Bradley Johnson has been attracting interest from a number of clubs reports Sky Sports News.

Johnson has been the subject of a well-documented contract debate with Mr. Chairman, Ken Bates. With his current deal ending in the summer and no transfer being arranged in the January transfer window, there is a strong possibility that Johnson may leave Elland Road at the end of the season.

When his future was initially put in doubt, there was a lot of concern about Johnson’s commitment to the club. His recent performances have done a great deal to win back support from fans but have also served to attract interest from West Brom and Nottingham Forest, according to Sky Sports.

In January he was linked with a host of Premier League clubs including Bolton, Stoke and Wigan. What seemed a ludicrous suggestion at the time, does seem slightly more possible now, not least because his profile will have been raised after his wonderstrike against Arsenal, broadcast on ITV.

With cover short for central midfield it would be nice to see Bradley Johnson get a contract extension, especially after his recent performances. Hopefully he will see that West Brom and Nottingham Forest aren’t necessarily a step forward for his career.

The situation will surely be reassessed at the end of the season and the outcome with depend on the situations of Leeds and all interested parties, potential replacements available to Grayson and ultimately the wishes of Johnson and his agent.

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  1. si

    not good enough in my opinion… we should not offer him improved terms as he will not cut it in the EPL and thats where we are going

  2. TSS

    Sky Sports must have a new reliable source inside ER. They’re now reporting that Gradel’s talks are on hold until season end.

  3. l l l leeds

    wouldn’t trust sky sports as far as i could through them to be honest…

    but we need to start getting the members of what is starting to look like a good side to sign new contracts

  4. l l l leeds

    oh, and i’m cr*p at throwing by the way.

    and crap at spelling throw by the looks of my last post.

  5. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Always a shame when performances improve at contract time , it is also a shame players have agents who do not have the players interests at heart but we all know most players are just mercenaries passing through and who can blame them it’s a short career for many we should be used to it by now , as far as I am concerned if they pull on the White shirt and do their best I will support them and when they have had enough say goodbye and get another mercenary.

  6. Ron

    I don’t think Bradley Johnson will be the only player subject to contractual negotiations come the summer as everything changes dramatically depending on whether we are promoted or not. If we are not promoted, I can see at least Snoddy and Kasper leaving for the Prem, and perhaps Howson and Gradel if the latter keeps his current form. If Somma keeps developing, he may get a chance also. Sanchez Watt will return to Arsenal if we are not promoted I suspect. To be honest, I’m not sure anyone else has the ability to really perform week-in-week-out at the highest level, well not at least to match the expectation of the fans.

    • TSS

      To be fair – and I’m not dissin’ your man Johnson – one of these wild shots from 40 yards was bound to go in sooner or later.

      You throw enough mud, something will stick…

      • lufcboy

        Agree was a lucky shot. Anyone who watches Brad week in week out knows where most of his shots and passes end up….


    I think there is enough of an argument that Johnson has earned an improved offer and if Bates is fully backing Grayson he should be reopening negotiations.
    I’m still not convinced he is ever going to be PL standard but he has been holding his own at the top of the championship for the last few months.
    Bates publicly slating him was out of order because he is entitled to reject any offer and I think he genuinely wants to stay at Leeds. Let’s hope something is agreed because even if he is just a squad player he is worth far more to the club under contract.

  8. Colin

    TSS – I just get frustrated with some posters sometimes. After not getting a contract and Leeds taking their contract off the table, does anyone seriously think that Leeds weren’t trying to get a replacement in January? Of course they were. Fact is, we couldn’t get anybody better than Johnson. And we don’t have anyone in the team who could do his job better.

    Same as Beckford, Leeds mess up the contract talks and we’re going to let another player go on a free.

    Usual Leeds – SG comes out with ‘he’s valuable to us and we’d rather lose him on a free than let him go to another club’ etc etc.

    Wrong – if he’s important, you sort out the contract and keep him. If you don’t then he’s not important and you get a replacement.

    Leeds didn’t sort out the contract and didn’t get a replacement. So what SG really means is we’re letting another one of our first team regulars leave the club on a free.

  9. Bill

    Colin Beckford was different. He saw the pound signs thanks no doubt to his agent. Johnson badly overvalues himself much the same as Beckford overrated himself and has been found out.

  10. sunnyleeds

    There is a feeling that something is seriously wrong with our players’ contracts. When a team has valuable assets, the first thing that it should ascertain is to tie the players down to a long term contract. But it appears that nowadays Leeds are hesitant and unsure to do this perhaps because they got thier fingers burned in the past with contracts like that of Robbie Fowler. Procrastination could be dangerous becasue once players set their minds on moving, it would be difficult to make them stay. Getting nothing in the process is also a massive negative for the club.

    On specifics, I agree with EYLEEDS that Johnson has earned improved contract conditions by his performances over the last three months. he is still young and we should keep him.

    I agree with 111Leeds that the Sky report on Gradel’s contract is crap.

    And unlike Ron, I tend to believe that there will be no players moving out this year if we stay in the Championship. This is a project which has to be given at least another year to see if it succeeds. The bond amongst the players might be strong enough to keep them together to have a stronger attempt next year, if we fail this year.

  11. Ron

    @ Sunnyleeds

    I’d love to believe in the notion of team spirit being strong enough to keep this squad together again next year if we don’t get promoted. Snodgrass for certain won’t be here if we are not promoted. There are good reasons he has recently stated his commitment to Leeds publicly

    1. He believes we can go up (as do I)
    2. To soften the personal criticism and shift it on Uncle Ken when a big money offer comes in for him in the summer from a premiership club.

    Who are we to stand in front of a player who is clearly destined for better football?

    In defence of the club, we have signed Becchio and Somma on new deals recently and Beckford simply wanted Premiership football when on offer.

    As for Bradley Johnson, whatever happens, he’s certainly proved a few people wrong by his commitment in the second half of the season and Colin rightly points out a better man has not been found.

  12. Colin

    Ron is right.

    If there’s no contracts signed, I’ll tell you where our players end up:

    Snodgrass – Celtic
    Howson – Newcastle (possible replacement for Nolan)
    Gradel – Newcastle
    Schmeichel – Liverpool (if they lose Reina)

    And we can’t compete financially with any of them.

  13. Gryff

    Howson wouldn’t leave Leeds. The lad doesn’t think he should be in Arsenal’s first team, unlike certain other people whose names end in “radley Johnson” so he would probably accept any decent offer.

    SkySports are the only media source, tbf, that I would confidently say get over 75% of their Leeds rumours right. A pity about Mad Max.

  14. Gryff

    BTW I love that Colin has picked out 1 minute from the countless hundreds he’s been on the pitch, to prove how great a player he is!

    I seem to remember a fantastic goal-line save from our wonder goalie Michael Duberry. Oh yeah, he wasn’t a keeper…

  15. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Thing is beckford did not leave for free the fee we received for him is all the additional income that comes with championship football bradly Johnson is at present a major contributer in the team if this team reach the premier league I think we can safely say we have received a fee when the millions roll into er and then I am sure it’s horses for courses

  16. RoystonLUFC

    I’d like to remind everyone, including TSS, that some were panicking about losing that tosser Beckford, and how could we possibly find a replacement. Well, I think the answer lies in the games we’ve played since he left. If ever there was a scenario to kill the one-man-team argument it’s the Beckford one. Where is he now? On his way back to Wealdstone; where are we? on our way to playing a Beckford-less Everton next season. So do we care about Johnson (another player we plucked from obscurity and raised to the dizzy heights)? No. I think we’ve proved that SG can work wonders with players like BJ and JB (and Snodgrass!). And he’ll continue to do so. So let BJ do a Beckford at the end of the season and see if we miss him. Somehow I think we won’t. But he’ll certainly miss Leeds.

  17. Woody

    I’m with Bates on the issue of player contracts. Any contract should be within the club’s budgetted wage structure. If a player demands more than the budget allows than there’s no deal possible. The financial problems of most clubs in recent years has been caused by pay deals which have exceeded the club’s ability to pay. We’ve been down that road before under Ridsdale and it lead to us directly into League 1.

  18. peter

    If our Scouts cannot find a better player than Johnson, it says a hell of a lot about them or the state of English football.
    Should we be looking more at the poor quality of scouting at Leeds?
    Ok, they have found a few gems but they are far outnumbered by some of the abysmal crap they have brought in over the last few years.

  19. Matt BB

    i think Johnson has upped his game considerably in recent weeks, but for me he would be a disaster in the premier league, terrible first touch, a propensity to shoot first and ask questions later probably only rivalled by the Bahraini police.

    While i think there is a groundswell of support for extending his contract, i tend to agree with what peter is saying, surely to god there is a better central midfield player out there? we already have the likes of Howson, Kilkenny and even poor old Nunez able to score from central midfield, I still think Johnson is a luxury, hardworking, absolutely but I would rahter focus current contract negotiations round Snodgrass, Gradel, Howson and Schmeicel, before I even thought about giving Johnson more money. I’m with Ken on this one.

  20. Paul Cranswick

    The key of course is where we will be playing next season. Looks like QPR will get one spot. The next five are fighting for two places with little to choose between all of us. Personally I believe that we could put a run together and take an automatic spot.
    If we are in the EPL frankly Bradley is not good enough. He’s not really a holding player and his distribution is second tier at best. He has a good engine and scores his fair share, but we will need guile above brawn to keep us up. With the windfall of the Premiership and a possible new investor attracted by the clubs new position and a relatively cheap entry cost, we could do good business in the summer.
    I reckon that Schmeichel, Kisnorbo (if ever fit), White (eventually), Howson, Snodgrass, Gradel, Somma and Becchio are top drawer quality whilst Bruce, Connolly, Sam and O’Brien would give us a fair shout as cover. That leaves us about eight or nine bodies short with three quality additions needed in the midfield area. Michael Johnson, Nico Kranjcar and Lucas Biglia (Anderlecht’s Argentine holding player) would be my picks. I would add Christophe Samba, Mark Beevers (Wednesday), Nat Clyne (Palace), Warnock (Villa), Eduardo (Arsenal) to the group and we would be close to the top table again!

  21. Wolfie

    think you all must have been sleeping through this season. Bradley johnson was offered a contract, turned it down, leeds then upped their offer, HE TURNED IT DOWN, they then upped it again in a final offer, HE TURNED IT DOWN.

    reason he turned it down? because he wants to be paid the same as the best players at the club (translated that means he wants to be the top earner here)

    bradleys a hardworking player whos one outstanding assett is he scores a few goals. hes not a break the bank player so let him go to forest or west brom

  22. peter

    I wonder what his shots to goal ratio is, i suspect it’s horrifying.
    Why is Nunez not an option or is he just an actor looking for a job as the invisible man?
    He looks to be the most “versatile” midfielder we have and he can score goals yet is lucky to make the bench even when available.

  23. Gryff

    Wolfie summed it up perfectly for me. It’s not like we’ve got players running down their contracts through lack of trying.

    MattBB: “a propensity to shoot first and ask questions later probably only rivalled by the Bahraini police.”
    Made me lol :)

    BTW for the record, the ever reliable WACCOE lists the players in final year of contract as:
    Shane Higgs (GK)
    Paddy Kisnorbo (CD)
    Richard Naylor (CD)
    George McCartney (LD)
    Neil Kilkenny (CM)
    Bradley Johnson (L/CM)
    Ramon Nunez (AMC/CF)

    Plus the loan players. Out of that, I’m only worried about left back and central midfield, and even then i’m sure in the Summer we could sign two better central midfielders than the ones running their contracts down.

    • Craig

      In my opinion the only one of these we should definitely look to keep is McCartney and possibly Nunez. I don’t think Kis is going to return the same player he was – he wasn’t the same player after his last return and this time he’ll really struggle. I think both Johnson and Kilkenny are taking the place that a battler (in the Batty mould) and a truly creative midfielder (a new Strachan) could occupy.

    • Matt BB

      Cheers Gryff, as the huddled masses finally rise to overthrow a cruel and undemocartic tyrant – responsible for siphoning off their hard earned cash in the United Arab Emir-bates… etc.

  24. Mike

    Royston, you need to keep up, Beckford has just finished 90 minutes in the starting 11 for Everton, that’s hardly on his way back to Wealdstone.
    Further he may well score the winning goal as it is now down to penalties, and where are we? Not exactly promotion bound yet unless we beat Norwich today, and even then it is at best playoffs.


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