can I say – I’m a prick. Lol

      To be fair I did try to find one of Tony Dorigo but by the time you get all his hair in the small avatar, it just looks like a picture of a poodle.

  4. Bubionwhite

    Just hope he’s arrived to play and not sit on the bench … the sooner the better and in place of Kilkenny.

    Also agree with pabs that we also need a more defensive midfielder … or alternatively an instruction to BJ that he’s not allowed any farther forward than the centre circle.

  5. Gryff

    Absolutely inspirational signing. I didn’t think in a million years that Leeds would manage to pull this signing off!

    He might not be a defensive midfielder, but compare him to Kilkenny!

    Amazing stuff. Now let’s hope he plays up to his potential!

  6. captaincrash

    So, we have him (which is great) in and Killa gets the message that he’s not good enough. Given that he has on hold contract talks it seems the end is nigh for little Neil.

    With Bradley also in the famous contract vacuum it looks like we’ll be recruiting a new central midfield for 2011/12.

    Anyway, that can wait, lets hope this gives us the extra we have been needing.


    The lad has real ability and let’s hope that he copies other loan players who fall in love with LUFC and never want to leave.
    Villa have high hopes for him though so don’t get your hopes up on him staying permanently.
    Hope Larry throws him straight into the team against Preston.

  8. Leeds_Lad

    I saw him against Man City,…. the boy is class. Covered every inch of the pitch, they played everything through him, and the lad can make a tough tackle….. Dare I say he shares more than his “initials and nationality” in common with the great wee man “Billy Bremner”.

    • Paul C

      A long way to go to match our Billy but I saw the lad against City and he did have that same livewire way about him , the love of a tackle and a deccent passing game. He was dwarfed by the giants of City but really got stuck in, he was not afraid to tackle and didnt spend half the game moaning to the referee…so I am happy with this move .

      Course he will now probably have to work very very hard to help protect our defence…it will be a real test for the lad.

  9. reiver

    Great signing??? With possibly the worse defence in the division Simon signs another attacking player … and they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – slack defending will cost us promotion.

  10. Kirsten

    Hey guys, thanks for the shoutout. From the state of your comments, you seem to know that you’re getting a good deal in Baz. Treat him well, as he’s my favorite player.

    • TSS

      Hey Kirsten, cheers for stopping by to give us your thoughts.

      Been rumoured for a while, but then so has everyone from Michael Johnson to Lionel Messi, so we weren’t really expecting it to happen. Happy to have him though, just hope he can live up to the hype and expectation.

  11. number1inyorkshire

    reading some reports on various villa sites and quite frankly they are pissed ,they want him in their starting line up .

    That can only be good lets face it, he might make a real difference .

    all the reports are very good .now lets be right ,we have made plenty a decent player look ordinary ,but lets welcome ,BAZZA OR BANNERRS .

  12. Irving08

    Excellent signing. It is too late to change strategy now. Going for broke ia the order of the day. Besides I doubt seriously whether a defensive midfielder of equivalent quality is to be found who would be avaiable to us. Strengtheing our defensive capability is a collective project and, of course, has to begin, well, with the defence itself, and it is too late for that. Looking at the teams we have to play, I’d say it is not a priority either (only QPR away is a real toughie, given Billy Davies’ self-destructive streak – oh, and Milwall possibly).

  13. Chareose

    I hope Bannan is a success, our success seems to be tied to diminutive scottish midfeilders……but its also disheartening to think we are just blooding a player who Villa are unlikely to ever let go, certainly not for the 10bob that Ken Bates would offer should we get promotion


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