This week we’re joined by Glen Wilson from Viva Rovers. You can also find Glen on Twitter @VivaRovers

Ryan – Back in October, when we last met, we battled out a 0-0 draw at The Keepmoat. Has much changed for Doncaster since then?

VivaRovers – At that point Rovers were riding high, but things have unfortunately gone a little south since then. The club’s worst injury crisis in decades coupled with a heavy fixture list has meant that Sean O’Driscoll has been unable to field a settled side in months. Many fans were hoping to see a play-off push from Rovers this season, but to avoid relegation would be enough of an achievement from this season.

Ryan – Your form hasn’t been great this season but a 3-1 win at Derby in midweek could suggest a turn-around. What were your expectations for Doncaster at the start of the season and where do you realistically expect to finish?

VivaRovers – At the start of the season I predicted mid-table, and though they may fall just below that I am still quite confident Rovers will be safe. Between 14th and 18th would be respectable given that the injury list has been in double figures for a month.

Ryan – You’ve currently got our ex-defender, Matt Kilgallon at Donny. How’s he been for you so far?

VivaRovers – I hate to say this, but distinctly underwhelming. Not bad to any extent, but similarly below what he is capable of. For the last few weeks he’s been on the bench with Sean O’Driscoll prefering to partner natural left-back George Friend with Wayne Thomas in the centre of defence. On Tuesday Kilgallon came on for the last half hour as a forward and was arguably more effective for us there.

Ryan – Who else should we be looking out for in your team?

VivaRovers – Billy Sharp is the key goal threat, but most of the danger men are currently out injured. Jamie Coppinger is having his best season for Rovers so if he is fit enough to feature, the natural width he gives alongside his undoubted ability could be key.

Ryan – The Championship 2010/11: 3 up, 3 down?

Viva Rovers – This is obviously easier to call now than it would have been in October.

Going up: QPR, Cardiff and Nottingham Forest
Going down: Scunthorpe, Sheffield United, Preston

Ryan – If you could sign any current Leeds player for Doncaster, who would it be?

VivaRovers – With closing time on Neil Sullivan’s career not far away Kasper Schmeichel would be the most valuable addition

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m saying 2-1 Leeds!

Viva Rovers – I’d probably agree with you. With twelve players still absent through injury I will be delighted with a point.

Our thanks go to Glen from Viva Rovers for taking the time out to participate. Ryan also did a reciprocal interview discussing Leeds’ strengths, weaknesses and expectations which you can read here.

8 Responses

  1. Matt BB

    I have to say this game worries me, like any Derby game the formbook goes out of the window, to use much trotted out cliches.

    I’m going for a 9-9 Draw based on or game against Barnsley…

    • Matt BB

      TSS – couldnt agree more.. i think drawing at home and losing away is known as relegation form.

      Was reading Grayson in the YP this morning and he seems very `uncompromising’ about his attacking style, when i think we need to be a little more circumspect, thats got to be an open invite to the likes of Barnsley and Doncaster,

      But hope I am badly mistaken, and we thump them… 1-0!

      • Dje

        I read that too, Matt. His words were not very encouraging. He seemed unsure why exactly we had been conceding so many goals and opted for the ill-defined individual errors and lack of concentration as a team.

        If you can’t spot the problem, you can’t fix it.

  2. Dje

    I was reading earlier that Billy Sharp is supposed to be a major doubt. Apparently he’s long overdue a hernia operation. Although that didn’t stop him getting a brace against Derby midweek, so who knows?

  3. Mark R

    I expect us to have to score at least 3 goals to get a result, as we are conceding almost 2 goals per match.

    And as there haven’t been any new midfield or defensive recruits,the same players will take the field … and I can’t see there being a radical change in our pattern of play – including goals conceded.

    We should stop being angry & frustrated about the defence and midfield, the lack of recruits etc and look at this in a different way.

    I think we should play as many of our attacking players as possible, bulk out the team with Kasper and 1 or 2 defenders and go for TOTAL FOOTBALL aka Holland 1974.

    It makes TOTAL sense …let’s go out to hit the net a minimum of 4 /5 times per match, and just accept we’ll concede 2 to 3 goals per match.

    I feel much calmer now.

    …..Sorry Men…. one too many dandelion and burdocks today.



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