Thanks to Mark Egan (@CovFan) on Twitter who joins us once again.

Ryan – We last met in November at The Ricoh Arena, when Leeds were 3-2 winners. Has much changed for Coventry since then?

Mark – We haven’t won since the beginning of December in the league so things have gone downhill since then.

Ryan – What has your recent form been like? Should we be fearful of a reverse scoreline at Elland Road on Saturday?

Mark – Confidence is low and the team look like they don’t know where the next win is coming from. There are flashes of good play but it seems to be every time we either take the lead or concede we revert to hoofing it, look out for our second half performances as well, past few matches we’ve just given up after half time.

Ryan – At the Ricoh, Marlon King and Gary McSheffrey both got ‘warm’ receptions from the Leeds end and its likely they’ll get the same again on Saturday. What have they been like for you this season?

Mark – King has been nothing short of brilliant since he came to the club, the chants against him seem to motivate him to score so feel free to give him another ‘warm’ reception. McSheffrey has been a player that typifies our season so far, there have been flashes of the player he used to be for us before he left but 90% of what he has done the season has been useless.

Ryan – What did you make of Leeds’ performance back in November?

Mark – Very impressive, from what I remember of the game it was a cracking match and it could have been 3-3 at half time. Since then we’ve both gone opposite ways so it shows how crucial victory was for Leeds.

Ryan – Are there any new signings within the Coventry ranks that we should be looking out for on Saturday?

Mark – No new signings, we have to wait for the loan window to sign anyone apparently. Hopefully Ben Turner is back for the match (He has been injured since our match in November) as having him back in defence would be great.

Ryan – The league has proven so hard to predict this year but who are your bets for promotion & relegation from what you’ve seen so far?

Mark – I can’t see past QPR as champions, second place I think will be Norwich and the play off winners will be between Swansea and yourselves I think. Relegation is a lot more difficult to predict for me. With us dropping like a stone I do honestly fear for our survival but I think the bottom 3  will be the current bottom 3 (Preston, Sheffield United and Scunthorpe).

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going for a 2-1 home win!

Mark – 4-1 to Leeds, our form is pathetic and I don’t see Leeds doing us any favours.

Thanks for taking part, enjoy the game!

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  1. Ron

    Jesus. I fear Marlon King or McShefferey will score a hat-trick this week after reading this. Let’s all pretend we didn’t notice them on the team sheet.

    Seriously, this is a must win game for us if we’re the business.

  2. Christopher Gee

    With Killa back hopefully we’ll be fielding the midfield that helped us take 3 points at the Ricoh. I don’t remember McSheffrey getting too much abuse that day but King deserves all he gets.

    • Mark Richardson

      he got a lot. Really, a lot. It was just overshadowed by “she said no, Marlon”. I distinctly remember “you’re just a shit Leeds reject” and “you’re too shit to play for Leeds” several times. I’ll be bringing more of that to the ER tomorrow

  3. Colin

    We’re losing touch on the teams at the top. This is getting close to shit or bust. This is a must win and Grayson needs to grow a pair of plums and do the right thing. As @derbyshirewhite says, Kilkenny is back, use him.

    What is the right thing? Play Howson off the front man. Move him up to attacking midfield. Has Grayson got the plums? We’ll see.

  4. TSS


    For christ sake mate, your complaints go from the ridiculous to the quite frankly ludicrous some days. Killa landed 36 hours before our last game and you’re really moaning because Larry didn’t play him?

    Can Larry do anything right in your eyes?

    As for losing touch with the teams at the top – every season has it’s up and downs. Just because four teams won this week, doesn’t mean the same will happen next. Form is variant – you don’t win the league in one or two games. We’ve lost once in how many games now?

  5. Colin

    @TSS I never said that Kilkenny should have played the last game?

    We better hope that form is variant because (excluding Arsenal) our form is that we’ve won 1 in the last 7 games and conceded 12 goals.

    You can talk about ups and downs as much as you like, but 1 win 7 certainly does not get you promoted.

    • Colin

      @TSS and by the way, I’m not a Grayson hater, but I’m entitled to have a go at Grayson for his mistakes – and they’re not one-offs.

      If my manager buys a LB and signs him on a 3 year contract, then plays him for a handful of games and then loans him out to 3rd division Charlton with an option to buy, then I’m entitled to be annoyed.

      If my manager buys Billy Paynter and keeps giving him chance after chance, despite the fact that he can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo when you’ve got Somma on the bench who has a spectacular scoring record, then I’m entitled to be annoyed.

      If my manager pays a fortune (in our world) for Ross McCormack, but he’s actually down in the pecking list behind McAllister’s Becchio, freebie Somma, and even Banjo boy/cow’s arse Paynter, then I’m entitled to be annoyed.

      Etc. etc.

    • badras

      we was 16th position earlier in the season 12 points behind qpr . we got up to 2nd within 12 games . to be honest i would of accepted 16th at this time of season before season started

  6. TSS


    The suggestion from your growing a pair of plums comment was that not playing KIlla somehow affected form? Or have I misunderstood completely?

    Anyway, you do strike me as a glass half-empty kind of guy. One could easily look at recent results and spin them positively to say how many few defeats we’ve had.

    Drawing is frustrating, but our form dip (which everyone has every season without fail) is hardly a major crisis. We’re still racking up points – albeit at a slower rate, and are still on course for the play-offs. Cheer up for christ sake lol

  7. Colin

    @TSS – you misunderstood me. I said “Grayson needs to grow a pair of plums and do the right thing” “What is the right thing? Play Howson off the front man.”

    The reason I mentioned Kilkenny is that now that he’s back, Howson can be allowed to do that role. With Killa away he couldn’t do that.

    Drawing isn’t frustrating. Getting obliterated by Hull is frustrating. Hull should have won that last game – were it not for Schmeichel saving our arse and the attack coming up with the goods to bail us out.

    @TSS that Leeds team weren’t prepared properly for Hull. We managed to salvage a point. Lucky Leeds.

    When Leeds are good, they are very good. When they’re bad, they’re very bad. Players don’t turn bad overnight.

    Time after time after time, this team just doesn’t turn up until their backs are against the wall. That’s not the players fault. That’s the manager’s fault.

  8. Colin

    @TSS If we draw against Coventry, I hope you repeat in your match report “Drawing is frustrating, but our form dip (which everyone has every season without fail) is hardly a major crisis. We’re still racking up points – albeit at a slower rate, and are still on course for the play-offs. Cheer up for christ sake lol”

    And see how that goes down with everyone.

  9. TSS


    I’ve said something to that effect a few times. You can’t blame the manager for the players needing to go two down before they go for it – that’s their fault. They should be motivated enough already without a half-time kick up the arse to get them in line.

    Do you need a motivational speech before you do your job every morning? I need a couple of coffee’s, but usually manage without a pep talk.

    • Mark Richardson

      Dunno about you but I get psyched up naturally before every game and I’m just a spectator! The players should have testosterone and adrenaline coming out of their ears with the build up at Elland Road, and with our away following, at other grounds too. Having to go down before getting into the game is definitely a problem and something needs to be done. The Fires of Elland Road should have them in a bloodlust frenzy before kickoff.

  10. Ron

    Colin makes some valid points and as I have said all along – none of us will be happy with 2 years in the Championship. Our defence is porous and can’t get us promoted at this rate, and blunting a potent attack in order to help them out is not a long term solution.

    TSS, I understand it may seem overly negative to be critical of our recent form, but truth be told, filling ER for Arsenal only showed us what we really want and I agree 1 from 7 is not good enough.

    Leeds fan not only want the premiership now, they expect it. Fingers crossed SG adds the finishing touches next week so we can make the final push.

  11. Colin

    @TSS I disagree 100%. So what you’re saying is that the players go out and can’t be arsed to give it their all in a Leeds shirt and then SG gives them a kick up the arse at half time and then everything gets sorted and Leeds start to play?

    So Leeds went 2-0 down against Hull and Grayson gave them a bollocking at half time and changed it it so that Leeds came back 2-2? Well that’s wrong for a start. Snodgrass scored in the 44th minute.

    Let me throw this one your way – perhaps Grayson set the team up incorrectly, ill-prepared and at 2-0 down perhaps the players thought we’ve had enough of this and played their own game?

    If a team aren’t motivated then there’s a problem. Where does that come from? The manager.

    So using your thoughts, Grayson sends out an un-motivated team and then motivates them at half time?

    Why are players unmotivated? Down to the players or down to the manager? If it’s down to the players then you get rid of them. But don’t tell me that Leeds players aren’t motivated. They play for the shirt. Sure they may make mistakes, but they are always motivated.

    • TSS

      I was there @Colin, the players didn’t “play their own game” but as per usual, you’re looking for reasons to slate Grayson.

      The manager sets the tactics, picks the team and brings the players in who can do the job. Like every business, the manager is responsible for ensuring everything is in place to do their job correctly. If the players can’t be bothered doing it until they’ve gone behind then that’s something they need to address.

      @rongalea I wouldn’t usually argue but @colin has an uncanny ability to lure me in. He’d find something to complain about if we’d won the last 10 games on the bounce. Typical Leeds fan I suppose, never happy… :-)

    • TSS


      If it’s the same Leeds fans that were predicting we’d finish in the bottom half/mid-table at best you’d think they’d be over the moon.

      It’s a tough, very evenly balanced division and we’re sixth in it. The fact we’re not losing during our dip in form is an excellent sign for me.

    • Colin

      @rongalea we were but we got divorced. I think it was over a discussion on Jermaine Beckford.

      But we still keep in touch with each other as we have to look after the kids’ interest – Howson, Parker, Aidy White.

      • TSS

        “we were but we got divorced. I think it was over a discussion on Jermaine Beckford”

        Sounds about right. Like everyone’s Mrs, @colin refused to accept (s)he was wrong.

  12. Kaiser Chief

    Very amusing banter and both @Colin and @TSS make very valid points in my opinion. I must admit I’ve read a lot on her from @Colin and have to agree with the ‘glass half empty’ analogy. I try to be as optimistic as possible and am very happy with the season so far. Some of the draws over recent weeks have been frustrating but we aren’t losing many and were playing good football in a league we are more suited to (as a posed to tin pot league 1). So I for one am pretty happy, I think we will push on and secure a play off place this season.

    That being said @Colin makes VERY valid points regarding Paynter who I think is a very poor mans Becchio. McCormack who has done very little to impress and what on earth went wrong with Bessone?! 3 year contract on a player who SG must now think cannot cut it in the championship let alone potentially the PL. Not good business at all and we have a right to be unhappy with these signings and tactical decisions.

  13. Mark Richardson

    Although @Colin does have a few valid points, it is also unfair to criticise a manager who has RELATIVELY consistently brought us results, especially when our “dip” in form has only seen us lose once, and that was only by 1 goal. It takes time to build a trophy winning team, something that a lot of clubs seem to have forgotten, wanting quick results with little to no settling period.

    The Leeds team, although definitely full of high quality players, is punching above it’s weight at the moment. Keeping up with teams like Norwich and Cardiff, and to a lesser extent QPR, while at the same time having spent a fraction of what they’ve spent on players is certainly something I’m not going to criticise.

    Also, having not made any decent moves in the transfer market, and although what Grayson has said about not managing to secure the “right” players may just be for publicity, I choose to believe in this because I trust the man.

    Job one this season was consolidation, we’re now looking at promotion. If it doesn’t happen, it’s no big deal, because summer will give the man a chance to sort out that central midfield and back line, and come August, we’ll come out of the traps and start levelling the Championship. If we don’t go up this season, I expect to see a start similar to the 07/08 and 09/10 seasons, and with any luck, sans the terrible second half.


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