Jonny Howson

Leeds captain Jonny Howson made his debut for England U21s against Italy in Empoli.

Howson came on for the final thirty minutes in the 1-0 defeat.  England, who were undone by a late Italy penalty, had the majority of possession in the second half with promising attacking play coming down the wings. Jonny wasn’t really able to make an impact on the game, though when he was on the ball he looked as assured and confident as any other player on the pitch, picking good simple passes and looking strong in the challenge. He demonstrated good movement, making forward runs, applying good pressure and constantly looking to get on the ball – but none of this will come as a surprise to fans.

With the main concern for Jonny being the strength in depth of England U21 midfielders, he will have done his prospects no damage whatsoever, acquitting himself as well as any other player in the time available to him.

It’s sure to be a proud moment for Jonny and all Leeds fans. He certainly looked good in an England shirt and hopefully we’ll see him in it on many more occasions.

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  1. TSS

    Solid enough performance, but worth adding that he did lose possession in the run-up to the penalty. Wasn’t really his fault in fairness as the pass before that was lousy, putting him under unnecessary pressure.

    Proud moment seeing him in an England shirt.

  2. The Reaper 08

    FAir play to Stuart Pearce. All to often in these situations the player eithe doesn’t play or gets a paltry 5 mintues.

    I swore blind he wouldn’t get 15 minutes so to notch up 30 is a right result and will further aid his development.

    It’s this kind of mingling and palyign with better players that will be pivitol to his career.

    • TSS

      Agreed. There’s a lot of competition for places, and it’s a shame they never got a chance to train together, but I think selecting Jonny would be a shrewd move by Pearce – he has the experience and composure many of the young lads clearly lacked today.

  3. Craig

    Just picked up the news that George McCartney has retired from international football – I reckon he knew what a torrid time Snoddy was going to give him!

  4. trueyorxman

    Christ, what’s happened to the The Scratching Shed? With its new look it should be renamed The South Stand!!

  5. Gryff

    Congrats Jonny, now capped at U21 level!

    BTW, what the hell is he looking at in that pic? It must be seriously bad…

    His latest contract offer by any chance? ;)

    • The Reaper 08

      I think one of Naylors ginger nads has fallen out the side of his shorts, not a pretty sight.


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