Our recent insight into the crazy world of Ken Bates fan phonecalls inspired yet another masterpiece from The Beaten Generation – the same site that brought you the brilliant Visit Beeston postcards given away with The Square Ball Mag.

My only concern is that Bates may see this as a viable business and set-up a premium rate phone-line on which you can call to be abused.

Courtesy of The Beaten Generation

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Our Ken!! If you’re reading this kenneth back larry in this transfer window. We are on course for promotion and just think of all those wealthy suitors that will come calling at your door if we get up. You must be smacking them chops at the prospect old timer

  2. Matt BB

    that is absolutely brilliant.

    Hopefully said premium rate phone line will raise those much needed funds for transfers..

    I note the end of an era – Hughesy has joined Scunthorpe!

  3. Dje

    Excellent as ever. I reckon the ‘Beaten Generation’ gets that balance between Northern humour and legitimate anger bang on each time.

    Keep up the good work lads!

  4. Matt BB

    @TSS sad to see hughesy go actually, but in real terms we need to make space for those new faces coming in i guess, or simply to pay for Bates’ phonebill!

  5. henry vincent lewis

    It is a pity to see Hughesy depart.
    I am a little surprised as he was very much part of the first team squad.
    I assume we sold him?
    We are getting rid of plenty of players but not bringing anyone in.
    I’ll have to ring Ken and ask him.

  6. Tim Campbell

    For all we go on about him – theres certainly an element of the loveable rogue about kenneth bates esquire lol PS taking phone calls from him is one thing but watch out if he sends a helicopter for you

  7. les irwin

    having had a phone call from kwb he rang me after i vented my spleen it was a drunk ,foul mouthed rant about just about everything apart from his shortcomings he blamed the whole of the rest of the world for everything and he had been at e r 4 years then
    it was an half hour phone call but at least he rang i still have his number if anyone wants it ??? he did call from monaco though so pricey


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