Aston Villa defender Eric Lichaj has joined Leeds United on a month long loan the official Major League Soccer website reports.

The 22-year-old American born defender has made five Premier League appearances for Villa this season and is believed to be an integral part of their plans for the future.

Lichaj has twice been capped at International level for the United States and has also had loan spells at Lincoln City in 2009 and Leyton Orient in 2010.

The deal seems to be in reaction to Paul Connolly’s injury last weekend. With the Whites short on cover at right-back, Lichaj is likely to go straight into the starting line-up for the trip to Bristol on Saturday.


The deal has now been confirmed by both Leeds United and Aston Villa.

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  1. Craig

    “The 22-year-old Illinois native has worked five Premier League contests for the Villians this season, but none since a rough outing in their late December loss at Manchester City.

    Lichaj, who is signed at Villa Park through 2013, was publicly criticized by manager Gerard Houllier after the 4-0 defeat.”

    Not another Richard Naylor I hope?

  2. Tim Campbell

    Said it before the young lad Caulker would have been ideal on loan – hes pure class

  3. Partydude

    Wiki mentions him as a Right Back, hence replacement for Connolly while injured. Seems a good player!

    • lorimerhotshot

      And on Leeds and Villa sites so I reckon the clues are there. Never know though…

      Mentioned that Bromby can play there, but without new recruit another injury would leave us really struggling either at RB or central.

  4. Gryff

    Agree Caulker would have been good. This lad clearly shows promise, but couldn’t we have made sure we had adequate cover for right-back & left-back before selling Andy Hughes?

  5. Tim Campbell

    You’re right gryff the beauty of andy hughes was that he could always fill a gap in these positions – now we’ve lost that

    • lorimerhotshot

      Sorry Gryff and Tim but I can’t agree with that. We all love Hughes for his attitude but tragically he’s just not good enough at this level. He’ll always give his all but we need better cover.

  6. Arnie

    Hasn’t the message from Grayson and the club been that they are only targeting top players to substantially improve the team? So we get an Aston Villa reserve and an inexperienced one at that. Hope its not another Shane Lowry.

  7. Tim Campbell

    I may be wrong but can leigh bromby not play right back too – or at least football manager used to think so and they’re never far from the truth

  8. Villan

    Very decent player, who may have the makings of a proper prem player.
    He can make mistakes, but he’s young.
    I’m sure you Leeds fans will like him.

  9. Rocky Erikson

    hes a right back and will cover for connoly, bromby came with the reputation of being able to play there but was awful for us when he did, hes much better a cb

    not sure about him as a premier player but its a much more positive move for us, he might not work out like lowry but id rather we took people who may become something than people who never have and never will be something.

    should have been a season long loan to start with though

  10. Dje

    I’m sure he is good enough for the mighty onslaught of Bristol city.

    [Or have I tempted fate?]

  11. Rocky Erikson

    not another richard naylor ??

    i hope he has the same impact as naylor did when he first came on loan and then signed or when he was at old trafford in the cup

    some people have short memories, i think thats what it is

    • Craig

      Sure, Naylor had some good games and one of them was at Old Trafford. He was also responsible for some very shoddy defending when the team were looking for inspiration at the tail end of last year.

      • Craig

        I meant ‘last season’. And, thinking about it, his poor form continued into this season too.

      • lorimerhotshot

        Naylor brought some much-needed authority when he first arrived but he didn’t take that long to become a liability.

        He’s made his contribution but should have been told it was time to stop trying. Time’s up. He can’t cut it now and hasn’t been able to since tail end of last season.

        Unfortunately he has become to CB what Sean Gregan is to midfield.

  12. Rocky Erikson

    yeah I know, but remember his age and the fact he was coming back from injury.

    Dont worry Im not starting a campaign to have him recalled Id still prefer another option for cover at CB in case we have another injury

  13. Craig

    I take his age into account but, whereas when I’m playing 5-a-side the guys I play with make allowances for my age, I don’t expect opposing teams in the NPC to do so! They’ll take advantage. I predict that Naylor will leave when his contract is up in the summer.

    I’m with you on cover at CB though. I think we may see a new face from the PL soon since Simon said he was talking to 5 PL managers.

    • lorimerhotshot

      I wish people would make allowances for my age, Craig. They just take the piss and me to the cleaners.

      Agree re possible and needed incoming CB.
      If only we’d had Kis this season…

      • Craig

        I’m not holding my breath on Kis. He wasn’t the same player after his last comeback and I am not sure he’ll cut it this level again.

        I hope I’m proved wrong ‘cos he was a legend and an inspiration.



      • TSS

        Parnaby was a daft link probably started on WACCOE through a “reliable source” (hence the reason we ignored it). It seemed to spiral through the social media networks to the point it became “fact” that he had already signed.

        As for Higginbottom, I think that was on Betfair – or somewhere equally as credible – so I paid that little attention either. (Did Tim mention him in a rumours round-up? Can’t remember…)

      • Craig

        That explains everything! Neither of them are coming to ER then!

  15. Tim Hodge

    I’m quite pleased with this. Seen him play a couple of times (on TV) and he looks half decent.

    Decent at going forward from what I remember.

    But like it was mentioned, he may be another bloody Shane Lowry.

    (Not so) interesting fact:
    Think he got called up for both squads in a Poland vs USA friendly.

    • Craig

      Goes without saying that he’s ‘decent going forward’! Don’t you just love Grayson’s Keeganesque approach to the beautiful game!

  16. The Reaper 08

    Have to say I have missed a trick here as I have never heard of him.

    Also deeply suspicious that Villa have loaned him out and then taken a young Spurs right back in on loan, doesn’t make any sense to me. Send your own hot prospect out for NPC experience whilst giving PL experience to a rival PL clubs right back. Go figure.

    • Colin

      Maybe Houllier doesn’t rate him and it’s as simple as that.

      I just think that Grayson knows that Connolly is injured and needs something for this weekend. May even be a favour from the relationship we built through the Delph deal.

      Q. If he’s on a month deal. Can we keep him for a month and then go in for a rest of season (inc. playoff) loan once the month is out? Or is that forbidden by the FA?

      • The Reaper 08

        Emergency loans are up to 93 days with a 24 hour recall clause, I believe if 93 days isn’t sufficient tit can be extended at the end to include play offs.

        Still a concern if Houllier doesn’t rate him, this guy is still a fan of Heskey and dropped Richard Dunne when he took over.

  17. Colin

    i’m pretty sure you can’t extend the 93 days which is why i wondered whether the month loan + 93 days is a way round it.

  18. The Reaper 08

    I might be wrong then but I thought you could. It might be that the loan for the play offs isn’t an extension to the emergency loan but a completely new loan, if that makes any sense at all.

    • TSS

      It does. If the season has ended then the loan rules have too (so you can sign someone for a year, like Watt). No idea how it works, but will try and shed some light if it comes to that.

  19. Colin

    not sure. i thought that is why everyone is waiting until the end of the month to make their 93 day loans.

  20. Villa fan

    Lichaj is full USA international and would probably be at a better level had o’neill let the kid have more of a shot. He is combative and loves a scrap, good and strog in tackle and fairly solid. Still learning his trade, this kid has a bright future and revelry signed a four year deal at villa. Plays more like a Gary Neville than a Glen Johnson, more of a defensive option and will be of great use in the division you guys are in. Hopefully playing for a top club like Leeds with the goo players already there he’ll come back to us a better player.


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