Would love to take credit for this one, but the idea came from Adam Barlow on Facebook so kudos to him. (More on the possible Stewart deal here).

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  1. Clarkeonenil

    As amusing as this is I’d drop the “SG doesn’t do the signings” line as Grayson always says “the club support me 100% on transfer targets, if I want players they try and get them”.

    • TSS


      I don’t doubt Grayson has full control over transfers – for all Ken’s faults (too many to list) I don’t recall him ever failing to back a manager in the markets here or at Chelski. The above was just for amusement.

  2. sunnyleeds

    I do not think that this does justice to the two men.

    If we are fighting relegation, then I would not have commented. But look were we are at the moment. So comments like this do not help.

    Leeds supporters were the first to experience the bad side of the big fall. The reason was financial. So what’s wrong with being financially cautious?

    Running a club is not simply bringing in players. It involves much more complicated issues, balancing player wages, keeping everyone satisfied with what he is receiving vis-a-vis other team members and players in the same division, removing dead wood, etc.

    • bjarne hansen

      Wise words from someone at last. Transfers is a thing for the Premiership with premiership money.

  3. luke harris

    This Is Spot On. If He’d Atleast Spend Some Of The Money That We Should Have On Some Decent Players To Try And Get Us To The Premier Then We’d Have Hell Of A Financial Boost Just For Going Up But Your All To Thick To Realize This. Hes Just A Money Grabbin Old Man Its Nothing To Do With Being Financially Cautious.

  4. as

    Why are we falling for this rubbish about being thankfull for what we have. There has never been a better time to go up. The overall standard of the Championship is poor and the 3 teams that get releagated from the Premier League will be better than the 3 that go up making it more difficult next year, why should we make do with 3 signings, two of which we already had and the other a reserve keeper all for no cost. If there is money to spend, which we are constantly being told is there, why has this not been used it shows a lack of ambition or worse (the most likely cause in my opinion) the owners dont want to go up and are just happy raking in the money

  5. Richard

    Heard from an open bathroom window in Monaco.

    Delphs transfer millions and ticket price hiking
    F.A cup income and program note spiking
    Full house for Arsenal, open the top
    Mustn’t stop milking till I’ve got the last drop

    Blaming the council for not buying Thorpe Arch
    Then draining the fans till they’re so dry that they’re parched
    Building my hotel it’s just what we need
    Fuck ground improvements we’ll get weed and feed.

    Getting free transfers and paying them pittance
    Lose them to Everton, saying good riddance
    Forgetting in court if I own Leeds or not
    I really love Chelsea so Yorkshire can rot.

    When we go up, we’re worth millions so see how it swings
    These are a few of my favourite things.

    If it was Julie Andrews she’s grown a beard. MOT

      • Richard

        Sorry it was a bit of a rush job but it was several years of frustration coming out in ten minutes of sarcasm. Simple truth is like everyone on here I love LUFC. I suppose we all have different opinions on how things could best be done but I’m afraid I’ll never learn to love Bates. And I’ll never buy the, ‘he was our saviour,’ sh1te.

  6. Mark Richardson

    @luke harris

    Terrible. Everything about what you’ve said is wrong. What you’re basically suggesting is exactly what Ridsdale and O’leary did, buying players against the prize fund for getting into the Champions League. I know lets spend all the money that we’re going to get from going up on players that probably won’t deliver on the investment anyway. Spending large sums of money has definitely worked out for Middlesbrough – the favourites to win the league that are now in a relegation battle – and Cardiff – another favourite to win/go up automatic yet are just clinging on to the playoffs just like the “underspending” Leeds United.

    Man City have proven that spending massive amounts of money bringing in a team full of superstars quite often doesn’t deliver on its promise.

    As for the 3 teams coming down from the Premier League looking like they’ll be better than the 3 going up from the Championship, one of those is Wolves. Now, I know they beat the scum with a fantastic display, but I recall them coming to our Sacred Turf the last week of preseason and getting completely decimated by us. Great example of a Premier League relegation candidate being better than a Championship promotion candidate. I’m really convinced.

    Those teams will be forced to release players for financial reasons or simply because those players don’t want to play anywhere other than the first tier, reducing the quality of those sides.

    Staying in this division another year allows us to review what we’ve got, how we’ve done over the year and really go and strengthen in the areas that needed it – the defense and the midfield. We are in posession of an attack so potent that its nothing short of Championship winning, given a more sturdy back line. If it takes the rest of the season to grow and develop the defense and defensive midfield, so be it, if the result is that we come out in August and show the English Football League that the famous Leeds United are back, by completely decimating every club that dares show up at Elland Road and taking the fight to them.

    What you have to understand is buying any old player out of desperation for fresh legs and a fresh perspective is NOT going to work. Patiently developing a league winning defense is gunna work out better in the long run, as it will give us a foundation to build from when we do get back in the Premier League. Without an established defense (which I must stress for the 100th time, takes time to build), we won’t last in the Premier League, and a swift relegation back to the Championship is something noone at LUFC wants.


    The club is quite rightly being run on a sound financial basis, but sometimes you have to invest to progress the business. That could be in new technology to give you a competitive advantage, or in footballing terms better players. If you stand still for too long in business you soon get left behind.
    The challenge is to do this within our budget and I think Larry appreciates that whilst O’leary just pretended not to know the gamble being taken.
    LUFC has such massive potential that any good chairman could eventually take us back to the perm, and our rise back up the ladder is inspite of Bates rather than him being our saviour. Someone like Adam Pearson would have us in a far better position by now I reckon.

    • WanderHorse

      We wouldn’t be climbing back up that ladder if we weren’t still on it – thanks to Bates, not in spite of him.

  8. Ron

    Has anyone an opinion on Michael Stewart? Looks like he had enormous potential with the Scum as a youngster, to then never being able to find a home since. Doesn’t mind getting dirty at least.

  9. Ron

    Apologies. There are 26 opinions about him on the other thread. Sunday retardation has claimed another victim.

  10. as

    I am not saying gamble with the future of the club i said that we are being told there is money to spend but its never being spent. I dont claim to be a managerial mastermind but there are problems in the current side but nothing is being done about it. Also im not saying we need to pay massive transfer fees but we havent even brought in one new player to try and deal with the problems. Also its not a case of new fresh legs being brought in now, the transfer policy at the moment is a joke it seems to be either you need to be a mate of graysons or a player already heading out of the door at another club. Why are other clubs able to pickup good young players when we can only pickup cast offs or expensive loans. Why have norwich (Lansbury from Arsenal) and even bristol city (Bret Pittman) been able to get good young players on loan or permenant deals surely its not the pull of the club its got to be down to money, bates deep pockets and short arms

    Also rafa please tell me your joking about wolves and not juding them on a pre-season friendly. On that basis then guadalajara are a better side than scum and baskingstoke town are better than aston villa other than schmeichel and snodgrass the mojority of the wolves side would walk into the leeds side and that also incldes the wigan, west ham, birmingham, west brom sides

  11. Mark Richardson

    Well maybe it’s not coincidence that we beat them considering they are currently bottom of the Premier League. No, of course it’s not a basis for anything other than quiet contemplation, but the idea that any team coming down from the Premier League is going to be significantly better than the sides going up from the Championship, even AFTER releasing all the players that are costing too much or not willing to play at that level, is just absurd.

    Suggesting that there will be another Newcastle/West Brom situation (and for a decent amount of time it looked as though Forest were going to be West Brom to 2nd) and that we won’t get a look in at automatic promotion next season and then panicking about not pushing hard enough for it this season is complete madness.

    I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that whatever transfers are made between now and August will see us as favourites to win the Championship.

    And to preempt the “well look at last season” comments on that, I don’t expect to see anything along the lines of last season because I don’t expect we’ll play 60 matches in a single season any time soon.

    All this panic about not spending money is without basis, considering Grayson has achieved so much so far this season with a squad that overall, is really punching above its weight. Just look at pre-christmas, we completely destroyed the run-away leaders of the league in a match that they were lucky to only lose 2-0.

    All this talk of “if there’s money to spend, why isn’t it being spent” is ludicrous. If Larry’s claims of no players good enough was just for the media, and he wasn’t getting the money he wanted to strengthen, his relationship with Bates would be breaking down, yet to the contrary, they show time and time again that they are most definitely on the same page.

  12. Colin

    Just been looking at the fixtures (of all Champ teams). Not being funny, but if we beat Bristol City then we’re in good shape. But if we beat Bristol and then Norwich at ER, then we’re in great shape.

    I said all along, let’s get Feb out of the way and then into March/April it’s shit or bust. Every game we have to try and win. Let’s get Bristol out of the way first – it’s going to be tough, but if we beat them, then, as the Beatles said “it’s getting better all the time”.

    March is Doncaster, Preston, Sheff Utd, Ipswich. 4 games over 4 saturdays – that could be 12 points.

    Don’t discount Leeds. We’re not out of it yet!!

  13. paulg

    To my mind, the sign of a good manager is NOT spending money just because it’s there. As for getting in young players on loan, look at Watt ….. looks a world-beater one week, and extremely ordinary the next. By definition, young players are sent out on loan to develop – which suggests that they’re some way from the finished article …..

    Has Grayson made mistakes, and brought in players who turned out to be somewhat iffy? Of course he has – but then look at some of the donkeys that Taggart has brought in over the border, and moved on again pretty quickly. (Veron, anyone?)

    A lot of Leeds fans doubted Grayson when he first came to Leeds, and he got the job done. A lot of Leeds fans thought he was unproven in the Champ, and that he (and we) would struggle this season – and we’ve achieved more than all but the wildest of optimists could have hoped.

    IGWT? Well, on his current record I’d be more inclined to trust him than not ……

  14. terrrrrrrr

    Look at the words being used. Larry says Ken TRIES to get them for him. He probably gets in contact with a club, says he’ll offer £100 (one hundred) per week for ?????, the club tells the player, the player then gets back up off the floor after a laffing fit, and hey presto, Ken has “tried”…

    Easy innit…

  15. Chareose

    I used to think as some of you did but until Mr Bates actually comes out and factually details EXACTLY why we need to pay more than Aston Villa fans to watch our club, where the delph money went etc etc then im afraid i must remain extremely pessamistic about this “running the club on a sound financial footing” …….sorry my gut feeling is we are being milked for cash…….

  16. terrrrrrrr

    RAFA, no-one has said or suggested anything about going out and spending as Ridsdale did, It’s YOU that’s assuming to buy a player you must go out and spend multi-millions.

    There is a simple fact about Leeds United this season. We’ve shipped more goals than anyone else. That suggests, to me anyway, that perhaps the defense/midfield does need strengthening. It’s been proved this season tha

  17. terrrrrrrr

    … its been proved this season that buying seasoned, proven pros can indeed work, can be done at a certain price level. If another player needs signing (and I believe one does), then there is no problem in repeating what has been done twice already.

    And maybe, just maybe, by adding a small extra, players who’s names we’ve actually heard of may be signed…


  18. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Arsene wenger has regularly signed players nobody has ever heard of not done them any harm generally has it? I’d never heard of beckford I’d never heard of livingstone never mind snodgrass, believe it or not at one point no one had ever heard of messi , what’s it matter?

  19. terrrrrrrr

    LOL, the players Arsene buys are nearly always from another country… Little wonder none of us have heard of ‘em.


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