Michael Johnson

Peter Morrison, the former Mansfield Town and Ipswich midfielder turned football agent revealed yesterday that Simon Grayson was in attendance at a Manchester City reserve game to view the progress of Michael Johnson.

With Simon Grayson teasing fans by revealing Leeds United are all but ready to sign a new player, telling fans that we should know more by the end of the week, it’s hard not to tie the two stories together and wonder whether Manchester City are finally ready to release Michael Johnson on loan.

Johnson 22, was ready to sign a loan deal with Leeds United in January but Manchester City pulled the plug at the last second in fear that too much match time may have an adverse affect on his rehabilitation from a knee injury that has kept him sidelined for over a year.

The Manchester City midfielder stated publicly in December that if he was given the chance to go out on loan, then Leeds United would be his preference;

“You can’t pick or choose but I’ve always been a Leeds fan,”

“I’d love to play for them and a loan deal would be an ideal scenario.”

After Bradley Johnson picked up a red card during the 3-3 draw with Barnsley on Tuesday night, Simon Grayson will be desperate to get cover in before the big game away to second place Swansea this Saturday.

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  1. HeavyRiffs

    We won’t release him now, he’s nearly back to fitness and we have several injury concerns ourselves across our midfield. If anything, expect to see him in sky blue within the next few games…

  2. Ron

    I honestly think Mancini will want to see him play on loan for a period before giving him the chance to play for Man City again. It is after all a very different squad than the one Michael Johnson was with 2 years ago. No doubting the boy has ability and I’d love him to come to Leeds on loan, but I think Mancini will want to see him play elsewhere first. There’s no skin off Mancini’s nose if Michael Johnson can’t cut it, not when you are sitting on a mountain of Arab money in the summer.

  3. HeavyRiffs

    We have three fit midfielders in Barry, Toure and Viera, all the rest are injured, he’s going nowhere sorry.

  4. Pete

    If we can’t get MJ then we need to find somebody else. It is clear to everyone that the def MF role is a real weak part of our squad. I just worry that uncle Ken won’t dig deep enough 


  5. tim campbell

    I always thought our club had strong scandanavian links; surely there must be a few good uns out there who would love to pull on the white shirt?

  6. Ron

    After Sunday we will see more action as the 93 day maximum loan will then cover the play-off final. Michael Johnson will be a shorter loan at first I’d imagine.

  7. Mark R

    As the North Africa revolutions spread uncertainty in the Middle East – as seen in Bahrain – I would say other countries in the region are nervous – including Abu Dhabi. Arab money may not be as solid a foundation for Man City as currently believed to be.

    Think Michael Johnson is a red herring – and SG is about to bring in one of his trusted former players – Mr.Southern from Blackpool.


  8. Colin

    HeavyRiffs – don’t forget Wright Phillips and Davis Silva. Come on, do us a favour, let’s have Johnson.

    And if you’re still playing hard to get then keep Johnson and we’ll take Viera. I’m not choosy. And we’ll pay the train fare as well.

  9. jimbob99

    I dont know if this will be a good signing or not. Obviously he is a good player but he has been out for a long time and i dont think we can afford to give him a couple of games to get going especially now bradley johnson is suspended i would prefer somone who has played more than just reserve games someone like southern (admittedly only played a coupld of frist team games)or jonathan greening who i think both would be willing to come


  10. leg end

    If man city won’t release johnson we should look elsewhere. There’s plenty of players who would be more than willing 2 play 4 the best team in yorkshire

  11. mr bean

    to be fair i would love to see johnson at leeds but still think we need two or three bodys in to help out as our back up players arn’t the best and we have found ourself in pretty good shape in the league…we need to kick on now and bring in a bit of quality if we are going to be taken seriously…i know we need a man in the middle of the park,but i still think we need a good centre half plus i still think we need another striker as painter has been very poor……so mr bates get your finger out and help simon out,and sharpish…….


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