Becchio and... erm... what's his name...

From England’s most consistent goalscorer and a South African call-up, to fourth choice in Simon Grayson’s striking department all in the space of half a season, where did it all go wrong for Davide Somma? This has been the question on many Leeds United fans lips since we last saw Somma in action.

Answering fans questions on Twitter, Yorkshire Radio commentator Thom Kirwin said that Davide Somma was fourth choice on merit. That Simon Grayson sees the team train every day and at this moment in time, Paynter, McCormack and of course, Becchio are ahead of him.

There has also been suggestions that Somma’s absence from the team was purely down to the current 4-5-1 formation Leeds United have been playing. Many see Somma as more suited to a role in a 4-4-2 line-up, but doubters argue that Leeds United have switched to 4-4-2 towards the end of many games and still Somma is ignored behind the likes of Paynter and McCormack.

When Simon Grayson arrived at Elland Road, Blackpool fans praised him for the excellent job he’d done and were bitterly disappointed to see him leave. However, they did warn of fall-outs between the playing staff and manager, saying that he’d been known to leave certain players rotting in the reserves if they didn’t see eye-to-eye. I questioned whether this was merely the fans armchair management skills doing overtime, and I still do. Maybe the fans just rated certain players higher than the manager did? Hard to say really, but a Somma-Grayson fallout has been suggested by fans.

What really seems to have thrown fuel on to this debate is the lack of goals Paynter and McCormack have provided between them. Two strikers currently ahead of Somma in the starting XI, yet still searching for their first goals. Somma meanwhile managed seven in the limited time he’s had on the pitch so far this season and while ever his stats outshine others so convincingly, the conspiracy theories won’t go away.

The question we’re asking is whether you think Davide Somma is fourth choice on merit, or whether there’s a little more to it than Leeds are letting on? It’s not quite in the same league as the Roswell conspiracy (or indeed Leeds United’s ownership) but we like to mix things up a little here at TSS…

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