Federico Bessone has given an interview to the Yorkshire Evening Post, in which he talks frankly about his failure to make the grade at Elland Road.

Bessone blames nobody but himself for the abject performances he’s put in for Leeds and is clearly frustrated with himself after blowing his opportunity;

“I feel disappointment, yes, but only with myself, not with anybody else. The manager gave me a chance and I didn’t play to my best. You know when you’re at a big club that if you don’t play to your best, other people are waiting. I lost my place.”

Bessone goes on to talk about George McCartney coming in as his replacement. Whilst Fede understood Grayson’s decision, explaining how the Leeds United gaffer had several “honest discussions” with him about the loanee’s arrival, he is clearly frustrated at not getting another opportunity to prove his worth.

Undeterred, Fede explains that when McCartney signed until the end of the season he knew he had to find first team football elsewhere and that Charlton presented the ideal opportunity. The 27 year old remains hopeful that he’ll get another chance at Elland Road and believes he’s learnt a lot in his time on the sidelines.

“The way Leeds play is different to how Swansea play – a different type of football – and it took me some time to understand that.

“I’ve watched games from the stands for two or three months and I think I know now how the team play and what I need to do to be part of that.

“If I got a second chance then maybe I’d be better.”

It’s refreshing to see a footballer accepting blame when things don’t work out. Maybe it was the antics of McSheffrey that made Fede realise the criticisms aren’t always without just cause?  Leeds United have some of the most loyal, passionate and supportive fans any player could wish to play in front, but they can also be the most critical when a player fails to perform in the all white shirt that means so much to them.

Taking the criticism on the chin and striving to improve on poor performances is a good first step to winning the hearts and minds of the Leeds United faithful. Fede’s honesty and desire will not go unnoticed.

You can read Fede’s full interview here on the YEP website.

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  1. MinustheRobin

    McCartney has been one of our outstanding players so far, so unless he gets injured Bessone has no chance. Don’t forget Ben Parker will be above him on the list as well.

  2. Dje

    Hat’s off for the honesty.

    The only alarming bit is when he talks about it taking him some time to realise that Leeds were playing a different type of football to what he’d been used to at Swansea. And that only after watching from the sidelines for two odd months did it finally click what was what.

    Wasn’t it Grayson and Snodin’s job to explain that to him when he first arrived, rather than leaving it all to a sort of footballing cluedo of ‘see if you can figure it out for yourself, son’!

  3. MinustheRobin

    Nice bit of pointless criticism of the coaching there.

    Maybe he is a bit slow?

  4. Doug

    I’m happy to give Bessone another chance but not in critical league games, maybe in preseason he has to show he can cut it. Regarding him adjusting to Leeds style of play that seems a little bogus to me its not like he was asked to play out of position & McCartney, Hughes, Bradders, Parker seem to understand the position ok!

    • Dje

      Last season, under Paolo Souza, Swansea played a 4-5-1 formation – which is why they had the best defensive record in the league but hardly ever scored. Bessone came here and was put straight into a 4-4-2 formation and (apparently / possibly / who fucking knows) not explained the different pros and cons of the two formations. So, time and time again Connolly and Bessone were exposed to the oppositions wingers and fullbacks. 4-5-1 offers twice the protection to the full-back and half the chance of getting caught out if you’ve bombed forward as 4-4-2 does.

      Hardly any of our defense excelled in that 4-4-2 formation and at the time Connolly was coming in for just about as much criticism as Bessone was. So we dropped Bessone and stuck with Connolly, but then also instantly switched to a 4-5-1 formation and hey presto McCartney / Hughes / Johnson / Parker and (almost) White have been able to cope better with it. Coincidently so has Connolly, which makes you wonder if in our re-invigorated 4-5-1 mid-season success Bessone would have been as good as Connolly and possibly as good or if not better (because he’s quicker) than McCartney?

      As to pointless criticism of the coaching staff, you buy a defender who has excelled in a 4-5-1 formation to play him in a 4-4-2 formation and drop him the second you opt for the 4-5-1 formation he was best suited. Genius.


    Respect to the fella for having the balls to say what he has said but i dont think he will ever make the cut at ER, all the best to him in his quest for first team football.

  6. paulg

    I doubt that any player sets out to be crap! And it’s by no means uncommon for a player to be a “star” at one club and a failure at another ……

    Have to remeber, as well, when analysing his comments, that he’s being interviewed in a foreign language, so I think you have to be careful about reading too much into things …..

  7. Bubiónwhite

    Bessone was a good player for Swansea but became a victim of circumstance at Leeds with the changes in formation etc. and as a result was vilified for his performances …justified. He did not however deserve to be made the scapegoat for overall poor defensive performances by the whole of the defence. He made a number of mistakes which led to goals against, as did Connelly, the ever so loved Ben Parker and McCartney, not to mention BJ who has had more chances than we can mention. The guy deserves to be given another chance … along with the support of the rest of us.

  8. Ron

    I’d put my balls on him never wearing a Leeds shirt again. Anyone else mildy pi55ed-off we’ve been so quiet in the loan window? I thought we’d have 2 or 3 new faces for Saturday, especially some longer-term loanees.


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