[singlepic id=42 w=320 h=240 float=right]Following on from the library-like atmosphere at the Emirates last Saturday, which was broken only for the occasional jeering of their own players, the Arsenal fans have once again let their team down by failing to sell all their tickets for the FA Cup replay at Elland Road.

The South East corner has been put back on sale to Leeds United fans after Arsenal – the club said to have the longest season ticket queue in the Premier League – failed to clear the allocation which the FA demand for FA cup games.

Whilst we didn’t bother trying to get a few words from the Arsenal fans to back-up this theory (what’s the point, when they clearly have no vocal cords?) we believe one of the main reasons Arsenal failed to sell all their tickets was fear – atmospheres can be quite intimidating when you’re used to the observed silence of the Emirates.

Other possible reasons include the cold northern weather, with the London snood supplier struggling to meet demand.

Of course, it could just be that the Arsenal fans were afraid to lose their place in the season ticket queue? It’s hard to find a quiet place where you can sit down to tuck into a quality prawn sandwich in London so maybe you should spare a little sympathy for their struggles before branding the Gunners support fickle, fair-weather and corporate?

Just a thought…

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  1. Dirty Leeds Blog

    Pathetic really! If a Premiership return means we breed support like that then I’d much rather stay in the lower leagues and breed supporters with passion.

  2. jimbo

    get over yourself mate – did you seriously expect us to sell 8thousand tickets for a replay in the 3rd round against a mediocre championship club midweek? remember us Londoners actually have jobs

  3. henry vincent lewis

    I think Ken should ring them all up and persuade them to come!!
    He could do it!

  4. TSS

    Yeah, you love it. We don’t care if we lose the replay. Just a bit of fun for us – it’s you lot that need to win trophies to keep the players.

    • danny

      yeah you know all about losing players lol, fact is we do have to sell players from time to time but we still play in the champions league every year and dont go down 2 divisions haha, also its leeds who have one of our boys on loan, we even let him play against us. You just said you dont care if you lose the replay, i guess thats real passion then.

    • vinnyjones

      players want to play for arsenal and most of the one`s who leave regret it. take chamakh for example. do you think beckford left purely for money? pmsl!

  5. dan gooner

    YOU are pathetic, and yes leeds is a shithole. but just wait for our support, it will be better than you think – then again i understand people who’d rather go to Barcelona in March……

  6. Lowfields

    “Did you seriously expect us to sell 8thousand tickets for a replay in the 3rd round against a mediocre championship club midweek?”

    Maybe not…. but we didn’t expect you to actually be proud about it.

  7. Steve

    I lived on the Holloway road for a few years and while you are correct some Londoners do have jobs, judging by locals around the Emirates most Arsenal fans do not.

    • danny

      arsenal almost sell out every home game, and tickets are the most exspensive in the league so i guess most of them do have jobs. Leeds dont even fill elland road lol

  8. RG

    Next time you play at home to Rotherham in the cup, im sure your fans will be quiet.

    Your a small club now, get over it.

    By the way has your capacity reduced, as it seems your average gate is a little low these days!!

  9. jimbo

    lowfields – who’s proud? you’re the ones who brought it up. as someone else said, when you play regular championship games you also don’t sell out

  10. danny

    wow what a big deal, we didnt sell out at elland road lol, i wouldnt bother going all that way to watch our second team, blame wenger not the fans, we sold out when we played in moscow and in zagreb, which were far colder places. But they were champions league games not 3rd round of the fa cup. I also remember watching leeds when they were a division lower at elland road, and there were many empty seats so stick your passion talk up your ass.

    • Matt

      I think the comments about the weather were sprinkled with a pinch of sarcasm sunshine ;)

  11. Mark Billings

    Are you London jobs as public speakers? Cos that would explain why the country is in such a mess!

  12. jack the lad

    What on earth are you talking about? A midweek trip to the North is a complete no-no for most working Londoners. For the same reason only a handful will go to Ipswitch today.
    Have to agree over the lack of Emirates match atmosphere. I watched the game on TV and could only hear Leeds supporters. It was the same at The Library, and an extra 22K fans has made little difference to noise levels.

  13. Riddler

    isnt the majority of Arsenals following, foreigners and immigrants sponging benefits…… irony…..

    • lari

      so by that comment i’m assuming you think foreigners are jobless yeah? ignorant twat!

    • Valo

      well done on being racist with that comment. a true leeds fan, Riddler.

      And no, not all Arsenal fans are foreign, but like any world-class team, they have supporters worldwide.

      Keep on being an ignorant dick, though. doesn’t change your small club status.

  14. EW

    Nobody expected a midweek allocation of 8000 to be sold but the allocation is in fact 3000 with an extra 1700 if they wanted them. The extra 1700 are now on sale to Leeds fans so lets hope the 3000 is sold out so we get a good atmosphere.
    ps We thought the Emirates was a fabulous stadium (shame about the toilets) and we had a great time before and after with the Gooners.Imagine having a post game drink with the scousers or the manc’s

  15. RayB

    According to your club’s website the attendances at Elland Road this season range from 20,000 to 31,000 in a stadium with a capacity of 40,000. It would seem that it’s not only Arsenal supporters who don’t want to come to Elland Road.

    • Tony Curries Curler

      Hi Mate your right that we don’t fill Elland Road.

      Thats mainly because the upper tear of the main stand is closed for no apparant reason by Mr Bates for most matches. When we reach the bigger attendances 30,000 plus for League 1 and Championship games, is when the stand is opened up.

      Also we are expected to pay Premier league prices for games such as Scunthorpe and us northerners are too thrifty and not too stupid to pay that sort of money to Mr Bates on a regular basis. Can’t afford the luxuries like you Southerners! We’ve got our whippets and our flat caps to pay for!

  16. jimbo

    EW – fair play, i assumed around 8k as i thought we’d get 15% of your capacity but it seems maybe i thought your capacity was higher.

    Have to say I went to uni in Manc and went to every leeds arsenal game while there (02-05) and the leeds fans were pretty decent, even if every game did finish leeds 1-4 arsenal!

  17. Mike

    I guess it’s been a while so I’ll assume you’ve forgotten that the costs of travel are a little greater when you have to take in Barcelona. Now let me see, should I go for Barcelona or Leeds….it’s a trickie one…

  18. oldbird

    6000 tickets for an unscheduled mid week game 200 miles away is never going to sell. If it was Saturday they would have sold out quickly. Your fans were terrific on Saturday but the Gunners travelling fans are every bit their equal. Listen next time.

    Good luck anyway – your team did well on Sat

  19. mark

    you are a imbecile geez. Your clubs the joke of England. Risdale done you over good and proper. Keep raping ferrets you yorkshire twat!

  20. dave

    Or maybe because your fans are thugs?!

    I was at the home game sitting 3 seats from the away support and the racist abuse coming from there was disguising. I’ve been going to Arsenal for over 10 years now and it’s been a long long time since I’ve witnessed such filth, and remember we played Cardiff last season! We were spat on and called all sorts of things, including the N word..

    It’s small club mentality summed up by the ‘we’re not famous any more’ chant you’re so proud of.

    Sing or not, I was still happy to see the smug faces replaced with tears at the end of the game. You can keep your filth and thuggish fans, and the ‘cold’ weather so seem to be banging on about. I forget that we have 40d heat down in London..

    • Thomas Hill

      I was at the game on Saturday and can understand that some of the stuff you said you experiences was out of order? However are you trying to tell me it was all Leeds fans. There was one fan above us who thought he was Audley Harrison all talk and no action, waving his arms around like some football factory star.

      Some of these fans have suggested Leeds is a shithole, do they walk round North London with their eyes shut?

  21. Lowfields

    “Risdale done you over good and proper.”

    I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t add “… and no mistake” on the end of that.

  22. TSS

    To say so many of you don’t care about Leeds, you’ve certainly spent a fair amount of time trying to convince us of your superiority.

    Leeds’ home attendance may be pretty weak (still highest in Championship mind), but the East Stand Upper doesn’t open for League games so our max is 31,500 ish.

    As for our away support – well, there’s nowhere we haven’t sold out even in the Championship and League One. Leagues that are – by most peoples reasoning – below Leeds United’s natural level .We follow our team everywhere. Whether it’s Oldham on a cold Tuesday night or the Emirates on a Saturday. Even non-league Histon for an FA Cup game


    Because we’re not fair-weather glory supporters like the Mancs and the opposition is irrelevant.

    • Valo

      Arsenal fans are hardly glory-hunters. People make no secret of our lack of trophies. What’s your next bullshit line?

      • Colin

        @Valo firstly, well done on the result, it was another great game. You’ve got Huddersfield in the next round – you will win that and you’re on for another trophy. But I have to ask – where were you born? If it’s remotely near Highbury, then fair enough I take my hat off to you, but if you come from somewhere miles away from Arsenal, with no link to the club and started supporting them when Arsenal were winning trophies, then it’s a bit harsh giving stick to Leeds fans on this site.

      • Valo

        I’m from the very east coast of Ireland. not a local Gooner, no. But that doesn’t mean i don’t love the team.
        and as an 8 or 9 year-old, i saw us demolish Everton with style, and technique, and fluid, nice to watch football. from that day i watched whenever i could. i don’t support for trophies, if i did, i’d have gone to chelsea in 04. I support because i love the football Arsenal play, and i love the way the finances are structured, too. Because i think it unfair to pay above what you can, i’m sure leeds fans see my point, with no dig intended at them.

  23. Gary

    Since you raise the issue of ‘fickle’ fans, how do you explain the difference between Leeds’ average attendance for this year (24,000) and when they were last in the Premier League (39,000)?

    That’s 15,000 people that have deserted dirty Leeds and gone to support bigger clubs like Hull, Barnsley, Bradford e.t.c. Northern monkey

  24. fujicheck

    OR it might be because it’s on a weeknight and it’s unrealistic to expect people to finish work at 5.30pm and get to Leeds in time for kick off?! Twats.

  25. Dje

    Lol. Just popped out for a fudge and came back to a trainwreck of a thread and lots of angry Londoners smattered all over it; tis Ladbroke Grove all over again.

  26. Gary

    ‘East Stand doesn’t open for League games’. Says it all really doesn’t it. Give it a few more years and it’ll be a case of ‘Elland Road doesn’t open for league games’

  27. Bubiónwhite

    For over three years I had the misfortune to work in their overcrowded, overbearing and overpopulated city … never, never again thank you. But what was worse was working with the whingeing faces / voices of the majority of Arsenal supporters I came into contact with. Have to say that at the start of this season I wanted them to win the premiership to ensure that neither the scum or Chelsea did but it appears that all three crawled out of the same ****pot.

  28. Lowfields

    “OR it might be because it’s on a weeknight and it’s unrealistic to expect people to finish work at 5.30pm and get to Leeds in time for kick off?! Twats.”

    Honestly, I really don’t give a crap how many Arsenal fans turn up, but it’s a daft argument to say that work is stopping the fans going. Are seriously arguing that Arsenal fans only live in North London/Hertfordshire… ?

    There must be 4,700 Arsenal fans within a 90-minute drive from Leeds… talking students in Sheffield, glory-hunters in Lincolnshire, exiles in Manchester, etc, etc.

    If you don’t want to come, don’t come…. but enough with the lame excuses.

    • Shez

      Excuse me Dragooner, I live in London and trust me most of it is a filthy, shit hole. Leeds has some beautiful areas – google Scarcroft, Shadwell, Linton, Alwoodley, not to mention Adel. You ignorant mupppet.

    • timm

      @dragooner. Listen mate. There’s always been a mutual respect between our clubs, & Arsenal are always the team I want to win the league. We also know that you are a far superior team. But please don’t try telling me that your ground is in a better area than Elland Rd. The area around The Emirates is an absolute shithole mate. You have no argument. Holloway Rd? Shithole central! Great club though.

  29. Dje

    Why would you waste your money going to Barcelona for a ritual football humiliation when you have a decent fighting chance of taking Leeds to extra time and penalties next week?

  30. Shez

    Come on man, how can you expect the Gooners to sell 8,000 tickets for a mid-week game 200 miles away. I live and work in London and would love to go to ER to see us spank Wenger’s boys, but I’d have to leave work no later than about 4pm, leg it to kings cross and be in Leeds about 7pm. Then back to London, probably home by 1am. It’s the same for the Gooners. Plus it’s on TV. There’s you’re answer.

    • Andy Flynn

      I am going to a meeting in London next Wednesday and I’m heading back for the game!! Yep – that’s right – it’s really not that hard to get from London to Leeds midweek!

      Bet quiet coach B will be packed with gooners!


  31. the don

    Lots of biters here! Didnt take much did it?! As for midweek travel, just look to last week where Leeds sold their entire allocation for the long trip to Cardiff, the latest of many sold out Leeds followings this season…

  32. fujicheck

    “Honestly, I really don’t give a crap how many Arsenal fans turn up, but it’s a daft argument to say that work is stopping the fans going. Are seriously arguing that Arsenal fans only live in North London/Hertfordshire…?

    There must be 4,700 Arsenal fans within a 90-minute drive from Leeds… talking students in Sheffield, glory-hunters in Lincolnshire, exiles in Manchester, etc, etc.

    If you don’t want to come, don’t come…. but enough with the lame excuses.”

    No, I wasn’t arguing that ALL Arsenal fans live in London, just stating that a large majority of match-goers probably are! The match is also only ticketed to membership holders (not general sale) – plus if the Emirates is anything to go by, midweek away allocations rarely sell out (Wigan bought about 50 people down the other week).

      • danny

        proper teams like leeds, what plumit down the leagues because you bought too many fish lol we are the best run club in europe, we have more young players coming through than you do and we are going to barcelona next month to play another proper team not rotherham lol. ask sanchez watt

    • Lowfields

      Sorry, I don’t buy that…. I lived in London between 1997 and 2006, and still had a members card and managed to get to 25-30 Leeds games a season, including midweek games at home in Europe or the League Cup, as well as away trips to Everton, Blackburn, etc.

      As I said, if you don’t want to go, don’t go… but it smacks of either arrogance or apathy to defend the fact the third/fourth biggest club in the country can’t sell out a relatively small away section.

  33. Scooch

    Writer of article sits around one day a bit bored and thinks how do I get more hits on my little site? I know I’ll write something bad about Arsenal and then all the Gooners will read it and hits will be at least 100 times what they usually are…..

    People have already stated the reasons for tickets not selling….. Mainly we have jobs down here and you’re not really a big enough club for Gooners to worry about seeing. We’ve got enough matches to go to without travelling up to the darkest depths of wherever you lot are! At least you got an extra hit by me coming on here though!

  34. TSS

    “Writer of article sits around one day a bit bored and thinks how do I get more hits on my little site? I know I’ll write something bad about Arsenal and then all the Gooners will read it and hits will be at least 100 times what they usually are…..”

    Pretty accurate. It’s not about the hits though – more the amusement of seeing fans such as yourself rise so easily to the bait.

    • Scooch

      Shame you couldn’t have written something about your club rather than ours. We all realise it must be heartbreaking to be where you lot are. But try and live on your own glory and not ours, eh?

  35. N1 gooner

    You know what boys….you should have a bit more respect for us,what happened in coppenhagen.

    Classless post and giving it the biggin because you sold out your end….That’s because it’s the best ground in english club football.

  36. trueyorxman

    Can everyone just calm down, every clubs got real SUPPORTERS & every clubs got fickle FANS . The amount of ‘fans’ (people who you don’t even realise follow Leeds half the time!) that have come upto me since Sats draw & asked if I’m going to the replay is beyond belief. When I reply “no, but I’m off to see them play Scunny on Sat” they look at me as if I’m daft. But I for one would rather see 3pts won in the League than a one-off cup ‘shock’ v the Gooners.
    By the way to all you Laandaners who think the North is a shithole, you need to take a f**king good look at yourselves

  37. Arsene

    Fuck Off Arsenal.

    We will win a prem trophy before you fucking pikey, whinging, moaning shit heads. Moaning for the last 5 years cos you have won fuck all! We’ve simply been on tour and had quite a good time to be fair while you and the prem have slowly dissapeared up their own arses.

    I look forward to seeing the Arsenal fans at ER, they will be shit, again.


  38. Rob

    You lot obviously know your stuff. Not even on sale to the majority of arsenal members until tomorrow! How could they possibly fail to sell them when they haven’t even put them on sale?

    • TSS

      It was our press officer that revealed you’d returned some tickets. The South East corner (originally allocated to you) is also now on sale.

      You’re right, I do know my stuff. Thankyou.

  39. Arsene

    Rob Rob Rob,

    You were offered X, you took Y and sent the difference between X and Y back to go on sale to real, sorry Leeds fans.

    Are you going btw?

    • Rob

      I certainly am. I also have a Leeds season ticket holder here in my office who tells me that he can buy 3 seats on his ticket for the game? This when arsenal fans struggle to get 1 for their home game in a stadium twice as big? Your home support is obviously so great that te club invites it’s season ticket holders to bring some friends to make up the numbers. For the record, I thought your away support was class at the weekend, no argument but your home support is no-where near that standard.

  40. Dje

    Anyone else spotted the irony of having lots of Arsenal fans agree with us over the weekend that there was a lack of atmosphere at the Emirates – largely on account that it was full of fair-weather fans and Japanese tourists (bless ‘em), and then when they are gently ribbed about their lack of interest in traveling north they pull out their day-planner apps on their iPhones and wave them about saying their busy little professional lives (seriously, you’re putting work before football?) and commitment to exotic travel in Barcelona (where I’m sure the prawn sandwiches are exquisite) are far more important than a tinpot cup in the deepest darkest North of Britain.

    Just possibly the roots of the Emirates being a library are actually the complete lack of commitment (I thought you were all supposed to be so fucking rich down there? Why else would you live and work in such a shithole), sacrifice (the misses would understand, I’m sure), and romance (it’s the FA Cup, it’s a stadium you aint been to for years, it’s part of the country you feel ill-at-ease in. It’s a fucking experience that you’ll not experience at yet another Premiership bore-draw against Chelsea, Man City, or fucking Wigan! Wake up and smell the mocha) amongst the so-called Arsenal diehard fans.

    So really the Emirates is best represented by those Japanese tourists afterall. At least they know the train timetable for heading north. Where did it all go wrong, huh?!

  41. Scoty

    I’m a Leeds fan but i have to agree with the Arsenal fans on this one. Although i think that Leeds support is far superior to Arsenal still, imagine back when we were going to Lazio, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia etc – would you of chose a 3rd round trip to Tranmere instead?? i think not!

    It’s an unscheduled match at the other side of the country – it was never going to be a sell out on their part. Having said that – I am certain that if the shoe were on the other foot, Wednesday night or not, Leeds would still take 8,000 to Arsenal! and i also agree that the Gooners fans were nothing short of awful on Sat (like their team’s performance so quiet justifiable).

    Finally, for Arsenal fans to say that this replay means more to Leeds than it does them and that they don’t care about this cup is ridiculous! When your manager hasn’t won a trophy in 5 years and the pressure is on him to start delivering, teh FA Cup can hardly be sniffed at can it!?

  42. Arsene

    @N1 GOONER

    So we sold our allocation to see the ‘best ground in English Club Football’? Are you on crack?

    Keep your fucking Emanthal Cheese & Ham Foccacia with Milk of Henry. Give me Balti pie and Bovril. You Caaaant…

  43. N1 gooner

    The reason the atmosphere was poor,was because i.e,this was not a big game….it was a 12.45 kick off and most season ticket holders would have sold this game.

    All you have done is disrespect us,You had a good day out,But be prepaired to get spanked in the replay.

  44. N1 gooner

    No of course it dont Arsene,You mug.

    So a trip to london to see your side against one of the best in europe wasnt a seller???….go back to school, you dumb fucker.

  45. Arsene

    @N1 stop being a big girl…

    Spanked in the replay?

    Arsenal Reserves 1 – 10 Aston Villa.

    The wheels are coming off ;-)


  46. Gryff

    Can’t really blame them, tbh.

    … Who wants to see your team receive a giant-killing?

  47. TSS

    The thing no one has mentioned is that both Liverpool and Spurs sold more tickets for their cup clashes at Elland Road. Proper fans y’see… Not corporates like Arsenal

  48. Arsene

    @ N1 School finished at 15:30 – just picked the kids up and returned to my palatial house in the country.

    Leeds sell out EVERY away game, if its Cardiff on a Wednesday night or fucking Crewe on Thursday night. EVERY away game is a sell out you sell out.

    The Best In Europe? You cant beat ‘shite’ Leeds on your own turf! On or off the park for that matter…

    Barcelona will absolutely rape you.

  49. Lowfields

    Jesus…. it’s like on online audition for Oliver Twist. “You wot plummit darn ver leagues”…. “you got done good and proper”….

    I love the gloating about squads and stadia and management, though. Just a reminder: Arsenal won the exact same amount of trophies as Exeter City last season.

  50. Davey

    Leeds fans in realising all arsenal fans are plastic passionless know-nothings shocker!!!

  51. Doug

    Arsenal have announced that there will be a minimum of 90 mintes silence for every home game to commerate the lack of an atmosphere at the Emirates

  52. Mike

    At least there are a few realistic Leeds fans out there:-)

    There is no comparison because:
    – The away support for most teams is often more vocal than the home support & I’m sure the Arsenal away support will make a lot of noise at Leeds
    – It is , however, true that our home support is not the loudest and probably pretty middle class. Still, I’d rather be quiet & intelligent than thick & loud!!
    – That was your big away fixture for the season. It isn’t ours and probably isn’t in the top 20. To be honest, Ipswich would be more interesting because it is at least a SF.
    – Actually unlike certain Uniteds, most of our support is in the SE & travelling in the week is no joke (don’t forget we have to save our holiday for Barcelona etc.)
    – We were disappointed with our performance while you were pleased with yours…
    Still if thinking that you have such great fans makes you feel happier, we probably shouldn’t try to take away your pleasure;-)

    • TSS


      The arrogance of you assuming you are our biggest away fixture of the season sums up the general mentality of your fanbase.

      We fill every away allocation regardless, so firstly, that had no bearing on attendance.

      Secondly, the FA Cup is totally irrelevant to us. The Emirates was nothing more than a pissed up weekend in the smoke. Cardiff was a much bigger game than Arsenal, as most Leeds fans will tell you.

      • Scooch

        How the mighty have fallen!

        Still at least you’re a BIG team!

  53. kevin

    not a big game lol doubt you had been saying that if we had beaten you 1-0 you would have been laughing stock like united was last year. funny how every away championship game we go to its a record attendance for the home side, not to mention leeds home attendance is always the biggest in championship but a big margin, my mates a arsenal fan we have our banter now and again, but insulting us for a situation that was out of our hands is disgraceful, hope barce teach you how to play football what was the score last season, looks like arsenal dream for the champions league going to still be going when arsen wenger turns 90 lol

  54. satan

    @tlhill do you really think i’d live in london? i live in sandbanks, dorset unfortunately just down the road from Harry “twitching” Redknapp…mind you its not bad when u see louise walk past in a bikini.

  55. Pete

    Hold on, this argument about Londoners actually having jobs is bollocks. It’s 2 hours on the train to Leeds. Easily done even if you do have a job.

    Southern support is fickle and doesn’t travel well. There’s no two ways about it.

  56. Arsene

    I am no longer involving myself with this debate.

    When someone refers to their support as ‘middle class’ its the time to end the discussion.

    When someone associates being loud and thick aswell as quite in intelligent it really is time to just give up.

    Mike – try hockey mate, probably right up your strata.

  57. THE HOFF

    who gives a toss how many go or not you don’t win the game in the stands, as long as we progress to the next round that is all that mtatters and end that drought of no trophy’s !!!
    pub fan thank fuck for sky & council tv !
    come on you Gooners !

    • TSS


      C’mon now… We’ve all had our fun, but let’s settle this once and for all…

      It’s because we don’t sell prawn sandwiches isn’t it?

  58. Goonoo

    Kudos to the blogger! Best provocation I’ve seen on a blog in quite a while. You do realise though that your boys are gonna get their Northern arses handed to them on plate next week..?

    • TSS

      @Goonoo @TopGunFires

      Of course. The FA Cup doesn’t matter to us, we couldn’t care less.

      Congratulations on being the first Arsenal fans not to take the bait by the way!

  59. TopGunPires

    Come on, this post was blatantly designed as a wind up, why is everyone falling for it?!

    I had a great time on Saturday with some good lads from Leeds, mutual hatred of all things Manc bonded us pretty quickly.

    Usually it is impossible for me to get an away ticket so when the chance to grab one for the replay came up, it was a half day off at work and look forward to some northern hospitality!

    • TSS


      “look forward to some northern hospitality!”

      Don’t set your sights too high mate. Would hate to let you down. You can’t get a good prawn sandwich this side of the Pennines, and we don’t do cocktails. ;-)

  60. Lowfields


    “You do realise though that your boys are gonna get their Northern arses handed to them on plate next week..?”

    Probably. But hopefully the money from the two games will help buy us a decent midfielder to ensure we’ll meet again next year.

    • Mark Billings

      I love how you come on a Leeds United site and say that… Impressively dim-witted!

  61. Goonerism

    Generally you’ll find that our home support turns up the volume in the big games. In year gone by Leeds would of been a big game but those days are long gone aren’t they?
    I admit there are lot of fairweather supporters at the Emirates (many are not even Arsenal fans), but moving to a bigger ground was the only way we were going to be able to compete finacially with the likes of Manchester United whilst remaining self sufficient. Now, given your history over the last ten years I’m sure you would of preferred the Arsenal way to the fiasco created by Ridsdale at your own club? I mean I honestly find it a bit rich for you to have a pop at our club whilst we remain competitive and you have gone from a side that would challenge for the title and play in the Champions League to away days at provincial towns across the country. I mean your Leeds United, your a big club. How did that happen?
    Our fans are not all rolling in it and as someone already mentioned, we have a big away game in Barcelona in March and I’m sure many would prefer to go to that than watch one of Wenger’s second string sides up at your place.
    As for last Saturday, well done as you played very well and your fans (for once) were a credit to your club. but let’s not spoil it eh?
    Good luck in your promotion battle and may the best tem win the replay.

  62. Van Perry

    North londoner, Arsenal season tkts holder, lived in Leeds for 4 years as a student. It’s not a shit hole and the locals are far more friendly than ur average Londoner.

    However, I went to see leeds play Cheltenham town a few years back and there were a handful of home supporters. Not all games can be a sell out.

    Eg, Ars v Man C last week weren’t an away sell out as it was midweek and a 400mile round trip despite it being a huge game.

    Silly article

  63. Goonoo

    Leeds is by far my favourite Northern City by the way. The hi-fi club is probably my favourite club anywhere. If it was a weekend game I’d have been well up for it.

  64. Nasty Jim

    Thanks arsenal for 2 good pay days…uncle ken may put some prawn sarnies on for ya at our gaff…


  65. okayplayer

    hmmm…Go to Nou camp and barcelona or to Elland Road and the mighty leeds with Sanchez Watt…


  66. Dom O'Hal

    I’m a gunner with a lot of respect for Leeds. I think we’ll all admit that our home support is sometimes lacking.

    Our away following is, generally, fantastic though. Not sure it will be for this particular game – but I went to see us smash Birmingham City 0-3 and it was absolutely great. Fans were amazing.

    Let’s hope we sell tickets for you lot, you need the money more than we do ;)

  67. Doug

    Just a small town in Tottenham must be true at least the spuds could sell out there allocation!

    Also just announced the winners of the Sarvan humour bypass awards goes to the Gooners, Up the Arse.

  68. jimbo

    I thought Barcelona (the stadium) was one of my worst experiences watching Leeds in Europe. You get two sections at opposite ends of the stadium from each other, at the highest point of the stadium. You need Binoculars to watch the match. Have Arsenal played Barcelona at the Nou Camp before?

    • okayplayer

      played them last year. Messi tore us apart..lol. Sure, they stuff the opposing fans high up in the stadium to avoid noise from them. But still, barcelona is a great city, they have a great team and CL games are special.

      So, fans have to prioritise. simples. Will be interesting to see this blog after the replay.

  69. Ted

    I’d just like to say to all the arsenal supporters, that you are mostly foreigners, you are mostly glory supporters and london is full of wankers (this doesn’t apply to all fans but the ones that are now annoyed its probably aimed at you). You have never been off your high horse like leeds fans have. We’ve learnt a little from being in the lower leagues, although we might not have been in the premier league for most of the last decade we ARE a premier league club and a great one to boot!
    There will come a time when your club falls and ill be ready to dish out the same shit insults you peck-o-woods served up for us. Snoddy might be the start of the end for you anyway on wednesday!

    • okayplayer

      you have a problem with foreigners? I’m sure you’ll aquire some if you get promoted to the big leagues. and I’m sure you’ll be clapping your hands together when one of them scores for you lol

  70. DAPPY

    Can you lot boo Arshavin again. It makes me laugh that you can boo one of the best players in Europe. Try having Bradley Johnson play for you every week!

    • okayplayer

      Arshavin was good last year, as you well know you can’t live on past glories in football.

  71. okayplayer

    Not really, every player is entitled to a bad patch. But not working and running for the team is unacceptable. He’s been a liability defensively, hence Nasri and Walcott on the wings.

  72. Warkswhite

    Chicago, Spuds didn’t sell there allocation, they had scruple block in the south next to cheese wedge empty.

    • Doug

      Warks my mistake actually prefer arse to spuds who may be 3rd on my hate list of teams after scum and bluescum, just some of the hubris of the arse fans is up there, I wonder if the emirates would be sold out if they were clawing there way back after 3 yrs in the 3rd division, after a series of woeful executives running our great club. Arse are the model of how a club should be run, its a shame that some of there fans are deluded and humorless, also those at the emirates on Satdi were truly pathetic in there support.

  73. johnny hoy

    I suspect Arsenal failed to sell out their allowcation due to Leeds being too loud, too cold and too northern.

  74. deano

    Simple really no excuses the Gooners have very poor away support. For example if it was Spurs we were playing no problem they would have easily sold there allocation Arsenal fans i think you will find like their home comforts. Bit to noisy at Elland road? ahh

  75. Mike

    It will be wonderful to see all you cocky “arse -oles” if Wengers choosing second string through his arrogance and the ” fans who cant be “arsed” to travel north to support their team end up being thrown out of the FA cup. YES!!!! :-)

  76. Chareose

    oh dear………lets be honest here. In the championship, Leeds have their real support coming to games not thousands of seats sold as corporate hospitality or taken up by well off glory hunter supporters that will fuck off as soon as your bubble bursts. Arsenal would probably only really know how much REAL support it had if it went down a division……Thats not an insult to Arsenal, its just cold reality. Something that always anoyed me in Leeds champions league days was knowing a number of fans “that supported Spurs or arsenal a bit aswell as Leeds”………..

  77. Pete

    Poor Southern monkey’s. Calm your bad language, get rid of your bad attitude and wake up will you. Arsenal are a great club but the atmosphere inside the Emirates is not great due to the type of fan you attract. Elland Road has an amazing atmosphere (most of the time) and our away support is the best in the country. Fact!


  78. leedsutdfc

    Delete the above. We don’t need racism at LUFC.
    Looks like Ipswich are giving Arsenal similar worries to Leeds.

    • TSS


      Not my moderation mate, it’s a program that does it and I assume it held your earlier comment back because of the word ‘racism’.

      Removed the above comment too.

  79. Mike

    why is that then?
    we dont do moderation here, us all being Northern Gentlemen, not even when confronted by a bunch of wally’s, we know they will soon go as the have a very low attention span, as we know even a football match is too long for them.

  80. Pete

    Let me assure you I am NOT being racist and do not want it to be taken that way. As for @twatter82, that comment is sick, be ashamed of yourself.

    Friends of mine in the South refer to me as their Northern Monkey, hence my comment. Nobody else would know this and I can clearly see now the confusion I may have caused. Appologies for any offence caused.

  81. Colin

    Hmmm, getting hot in here.

    There’s only one way to solve this. Let’s play again. Oh, hold on, we are.

    Leeds fans want Leeds to win.
    Arsenal fans want Arsenal to win.

    All I can say is this:


    Let’s see who wins. It’s going to be an almighty game. 2 great teams. There has to be a winner. Some say the FA Cup has lost it’s appeal. No chance. There’s some passion on this board today and there’ll be passion on the pitch.

    This is going to be a fantastic game. One week to go!

  82. twatter82

    what no bananas up north how can this be racist..stupid twat..did you see the white man in the red shirt in the crowd i think i spotted one

    • EYLeeds

      twatter82 you’re a dick head. This is a FOOTBALL blog and was good North vs South banter before your knuckle dragging contribution.

  83. Shez

    Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0
    Attendance 29,365
    Away following 110 (85 from Ipswich)
    Near full strength team put out by Arsehole Wanker, including Fabregas (who will be at Barca by summer).
    Can’t wait for the FA Cup replay – 20 Leeds fans (all working in London) who can’t make the game will be watching, including myself. Enjoy the replay.

  84. Pete

    Get a life you idiot, your 1st post is bang out of order and your 2nd proves my point, your an idiot.

  85. EYLeeds

    You got a good haul with that one TSS. Southeners – soft and simple bless ‘em ;o)

  86. John

    I understand where most of the Arsenal fans are coming from, poorly written article, we have poor attendances week in week out in the league (though we do have premier league prices).
    But what does unscheduled, midweek and 200 miles have to do with it?
    We all have jobs (we need them to pay our ticket prices) yet we would sell out any away allocation, anywhere in the country (especially somewhere that’s straight down the M1) at a moments notice even if we were playing Barcelona 3 days later so those reasons you give aren’t believable

  87. henry vincent lewis

    Arsenal is the best run club in the country, with a first class and loyal manager.
    Their young squad has been assembled with little money spent, and their ground is beautiful.
    They are a Premiership club and we are a Championship club.
    I do not feel anything but respect for them.
    I hope we will be joining them soon in the top league.
    My main interest is Scunthorpe and the cup will take care of itself.
    The cup is a chance for us to earn some big money whereas Arsenal
    have plenty of money in the bank.
    That is the truth, and any offensive comments serve no purpose!

  88. Mark R

    Arsenal are a good team – no doubt. However along with Chelski, Man City & ManU, LIverpool & Spurs they have bought or developed a number of overseas footballers at the expense of British footballers – those experienced in the game , and the young talent wanting to develop a career in the game. The Premier League was set up to increase the wealth of the few, to the detriment of the health & prosperity of our national professional leagues. At the top of this is our England Team.

    It doesn’t happen like this in Spain – arguabley a better top division than our own and a far superior national side than our own.

    Wenger in particular likes to recruit youngsters from overseas. How many British players in the 1st team ?
    As I said they’re a good team, an economically successful club, but their focus on overseas recruitment at the expense of local talent lets them down – as it does the other to Premier League Teams I mentioned. I’d go as far to say that they have lost their Britshness – and I used to enjoy our titanic matches with British Arsenal in the 1990’s – intense affairs on the pitch and in the stands.

    Five years as one of the top 4 teams without a trophy indicates something is not quite right – even though the football is attractive to watch. In a continental European League Arsenal would have won many trophies – here they are lacking.

    Emirates Stadium is an attractive piece of architecture, but is souless, Arsenal play attractive football, but their team is souless.

    I’d be disappointed if we lost our intensity, built a fine piece of archtecture and our team only had a couple of Brits – regardless of their ethnic background- within the team.

    For the good of British football , we need to do all we can to defeat the Arsenal next week make it Wenger’s Waterloo.


    For me there should be a quota system of maximum 4/5 none-British players in a 1st team’s starting line up.

  89. henry vincent lewis

    I agree with you Mark!
    However the Premier league, our European involvement and economics rule the day.
    Clubs buy the best players with no regard for the future of the England team.
    Unless clubs are limited to a small percentage of ‘foreign’ players (like Rugby League) nothing will change!
    The richer a club becomes, the more foreign stars they buy.
    If a rich billionaire buys us we will go down the same road.
    The big clubs lack atmosphere because the cross section of fans change and the corporates take over. They pay plenty and wait to be entertained. The real fan gets priced out to a certain extent.
    The players get big wages, but the quality of play does not match the money.
    Mr Wenger is not British and has no responsibility to the National team.
    The aptly named FA have done nothing!!
    FIFA have made noises but are afraid of the big clubs.
    How can we blame Mr Wenger for our own
    Remember the center of Excellence in Burton on Trent.
    A great idea but too expensive for the FA!!
    I understand they are thinking of it again!!
    Our game is run by a bunch of idiots, who are more interested in kicking teams when they are down than protecting our game.
    Don’t blame the big clubs for that.
    I am really enjoying this season and the place we are at.
    Plenty of home grown players and real fans. I fear for the changes that will swallow us up if/when we return to the big-time.
    We have been cleansed, but can we stay that way?

  90. stevolufc

    I’m a Leeds fan from London, i have home and away season tickets so the distance is not an issue i travel to every game. Overall I’ve paid £45 train tickets and £30 hotel, hardly breaking the bank ahead of your Barcelona away game is it, + the price of a match ticket and it probably wont be much more than your average away day, so really your excuses are as fickle as your support

  91. John Ganmble

    My 16 year old son went down to Arsenal with 4 of his mates. His first away game! Bought the tickets and the travel. Paid for it all himself. Win, lose or draw it was going to be a great day. Treated brilliantly by Arsenal fans, loved the stadium. He felt safe walking around in his colours. My thanks go to Arsenal and i hope we do the same for your lot.
    After reading this thread, just thought we needed some positive stuff…thought we had gone back to 1972! (good year)

  92. The Fresh Prince of Belle Isle

    I can see Bruce giving Chuckrah another haircut come Wednesday and if that soft touch Denilson wears that fluffy snood on Wednesday they’ll be 32K of proper men calling his sexuality into question. Arsenal are there for the taking, there not making any friends this year and are quite frankly a boring and ordinary side.

    Fresh Prince x

  93. Clarkey

    What a moronic statement. Some people in London have jobs that they have to go to during the week. Pure stupidity.


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