Former Leeds United striker, Gary McSheffrey has performed a miraculous u-turn on his opinions of Leeds United following the boo’s he received during his return to Elland Road this weekend.

“I didn’t really say anything to offend anyone. I was asked the question ‘why didn’t you stay?’ and I said I didn’t really know because I hadn’t been told. It was misinterpreted and I’ve never said anything bad about Leeds. Little things can become a silly headline.

“I was expecting (the reception) but this is a decent club with good fans, and when it’s going good they’re great fans. I’ve always said that, so I don’t really know why they were booing me.”

After leaving Leeds United, McSheffrey told how he felt Simon Grayson’s decision to cut him loose was ‘unfair’ claiming that the Whites boss never gave him ‘a fair chance’, before going on to question the gaffer’s man management skills.

Ten appearances for the club would suggest Grayson gave him a very fair chance (even if he was used as sub for the majority of them). We have international players sitting on our bench that would kill for the amount of time McSheffrey had to prove himself.

Unfortunately for poor Gary, you either sink or swim at Elland Road. His début started well enough with a man of the match display against Colchester United, but it all went down hill thereafter with the 28-year-old failing to make the desired impression. So sink he did, and at the end of the season Simon Grayson cut him loose as he looked to build a squad capable of winning promotion to the Premier League.

The comments that followed his departure angered Leeds United fans who felt the striker had an incredibly unrealistic opinion of his own abilities. Simon Grayson meanwhile refused to get drawn into a war of words with McSheffrey, but the Whites boss was clearly unimpressed and refused to shake hands with the striker at the Ricoh late last year.

Whilst Gary McSheffrey’s own memory may be failing in his old age, the Leeds United fans don’t forget (or forgive) easily. You can back-track and use all the excuses you like Gary, but it won’t change a thing – aside from making you look like more of an idiot than you already did.

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  1. captaincrash

    He never cut it and rarely showed any signs of cutting it.

    Role similar to McCormack’s………

    • Jonathan Hooper

      I think that’s very harsh to compare the two of them. McCormack has barely had the chance and has looked good.

  2. Ilkleywhite

    Gary should have known the reception he would get, after saying what he said, he was poor for us, and to top it all said that we should have given him a contract, and Simon Graysons man management skills were poor, the days of giving contracts to journeymen are over, if you want to get a contract at Leeds you should earn it, which is just what Max Gradel did, and look where Max is now.

  3. Si

    He was shite, and slagged off SG, therefore, slagged off Leeds fans.. you didn’t ‘cut the mustard’

  4. Mightywhite83

    Wat a complete tool!! I heard that Coventry fans and idy boothroyd are also unhappy with his recent performances

  5. Matt BB

    Even though I happen to think mcsheffrey was played out of position (much like Mccormack is being now) and therefore was never going to score the goals he needed to make the fans love him he blew it when he slated the manager, inadvertently or not.

    I’m sure right now he doesnt care, and is happy to settle for being a mid table championship player with his beloved Coventry, but a huge missed opportunity for McSheffrey, and probably for Leeds. Cue onslaught.

  6. John

    I think he was terrible, and he had plenty of time to establish himself as a Leeds United first team player. SOme players just dont gel, and sometimes dont get on with there manager…

    Similarly, McCormak…

    I think he has had more than enough time!!
    He is been played out of position most of the time, but he still looks like an average league 1 player! id prefer to see enoch back than watch him!

  7. Camaac

    The York Press reckons we had Michael Johnson playing for us in yesterday’s friendly. Are they talking tosh or did I miss some big news in last weekend’s beery haze?

  8. TSS


    It was Michael Stewart. They’ve got it mixed up according to Paul Dews (Press Officer at LUFC)

  9. Gryff

    He didn’t perform that well for us, and so I can understand Grayson’s decision not to sign him up. At the time I took the impression that he was unhappy at not being told why he wasn’t signed.

    A) I can understand his frustration that Larry didn’t contact him.
    B) But he has no right to expect a long-term contract just because he’s come in on loan.

  10. Doug

    I was very excited when we signed Sheffa as I rated him and thought he may do what Dougie Freedman did for us. Unfortunately he turned up with an attitude and no desire two things that don’t go down well with Leeds fans. He is borderline delusional if he felt he deserved a contract from Leeds plus the stick from Leeds fans is mild to what it could have been especially after his comments in the press. Maybe if we’d noticed him he would have come in for more abuse but to most he’s irrelevant!

  11. Ron

    Gary who?

    I think the fact we are even discussing this guy shows how bored we are with the lack of emergency loan activity thus far this week. C’mon Larry.

  12. MrBigStuff

    I hope McCormack gets more of a chance before the season is out or else i can see him moving on at the end of the season…

  13. norman carlisle

    made no impression and could not force himself into the leeds team. Obvious he was available on a free from Birmingham city last summer and was playing for a contract but failed miserably. Besides could not force his way into the Coventry side on saturday which was overcome with injuries.

  14. steve

    We don’t know how graysons man mangament skills are, but after a few different players state he just blanks them, then you start thinking. I Am a season ticket holder and go to a lot of away games and I think grayson is a poor manager so do I insult fellow whites? His tactics nearly cost us promotion last year and cost us victory at arsenal, with his subs. Back to sheffs and the odd ten minutes here and there you need longer when you come from a lay off, how long will loads get to play well?


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