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When news broke yesterday that an arrest warrant had been issued for Robert Snodgrass after he failed to attend court in Scotland for the second time, I couldn’t help but wander if this was the standard kick-in-the-balls we take at least once a season.

This is hardly Majestyk-Gate, but I always worry the judge will go a little over-the-top with professional footballers and “set an example” for others to ignore. And we are Leeds United so the judge will consider it karma.

His crime is the stuff Carry On films were made of – ‘Parking on a Pelican crossing.’ If this wasn’t Leeds United, you’d think it was too funny to be true. I mean, how exactly do you miss a Pelican crossing? They’re designed to stand-out and be elaborate so that we don’t run over the pedestrians that are inconveniently walking over them.

Based on the evidence of his precision passing and crossing skills we see every week, I think we can safely rule out poor eye-sight. I assume he has a driving license, or he’d be facing much bigger charges, so we can also rule out a lack of education as pelican crossings definitely came up when I took my test.

Then there’s missing court. Once is unacceptable and will do nothing to help you, but twice is quite frankly taking the p***. Does Snodgrass think he’s so far above the law that he can park on Pelican crossings and fail to attend court, just because he’s a footballer and earns more than the rest of Scotland combined?

The club’s official excuse that “there was a mix-up” isn’t helping matters either. What kind of reaction do they expect from the judge?

“Oh well, that’s understandable. Remembering dates is pretty tricky, especially for irrelevant little things like a court appearance. If only there was some kind of chart that listed individual dates in order and gave you space to write down little reminders…”

I feel a Dragon’s Den appearance may be in the pipeline…

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  1. Lee B

    Very likely his agent/secretary/whatever will have been left to deal with it – and made a cock-up.
    Still no excuse – it’s his responsibility…

  2. Dje

    You’d have thought that the club and / or his agent might have politely inquired when his re-arranged court date was after he missed the first hearing. Snodgrass is an adult of course, but footballers do have a tendency to being pampered / having others arrange their lives.

  3. TSS

    What he should have said was ‘Sorry I didn’t make it today Judge, I got stuck at the traffic lights…’

    • Dje

      Anyone know what date the court hearing was on? It’d be interesting to know if we were playing that day (ie. a midweek evening kickoff), or perhaps away down south for the Southampton match?

  4. Jonathan Hooper

    Very foolish. He’ll get slapped with a hefty fine for this. Just had a look and it seems you can be jailed for a few days for missing court dates – Playoff Final anyone?

  5. Dje

    I’m waiting for it to transpire that there is some long-forgotten Glaswegian by-law concerning tying up a horse on fower-weys between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

    The punishment is probably transportation to Australia at best ~ at worse it’ll possibly being hung, drawn and quartered and then Snodgrass’s limbs being sent to the four corners of Scotland as a warning to others about the wrongdoings of selfish action concerning thoroughfares.

  6. Richard

    Legal advice from the Chairman I think. Snoddy forgot about a traffic offence, Ken forgot whether he owned a football club.

  7. Loved them diamond floodlights

    When the judge views the picture of him giving it to Bellamy I would think all charges will be thrown out and a small reward from the public purse awarded

    Judge might also offer advice that if ever in that position again with Bellamy’s head so well positioned do as you do with the ball put your boot right through it!

  8. Gryff

    Very stupid of him to miss two court dates. I hope he learns from this. Luckily we don’t like paying to house our criminals so he should get away with some community service at worst!

  9. Henry

    If he had a brain he’d be dangerous!
    Remember Rio and the blood test?
    You don’t forget these things!


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