Aidy White was in action on Tuesday night for Oldham, playing 78 minutes and getting on the score sheet within the first eight with a well taken close range finish. Not long after his goal he could have had a second but was unlucky to see his tight angled shot rebound off the post. Oldham went on to comprehensively beat Hartlepool 4-0.

White continues to impress at Boundary Park and his performance gained an 8 out of 10 rating from the Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, Fede Bessone made his debut for Charlton against Colchester United. The general consensus from Charlton fans at was that he had a promising start with many picking up on his pace and ability to attack. A number of solid 7 out of 10 ratings show that he may be more comfortable with League One football after a disappointing season for Leeds so far.

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  1. Svein-Magne Forsgren

    Aidy is a very talented player, maybe more of a left midfielder than a left defence in my opinion. He has got pace and good skills with the ball. Should be soon in our first team

  2. Partydude

    Thanks for the updates timhodge. Lets hope Bessone becomes marketable and we can make a good profit on him. Once someone’s off Grayson’s plans, he’ll never return to the first team. White – excellent player with a bright future – as a midfielder.

  3. Dje

    Bessone is still a bit of an enigma to me. He cut it at a successful swansea in the Championship. He looked like a keeper asked to fill in at left-back for us, and then (albeit based on one match) seems to be comfortable at left-back for a League One team.

    I just wonder if our nervy and unperforming complete back four in the opening part of the season, or the disharmony between defense and midfield when we played 4-4-2, or maybe just the nerves coming from playing in front of an Elland Road crowd (we do turn on players we see as lacking ability rather swiftly at times), resulted in us having not seen the real Bessone yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back and looked at least as competent as Connolly, someone who also came in for early criticism).

    With that as a possibility, and with the lad now out on loan, we really should stop the Bessone-bashing, as it really doesn’t help.

  4. Lee B

    I wonder if Aidy White might make a good central midfielder. He’s quick, skillful, can go past players, he’s got an eye for a pass, scores goals and can tackle. Seems to me they’re all the attributes of a good CM, whether in a holding role or further forward.

    Actually, I’ve often thought that full backs have the necessary skills (if carefully honed) to be CMs, and have wondered whether it might be an idea to try out a failing left or right back as a CM (in a reserves match, obviously).
    I would have liked to have seen Crowe or Bessone given a run-out in this role to see if they could still have proven useful to the squad. They might not have been pacey enough for the full back role, but they’d be quite nippy in the CM.
    Ah well, we’ll never know now…

  5. Tim Hodge

    From what I hear White’s being played all over the place at Oldham.
    Not sure about him in CM though. He has ridiculous pace and good feet so think he’s better suited to playing on the wing.

    No doubt he’s a winger now and not a LB.

    As for Bessone, I was one of his biggest critics early in the season and it is a wonder how he’s not living up to his performances for Swansea. Even if he does play well for Charlton, with McCartney and Parker, I can’t see him getting back in the Leeds team next season. He’ll probably end up sitting in the reserves for another year before having his contract cancelled “by mutual consent”.

  6. Ron

    Aidy White is a good prospect and I’m happy to see him playing well. Thanks for the update.

    Just reading some bullish commentary from SG on the upcoming loan market. I feel that thorough clearout on Monday was to free room for more than one or two signings. I’m not holding my breath, but I was encouraged by his rational and enthusiasm for getting players of a certain quality (i.e. better) in. MOT

  7. Martin Lazialle

    I hope the best for Aidy and Fede, and maybe will see both in the starting XI of Grayson next year.
    I think Fede deserve another chance whit us. Ben Parker have been injured pretty often, and McCartney is a great player but is on loan.
    Sorry for my poor lenguage.
    Martín (a Leeds fan from Argentina)

  8. Lowfields

    There’s more than a touch of Kewell about Aidy White… I remember watching a few rounds of the FA Youth Cup in 1996/97 and being incredibly impressed by our left-back – taking on players in endless runs from deep in his own half – who then, of course, turned out to be sensational winger/striker.

    From what I’ve seen, I still think White should be seen more as a Gary Kelly-style full back than a Gradel-style winger. I thought he was great at Doncaster (a rare clean sheet) and was surprised when he was dropped almost immediately afterwards – especially as we didn’t have an adequate replacement until McCartney.

    If there’s one thing we need at the back, it’s pace… I hope he’s part of Grayson’s plans sooner rather than later.

  9. TSS

    I said from day one I never saw Aidy as a full-back. Pretty sure he played in midfield at youth level, and he was always pretty productive there. Definitely the player I have the biggest hopes for.

  10. Irving08

    Aidy White is definitely a wide left-sided, as opposed to central midfield player. I have an open mind on whether he could play at full back; but with a strong central defence I think this is probably the optimum position for both himself and the team (the two cannot be taken in isolation). In short, I see him as more Terry Cooper than Harry Kewell. In any event, he would now be on my bench rather than out on loan. At 19 he should be ready and probably is.

    • Lowfields


      I generally agree…. but don’t forget TC started out as a left-winger, and in the early part of his career was used mainly away from home in favour of Albert because he was seen as more reliable defensively. He only started moving back when Willie Bell left the club.

      I think the comparisons with Kewell and TC are both valid… but with our current squad, with wingers Gradel and Sam on the left and a couple of one-paced central defenders, I would like to see White employed as a marauding full-back.

      • Irving08

        @lowfields . You are right about TC – I remember when he was switched to full-back. He was lucky to have NH next to him. It’sa pity many peole’s memory of him is the quarter final of the 1p70 World Cup when Lubarski turned him inside out. Back to AW – I also agree, but your WB/TC reference would suggest that for now AW would play wide midfield with McArtney at full back and if SG now switches to 4-4-2 to accommodate Somma, I suggest AW (precisely because of his defenisve as well as attacking capability) would play wide left NOW (instead of Gradel) thus allowing Howson to play a bit furthe rup the field (anyway AW is a class above Gradel, in my view). Actually I prefer us playing 1-3-2-4 – which is our defensively most secure formation and amongst things keeps Becchio upfield and makes best use of Howson. Somma can be used for impact…decisions upon which our success this season depends. Come on SG take the tough decisions !

  11. Rob

    What u gotta remember is everytime aidy gets anywhere near the 1st team he gets injured.seems to me grayson is trying to get him stronger and fitter in league 1


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