Grella still in the search for a loan move

Following yesterday’s post on Mike Grella joining Motherwell, the move has since been cancelled.

The loan deal for the American striker had been agreed by all parties but the Scottish Football Association refused to sanction the move as Grella has played for both Leeds and Carlisle this season. Apparently, FIFA rules allow players to be registered to three clubs in a season but only play for two. It’s a shame for the 23 year old as we approach the end of the transfer window.

Grella will now return to Leeds but it is uncertain as to whether he will be able to play for another club this season. However, the official website claim the search is set to begin to find a club for him to get regular first team football. It is certainly a strange situation the club and Grella find themselves in. As first team opportunities at Leeds are hard to come by, it is a shame for both Grella and Simon Grayson to have him not playing games.

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  1. Dje

    Weird and frustrating – for all parties, I’m sure.

    If it is FIFA ruling wouldn’t that apply to the States too? As opposed to if it was only a UEFA rule ~ ie. Europe.

    Back to Carlisle I guess.

  2. Tim Campbell

    The guy’s lost at the minute, feel sorry for him; I do believe he has got goals in him, alas not at our club by the looks of things

  3. The tash master!!

    Get rid of the DEAD wood Sheenan, Robinson, lubo, faye, hughsey All gone and deserve to go because the over paid shite footballers next to go Crowe, naylor, Collins they are just running up are wage bill

  4. Andy

    So no footballer’s played for three clubs in a season before?

    I just do not believe that.

  5. Colin

    Haven’t we been here before? Didn’t we loan someone a season or two ago who had been at 2 other clubs earlier in the season. Sam Vokes, Lee Trundle – someone like that??

    At the very least, I thought you were allowed to play for as many English teams as you wanted??

  6. Irving08

    Grella has real potential and should be kept at Leeds. With a bit more confidence and aggression, he has the skill, intellligence and flair to make a difference. I am not sure that Somma has more or even as much to offer. Along with Aidan White, Grella is another player who, for unclear reasons, have not developed in accordance with their talent at the club.

  7. Paul South Wales

    Somma doesn’t have as much to offer? Are you mad? Somma has scored in most matches he’s started, where as Grella started well and faded big time. Although I initially liked him, I don’t see him in training every day as SG does. At the end of the day I think he was weighed and measured, and found wanting. Good luck to him though MOT.

  8. the tash master

    @paul south wales i really disagree with you somma has alot more to offer than paynter and grella i think somma is unlucky to get a start because evey time he plays he does score! he has a decent touch not the quickest but he causes problems for championship defences


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