Welcome to the new look TSS.

Work is ongoing on certain things, and you may notice some previously available features have been removed. Some of these have gone for good due to lack of demand or incompatibility, whilst others will return later either as they were or in a new (and hopefully improved) format.

The forums are one feature we will be bringing back, although they’ll be totally different from the ones we had before. This is because the previous site used a social plugin called Buddypress – something we’ve decided to move away from due to certain compatibility issues.

To that end, you will also notice the login box has been removed that registered members used previously. You can still login using the links on the right hand side although your previously used avatars will have vanished. At present, the site will not allow you to upload your own avatar directly, but you can have one next to your comments using Gravatar – simply go to the site and register using the same email address you do here.

Thanks for your continuing support of TSS, we hope you enjoy the new site.


The new TSS forums with endlessly more features are now available here.

34 Responses

  1. jasonhLUFC

    few things still need tweaking like the login isnt working but as long as i can read the blog i dont give a damn. Keep up the good work tss! MOT

  2. Paul South Wales

    Oh please please keep the annoying advert music that graced the site a couple of weeks ago, I miss that lol

  3. Colin

    I preferred it the way it was.

    Only joking!!!

    @TSS This is rather excellent. Not only do we support one of the best clubs in Europe, but now we have one of the best football sites in Europe.

    You could get some sort of award for this site. This is just what we need in preparation for our Premier League campaign next season.

    Well done!!

  4. Dje

    Tis all looking good, @TSS.

    Not sure I’m one for the enforced Gravatar personally, as I’m a man (or woman?!) of many faces.

      • Gryff

        @TSS Thank God those annoying face things have fecked off!

        Love the new look so far.

  5. Dje

    The ‘last comments’ panel that used to exist on the right was good too. As you could tell if anyone has commented since the last time you visited / refreshed / came out of the coma.

  6. TSS


    That was a buddypress feature mate. Whilst that software had some excellent uses, it also limited design capabilities so the decision was made to remove it completely.


    I wish I could take all the credit, but I’ve simply purchased a new theme and modified it to the needs of TSS. Of course, Wes created the header too which makes it look rather brilliant.

  7. kellstu1487

    im new to this but this site looks slick and class well done to all involved

  8. captaincrash


    Looking good. Shame re the Avatars me thinks but it looks seriously much improved.

  9. Manuscum

    This works excellant on the iPhone too. Keep up the good work. It’s like a routine for me reading your blog and comments every night before sleep

    • Dje

      You have to play around with that Gravatar thng, Colin. I found it took a while to kick-in. ie. I gave up and deleted all the images I uploaded and signed out of the whole bloody thing … and then my avatar changed to C*ntona once more (although he’s a bit small, no?).

    • TSS

      You can have whatever you like mate, you just have to upload one to Gravatar that will work on the majority of blogs. Just sign up at http://www.gravatar.com using same email as you do for TSS. Takes about 30 seconds.

  10. All white on the night.

    Bootifull, really bootiful. The official Leeds site could do worse than take a leaf out of your book. Still can’t help but be drawn to the fat bloke in the stripy top though. He sure has a lot of charisma.

  11. Colin

    TSS Dje I got the Gravatar thing working and while I was at it, my Mr Bump has taken on a bit of a Leeds thang so he’s now white yellow and blue.

    • TSS

      Not sure why others have had problems. It really is a 30 second process and has always appeared instantly.

      You’ll also notice it works on other blogs too Colin, regardless of whether you register or not – it simply matches your email address then pulls your selected image from Gravatar.

  12. jasonhlufc

    that gravatar is a complete arse of a website lol wouldnt let me sign in with my wordpress account

    • TSS

      You don’t sign in with an account. You create a new one using the same email you use for here.

      • jasonhlufc

        ahh ok ill try again it just says at the bottom screen that you can sign straight in with a wordpress account. Site looks awesome on my HTC by the way! great job MOT

      • TSS

        Yeah, it means a WordPress.COM account (meaning they host it). We’re totally independent from them, we just used the software to develop TSS.

        Glad to see you’ve sorted it anyway.

  13. jasonhlufc

    ffs its only linked to my comment that i used earlier when i couldnt sign in :S

  14. captaincrash

    sorry all, just a test re avatar!! TSS trying to make IT experts out of the lot of us!!!

  15. MooJoo Mike

    TSS just gets better and better. Very slick and handsome. I agree you ought to be due some award for the look, content and effort that makes this the ONLY blog I read. Well done-in spades. MOT


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