Following on from the success of the Kaiser Chiefs homecoming a couple of years back, Leeds United have announced another gig at Elland Road and there’s good Reason To Believe this one will be a sell-out.

Whilst I suspect most Leeds United fans (myself included) couldn’t care less about Rod Stewart playing at the home of our beloved football club, the ticket sales for this event may offer a worrying look into our future.

Within days of Leeds United announcing the gig, tickets are already being resold online with prices ranging from £90 for a seat that cost less than £50 to over £500 for the infamous LUFC hospitality packages.

Reselling tickets is by no means a new phenomena. For decades now, wherever demand for an event outweighs available ticket numbers there has been a market to buy other people’s tickets at a premium. As Leeds United look for a return to the Premier League, will the resale of Elland Road matchday tickets become the norm?

We’ve already seen Leeds United tickets being resold for big games such as the FA Cup matches against Manchester United and Arsenal, and I’m sure it took place the last time we were in the big time and travelling across Europe.

A quick browse through the TixDaq site and you’ll find tickets for upcoming games such as Arsenal v Barcelona, Chelsea v Manchester City and Real Madrid v Barcelona, which would seem to add further weight to the argument that the resale of Leeds United tickets is somewhat inevitable.

But what does that mean for the average fan?

It’s one of those issues that will no doubt polarise opinion. For the average fan, an open ticket exchange market can be a great thing. If, for example, you cannot attend a match you’ve already bought tickets for due to unforeseen circumstances, you can quickly advertise your tickets online and will usually recoup the price paid. Better still, if the match is one with high demand, you may even make a tidy profit.

At the other end of the transaction sits a Leeds United fan that missed out on the tickets originally and would not have been able to see his beloved team in action without the benefits such a service offers. Sure, he’s paid a little more than he’d have liked, but he’s going to see a Leeds United match that will live long in his memory – and what use is money without memories?

The flaw in all this however is that some will no doubt exploit the system. Some people will see an opportunity to apply for tickets to every Leeds United game home and away, knowing the matches will sell out and that they can make a tidy profit from the resale markets. It’s essentially legalised touting.

The consequences of this could be very costly for your average fan. With Ken Bates already seeking to match our ticket prices up with that of a top six Premier League side, the added cost to those who are unsuccessful getting tickets through the club (due to the added demand of the touts) may find themselves priced out of Leeds United games as the already over-inflated prices, are topped up even further.

It’s a fine balance really. The resale of tickets gives us a second chance to see events we would otherwise have no chance of getting tickets for whilst also helping the Average Joe recoup the money he paid for his tickets in the first place. But the clubs and event organisers will have to work hard to put measures in place that will stop the opportunists capitalising on our support.

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  1. Colin

    I thought reselling of tickets (unless through an authorised ticket company) was illegal?

    • TSS

      Grey area.

      Lad at Sold Trafford told me he’d paid £200 for his ticket that morning. Guess it turned out to be worth it though.

  2. Neil

    The simple answer is to buy a season ticket which is what I ended up doing in the Wilko era as more and more games became all ticket. The Club Membership Scheme also gives people a fair crack of getting tickets epsecially since they can be bought online. The last time we were in the PL we didn’t fill the gorund every game either so there were plenty of opportunities for the part timers to come and see a match. I don’t really care if the Johnny Come Lately’s who currently only show for the Play Offs and high profile cup matches end up paying over the odds.

  3. Gryff

    Touts will only buy as many as they are confident of selling, though. So there’s never going to be more than a small percentage of tickets sold on re-sale.

    @Colin it is indeed, and people can be prosecuted, but it’s not very high on the Force’s agenda.

  4. The Reaper 08

    @TSS Only you could tie Ken Bates into a piece about the resale of Rod Stewart tickets. Priceless.

  5. west stand rebel

    I went to the Kaiser Chiefs concert a couple of years ago. It was a cold windy night but still a great evenings entertainment. Sadly too old for the mosh pit where beer was liberally chucked into the air.
    My thought for what it’s worth is that Ken may be trying to establish ER as the top pop venue before the arena is built. I bet he is still seething that this is not next to or attached to our stadium.
    This of course another of the botched schemes we have had from our illustrious board of mysterious directors and owners.

  6. trueyorxman

    @Neil. I’m with you mate, I got slagged the other week for having a dig at Johnny Come Latelys turning up for the Gunners replay. Same folk will be back if we go up, f**k ‘em they just want to watch the opposition! Anyone who has supported Leeds for the last 25-30 years will realise that the old Division 1/Championship is the perfect League for us to be in. Affordable prices (Category B&C!), competitive football with plenty of rivalry and real SUPPORTERS (not fans).

  7. Colin

    Should Leeds get to the Premier League, the touting may decrease. From my perspective as a fan based in the south, the easiest way to see Leeds is when they are playing away in the south. Problem is, the size of allocation to Leeds fans is so low that, there’s no way of getting a Leeds ticket unless you’re a season ticket holder. Even then, many miss out. So everyone else just buys tickets in the home end, and everyone knows it. Roots Hall in Southend doesn’t all of a sudden become a sell out because the Southend fans want to see Leeds. It’s because Leeds fans have bought up all the remaining home tickets. I guess that shouldn’t be allowed also, but it goes on and the home clubs know it.

    In the PL, the allocations would be much larger.

    There’s no right or wrong on this, but if Leeds want to know how to best deal with touting then they should pick up the phone to Arsenal and Newcastle because they’ll have gone through this before.

    • TSS

      Arsenal tickets are all over the web, so I wouldn’t take advice from them. For most ‘proper’ Arse fans, it’s the only way to get a ticket because the Emirates has a ST waiting list and tickets are largely sold to prawn-sandwich eaters.

      • Colin

        TSS – You’re right. And the Arsenal model means ££££££’s. Ching Ching Ching!!

        And our chairman is who? And does he like ££££££’s?

        It’s all about the money – if you want to watch PL football, pay Sky £16 a month (or whatever it is). If you want to watch a big match, then pay the premium.

        And if someone is stupid enough to want to watch Rod Stewart sing on the Elland Road pitch, then I say fleece them for as much as you can get. Mugs.

        I wouldn’t pay 50p to hear a pensioner sing to me ‘Do ya think I’m sexy?’


  8. RoystonLUFC

    I still think Maggie May and Stay with Me are cracking songs though, and I don’t give a shit what the rest of you think.
    Tell you what though, here we are with Snoddy playing for Scotland, Howson in an England shirt and Somma just drawn blood for SA; we’re in the play-off zone and potentially up for promotion… and people are still whinging about Bates! What is your problems? If we buy big names we’re prawn-munchers (true!); if we do a “Wilki” Bates is a tight-wad. I’d rather do a “Wilki” any day. As some have suggested here, it’s good to sample some real football in real stadia, rather than filling the directors’ boxes with all the glory-grabbers who turned up for the Arse match. MOT


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