Thanks to Ian Wilkinson from Barnsley FC blog On The Ponty End for taking part. You can also find Ian on Twitter @OnThePontyEnd

Ryan – The 5-2 drubbing back in September at Oakwell, seems a distant memory for Leeds fans, but has much changed for Barnsley since then?

Ian – Looking at some of your later questions, I doubt it remains a distant memory, you seem to recollect well with clarity. Going back to September and since, if anything Mark Robins has had more time to work with the squad which saw to the demise of the Whites at Oakwell. Back then, O’Connor was a new loanee, along with Trippier. But personnel wise, not a great deal has changed.

Ryan – After the win, Barnsley were quick to release a full range of celebratory merchandise in the club shop, just how much did it mean to Barnsley to beat Leeds United? Will the commemorative t-shirts be getting an airing at Elland Road on Tuesday night?

Ian – The economic reality for many clubs in the Championship means that revenue has to be maximised in whatever way it can be. The same would have happened had we played Wednesday, The Blunts or even the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool (who we also gave recent football lessons to). There’s clearly a market for this kind of merchandise, however from a personal perspective I don’t think it was a good idea,. the game didn’t have that kind of status.

Ryan – 7,000 Leeds fans made the trip to Oakwell in September, what did you make of them that night and will Barnsley fans be travelling to Elland Road in strong numbers?

Ian – Firstly, I congratulate the Leeds fans who made it that evening. It made for a great atmosphere. We’ve seen similar support from Wednesday over the last few years, so that definitely made up for the lost revenue there. Although I can remember spying the hurry as the North Stand started heading for Northbound on the M1 from about 70 minutes onwards. Which was understandable. From Barnsley, there may be 2,500 – 3,000, hopefully more.

Ryan – We’ve both had mixed fortunes since that game but what are the chances of a repeat scoreline? Where do you realistically expect to finish this year?

Ian – It’s a difficult one to answer really. Mixed form and inconsistency makes any result hard to predict at the moment, but given our shot-shy performance against Pompey at the weekend, we could perform a total reverse of this at your place. We have goalscorers in the team in various positions, they just need their shooting boots on.

Regarding our final finish this season. We could finish in the top 10 come May and that would be considered outstanding work this season. Last year we faded badly in the last two or three months of the season. Every fan is expecting a better points haul this time round. But, as I’m sure you already know, there’s always one team making a late dive for the play-offs and until it’s mathematically impossible, we will continue to dream that a run might start tomorrow.

Ryan – When we last met, Adam Hammill single handedly tore us apart but he has moved on since. Who should we be looking out for in your team this time around?

Ian – You forget Jim O’Brien from that evening who was inspirational, as well as a scorer of one of the five goals. Jim hasn’t yet settled in at Barnsley FC, but will be an important player for us. He may get a starting position on Tuesday, but he may not be the linchpin if he does. Watch out for Danny Haynes, if you think that Hammill tore you apart, this lad has the same level of skill and is like “shit off a stick”.

Ryan – If you could sign one current Leeds player for Barnsley, who would it be?

Ian – Billy Paynter, who is probably lost at a club where he’s not the star attraction. I admire his ambition, but taking a step up ought to have meant he got minutes on the pitch too. He would get that here and get the profile he probably feels he needs.

Ryan – The Championship 2010/11 – 3 up, 3 down?

Ian – 3-Up: QPR, Notts Forest and Leicester City

3-Down: Preston North End, Scunthorpe United & Sheffield United

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going for a 2-1 Leeds win!

Ian – Good luck with that prediction, because I’m going to go for 3-0 to the Reds!

Thanks to Ian for joining us this week, although we hope his prediction doesn’t come true. Don’t forget to add your predictions v Barnsley to the TSS Predictions League.

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  1. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Think Ian will hate us even more after tomorrow lol, hope and think we will pan em, and I’m gutted got to go jock land to work so missing it

  2. Colin

    “Watch out for Danny Haynes, if you think that Hammill tore you apart, this lad has the same level of skill and is like “shit off a stick”.”

    Reminds me of a joke:

    What’s brown and sticky?

    Barnsley FC

  3. Chareose

    I think Leeds are a different team now….we still concede goals but we are far strong mentally and the decent players are starting to hit their peak and gain confidence.

    2 – nill to Leeds

  4. Keith Ingham

    I remember feeling sick the nite the ‘pitprops’ beat us that easy but both teams have altered and although we don’t usually play well on Tuesday I hope 4 a 3-1 Leeds win 2 keep the pressure on the others in the top 6. It’s going 2b a fantastic run in

  5. superhoops

    He’s talking a very, very big game given Barns are only about 10 pts from relegation zone. Long and short is we’ve come on leaps and bounds and should show them that tomorrow. Back 4 now of Lichaj, Bruce, O’Brien and McCartney vs Conns, Collins, Naylor and Bessone then – not to mention Snoddy’s return since. We should have far too much firepower.

  6. WILKY

    Thanks to all at The Scratching Shed. I enjoyed answering your questions today.

    Judging by the comments, you’re fully expecting a victory tomorrow then. There would be no shame in losing away at Leeds, but … if the reverse happens, can I come back on Wednesday?

    Yoooooo Reds!!

  7. mikelufc

    Your right Wilky
    There’s no shame at all about being beaten by the mighty whites, home or away, just ask the scum!
    Anyway I liked your response to the questions, you are welcome back anytime, especially to cry on our shoulders.
    Just view tomorrow as a god night ut not a trouncing! :-)

  8. Svein-Magne Forsgren

    We have now played 7 leaguegames in this season with 19.45 kickoff.

    We have lost 5, drawn to and no wins. We have a defence who normally let 1 or two easy goals slip by them. We would probably have to score 3 goals to win, Hope we do!

    • Colin

      I’ve got a bad feeling about this one. We could lose this game.

      Sorry, it’s just how I feel. I hope I’m 100% wrong.

  9. Matt BB

    We always seem to lose games like this which on paper we should be coasting through. I’d be happy with 1-0 to be honest, Barnsley, like Huddersfield last season look forward to these games and give 120%.

    Its all about our formation and the key is organisation, I hope we plump for a genuine 4-5-1 not the 4-2-4 we generally play with 3 of our midfielders sat deep in the opposition half. Barnsley have lost Adam Hammill which is a huge blow to them, but they have players who can hurt our inconsistent defence.

  10. WILKY

    Oops … Guess that’s 4 points to us this season, just one for the “Mighty” Whites. 8-5 on aggregate. Well, we shouldn’t get too greedy, eh :0)

    See you next season!

    • Colin

      WILKY You’re stats are depressing me. But they reflect the true situation. Over 2 games, Barnsley were the better team. And that’s Leeds’ problem. Can be great. Can be awful.

      And Barnsley can be a bit miffed. That wasn’t a penalty.

      If Leeds play like that against Swansea, we’ll get destroyed.

  11. WillS

    As entertaining as the team may be, am starting to get pissed off with an inability to defend in the manner of a professional team as oposed to a bunch of amateurs.

    The stikers must be so well and truly fucked off with the crap at the back as much as I am with Grayson and his “we’re entertaining” dribble.

    Are we serious about getting promotion or not? Seems not. Sort it oot Grayson, this is not funny.

    To concede EIGHT goals against Barnsley is a joke.

  12. Colin

    - That’s 2 points from 2 games when we should have had 6.
    – Snodgrass has had 2 bad games on the trot and subbed today.
    – Leeds can’t win on a Tuesday night.
    – Leeds don’t have a defence. And it’s gone past blaming the players. That’s down to the management team.
    – Johnson was sent off. Gradel was looking like he wanted to be sent off. Schmeichel had to speak to Howson to tell him to speak to Gradel and calm him down.
    – That Leeds team weren’t prepped for tonight. No concentration. No plan.

    Just listened to SG’s post match talk with Eddie Gray. Guess what? It’s the players fault.

    And now with Johnson suspended, who do we replace him with??

  13. reiver

    This slap-stick defending has been going on so long now you just have to blame the management – it’s embarrassing!

    There was never going to be a repeat of the 5-2 fiasco – we’ve tightened up on defending since then,lol, but conceding 2 soft goals was always on the cards.

    As for promotion? Forget it! If we do make the play-offs, it too could be an embarrassment.

  14. Matt BB

    what a joke, but here we are relying on points from effectively two derby games, when we had games against Middlesbro and portsmouth in the last two months we should have wrapped up.

    Norwich is a top 6 clash, Barnsley a local derby, youre only ever likely to get a draw in those games or lose if youre Leeds United, we just dont turn up for those games, which I have never really understood.

    What we need to do is focus on the other games and pick up our points in those. On the other hand conceding three goals at home to Barnsley is totally unacceptable, a dreadful team, who were bound to throw the kitchen sink at us in the first 5 minutes, why werent we ready?

    Never mind another midfielder a new central defender is needed as a priority.

  15. Mark R

    Another abysmal defensive display. It’s very frustrating, through 33 games now.
    Surely the defensive frailities and lack of spark & energy in midweek matches should have been sorted by now ?

    See this link and listen to a crestfallen and frustrated Grayson – sounds like a fan. He’s finally reached the end of his tether, I think – ABOUT TIME !

    Our evening match record after the Saturday games are truely appalling.

    It’s been the same story all season.
    If we had been winning the matches and putting in good performances – fine.
    However not improving the defensive aspect of our game and the team’s consistency in midweek matches is bad form over 33 matches.

    Midweek we should/could have been freshening things up and using the squad and reviewing match strategy & tactics – instead of repeating the same time and again > and getting the same results.

    The tactics just aren’t effective with the playing staff at SG’s disposal.
    a)Either change the tactics to suit the players available.

    b)Recruit new players (Now using the loan market) who can play the system SG wants.We need some midfielders.
    Two real Midfielders who can distribute, are composed, and can tackle.

    Our current listed midfielders on the LUFC website are very lightweight and offer little or no steel in the middle of the park.

    – Howson is really an old type inside forward, playing behind the strikers in what is now termed the hole.
    – Bradley has physical presence but no composure.
    – Kilkenny & Sam – lightweight midfielders – though creative.
    – Gradel listed as a midfielder on the LUFC website – not really !
    – Nunez & Clayton – no idea. On holiday or something.

    We cannot persist with the same set of players with the current tactics as it will deliver the same fragile performances we have been seeing more often than not this season. it will all unravel unless addressed sharpish.


  16. Matt BB

    too right Mark R, though i stand by what i said about needing a new central defender as well..

    I think one thing I cant fault grayson for is that he will do something generally about these issues in terms of personnel, I think we would have lost that game at the start of the season for instance, so I cant argue that a sort of progress is being made.

    I still think hes the right man for the job, but its the organisation of our team that is poor, they just seem to fall to pieces under a bit of pressure.

  17. Mark R


    1.QPR played 33, conceded 20goals
    =avg 0.60 goals conceded per game.
    QPR have scored 53 in 33 games.
    = avg 1.60 goals scored per game.

    2.Swansea played 33, conceded 30goals
    = avg 0.9 goals conceded per game.
    Swansea have scored 45 in 33 games
    = avg 1.3 goals scored per game.

    3.Cardiff played 33, conceded 38goals
    = avg.1.15 goals conceded per game.
    Cardiff have scored 53 in 33 games
    = avg 1.6 goals scored per game.

    4.Nottm F played 32, conceded 28goals
    = avg.0.87 goals conceded per game.
    Nottm F have scored 44 in 32 games
    = avg 1.37 goals scored per game.

    5.Norwich played 33, conceded 42goals
    = avg.1.27 goals conceded per game.
    Norwich have scored 52 in 33 games
    = avg 1.57 goals scored per game.

    6.Leeds Utd played 33, conceded 52goals
    = avg.1.57 goals conceded per game.
    We have scored 62 in 33 games
    = avg 1.87 goals scored per game.

    The stats are bleak reading and point to our average of goals against 1.57 per match & goals for 1.87 per match almost being equal. A score drawn certainty on the footy pools.

    QPR out on their own.

    Cardiff & Nottm F have a similar difference in average between goals conceded & goals scored.

    Then Swansea.

    Then ourselves & Norwich in the same bracket except we have scroed more goals.

    enough SG – sort the defensive set up of the team.


  18. Mark R

    Hey Matt,

    I also support SG and I tend to think he has some misplaced faith in some of th eplayers – who perhaps are convincing on the training field, but cannot carry this potential into a match situation when it matters.

    Also agree with the defence needing recruits – for me a left back.


    • Matt BB

      Mark, Yes we do need to have a bit of a rethink in the full back slots, we do have parker remember.. whats happened to him!

      I just find it incredible that OBrien isnt organising the centre backs better, he seemed to do that when he came here on loan, but that seems to be ebbing away.

      What i find very interesting is that since Kilkenny came back we have started leaking goals? whose out of the team due to him? Well its Watt or Sam, both attacking midfielders.

      And its meant Howson has had to get forward again. I dont think Kilkenny and johnson compliment each other at all and that might be the issue.

      At least when one or the other is in the team they know who has the job of staying back.


    we let Collins go and still have not replaced him. so look short of cover in the centre of defence. no organiser or ball winner in midfield all season and Grayson sounding like a broken record after every match ! now Bradley Johnson suspended and got to quickly get a midfielder in for the weekend or fast track Stewart.


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